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The girlies to which Darrick was referring were Kamlin, and Arun Reah, two rescued Asian elephants who now make their home in Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. We continued on our walk around the perimeter of what Darrick envisions to be a 300 acre elephant territory. If you have opted for the bungalow option, you will be given a private room. Volunteer at an ethical elephant Sanctuary and home for old elephants in Mae Chaem, situated in the countryside of Northern Thailand near Chiang Mai. The dorm rooms are simple rooms shared between 1-3volunteers with shared bathrooms which arewithinashared house set in the forest hillside. The Elephant sanctuary is located in the Mondulkiri region that is in the remote Eastern part of Cambodia. This placement far out lived all of my expectations and I would highly recommend it. Most of the time, getting to these festivals has proven to be just as exciting as the festival itself. In your freetime you can enjoy the quietness of the rural forest camp and spend time playing games, watching movies, reading and relaxing around the fire pit. I take comfort in knowing that the land is theirs, and they are free to come and go as they please. The dogs are tortured and killed in front of citizens, who walk by as if immune to the cruelty. Temperatures peak in April and May and the coldest months are December to February, in the dry season. From the many ancient temples, most notably Angkor Wat, to the awe-inducing Chinese-style architecture and Old French Quarter, there is much to see and do. Cambodia is a country that is currently undergoing the aftermath of a very difficult period of genocide and travesty. She is free to come and go as she pleases and luckily for me, she chose to stay and share her greatness with me. The bungalows are basic, but comfortably furnished with a double bed, tables and a chair and have ensuite bathrooms. The Elephant Conservation team provide a sanctuary to rescued Asian elephants. I am told it is not only good for this middle aged elephants digestion, but a tasty treat as well. Despite the logging bans that were implemented in 1989, elephants are still used in the illegal logging industry and due to the treatment, they receive at the hands of their captors the elephants are unlikely to reproduce as they do in the wild. I cautiously reached out to touch Arun Rhea on the trunk, and then her cheek. There was mix of people from all over the world, solitary travelers like me; families and a range of ages. At the sanctuary after a two-hour journey, and we were introduced to Sam, the other Reach Out team leader, the sanctuary dogs (Gigi, Alfie, Milo, Mark, Mai and Mickey) and the three rescued elephants. During the Khmer Rouge takeover, creativity, self-expression and education were condemned as acts against the government and Cambodians are still in a transition from communist rule to a liberal society. The project is in the jungle and supported by the local community and you get to see the real Cambodia.. I had no idea that mama elephants will try and kill their babies, knowing what terrible future awaits them. On your first day at the project you will meet the team, other volunteers and settle into the accommodation. For the stories written at music festivals, for the memories made along the way, for the moments of discovery in new places, and the soundtrack that plays through it all. A scarcely populated part of the country close to the border of Vietnam, which offers volunteers a look into the countryside of Cambodia. And it was so quiet. Rescued aged 24 from a life in the illegal logging trade. Still recovering from that powerful moment, I almost didnt notice that to my other side, Kamlin approached me with interest. Rice is a staple part of Khmer cuisine and will be a feature of most meals! Thanks to generous donations from TheAnimalRescueSite, the RainforestSite, and, we were able to fully fund this project. This concerned all of us. Finding CWS through ENP also allowed me to trust that I would be helping out at a park with an ethical practice. Since then, I have attended more than 25 festivals across North America, witnessed the resurrection of Tupac, and met some of the most incredible people along the way. Dino prepared a delicious breakfast for us including eggs from the noisy gaggle who woke me up. There are also suggestions for ways you can get involved to have a positive impact too. Volunteer in Cambodia at a sanctuary that allows elephants to live freely in a natural habitat! It is rare to see a black village dog because of this superstition. One of the most fantastic things about CWS was how much information they provide the volunteers about elephants.

It is vital to conserve the forest in which the project is located as the wild elephant population is now over 140 elephants, which is a large proportion of the estimated 250-600 wild elephants who live in the whole of Cambodia. The Elephant sanctuary in Cambodia was established to save working elephants from the tourist and logging industry, so they can live their lives as free elephants. Supporting volunteers since 2001, flexible booking and financial protection Jack, Founder. I was volunteering for my first time and had no idea which volunteering organisation to go through, but I was glad I found Pod Volunteer because without them I don't think I would've had such a great and stress free time. We took turns gathering the well water, digging the holes, planting, and filling the dirt back in. I found out that the skin of an elephant is the same thickness as a humans, which makes it more relatable when you find out what they have been through and the pain they have suffered. They take in strays, injured dogs and those rescued from the dog meat trade, treat any injuries and neuter/vaccinate the animals. Generally volunteers spend half of each day with the elephants and the other half assisting with tasks required by the sanctuary and the local community. The project is based in the east of Cambodia in the Moldulkiri province, near the Vietnamese border. The Asian country boasts beautiful beaches, a sea filled with unique, hill-like islands, and many ancient, ornate temples. On my trip to Angkor Watt, I witnessed two female elephants exploited for public riding I was shown a video with footage of the elephants being beaten with bullhooks to subdue them when I was at the sanctuary. Coincidence? 6 hour layover. I choose to believe otherwise. Every day of volunteering at the park was scheduled by the current project manager, while executed by our team leader, a wonderful and hard-working young Cambodian lady named Chan. Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project, Sri Lanka, Bear Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia, Observe elephants in their natural habitat, Assist with the daily work of an Elephant sanctuary. After Kamlin joined her friend in the forest, we walked down to the primate rescue enclosure where we met a few long and curly tailed capuchins, a silver langur, and a very acrobatic gibbon. The poor thing was blind in both eyes, a milky film secreting from them constantly, and it is believed by the full time volunteers that her mahout blinded her to create dependance on him when walking through the jungle during her logging days. The Nomadic Groove is a music lovers travel blog. These animals, generally elephants and primates, are starved and tortured to render them submissive and pliable. They are also building new enclosures (I helped!)

There are usually 8-10 volunteers with a maximum of 30, but this varies considerably throughout the year. Read more about Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer with Communities Abroad. Volunteers work a 5 day week, Monday to Friday. Support the efforts to mitigate human-wildlife conflict in the region for the protection of wildlife and livelihoods of local farmers. As recently as June 2018, there have been reports of orangutans being forced to dance, ride bicycles and fight each other in a Cambodian Zoo for human entertainment. She took the treat and let me touch her cheek and shoulder gently. 4 hour layover. Volunteer in Cambodia at a bear sanctuary inside a large wildlife rescue centre near Phnom Penh to help provide a new and better home for rescued bears. It was an incredible experience. However, the process for providing the meat is cruel and barbaric, and seen to be completely different to the respect shown to other animals such as cows or chickens. They do not know they are now safe from abuse and they end up needing constant care and protection once their freedom is bought from places like CWS. Being so old, she has digestive issues so we prepared a special, soft meal for her daily that included fibre pellets to help her poop. cambodia wildlife wild bears sanctuary volunteer helping bear care I helped plant fruit and acacia trees all over the property. About | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Company A-Z| Advertise | Press | Contact, Ethical Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Thailand, 5 Things I Learned at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, Camp Cambodia: Travelling Solo With a Difference, Best Animal Sanctuaries to Visit around the World, How to Ethically Interact with Elephants in Asia. We passed walkers, bikers, truck -loads of logs, people of all ages, and a few hopping lizards. We arrived. Relatively young as Asian elephants can live until between 60 -80 years. For current exchange rates please see They are huge. Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary volunteers enjoy thatched hut accommodations with a view of elephant roaming territory. When they are fed, the primates are given only white rice, which has no nutritional value and the elephants are undernourished as the owners cannot afford to provide the necessary sustenance (Asian elephants eat 10% of their body weight in vegetation every day). Your fee covers the overseas costs of volunteering and the costs of running our organisation in the UK, on a non-profit basis. WIFI is available at the guest house. There a no comments, click 'Leave a Reply' to submit one. Volunteers have a lot to contribute to this type of society because they bring with them a different cultural perspective.

All in all, if you choose to volunteer in Cambodia, there is a never ending list of things to do in your free time, and a never ending ways to fill your belly. Dog meat is a cheaper alternative to chicken, beef, or pork and it is a tradition to eat it as it is tradition to eat roast beef in England. Provide feedback, share your experience and submit your comment. Wildlife conservation and community volunteer projects and internships worldwide. They run a one-million-acre wildlife and conservation project in-conjunction with Save the Elephants Foundation, aiming to not only rescue and rehabilitate animals, but to replant trees and plants lost during years of deforestation. Teaching English is becoming extremely popular as the country becomes more tourist-friendly and business leaders seek to hire bilingual employees. The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary is financed through the volunteer program and private donations. It felt amazing to be part of reforestation and providing a habitat for future wildlife. One black dog named Gigi who is one of the guard/jungle dogs was rescued pregnant and gave birth to six puppies, five of which survived and are also the sanctuarys guard dogs. The project also works hard to create awareness and change attitudes in Cambodia around the elephants role as a work animal. And then, I saw them. Drinking water is provided at the volunteer accommodation for you to use. My experience was really eye opening and life-changing so what are you waiting for, searchvolunteer programs in Cambodiatoday! Their mahouts, or caregivers, were with them, gently encouraging the elephants to visit with me. myanmar parks national wildlife sanctuaries map burma forest maps informaiton extracted department links below When I arrived at Siem Reap airport after a 22-hour journey, I was met at the gates by a very enthusiastic Australian named Jade, who was to be my team leader for the week.

I was only bitten by Cambodian fire ants a few times. I also slept for 13 hours straight. Vegetarians and vegans are welcomed and can be catered for. I decided to spend my first week in Cambodia volunteering at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary(CWS) just outside of Siem Reap. Send checks to:Greater Good CharitiesC/O: Accounting600 University St Suite 1000,Seattle, WA 98101 US. The sanctuary is a 1500 acre area of forest which is home to 10 Asian elephants who have beenrescued from working astourist rides and in the logging industry.

Experience these iconic species in a beautiful forest setting, where elephants are able to live freely, away from the mass tourist or logging industry in their undisturbed natural environment. Or that, when an elephant is being trained, mahouts tie up their trunks not as a torture method, because the nails and whips are torturous enough, but to prevent them from committing suicide by standing on their own trunks. During your first few days you will learn about the conservation project andmeet the families of elephants. RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL Darrick is interested in integrating an education component into his day worker program at the Sanctuary. As there were so many of us we were split in to two groups; I was in group A and we were the first group to experience the Jungle Walk, easily the best activity for me. Visiting the sites of Phnom Penh such as the Royal Palace and National Museum, Explore the stunning temples at Siem Reap including the iconic Angkor Wat, Visiting the beautiful towns of Kampot and Kep and the islands off this coastline, Learning more about Cambodias turbulent history at the S-21 Prison and the Killing Fields, Dedicated Pod Volunteer Specialist to support you, Airport pick up (Phnom Penh) and return transfers, Accommodation - a dorm room or private bungalow during the week and guesthouse in middle weekend(s), Food - meals during the week (dinner on Sunday through to lunch on Friday), Support from the Pod Volunteer UK office by phone and email, Volunteering certificate and reference (on request), Living costs - meals at weekends, snacks, drinks, laundry, Any tourist trips / activities you choose to do in your free time, 400 discount for family members aged 12 and under; 100 discount for family members aged 13-17, 50 discount if you have previously volunteered with Pod Volunteer, POD VOLUNTEER 2022. The clearing is process, and plans to build are starting.

There is also a volunteer coordinator based at the project site. If you are keen to travel and volunteer with elephants abroad then you will love the experience of helping at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. As a rule, the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary does not purchase animals from former owners as they do not want to create a trade, however; there are a number of gibbons at the sanctuary who have been purchased to prevent further suffering and who are now both healthy and semi wild. The project is unique and looks after domestic, semi wild and wild animals who live on the reserve (such as a wild white female gibbon who visits a rescued male hopefully these will mate). 6 hour flight. Over the next few days we planted seeds in the greenhouses, planted sugar cane fields, cleaned out duck ponds and travelled through parts of Cambodia to raise awareness and meet the locals. You will learn all about the elephants own stories, whilst also gaining knowledgeon the forest and local Bunong community. There can be tropical rain showers at any time of year, but the main rainy season is from May to November, with the heaviest rains in July and August. For more details and a breakdown of our costs please click here. The morning before I left the sanctuary was spent in the middle of the jungle, planting the seedlings from the year before. The people there are just as beautiful as the scenery, the mountains and the jungle. Volunteers can spend their free time on the weekends relaxing, socialising or exploring. Popular activities in Cambodia that you might like to combine with your project are: For more information on Cambodia and some of the things we loved when we visited there please see our Cambodia country page. Nor did I know that you can approximate the age of an elephant by the depth of their temples, or that elephants squeak like chipmunks when they are happy, or that they can feel the vibrations of the earth with their feet to sense where the closest source of water is.