fugett middle school bell schedule

Before and Aftercare Program Parent Handbook, I. 13, 14 STUDENT CONDUCT - RULES DURING WINTER ATHLETIC CONTESTS Students are not permitted to enter the gymnasium or leave the gymnasium through any doors other than the double doors presently known as the main entrance to the gym. Students must report any accident (spill, breakage, etc.) We want to wish you the, Our classroom is the world.our students are world-class Dear Parent or Guardian, August 27, 2015 Grade 9 and new students arrive at 12 noon for First Day of School Tuesday, September 8 th, 2015 12 noon, Cockrill Middle School 2009-2010 Student Handbook Addendum It is our goal to provide the students of Cockrill Middle School with the best education possible.

Individual parent-teacher conferences are scheduled in the school calendar twice during the school year. Earl Warren Middle School Discipline Policies 2014-2015, VIDOR INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL BUS RIDER S CONTRACT, Odyssey Charter School, Inc. Be consistent with point of view. Students should walk on the right side in an orderly fashion.

Violation of the rules could result in a student not being permitted to attend ANY athletic activities. ATTENDANCE ~ ABSENCES School hours are from 7:30 am until 2:15 pm.

Many times parents will say to their child, study harder, you can do better, we know that you have the ability, you should study each night even if you do not have homework.

3, 4 Section I - Procedures & Regulations TABLE OF CONTENTS Admission (Registration) of New Students 7 Arrival Procedures 7 Attendance Absences 7 Backpacks 8 Bus Transportation Conduct 8 Bus Pass Requests 8 Cafeteria Conduct 9 Detentions 9 Early Dismissals from School 9 Elevator Use 9 Emergency Drills 9 Family Vacation Requests 9 Fire Drills 9 Hallways and Stairways 9 Homeroom 10 Insurance 10 Invoices for Lost/Damaged School Property 10 Lateness to School/Class 10 Library 10 Lockers Hall 10 Lockers Gym 10 Lost & Found 11 Medical Assistance 11 No School & Delayed Openings 11 Obscene Language 11 Open House Program 11 Parent Conferences 11 Parent Chaperones 12 PTO 12 Physical Education Requirements 12 Saturday School/External Suspensions 12 Skateboards/Scooters 13 Student Conduct General/Discipline Code/Bullying/Harassment 13 Student Dress 14 Use of Telephone, Cell Phone, and Personal Technology Devices 14 Visitor Policy 15 Weapons 15 Wellness 15 4, 5 Section II Academic & Unified Arts Program & Information Academic Standards: Math 16 Academic Standards: English Language Arts 16 Academic Course Sequence 17 Awards 18 CARE Period 19 Counseling 19 Fugett Above & Beyond (FAB) 19 Grades/Report Cards 19 Homework 19 Honor Roll 20 Make-up Work 20 Progress Reports 21 Summer School 21 Special Education 21 Standardized Testing 21 Study Skills 21 Team Instruction 22 Section III Student Activities Activities 23 Activity Fee 23 Assemblies 23 Eligibility Rules 23 Field Trips 23 Impact Testing 23 Middle School Athletics 23 Sixth Grade Intramurals Seventh and Eighth Grade Athletics Music Performances 24 Section IV Code of Conduct Middle School Extra-Curricular & Athletic Code of Conduct 25 Student Laboratory Code of Conduct Secondary Science 29 Section VI Logistical Information Bell Schedules 30 Vacation Request Form 31 Bus Pass Request Form 32 Maps 33 5, 6 WELCOME TO FUGETT MIDDLE SCHOOL We have prepared this guide to introduce parents and students to our programs, activities, and policies. MATIJA GUBEC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL DAVORINA BAZJANCA 2 ZAGREB THE RULEBOOK OF THE SCHOOL CODE OF CONDUCT Zagreb, June 2009 According to the Article 26. of the Statute of Matija Gubec International School, B. C. BERG MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Issue #1 of 5 AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2015 The first day of school will be Monday, August 24. Joseph F. Morris Award - Presented annually to one student who has demonstrated steady improvement throughout the school year in behavior and cooperation with peers and staff members within the classroom and school building. Application of prescriptive remediation and acceleration 3. This guide was put together to assist you and make you feel more comfortable in your school.

29, 30 FUGETT MIDDLE SCHOOL BELL SCHEDULES REGULAR BELL SCHEDULE Grade Six Grade Seven Grade Eight Homeroom 7:30 7:45 (15) 7:30 7:45 (15) 7:30 7:45 (15) Period 1 7:48 8:35 (47) 7:48 8:35 (47) 7:48 8:35 (47) Period 2 8:38 9:25 (47) 8:38 9:25 (47) 8:38 9:25 (47) Period 3 9:28 10:15 (47) 9:28 10:15 (47) 9:28 10:15 (47) Period 4 10:18 11:06 (48) 10:18 11:06 (48) 10:18 10: 50 (L) Period 5 11:09 11:41 (L) 11:09 11:58 (48) 10: 53 11:41 (48) Period 6 11:44 12:32 (48) 12:01 12:32 (L) 11:44-12:32(48) Period 7 12:35 1:22 (47) 12:35 1:22 (47) 12:35 1:22 (47) PM Announcements 1:25-1:28 1:25-1:28 1:25-1:28 Period 8 1:28 2:15 (47) 1:28 2:15(47) 1:28 2:15 (47) TWO HOUR DELAY SCHEDULE EARLY DISMISSAL/HALF DAY SCHEDULE Homeroom 9:30-9:45 (15) 6 th grade 7 th grade 8 th grade Period 1 9:48-10:18 (30) 7:30 7:45 HR HR HR Period 2 10:21-10:51 (30) 7:48 8:14 pd 1 pd 1 pd 1 Period 3 10:54-11:25 (31) 8:17 8:43 pd 2 pd 2 pd 2 Period 4 11:28-11:59 (31) 8:46 9:11 pd 3 pd 3 pd 3 Period 5 12:02 12:33 (31) 9:14 9:39 pd 4 pd 4 pd 5 Period 6 12:36 1:06 (30) 9:42 10:07 pd 6 pd 5 pd 6 Period 7 1:09 1:39 (30) 10:10 10:35 pd 7 pd 7 pd 7 Period 8 1:42 2:15 (33) 10:38 11:05 pd 8 pd 8 pd 8 EXTENDEND HOMEROOM/CARE PERIOD SCHEDULE 6 th grade 7 th grade 8 th grade Homeroom 7:30 7:40 (10) 7:30 7:40 (10) 7:30 7:40 (10) CARE Period 7:43 8:15 (32) 7:43 8:15 (32) 7:43 8:15 (32) Period 1 8:18 9:01 (43) 8:18 9:01 (43) 8:18 9:01 (43) Period 2 9:04 9:47 (43) 9:04 9:47 (43) 9:04 9:47 (43) Period 3 9:50 10:33 (43) 9:50 10:33 (43) 9:50 10:33 (43) Period 4 10:36 11:19 (43) 10:36 11:19 (43) 10:36 11:06 (L) Period 5 11:22 11:52 (L) 11:22 12:05 (43) 11:09 11:52 (43) Period 6 11:55 12:38 (43) 12:08 12:38 (L) 11:55 12:38 (43) Period 7 12:41 1:24 (43) 12:41 1:24 (43) 12:41 1:24 (43) PM Announcements 1:27 1:30 1:27 1:30 1:27 1:30 Period 8 1:30 2:15 (45) 1:30 2:15 (45) 1:30 2:15 (45) 30, 31 WEST CHESTER AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT J.R. FUGETT MIDDLE SCHOOL REQUEST FOR FAMILY TRIP ABSENCE FORM (Please Print) Student Name: Grade Home Room # Date of Request: I/We hereby request to take our child, grade, Team, homeroom number, on a trip that we consider to have educational value during regularly scheduled school time. 4) We will use available data and resources to meet the diverse instructional needs of students in an inclusive environment so all achieve their personal best. Karen Best Award 8 th grade Presented to a student who not only maintains outstanding academic performance, but who demonstrates true citizenship by participating in service to others both in and out of school.

Small, Principal Dr. Phil Matilla, Asst. The best grades do not always go to the brightest students, but to those who are well organized. In the event the student comes to school inappropriately dressed, students must remain in the office until changed into clothing that fits WCASD s guidelines for appropriate dress. TOBACCO USE ON and/or OFF SCHOOL PREMISES Smoking/possession of tobacco products will result in the following action: First Offense - will result in a three day suspension from all activities. The purpose of this evening is to acquaint parents with the teachers and the procedures that affect each student daily. In addition to the 6 th and 7 th grade items, an 8 th Grader is expected to: Be able to restate a thesis and avoid repeating it. Maintain academic eligibility 3. 2003 Substitute Teacher Handbook WELCOME This booklet is a guide for substitute teaching at St. Paul Preparatory School. No awards will be given to any student suspended and/or dismissed for the remainder of the season for Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct violations. 6. Except for emergencies, students who become ill/injured during the school day must obtain a medical pass from their teacher for admittance to the nurse s office. - Show respect for study time by turning off the TV or music. This information will be entered and scanned via the RAPTOR system. or injury (cut, burn, etc.) The School Day A. It is best if it is the same time each day. - Be positive about school and your child s efforts (no matter how small). The. Extenuating circumstances. USE of TELEPHONE, CELL PHONE, AND PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY DEVICES A phone is available in the Main Office for student use. MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETICS The middle school athletic program in the West Chester Area School District is designed to provide instruction, supervision, and various levels of competition for all participants. Unified Arts Awards - Students in all grades are eligible for unified arts awards for the following criteria: 1. The recipient of this award: Shows a strong desire to learn, and is self-motivated as he or she works to acquire proficiency in the English language. More detailed information concerning bus conduct may be found in the WCASD Discipline and Record Policy Handbook. (Intro, Body, Conclusion) Be consistent with verb tense. All physical and dental forms are due within the first 60 days of school. With this in mind, New and Living Way has instituted the following policies and procedures for van ministry, . BUS PASS REQUESTS Students who wish to ride a different bus or have a friend ride with them must have a blue signed bus pass. Bullying is the intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or series of acts directed at another student or students which occurs in a school setting, that is severe, persistent or pervasive; and has the effect of doing any of the following: (1) substantially interfering with a student s education; (2) creating a threatening environment; or (3) substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

It is the student s responsibility to take care of this equipment. The student and his/her parent/guardian are responsible for obtaining all physical exams. Small Principal Dr. Phil Matilla Asst.

This award is given in memory of beloved Fugett Middle School Psychologist Dr. Linda Castenova whose passion was to assist students in obtaining their personal best. The student should have sufficient materials and books to study while in detention. Students on external suspension may not appear on school grounds, at activities or practices, or in the school for any reason, except with permission from an administrator. No pants/sweatpants/shorts, etc with writing in inappropriate places. Not extend any part of the body from the bus. Exit directions are posted in each room.

Spectators must remain seated in the stands while games are in progress. These rules must be followed at all times. Period of activity begins with the first competition, meeting, or practice and ends with the last contest, meeting, or practice, whichever is the later date.

Our PTO sponsors many worthwhile activities at Fugett. This program provides for a varsity and junior varsity team in most sports and is very traditional in nature. Use appropriate commas in compound sentences. If the student does not expect to return, he or she must receive prior permission from the administration or the athletic office. After 20 or more days of absence, an informal review of the student s records including days of absence, discipline, and academic shall be made by the administration and recommendations, if any, shall be made in writing to the respective director regarding retention in that grade.


For lost articles, inquire in the main office and check the Lost & Found in the cafeteria, gym locker rooms, and on each floor. Not talk to the driver while the bus is moving or distract his/her attention by loud talking, yelling, or disorderly behavior. 21, 22 - Another good way for your child to learn is to have him teach you. 31, 32 J.R. Fugett Middle School Bus Pass Request Form Bus # Date of Request: Name of Student Requesting Bus Pass: Name of Student(s) who will be a guest on the bus: Parent Signature: **Note: This is a request form. 3. EMERGENCY DRILLS (evacuations, crisis, and shelter in place): These are periodically held throughout the school year. Students must obtain a pass to leave the cafeteria for any reason. Student Behavior Infractions and Consequences. GLOUCESTER ONLINE ACADEMY OF LEARNING (GOAL) Gloucester County Public Schools STUDENT HANDBOOK Page 1 Table of Contents Welcome Letter3 Site Information4 Admission and Enrollment5 Mission, Model, Page 1 SCHOOL UNIFORM AND APPEARANCE POLICY I. Willingness to help other and show leadership. Not violate other school district policies or regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the United States. All 7 th grade students are required by the PA School Health Law to have a dental exam. EQUIPMENT AND UNIFORMS Equipment and uniforms are issued to students on a loan basis and are to be worn only when authorized by the coach/advisor. The P.I.A.A. Eligibility shall be cumulative from the beginning of a grading period and shall be reported on a weekly basis. Some of Fugett s activities are: Student Council, Newspaper, Yearbook, Drama Club, Library Aides, Math Counts, Ski Club, Film Society, and Science Olympiad. Parent/Student Handbook, Nordonia Middle School 73 Leonard Avenue Northfield, Ohio 44067, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT PUPIL TRANSPORTATION. To that end, we encourage our Fugett community to participate in our Fugett-Flash e-news program, follow us on and to visit our web-site: We wish all of our parents and students and staff a rewarding and successful school year! Third Offense The student will be permanently suspended from high school extra-curricular activities in the WCASD No student shall be eligible to resume participation in middle school extra-curricular activities unless there has been a medical determination that no residual evidence of steroids exists. 10, 11 LOST & FOUND Articles found are turned in to the main office.

3. Ethical Considerations for Teacher Assistants HARTFORD PUBLIC SCHOOLS DISTRICT SAFE SCHOOL CLIMATE PLAN, DATE ISSUED: 6/1/2015 1 of 9 LDU 2015.09 EK(REGULATION)-X, Springfield School District Policy Springfield, Vermont STUDENT ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE, Syllabus MAT0018 Developmental Mathematics I, Mr. Kellogg Phone: (925)473-2500 ext. 5. Students who are ineligible for two (2) consecutive weeks and/or three (3) weeks cumulative forfeit participation in that activity, club or sport. If possible, a culminating activity between the three West Chester middle schools will be planned. HANDLING CHEMICALS AND EQUIPMENT 7. Curriculum Sequence: Some classes are grouped by ability levels, but not all. Students who demonstrate disruptive actions, disrespect, rudeness, and undesirable patterns of attendance, tardiness, or conduct will be assigned detention by an administrator or by individual teachers. Dear Parents: Burlington Public Schools. Honor Roll Certificates - Presented to students who achieve an 80 (B-) or above in all subjects. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Late to School - A student must be in school by 8:35 a.m. (prior to the end of 1 st period) in order to participate in an athletic contest/practice/activity that day. 4. BAND HANDBOOK. Parents should make the request a day or two in advance if possible.

Wait out of the way of traffic. When the fire alarm sounds, students are to stand and move in single file following the posted directions. Homework and other assignments should be returned within three (3) days of his/her return to school in order to receive full credit for the assignments. The District, Springfield School District Policy Springfield, Vermont STUDENT ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE Code F7 Policy 1. These programs are sometimes information sessions in which matters that affect the class as a whole are presented.

We will be departing on a three-day trip on Wednesday May 8 th and returning, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT PUPIL TRANSPORTATION Q. The only exceptions to this policy follow: 1. Further, students may be subject to counseling. Abide by specific team rules. To use this website, you must agree to our, Garrett Physical Education Course Expectations PHILOSOPHY, SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT HANDBOOK 2015-2016, EUSTIS MIDDLE SCHOOL HOME OF THE MUSTANGS, FREEDOM AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT & LAMERS BUS LINES, INC FREEDOM TERMINAL BUS RULES. Students should wash hands thoroughly after participating in laboratory. To ensure the health and well-being of all students, the Board establishes that the district shall provide to students: A comprehensive nutrition program consistent with federal and state requirements. For the complete version of the WCASD School Board Policy 249 containing definitions, complaint and investigation procedure, please refer to the WCASD s Discipline and Records Policy Handbook.

11. Report cards are available online through the parent portal. Jean E. Newsome Community Service Award Presented annually to one student who is a volunteer and service leader within the community, respected by peers, helpful to others, and recognizes the importance of education. Introduction The safety of our passengers at New and Living Way Bible Church is very important. They are to be placed in lockers upon entry into the building in the morning and left there until dismissal at the end of the day. Coaches and counselors of students who are ineligible will be notified by the end of the day each Friday. The Principal or his/her designee will review those circumstances and decide whether to continue the student s ineligible status or place him/her on probation. The PIAA by-laws will be followed by any district sponsored interscholastic athletic program. Helping with schoolwork, however, is no easy task; frustration, tears, and resistance are some of the hurdles you must overcome. Students must follow all verbal and written instructions carefully. Use apostrophes appropriately. PUPIL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES YOUR CHILD AND THE SCHOOL BUS A Parent Guide for Transportation Services TO: FROM: Parent/Guardians of MPS Yellow Bus Riders Pupil Transportation Services Dear Parents/Guardians: Treasure Mountain Junior High 2530 Kearns Boulevard Park City, Utah 84060 (435) 645-5640 (435) 645-5649 fax Emily Sutherland, Principal Amy Jenkins, Assistant Principal Welcome to Treasure Mountain Junior, BACK TO SCHOOL INFORMATION PACKET HOME OF THE BEARS! Acceptable Use 2-4 General Staff Responsibilities Parent and Guardian Responsibilities User Responsibilities Consequences 2. ipad Identification, May 9, 2016 Re: Providence Day School Bus Service for 2016-2017 School Year Dear Parents: Providence Day School s transportation program wants to thank you for completing another successful year! An * next to a subject indicates that subject is leveled. Notification of scholarship awards will be made by the Summer Transportation Institute to each of the selected students. OTHER STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THE ELEVATOR AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Any nonprescription medication other than those noted on the WCASD emergency card must also have a doctor s note. You may be asked, What are you doing?

INVOICES FOR LOST/DAMAGED SCHOOL PROPERTY Invoices will be issued to students for any lost or damaged schoolbooks or class materials. 4. Lockers are considered to be loaned space and the school reserves the right to inspect their contents and to remove any items in violation of school regulations in accordance with WCASD policy. The bus driver is in charge of the safety of his/her passengers, and his/her instructions must be obeyed at all times. 108 Washington Street P.O. ACADEMIC COURSE SEQUENCE Course Explanation: The five academic subject areas include English, Math, Reading or World Language, Science, and Social Studies. Trash, food, or other objects must never be thrown. Be able to use commas, semi colons and colons correctly and effectively.

If you have any questions about your child s school progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child s guidance counselor and/or teachers. 4. 3. Be sure the road is clear and wait for driver s signal before crossing road/ crossing in front of bus. In the event that a child must be picked up unexpectedly, an adult must present a written note at that time. Conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. In many cases, the child s bedroom is not a good place to study because of the number of distractions. 2. Dr. John Hewlett Award 8 th grade The John H. Hewlett, III, ELL Award is given in honor of WCASD long-time Human Resources Director, Dr. John Hewlett and presented to an 8 th grade student who is learning English as a second, or additional, language, and has shown exceptional effort and initiative in developing English language skills. - Supplying items for the child s work area which may help with organization. This student also continued to work to improve his/her grades throughout the school year. 11, 12 PARENT CHAPERONES Parent chaperones for school field trips, etc. Students should also avoid wearing loose or flammable clothing to laboratory; long hair should always be tied back. Members on this board include the school principal, parents, and a teacher representative. The purpose of team teaching is to ensure the academic success of all students by providing challenging and meaningful learning experiences and addressing the unique developmental needs of each student. In the Middle School this pertains to grade 7 and 8 only. Board Policy Guidelines for Middle School: 1. EXTRA-CURRICULAR DEFINED Extra-curricular programs are defined as those activities supported by supplemental contracts or are approved clubs. Family vacation may be pre-approved by the grade level administrator, while school is in session, up to a maximum of five (5) days per school year. HOMEWORK IS VITAL AND IS ASSIGNED DAILY V O L U M E 7, LEARNING DOESN T END WHEN THE BELL RINGS Afterschool Enrichment Program Stanly County Family YMCA WHERE WILL WE BE? Early Dismissal The WCASD policy is that in order for a student to participate in any extra-curricular activity, he or she must be present in school the day of the activity. This system scans the registry of sex offenders. Students are not permitted to use personal locks on hall lockers unless approved by the school administration. The extra-curricular program is an important and integral part of the total school program and is open to participation by all students regardless of individual differences.

Homework shall not be assigned over Thanksgiving, winter, or spring breaks. 26, 27 COMPLETION OF EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY In order for the student to be eligible for a letter, team and/or individual awards, it is required that he/she complete the activity including any post-season playoffs, tournaments, and exhibitions where applicable. Presidential Physical Fitness Awards - Presented annually to students who perform in the 85 th percentile in all five fitness areas: Flexibility, Speed/Agility, Core Strength, Upper Body Strength, and Cardiovascular Endurance. For a full explanation of course descriptions, please refer to the Middle School Course Description Guide. One Focus, One Goal We Expect Success. It is a great idea to help your children with schoolwork. Plummer Middle School. A note from the parent/guardian for illness will not be acceptable. These rules cannot be inconsistent with any provisions of this extra-curricular code of conduct. Students will be issued a uniform.

Have a consistent point of view stay away from You. It is helpful on half days to submit this notice in advance and your child will receive a blue bus pass during lunch. Lockering times are established by each grade level. Handbook of School Bus Policies and Expectations, SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION Frequently Asked Ques ons, Harrisonville School District Acceptable Use Agreement for Student Laptops 2014-2015, DSBA/MBAD 6211 Advanced Business Analytics UNC Charlotte Fall 2015, INFO 3130 008 Management Information Systems Spring 2015, ON TIME SCHOOL BUS SERVICE 77-6260 Montevideo Rd. Strives to understand and be understood when speaking, reading, writing, and listening to English. It will be the responsibility of the student to make up all work missed due to the absence. A written excuse signed by the parent or guardian MUST be brought from home and given to the homeroom teacher on the day that a student returns to school. A bus pass request form (available in the back of the handbook) should be presented to the office so that each parent (the parent of the sending and receiving student are aware and have given permission). Hazing is a level II offense and will be subject to the actions outlined in the WCASD Discipline and Records Policies handbook. SESSION DATES CAMP SCHEDULE. In addition, the use of personal technology shall not violate local, state, or federal law, District policies including internet safety, or the District Discipline policy. Students will be held accountable with regard to technology use as defined by the WCASD Discipline and Records Policy Handbook as it relates to personal technology devices and using/having cell phones during the school day, text messaging during the school day, and taking pictures in the school building. 16. Introduction Landmark School Bullying Prevention & Intervention Plan Landmark School believes that a healthy environment depends upon every student's trust in the safety and integrity of the community. In the event of a head injury, the test provides an informational baseline. Brookside Charter, Sierra Vista High School Home of the Mountain Lions Course Expectations 2014-2015 Animation I Instructor: Mr. LIBRARY The library is a center for resource material in all curriculum areas, as well as for recreational materials. Additional details can be found on the district web page ( ASSEMBLIES Assemblies are grade level programs that are an integral part of the school experience at the middle school.