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The Fantail PRO adds sweat channels and eyewire drains to ensure perspiration never hits the lenses. In addition, the lenses feature a water-repellent coating and an anti-reflective coating to provide even more benefits when you are out on the water. Price drop $90 I have way too many pairs of sunglasses. The low-profile integral stainless steel hinges resist corrosion and keep their shape with heavy use. Overall, the Costa Fantails are an excellent pair of sunglasses that excel in almost all aspects of comfort, performance, and design.

I found that the Hydrolite no-slip nose pad on the Fantail model is actually very comfortable, and most importantly, did not get sticky after prolonged use or exposure to sweat/water. Gear Review: Lews Mark Zona Spinning Rods.

I just sent my wife's back and for $12 they replaced the frames.

The Copper 580G glass lenses are outstanding for fishing, driving, and everyday activities due to the high contrast they provide. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. It provides unrivaled clarity, contrast and definition. Get the top Florida Sportsman stories delivered right to your inbox. The sunglasses have a co-injected nylon frame that provides maximum durability, and is designed to withstand prolonged use in outdoor conditions. The widely popular Fantail gets a facelift with technical upgrades that make these pro-level sunglasses even better. Often, when I am fishing with my girlfriend I will be able to see fish in the water that she cannot see until I hand her the sunglasses. Its like they were made specifically to fit my face.

Comes with case and cleaning cloth new retail is $189 asking $125. The rubber lining helps keep the sunglasses from slipping around your face when they get wet or sweaty. Comfortable nylon frame design sits securely on your face, Hydrolite rubber lining is durable and keeps the sunglasses from slipping, Polarized 580G LightWAVE lenses are excellent at eliminating glare, and offer very clear definition, Lifetime Warranty offered for manufacturing defects,,,, Iceco cooler review, excellent off grid way to kee, Name that fish #kayakfishing #charleston #bassgrab, Friendly reminder that you can catch fish in traff, Paddling out on the slack tide #shemcreek #charles, Costa Del Mar Kenny Chesney and Casey Ashley, Costa Del Mar Zane Green Mirror 580G Sunglasses, Price, glass lens option can make it expensive if you are using them only for fishing. The Fantail frames feel very natural on your face even after prolonged use, and they perform beautifully in a fishing environment. Introduction Costa Del Mar has been kind enough to send us their new Fantail 580G polarized performance sunglasses that were just released in January 2011. It looks like you're new here. Do you know where I can get a replacement? Have you tried to send them back for warranty work? The last aspect I tested was the nose pad, which I specifically scrutinized because it tends to bother me the most. This helps reduce pressure on your temples to prevent headaches that could ruin an otherwise excellent day of fishing. In fact, the sunglasses are so comfortable you will forget that they are on; this actually happened when I lent them to a friend to test while we were golfing. The model we received had 580G lenses which are scratch resistant and provide the clearest optics, while the 580P lenses are more lightweight and offer impact resistance. The new Fantail frames feature an aggressive square design with a Medium/Large fit. Other standout features are the vented and fully adjustable nose pads that provide a comfortable fit while minimizing any fogging of the lenses. I'm trying to locate the nose pads for my fantail. This is supposed to boost the red, green, and blue light to provide deeper colors and better contrast, while blocking the yellow light. Costa Del Mar offers the Fantail model with 580 lenses in Gray (580G, 580P), Blue Mirror (580G), Copper (580G, 580P), Amber (580P), Green Mirror (580G), and Silver Mirror Lenses (580G). The Fantail PRO fits the bill as the smaller version of its equal, the Blackfin PRO. The main feature of the Fantail frame is the Hydrolite lining along the entire interior, which provides 360 degree coverage. All Florida Sportsman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. The main feature of Costas 580 technology is that it eliminates almost all glare from yellow light in the 580nm spectrum which is typically very hard on your eyes. Picture with no Lens Picture with Costa Copper 580G Lens. With the Fantail PRO, you get a technical pair of eyewear for fit and finish, with Costas 580G patented glass for clear vision in any light. I have used them for fishing, golfing, kayaking, driving, and just general everyday use, and I can confidently say that not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they perform exceptionally well. They really do excel in fishing above all other activities due to their ability to cut the glare off the water, which allows you to see beneath the surface. I set it so the glasses rest above my cheek, which adds comfort and ideal fit. Product: Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses Model: Fantail Tortoise Copper 580G Manufacturer: Costa Del Mar Frames: Tortoise, Black Lenses: Amber (580P), Blue Mirror (580G), Copper (580G, 580P), Gray (580G, 580P), Green Mirror (580G), Silver Mirror (580G) Fit: Medium/Large Price:Check the current price on Amazon Sent from Costa Del Mar. Metal keeper slots are more durable for attaching lanyards. The Fantails LightWAVE glass provides 100% UV A/B/C protection as well as 100% polarization, and is 22% lighter and 20% thinner than average polarized glass, setting standards in the sunglasses industry. Like all Costa frames, the Fantail PRO comes in narrow, regular and wide, with most wearers choosing Regular. Frames stay firmly in place with improved Hydrolite grips that keep them from sliding off. Who would ever think that sunglasses can be considered technical with their features? The 580 lenses for the Fantail sunglasses are available in either glass (580G) or polycarbonate (580P). Actual Testing/Use I decided to start testing the new Fantail sunglasses by wearing them everywhere for the past two weeks to get a feeling of what they are really like. The copper lenses were great for penetrating the water, and they enhanced rather than darkened what you could see. Costa also uses wire core temples to provide stability and durability throughout the entire frame. The new Hyrolite grips keep them in place without any slippage. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. There is a lot to like about the Fantail PRO when compared to the originals. Above all else, Fantails use Costas 580G Lightwave Glass, for superior clarity and scratch resistance. Heath lives in North Carolina and is an avid fisherman and all around outdoorsman. My favorite feature is the all-rubber, fully adjustable nose piece. The 580 lenses featured in these sunglasses provide superior polarization compared to other fishing sunglasses, which is a technology that Costa actually has two patents for. I was also very impressed with the fact that the lenses and frame wrap securely around your face to completely block out any unfiltered sunlight that would normally come from your peripherals: key for fishing out on the water. Overall Costa Del Mar has produced a great new model of polarized performance shades that are made even better by their patented 580G lenses. Just had them replaced under warranty from costa, so like new. The lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than average polarized glass. costa Del Mar fantail glasses in blackout frame with copper 580p lenses. Hows that for technical? 2022 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Side shields and hooding keep light from leaking in for better vision. When testing the Fantail fit, I found that the nylon frame does not squeeze your temples like other sunglasses, but instead comfortably rests on your temples with the molded Hydrolite rubber lining. The encapsulated mirrors between layers of glass are scratch proof. Sign in or register to get started. Each are designed for specific ranges of light, and you can see how those look in an interactive page on the Costa website. All Rights Reserved. Available in five lens colors: blue lightwave, copper silver lightwave, green lightwave, polarized and sunrise. They have come out with an excellent new design of performance fishing sunglasses that incorporate loads of unique Costa Del Mar technology.