4 states affected by boko haram insurgency

[132][133], In late 2014, Boko Haram seized control of Bama, Borno, according to the town's residents. They predominate in the central and southern part of the country.

", "Scores Die as Fighters Battle Nigerian Police", "Who are Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamist group? [191] About 57% of all schools in Borno state were closed due to the Boko Haram insurgency, affecting the education of about 3 million children.[192]. This was a move which aggravated religious tensions in the country, particularly among the Christian community. [146] On 6 February, Boko Haram attacked Bosso and Diffa in Niger. Three soldiers were killed and several others were wounded. Sixteen insurgents were killed, 38 were arrested, their ammunition was seized. The leader of Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau was killed during the fighting, reportedly using a suicide vest. Boko Haram has kidnapped large numbers of children on several occasions. ", "Nigeria's Boko Haram rejects Jonathan's amnesty idea", "Top Boko Haram Commander, Scores Killed In Offensive Military Operation", "Boko Haram Preacher Ari-Difinoma Surrenders To Troops", "Prominent Boko Haram radical preacher, Alhaji Ari-Difinoma surrenders to Nigerian Army", "Course Lecture: Muslim Groups in Nigeria", "Nigeria: First Execution under Sharia Condemned", "Nigeria: International Religious Freedom Report 2008", Amnesty International Report on Saudi Arabia 2009, Nigeria: Recent reports regarding the treatment of persons who convert from Islam to Christianity. On 7 March, Boko Haram's leader Abubakar Shekau pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) via an audio message posted on the organisation's Twitter account.

On 15 April, Boko Haram terrorists abducted about 276 teenage female pupils from a secondary school in Chibok in Borno. Seven soldiers and two civilians were killed in this ambush, but the governor was unhurt.

Discontent about various issues consequently grew among Boko Haram. Goodluck Jonathan[285] and Chadian counterpart, Idriss Deby[3] have both declared total war on Boko Harm. ISIS operatives set fire to the camp and to other vehicles. ISIS operatives set fire to the compound, two tanks and a Nigerian army vehicle. [240], On February 9, a Nigerian Army checkpoint was attacked in Geidam, Yobe, about 30km from the Nigeria-Niger border. [215], On 29 September, Babagana Zulum's convoy noticed a donkey on the road and shot at it. [110][111][112] After Yusuf's killing, Abubakar Shekau became the leader and held this position in January 2015.[113]. The DSS also later announced that between 25 and 26 March, five suspected members of Boko Haram had been arrested, thus thwarting the plot. [206], On 6 September, Boko Haram raided a village of Kurmari, where they killed four civilians in their sleep. The two factions consequently fought against each other while waging insurgencies against the local governments. "Boko Haram: Nigerian army rescues 338 captives", "Nigeria Vexed by Boko Haram's Use of Women as Suicide Bombers", "Nigeria suicide bombers attack Maiduguri and Madagali", "US Sending Troops, Vehicles To Cameroon To Combat Boko Haram", "U.S. special forces wage secretive 'small wars' against terrorists", "U.S. soldiers help African armies detect and defeat IEDs", "Suicide bombers kill 32, wound dozens in northern Cameroon", "Boko Haram militants 'took my children' in Chad", "Thousands flee Islamic State West Africa offensive in northeast Nigeria", "Nigerian Army Commander: Only Weeks Left for Boko Haram", "Boko Haram 'ousted from Sambisa forest bastion', "Boko Haram 'crushed' by Nigerian army in final forest stronghold", "Buhari: Last Boko Haram base taken in Sambisa Forest", "5 Nigerian soldiers, 15 attackers killed in Boko Haram attack on army base in Yobe state", "Nigeria air strike error kills up to 100 in refugee camp", "Nigeria air force jet mistakenly bombs refugees, aid workers", "Nigerian military 'mistake' kills at least 50 in attack on safe-haven town", "Nigeria air strike dead 'rises to 115' in Rann", "6 killed in Nigeria as teenage girls detonate explosives", "Nigeria says thwarts Boko Haram plans to attack British and U.S. embassies", "Nigerian army in 'final push' to remove Boko Haram", "Army arrests 126 Boko Haram suspects in Borno IDPs camp", "Boko Haram kidnaps dozens and kills 18 in brutal raid", "Over half of schools remain closed in epicentre of Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria UNICEF", "US Special Forces troops killed 11 ISIS fighters in an undisclosed firefight in Niger", "Correction to: A decade of Boko Haram activities: the attacks, responses and challenges ahead", "Boko Haram bomb attacks kill four civilians in Nigeria", "Hundreds of Nigerian troops missing after Boko Haram overruns base", "Boko Haram captures Gudumbali after troop attack", "New video message from the Islamic State: "Disperse by [Means Of] Them Wilyat Gharb Ifrqyyah", "Metele Boko Haram Attack: Soldiers' death toll rises to 118; over 150 missing", "Militants kill around 100 Nigerian soldiers in attack on army base: sources", "Boko Haram attacks leave 53 dead in pre-election show of force", "Many soldiers killed, dozens injured as insurgents invade base in Borno", "Shekau Boko Haram faction claims attack in Rann, Nigeria", "BREAKING: Boko Haram Attacks Convoy Of Borno Governor, Zulum, In Baga", "Islamic State claims killing of French aid workers in Niger", "ISWAP terrorists take hundreds hostage in Nigerian town: sources", "Boko Haram Kill 10 Civilians in Northeast Nigeria", "5 Boko Haram militants killed in Nigerian military's operation Xinhua | English.news.cn", "Chadian forces kill 20 Boko Haram fighters, free hostages", "16 Boko Haram militants killed in NE Nigeria Xinhua | English.news.cn", "Two civilians killed by Boko Haram militants in Cameroon's Far North region Xinhua | English.news.cn", "Nigerian Military Leader, Fatally Wounded in Boko Haram Ambush, Remembered as Hero | Voice of America English", "At least 15 Nigerian security personnel killed in ambush by Boko Haram: media Xinhua | English.news.cn", "Dozens killed in jihadist attack on Nigeria governor's convoy", "Nigerian soldiers and police killed in IS ambush in Borno state", "Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis: 'Bomb on donkey' used to ambush Borno governor", "Boko Haram 'kills 12' in raid near Nigeria's Chibok ---", "Nigerian troops kill five Boko Haram militants, rescue four hostages Xinhua | English.news.cn", "Boko Haram Kills Fifteen over Two Days in Borno State", "Three people killed, one abducted in Boko Haram attack on Christian village in Cameroon", "At Least 27 Killed in Niger in Boko Haram Attack", "Boko Haram kill villagers in Christmas Eve attack", "Boko Haram kidnaps 40 loggers and kills three in north-east Nigeria", "At Least 10 Dead in Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria's Borno State", "Boko Haram Landmines Kill 11 Nigerian Security Personnel | Voice of America English", "Cameroon: 4 civilians dead in Boko Haram attacks", "How Boko Haram attacked Geidam Police | Premium Times Nigeria", "Cameroon: At least 14 killed in Boko Haram attack", "Jihadist Attack Kills 13 in Northern Cameroon", "Nigerian soldiers confront Boko Haram in Gujba, kill 28 Official", "ISWAP Jihadists Kill 13 Soldiers in Northeast Nigeria", "ISWAP Suicide Bomber Kills Six Nigerian Troops in Borno: Military", "Spotlight on Global Jihad (January 1420, 2021)", "Spotlight on Global Jihad (January 2721, 2021)", "Boko Haram disrespects service chiefs, strikes during their visit to Maiduguri", "Insurgents kill soldiers, abduct two female cops in Borno Report", "Spotlight on Global Jihad (February 410, 2021)", "Gunmen kill 19 in village raids in northwest Nigeria", "Spotlight on Global Jihad (February 1117, 2021)", "After Fleeing Military Onslaught, Terrorists Attack Police, Villagers in Bayamari, Yobe", "Spotlight on Global Jihad (February 1824, 2021)", "Boko Haram Beheads 5 Persons In Borno IDP Camp, Others Missing", "Boko Haram Storm Borno Capital, Kill Dozens Before Retreating", "Gangs Kill 18 Villagers in Northern Nigeria", "Gunmen kidnap over 300 girls in Nigeria school raid: Police", "ISWAP Terrorists Ambush Nigeria's Counter-Insurgency Chief", "Spotlight on Global Jihad (February 25 March 3, 2021)", "Boko Haram kills security personnel, two Civilians in Borno", "ISWAP Confirms Shekau's Death, Says Its Fighters Were Following ISIS Orders", "How 350,000 people have been killed due to Boko Haram scourge in Nigeria", "Northeast Nigeria insurgency has killed almost 350,000 UN", "ISWAP names new commanders, governors, imposes tax on Nigerians", "Spotlight of Global Jihad (November 410, 2021)", "Six Nigerian, Niger troops killed by Islamic State, security forces say", "Tears Flow As Boko Haram Slaughters 40 Farmers in Northeast Nigeria", "Boko Haram Terrorists Escaping From Multinational Joint Task Force Troops Abandon 5-year-old Boy", "Hunters, vigilantes kill Boko Haram commander, deputy in Borno", "ISWAP Kills Wanted Top Terror Kingpin, Ummate Ma, Scores Of Fighters", "Nigerian Officials Say Terror Group ISWAP Behind Church Massacre", "Nigeria church: 38 killed in attack during Sunday service", "Nigeria church attack: What, where and why? In addition, an ATV, weapons and ammunition were seized. In village of Buni Gari 5 Boko Haram insurgents were killed and several others were injured. Less than 100 Nigerian soldiers returned after the attack, the attack came 24 hours after ISIL ambushed a military convoy in neighbouring Borno. ", "Join us or die: the birth of Boko Haram", "Boko Haram in Nigeria: Split emerges over leadership", "Boko Haram's Bloodiest Year Yet: Over 9,000 Killed, 1.5 Million Displaced, 800 Schools Destroyed in 2014", "Thousands flee as Boko Haram seizes military base on Nigeria border", "Cameroon: Boko Haram Attacks Escalate in Far North", "Nigeria Boko Haram: Militants 'technically defeated' Buhari", "Boko Haram overtakes ISIS as world's deadliest terror group, report says", "BOKO HARAM: Jonathan sets up Amnesty committee", "Could offering an amnesty to Boko Haram stop violence in Nigeria? Four soldiers were killed, three were taken prisoner and the rest fled. Insurgents were sighted at outskirts of Geidam at 1 pm. Local vigilante group tried to protect the civilians but were outnumbered by the insurgents, several were wounded during the fight.[211]. On 24 June, about 40 inmates escaped during a prison break in Damaturu. The system is abused widely to ensure political support and to exclude others. [276] According to an anonymous source working on peace talks with the group, up to 40 percent of the fighters in the group are underage soldiers. Twelve people were killed and seven civilians abducted. In addition to kidnapping child brides, Human Rights Watch has stated that Boko Haram uses child soldiers, including 12-year-olds. Five people were killed in fighting, including three policemen. The increasing intensity of the insurgency prompted the Nigerian government to launch an offensive, and with the help of Chad, Niger, and Cameroon, they recaptured many areas that were formerly under the control of Boko Haram. On 29 December, Seven hunters were killed and nine other were injured after their vehicle hit a landmine planted by Boko Haram near the village of Kayamla. On 15 February, a suicide bombing occurred in Damaturu. These kidnappings raised public protests, with some protesters holding placards bearing the Twitter tag #BringBackOurGirls, which had caught international attention. [134] In December, it was reported that "people too elderly to flee Gwoza Local Government Area were being rounded up and taken to two schools where the militants opened fire on them." [102][103] In many predominantly Muslim states, conversion from Islam to another religion is illegal and often a capital offence. [227], On 4 January, at around 4 am three members of a local vigilance committee were shot dead by Boko Haram in Mayo Moskota area. Two high-profile ISWAP commanders, Modu Sulum and Ameer Modu Borzogo, fled along with some fighters during intense fighting but several other commanders and fighters have been killed and many abducted hostages were rescued. The bombs exploded 30 minutes apart, one at a local market place at approximately 3:00 and the second in a parking lot next to a hospital at approximately 3:30, where rescuers responding to the first accident were killed. On 10 January, 19 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a market in Maiduguri. The two groups are generally hostile and fight each other, though it is possible that they occasionally cooperate against their common enemies. During the same month, Abubakar Shekau, a former deputy to Yusuf, appeared in a video posted on YouTube. [147] On 22 February, a suicide bombing occurred in Potiskum. Shekau refused to budge, and openly disobeyed ISIL's "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in regard to various matters. On 6 January, Boko Haram bombed a market in Gamboru, Borno, killing at least 38 people. [162], In May, the Nigerian military announced that they had released about 700 women from camps in Sambisa Forest.[163][164]. Since then, Shekau and his group are generally referred to as "Boko Haram", whereas the dissidents continued to operate as ISWAP under Abu Musab al-Barnawi. Shekau refused to accept his dismissal, rallied a large number of supporters and violently opposed Barnawi and ISIL's central command. Nearly six months after the killing of Yusuf, the group carried out its first terrorist attack in Borno in January, killing four people. The conflict has seen numerous human rights abuses conducted by the Nigerian security forces, in an effort to control the violence, On 29 May, a few hours after Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as president, several bombings purportedly by Boko Haram killed 15 and injured 55. In May, Nigerian government forces launched an offensive in the Borno region in an attempt to dislodge Boko Haram fighters after a state of emergency was called on 14 May. [281] In 2014, Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan even went so far as calling Boko Harm "al-Qaeda in West Africa". [219], On 22 November, Convoy belonging to governor of Borno, Babagana Zulum was attacked while he was traveling to meet with government officials in Baga. These attacks included bombings in Maiduguri in January, July and November. On the same day, they killed six people in attacks against churches in Maiduguri. PK ! On 28 December, female suicide bombers killed over 55 people in Madagali in Adamawa and Maiduguri. [51], On 30 December, the Multinational Joint Task Force (MTJF) announced that six troops from Nigeria and Niger were killed and 16 wounded by ISWAP militants during an operation in December 2021 in Borno State. ISIS operatives seized vehicles, weapons and ammunition. The destruction of Rann was initially attributed to ISWAP,[176][203] but Shekau's Boko Haram later claimed responsibility.[203]. [130], First responders were unable to reach the scenes of the accidents, as "thousands of people were fleeing the scene in the opposite direction". On 21 November, a suicide bomber killed 50 people in a mosque in Mubi. In response, the governor of Cameroon's Far North banned the Islamic veil and burqa. The second attack occurred in Dikwa, resulting in the deaths of 2 soldiers and leaving two female police officers abducted.[236][237]. On 4 February, the Chad Army killed over 200 Boko Haram militants. 300 U.S. advisers[26][27], Thousands killed, captured, or surrendered, 350,000 deaths total, of which 35,000 direct[71], The Boko Haram insurgency began in July 2009,[75][76] when the militant Islamist and jihadist rebel group Boko Haram started an armed rebellion against the government of Nigeria. After Shekau's death masses of Boko Haram militants surrendered while others defected to ISWAP. [208], On 17 September, Boko Haram raided a village in Lake Chad region in Chad, several civilians were abducted. Mohamed Bazoum, Nigerian Army:130,000 active frontline personnel; [189], On 17 May, the Nigerian Army reported that it had arrested about 126 suspected Boko Haram terrorists at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Damboa, Borno. ISIL and parts of Boko Haram eventually came to the conclusion that this was no longer tolerable, whereupon Shekau was removed from his position as vali of ISIL's West Africa Province in August. The other soldiers fled. 32,000 active reserve personnel bI [Content_Types].xml ( WM0#"_QBm V?d3i4Rn/ Z-M6# (s6c%@Y,[~5_[{RKeB[j6@ogkAm+q921jCOw!:]!e+rH_}6^i.C-fL%8xTTkH.pja1d5o$y-eE`q4:$EK QB4`:b,T4ad,W [86][87][88] In a bid to ensure dialog between government and the deadly sect, the President Jonathan administration set up a committee to grant an amnesty to the Boko Haram sect. Ten soldiers were killed in the exchange of fire and several others were wounded. As result, ex-rebels are often ostracized, which in turn increases the risk of them rejoining the insurgency. A group of hunters ambushed and killed a Boko Haram commander and his deputy while wounding serveral of their escaping fighters. [120] The offensive had initial success, but the Boko Haram rebels were able to regain their strength. Three Boko Haram suicide bombers killed 30 people in Konduga, Borno, on 16 June. The ISWAP operatives set fire to four vehicles and houses belonging to the fighters. [243], On 23 February, Boko Haram militants stormed Maiduguri, killing at 10 people, firing rocket-propelled grenades in the city. [226], On 6 January, Boko Haram infiltrated in the town of Geidam, Yobe.