8x14 enclosed trailer for sale near me

($250.00)This must be a number! Window 15 wide x 30 tall w/ vertical slider and screen ($250.00)This must be a number! View Color Chart. Super Duty Ramp (ILO 4500) ($400.00), Upgrade to 48 Side Door (ILO 36) ($125.00). Ceiling Insulation (requires ceiling) ($196.00), Double 3/4 Plywood Floor (2 layers) ($336.00), Alum.

One click gets you all these items. A heat strip allows you to heat trailer too. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. Torsion axles 16 radials ($1,975.00), w/ 5200 lb. See your custom choices below.2. (incl. Window 30 x 30 w/ horizontal slider and screen ($350.00)This must be a number! This allows you to open your car door so you can get out. 12 x 12 Fuel Door ($150.00)This must be a number!

Plain ol' Trailers is an authorized factory representative for Anvil Cargo Trailers. Price is for each. Dual Led tail lights are popular. Motorcycle Package or Blackout Package includes the aluminum wheel upgrade. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. ($595.00), 4- Aluminum Wheels for 7000 lb. Diamond Plate on Wheel Wells ($100.00), Rubber Diamond Plate on Ramp & Flap ($195.00). w/ Steel wheel for 5200 lb. Standard 6 ft. 6 Int. Make your trailer more visible. See Interior. per section. Runs on 12 volt power from tow vehicle plug. Make sure you allow extra inches for the ramp angle so your equipment will fit. We cant stress this enough. Rear Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Extension Flap, 36 RV-Style Side Door w/ Flush Lock & Hold Open, 1.5 x 1 steel tube in walls and ceiling.

D-rings secure your load. Max Air Roof Vent Cover ($75.00)This must be a number! ($50.00)This must be a number! Heavier rated axles have more payload, larger tires, larger hubs and bearings that run cooler. ($625.00). Loading Light ($125.00)This must be a number!

Anvil Cargo Factory Pickup Address: 2110 Industrial Blvd N, Douglas, GA 31533. Motorcycle packages are not just for motorcycles. 2- Plastic Side Vents ($30.00)This must be a number! This combines the blackout & the motorcycle package together in one package at a great price. Standard is 2- 3500 lb. floors, .030 gauge aluminum, Dual Led tail lights, Extended tongue, Red and white tape. Less screws and thicker aluminum is the way to go. Vents allow air flow and help remove fumes, odors or keep trailer cooler. Escape doors are great for hauling cars. Price is for each. Requires generator or electricity. You should not travel without a spare tire. Backup lights help light up the rear while backing in tight spots after dark. {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. Be the first to review 8.514 Enclosed Trailer. Standard interior height is 6 ft. 6 with a ramp opening of 74. Wavy siding or oil canning is not pretty. Allow 4 weeks. Copyright 2022. Select number needed. Call when your ready to order.

Price is for each. Your email address will not be published. 2 ft.

Load rating 200 lbs. 18 x 18 Cargo Door ($200.00)This must be a number! 3. Power 12 Volt Roof Vent (each) ($100.00)This must be a number! ($325.00)This must be a number! Extra Led Interior Light ($50.00)This must be a number! 2 Aluminum Side Vents ($75.00)This must be a number!

Semi screw less creates a smoother look. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. Select number needed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Upgrade to a thicker gauge for a smoother look. Torsion axles 15 radials ($1,575.00). Required fields are marked *. ($175.00)This must be a number! Interior lighting is inexpensive so make sure you have enough. height (ramp opening 74) ($0.00), 7 ft. Select both semi and thicker gauge. or ext.) Window 30 wide x 15 tall w/ horizontal slider and screen ($250.00)This must be a number! Led lights, 25 ft. cord. The Beast Package includes: Axle upgrade, Torsion axles, 12 o.c. Price is for each. Select total number of feet needed. E track is most versatile way to secure your contents. 4- Aluminum Wheels for 3500 lb. Choose from our long list of popular upgrades. All rights reserved. Includes: Aluminum wheels, Stabilizer jacks, 24 diamond plate or color sides and rear, 6 total D-rings, Aluminum side vents. ($275.00)This must be a number! ($150.00)This must be a number!

Also known as a touring package. Add a extra side door or upgrade to larger side door. 4 x 8 Concession Door ($750.00)This must be a number! Powers the A/C and 110 outlets. Match to your axles.

3 x 6 Concession Door ($575.00)This must be a number! Pull Out RV Step (under side door) ($125.00), Diamond Plate Sides & Rear 24 up ($252.00), Transition Flap (for ramp & floor) ($200.00), Double Rear Doors (ILO) Ramp Door ($0.00). Select number needed. A standard trailer includes 4 floor D-rings. Cool and heat your trailer. w/ Aluminum wheel for 5200 lb. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Extra Bar Locks ($40.00)This must be a number! 4 x 6 Concession Door ($650.00)This must be a number! GFI Receptacle (int. w/ Aluminum wheel for 7000 lb. Popular for construction. ($225.00)This must be a number! 8.514 ft. model does not have a no show beaver tail. Led Porch Light by Side Door ($125.00)This must be a number! 6 free standard colors to choose from.

A tire mount will keep your tire secure when traveling. USA Cargo Trailer. Price is per section. Interior Height (ramp opening 80) ($252.00), 7 ft. 6 Interior Height (ramp opening 86) ($378.00), 8 ft. Standard 2-3500 Spring 15 205 5 lug 6 ply C- 5 on 4.5 ($0.00), 2- 3500 Torsion -15 205 5 lug 6 ply C 5 on 4.5 ($400.00), 2- 5200 Spring -15 225 6 lug 8 ply D 6 on 5.5 ($600.00), 2- 5200 Torsion -15 225 6 lug 8 ply D 6 on 5.5 ($800.00), 2- 7000 Torsion-16 235 -8 lug 10 ply E -8 on 6.5 ($1,300.00). Extra Non-Power Roof Vent ($50.00)This must be a number!

Rear loading at night? w/ Steel wheel for 7000 lb. Interior Switch ($30.00)This must be a number! w/ 7000 lb. Long tracks from front to rear. See pics and info of options on our Option Gallery page. Black mods price is for any size axle. Select number needed. Electric Package = 60 amp panel box, 2 receps,1 switch, 2- 2 ft. We can install extra on floor or wall. Review your email price quote. See chart for premium colors. 7000 lb.

Requires the electric package. For aluminum wheels match your axle size. w/ Aluminum wheel for 3500 lb. 5000 lb. E track is not installed on any doors or ramps. battery) ($400.00), Wheel On Jack (for 2k and 5k jack only) ($40.00). We have many popular interior options. Price is for each. A super duty ramp is a must for loading heavy items. The thicker the better.

Allow 4 weeks build time. 5k capacity bolted to steel plate. Ordering is easy as 1,2,3.1.

Led Light in Ceiling ($100.00)This must be a number! Bulldog Brand Tongue Jack ($90.00), Electric Tongue Jack 3500 lb. Diamond Plate on Ramp & Flap ($195.00), Alum. Includes: Avalanche aluminum wheels, Black fenders, Black trim, Black stone guard, Black atp step. Learn More{{/message}}. Add a pair of exterior loading lights. Requires 4 week build time. Standard wheels are steel and white or silver in color. Requires at least 3 sections. w/ Steel wheel for 3500 lb. w/ springs. Spare Tire Mount interior ($75.00)This must be a number!

View Color Chart, .024 gauge aluminum thickness is standard and is the industry starting point. Extra height needs .030 gauge for smoother look.

Led Rear Ext. ($450.00), 4- Aluminum Wheels for 5200 lb. All prices are for pick up from the Anvil Cargo Factory in Douglas, Georgia. E track secures items to wall or floor. Ladder Rack ($140.00)This must be a number!

For best results add wall and ceiling insulation. E track is priced by the individual foot. See the electric package below. Our most popular package. Torsion axles have less bounce when not fully loaded. If you want pretty dont settle for .024 and full screws.

When loading items in a trailer that is not attached to a tow vehicle you should use stabilizer jacks. Select number needed. The 110 volt upgrades need the electric package and electricity. Black, White, Silver, Red, Charcoal Gray, Pewter. Interior Receptacle ($35.00)This must be a number! Your email address will not be published. Interior Height (ramp opening 92) ($476.00), 8 ft. 6 Interior Height (ramp opening 96) Includes Super Duty Ramp ($910.00), Type your color choice in box.