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I think crowds is one of those. No record, not able to download and view at a time that is more suitable. Who watches FTA TV anymore? Also Paramount Plus is garbage. Western Sydney Wanderers versus Sydney FC, Newcastle Jets versus Central Coast Mariners, Wellington Phoenix versus Central Coast Mariners, Western Sydney Wanderers versus Newcastle Jets, Wellington Phoenix versus Western Sydney Wanderers, Macarthur FC versus Central Coast Mariners, Newcastle Jets versus Wellington Phoenix*, Western Sydney Wanderers versus Macarthur FC*. attack

The A-League is now attracting some of the smallest free-to-air broadcast audiences for sport in Australia. Just a random match once a week. The atmosphere still gives me goosebumps.. The games are awful this year, coaches just push back 5 or 6 to stop scoring.we stopped going to and watching games this season I tried watching the Victory v Sydney match on 25th Jan. To say it was hard to find is a understatement so to get over it I went to the local sports bar. twenty20 afridi shahid Im a Sydney FC fan but I think I would have switched to the tennis about 20 minutes in had I been watching. AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, Cricket, Tennis are the more popular sports in AUstralia than soccer. Binge over 6,000 episodes of reality TV, including Keeping up with the Kardashians, Made in Chelsea, Below Deck, and Real Housewives. Considering that SBS beat Ten in the shares isnt a good thing. Another football bashing article by a writer who couldnt contain himself once the rating numbers came out. It is a competition where the commodity sold by the administrative body is not what we see, its what we hear. Green and red background denote highest and lowest A-League Men season attendances respectively. Oops! Italic indicates a standalone women's match. Where people in the industry get their news.

If you have optus, Stan,and prime that is close to 45 dollars a month not to mention all the others. The staff could not locate it on 10 play or did not have Paramount + so I went home to try on laptop. 0-1818-3636-54Over 54 Sydney FC if they score are always parking the bus Subscribe now to the TV Blackbox Newsletter! The other was the Central Coast Mariners, who recorded their lowest seasonal average attendance the season before, during the 2019-20 competition. With such poor attendances being undoubtedly caused by the pandemic and the recent flooding disaster, the concerning figures also point towards a declining interest in the league compounded by fans being left short changed, as well as a broadcast deal which has proved alienating for some. Give it back to someone who knows what they are doing like SBS. These figures are appalling for a league that is reliant on the fans more than anything to be the main attraction. More Australian football news can be found on FTBL. I watch the Saturday night A-league match on 10 every week, but prefer not to subscribe to Paramount because I already subscribe to Foxtel. This was a major win for the league, given the broadcasters residential subscriber count was reportedly 1.7 million at the end of last year. Stuttery vision, poor replays, buffering and all the other issues. Its not about the sport or any views therein. Early in the season there were tons of ads and promotions for the A-League men and women. With regards to standalone matches, the average attendance for Rounds 1 and 2 were 1034 and 1370 respectively. Sadly, A-League soccer doesnt rate high in Australia given that it is a niche sport. This live broadcast sees the Sydney Symphony Orchestra return to its home for a gala performance of Mahlers Second Symphony, under the direction of their new Chief Conductor, Australian-born, internationally acclaimed Simone Young. Former FFA boss David Gallop said as much as this in 2015. bash earlier give start kleybanova alisa fighter reuters credit Best Foot Forward is a live-action series follows 12-year-old Josh Dubin as he goes from homeschool to public school, eager to experience everything middle school has to offer! From memory, they got lucky in the last major deal they did with Foxtel (around 2015), with Foxtel paying way more than would have had they known how far ratings and general interest would fall. The point that soccer is not popular in Australia. The alienation of fans as far back as 2015, when the Western Sydney Wanderers active support group, the RBB, boycotted a match against the Brisbane Roar in protest of the way the game in Australia was run.

Its not free to watch A league any more other than the Sat night game .. The inconsistency of match scheduling, both in the A-league and FFA Cup has been, tear your hair out stuff. The low attendance numbers are an issue for most domestic leagues in Australia, a pattern which is also found elsewhere around the world. They should be aggressively advertising upcoming matches throughout the day as getting A league stars in for cross promotion on other 10 shows. Website design and maintenance by Kevin Perry, Watch the Official Trailer for Billy Porters Directorial Debut, Anythings Possible, starring Eva Reign and Abubakr Ali, with Rene Elise Goldsberry. The main problem is that not everyone has steaming ability and paramount is to difficult to navigate and after half time you have to reset it as it doesnt reappear to show second half This is a problem for football leagues world wide, but not one that other local sports have to deal with. The lowest attendance was Macarthur versus Wellington with 1188 spectators likewise in Round 1. Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Popular series Stranger Things is credited with softening the blow for Netflix's losses in the last quarter, which were forecast to be much bigger after its first losses in Q1. Email Why do CH10 make it so hard to find it? Then you dont know when games are on as covid has caused havoc with the scheduling. Average for men's matches was 6059, standalone women was 1370. Robert McKnight, Steve Molk and Kevin Perry have combined to bring years of media experience to TV Blackbox that will present all the available information for audiences to be able to make easy decisions about what they watch (& when and where they watch it). The spectator issue also exists in other domestic leagues in Australia. As for calling it soccer, well, its goodnight from me. Last Name *Last minute venue change due to failed pitch inspection at Campbelltown, Stadium. Enjoy TV shows and movies from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic. By comparison, excluding last year due to the COVID-19 alterations at the start of the season, in last decade there were only three rounds total in the opening four rounds of play where the attendance dipped below 10000, with the lowest of those averages being 8,946 in Round 3 of 2018-19. You must provide an email address to create a Roar account, When using Facebook to create or log in to an account, you need to grant The Roar permission to see your email address, By joining The Roar you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. The other problem is pay TV is just to expensive. "But when you are talking about habitual type of commitments which being a member of a football club or being a fan of a BBL team is, you turn up every week and you support your team. The New bosse of A League have sold the punters down the river for a cash incentive . When Townsend was questioned about the low attendances in this season's A-League he replied: "It is obviously something that we are all grappling with at the moment, it is pretty new" said Townsend referring to all sports. I see more basketball than football. It extends right up until as recently as last year, when a member of the RBB was kicked out for not sitting in his seat and their capo received a 12-month ban for swearing. Anyone can contribute to The Roar and have their work All communications via this link are strictly confidential, and we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible. Normally Perth viewers get the soccer game on 10Bold so that they dont want to clash with 10 News First. Try Binge on a 14-Day Free Trial now and enjoy the worlds biggest shows and movies from studios including HBO, FX, BBC and more on-demand. If they didnt roll around like primadonas every time someone almost touches them I would watch it a bit more. It was a move that was in part induced by the COVID-19 situation, which has prevented the Wellington-based side from operating out of New Zealand for the past two seasons. Nikki and Jason are finally trying at making their dream family become a permanent reality. "Gradually I think we will see the habits that people formed with their families come back to normal as time moves on.". The Austadiums website is made possible by displaying some advertisements to our visitors. The A-League Highlights Show on Monday nights on 10 Bold gets zero promotion neither (any numbers for that?). Its a shame Channel 10 cannot get the broadcast right, its terrible really. Yeah lets put hundreds of travelling fans out of pocket , Hayden Atherton (@JordanDeGoat) March 9, 2022. With the first bounce of the 2022 AFL season on Wednesday night, the ALM will officially have to co-exist once again with the premier Australian rules competition as well as the NRL and Super Rugby, whilst somehow having to win over fans in the process. Channel 10 is understood to have invested $200 million to secure broadcast rights for the men and womens A-League competitions for the next five years. I think youll find the problem is that very few people care to watch the A-League. Oh and by the way, its the Western Sydney Wanderers. Its completely uneconomic to be spending any more time flogging a dead horse. By the way, are the Jets still in the A-league or have they been rissoled to the NNSW NPL? If you asked soccer nuts why it is easy.the coverage is terrible, the advertising to know when who is playing is terrible, paramount is a web app which is terrible on a tv played as a web not app like the other streaming services, the one camera per ground approach is terrible..watch the epl and see how its done, I agree the Streaming service through my TV has put me off watching all the games now. I have mentioned about the audience numbers for 14 May 2022 Channel 10s primary share has hit rock bottom, languishing at a depressing 2.8% share. Van Gogh was also a difficult character. In the five seasons since the 2016-17 season, Melbourne Victory have had a drop of 17,000 average weekly fans, Sydney FC and the Western Sydney Wanderers have had a decrease of approximately 9000 while the Brisbane Roar have had a drop of over 50 per cent in weekly average attendances. We are unable to assist you in obtaining studio audience tickets or reality show contestant applications. All ive seen are ads for Paramount+. I even started a Twitter account in order to get some sort of heads up. I live within walking distance of Brisbane Roars home games and I have no idea when they are playing or how they are going. Due in part to COVID and lack of current sponsorship we are at risk of not having the funds to continue running The Football Sack. And this madness drove him to suicide with a death wish. Chanel 10 has no idear how to promote the game . So far for the A-League Men this season, only Round 1 has had an average attendance with five digits, 10,544 to be precise, with the next three rounds averaging 6599, 6534 and 6058 per round respectively. Their most recent encounter in the NSW capital, a clash with league leaders Melbourne City, was played out in front of just 3,236 people. A further look into the seasonal average attendances of the competitions biggest sides paints a more troubling picture. This new eight-part series tells harrowing stories of the police who abandon their oath to serve and protect, and instead, steal, cheat, and, in some cases, kill. News Limited media does not even have a full time soccer writer anymore and barely even mention the A-League. And as far as product management is concerned, the A-League Men in particular the administration led by Gallop has performed atrociously. The A-League Men is in a unique position. Captured a great grassroots sporting moment? Channel 10 was likely hoping to build an audience for the sport over summer before the big football codes return in March. No Surprises.No Excess Baggage. For Tahlia, lockdown brings her closer to her family in Darwin, but for Sunny it puts his year 12 exams under more pressure. speaks volumes about the broadcasters. News Limited even tried for days to trash the Matildas by going on about a supposed toxic culture. I also tried to subscribe to Paramount plus but they dont support Samsung Smart TVs, so I miss out on watching my team. They have no sports show and the round up show is on a Tuesday at 9am . Going to commercial breaks during the match is [word removed-Ed]. Prior to the launch of the season, Channel 10s Sport Sales DirectorNick Bowerexpressed confidence in the networks ability to find a new audience for the code, stating the network hada fantastic pedigree in making pay-tv sport big,adding that in the first year of the networksBig Bashdeal itgrew the audience for that sport by 3.7 times and it continued to grow.. Lets be clear the fans make the A-League what it is today; a vibrant, exciting competition that is the powerhouse driving the games growth in Australia. You cant follow your team without subscribing. About 10 or 15 years back one of the FTA channels was showing AFL live in Sydney on Saturdays and were getting way less audience than SBS. Try Kayo on a 14-Day Free Trial and stream LIVE sports content including AFL, NRL and Cricket plus 15,000+ hours of on-demand archives. Hot off the high heels of the new Queen ru-veal; Stan, the home ofRuPaulin Australia, has today released the first look trailer for the brand new second season ofRuPauls Drag Race Down Under. Covering Sydney FC for the 2021/22 A-League season. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Doesnt help that they dont show local games. I would hav thought that with all the ex kayo commentators 10 and paramount could do a lot better in presenting our game as was the case with kayo. Of all the A-League Men matches played over the weekend, the highest recorded attendance was when 7181 people attended the high-flying Melbourne Victorys loss to the Newcastle Jets. I suspect the numbers have picked up since then but it obviously took a while; Ten have 5 years to build an audience for the AL so hopefully the same thing will happen. One was Macarthur FC, who were competing in their first ever A-League Men campaign. Im glad its off Foxtel but would certainly not be paying for it in its current format and performance. #FATUGLYSLUT Florence Hainaut and Myriam Leroy explore the cost of Cyberbullying, Documentary special KENSINGTON PALACE: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to take viewers inside where Diana raised William and Harry, The MOVIN TO THE COUNTRY team explore rural Queensland tonight on ABC, ANNABELLE WILLIAMS is the special guest this week on BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, VANESSA BAYER comedy series I LOVE THAT FOR YOU arrives today on Paramount+, Belgian gangster crime drama SON OF arrives at SBS On Demand, COVID shuts down the School as students struggle with the pressure This week on OFF COUNTRY, New documentary series BETRAYING THE BADGE explores harrowing tales of Cops gone bad, ALASTAIR LYNCH and MARTY SHEARGOLD are the special guests this week on THE FRONT BAR, New documentary special explores A Shot In A Starry Night: The Case Of VINCENT VAN GOGH, Can 3-month-old dachshund LANE find a new home? Maybe a Before the Game type panel show might help the lead up for the game, rather than Bondi Rescue repeats. But it was also symbolic of a larger issue that has been facing the A-League Men for the best part of a decade. Become a member to join in Australia's biggest sporting debate, submit articles, receive updates straight to your inbox and keep up with your favourite teams and authors. You need to step up and get rid of some I think ch 10 are doing there best with showing internationals and the a league BUT they need to have some other a league content on free to air eg panel shows and maybe a highlights show it just lacks punch putting a game on sat and Sunday with no preview of the round ahead . There is no shortage of watchable games (eg last nights MV v SFC) but the one you mention was one of the poorest games ever. COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the current season with a number of matches being postponed and rescheduled. The poor administration of the A-League Men and the additional presence of exuberant numbers of police has created the perfect brew for fan disinterest and disengagement.