is goat authentication legit

I wish I would of done my research prior to ordering from the site. How To Become a Sneaker Authenticator At GOAT.

I was told GOAT would be a good merchant. StockX) break out these fees, and attempt to match Canadian buyers and sellers. There are no viruses or malware on their sites, nor are their websites trying to steal your sensitive information. With that being said the vast majority of shoes that go through GOAT and StockX are authentic, though there have been a few reported fakes. That was the first problem I had with Goat. Instead, they will refund the buyer fully and send the product back to the seller. From a users experience, purchasing sneakers via GOAT is a straightforward process. Tip for consumers:For an addition processing fee you can receive your shoes quicker than the 2 week process it takes for 13.95. What To Do! Required fields are marked *. They sent me defective Jordan 12s. I only wanted this pair. (MUST-KNOW!). The section process is quite rigorous as candidates need to establish their bona fides before consideration. When I returned them they have me a store credit because I was ordering another pair. I highly recommend people to don't use this app or deal with them for any purchase. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. If shipping to Canada - you will get gassed on import fees that are not apparent at checkout. Customer service was also severely lacking at GOAT.

Your chances of getting scammed on GOAT are pretty low. If you did, record the reception and opening of the package, state of the shoes.

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Order was placed on july 19th 1AM ESTIt has now been officially 57 hours with no confirmation of the order. The cost of Instant items ordered with Next Day shipping is 25$. I trust goat and will continue to shop with them. Backed by the National Science Foundation. Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. There is nothing else I want from them and I already had to figure out a different Xmas present for someone that was already a week late when they told me they were lost. Now my tickets keep getting autoclosed with no follow up, I can't even cancel the order myself and now I'm out a cool 2,000 dollars.

Verification can help ensure real people write reviews about real companies. The first time the transition was easy. I'm really pissed. You cannot cancel any apparel and accessory orders because they are auto-confirmed. Their items that are labeled for Instant shipping have already been authenticated and verified. Attached what I received. Hi guys, I'm new into sneakers and I love how the sneakers looks. Thanks to the strict authentication process in place, the chances of getting scammed on this platform are very minimal. On 3/8/22 I ordered a pair of Converse 167913C Chuck 70 High 'Unleash Peace - Royal Ghost Green' Size US 10.5 M. I received the package on 3/17/22. sneaker chips housewives desperate engadget stockx wrap bets emerce Even after they have passed the test, they can only handle one SKU at a time to develop expert skills. Most reviewers also complain about the processing time of shipping and returns taking too long, but GOAT is upfront in explaining that these processes take some time. When I reached out to goat support for help with my order they got back to me the very next day and the GOAT employee, Joulieth G, was extremely kind. Tip for consumers:Do your research as they do not issue refunds only credits dont waste your time, Bought a pair of 2017 Air Max, one week later the sole came off, if you are familiar with this year the entire sole is basically a bubble, 150 bucks wasted for something that was "verified" Please go somewhere else, others have had the same issues, Do not purchase shoes from this company. It started up thanks to Eddy Lu and Daishan Sugano. After that, you may decide to have GOAT return your items to you or ask their staff to dispose of them. Read on to discover more. I want to know if Goat's checks are 100%? GOAT has an average ship time of 7 to 10 business days for domestic U.S. shipping because they have to be verified at GOAT first. Its a great experience. After receiving the notice that your goods are unsellable or inauthentic, you need to respond within 14 days, failure to which GOAT will dispose of your items at their reasonable discretion. Company Info | What is GOAT | Safty | Trustworthiness | Shipping Info | Customer Service | Cancel Order | Discount Codes | Return Policy | Payment Methods | Pros & Cons | Careers| Alternatives| FAQ. Uber Eats Order Disappeared: Glitch?! If you are a hardcore sneaker collector looking for that missing pair in your collection, youre going to be using GOAT. They also did not give my money back yet and no explanation whatsoever. This site is so unprofessional, how they don't have a customer service number. The shoes don t sit flat. What a waste of time and money. I do not recommend ordering from here. But then again, they authenticate so many shoes a day that the best rep ever made (if it has or hasn't yet been made) could possibly get through so but idk. They will send you defective shoes and claim it's wear and tear and not accept a return or refund your money. This was because of the smudge of dirt even though it came when I got the shoes. It only took a few seconds to notice that the front of the sole on the left shoe was popping out and the beading was not straight. Yes, this is that company. I was advised that after 24 hours, that your team would find a new seller but this has not happened. They had various creases and the stickers inside were worn out, you couldn't see the print. GOAT does everything they can to authenticate the items sold through it. So I sold the shoes as used and got some store credit. Prom season is here, and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big party! However, it did inspire the pair to create the leading designer sneaker platform. By this time the shoes have went up again and I decided I wasn't spending more and definitely not doing business with them anymore. I still have the pics they sent me and it matches up to the shoes I recieved. Don't order from this site. Buyer Beware, Goat Sold me fake Air Jordan 1's. Once an order is accepted by a seller, you cannot cancel. I bought a shoes from them then I got shipping tracking number but the shipment never left Japan for no reason. I received store credit and used that credit to get another pair in another size.

We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. I had made an order for my nephew for his graduation, highschool, but in a rush I didn't switch the size from mine to his.

That's why they're eligible for credit and not your actual money back. You can, but it is very rare, having to get through an AI and a team of specialists. When you purchase something and record of the original form of payment it shouldn't matter how many times you exchanged the product. Hi, Welcome to AnswerBarn! The exact format is the same. Avoid at all costs, I had some account credit because the shoes I previously ordered from GOAT arrived used. We guarantee authenticity on every sneaker purchase or your money back. They did not return my money. I was miss lead on the return policy. GOAT has a few promo codes are found on Business Insider and Couponbirds for up to 25% off. They are thieves working from CA making money by SCAMING PEOPLE. Completely a scam company! ONCE THEY TOOK THE MONEY, THEY'LL MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO GET THE MONEY BACK. The main complaint consumers have with GOAT is their customer service. It would help if you remembered that new pairs would look exactly like those from retail stores, while used ones vary in condition and often come with images. They also have a Buyer Protection Program that covers you in case your order arrives incorrect or happens to be a fake. The first step is selecting your desired sneakers from the wide range available. What Kind of Cheese Does Chipotle Use? Almost certainly real but if something got through they'd have to replace or refund you and their customer service is great so you'd have no problem. This means they will be shipping directly from their facilities straight to you. GOAT is very slow to respond and only communicates through email. What Happens If Your Shoes Dont Pass Authentication on GOAT? christeriva grosgrain fifth porter They will not refund but will sell defected product to the next sucker! You will regret it. To learn more about GOATs authenticity test and what to expect, keep reading. Amazon has always taken care of missing items due to the carrier's fault like UPS, Fedex etc to make it easier for us, but this Goat ask me to do lots of paper works. GOAT is a fashion resale platform that has become the home for sneaker-heads everywhere. Information provided by various external sources. They are refusing to give me a refund other than store credit. Candidates should also demonstrate a willingness for continuous learning. This is the state of American business nowadays. After telling them I want a full refund to my card they only offer a store credit. Don't buy from them go for stockx even though stockx is higher in there prices. You will also come across various options such as pre-verified, which means the kicks are already at GOATS warehouse, ready for shipment. Worst is they can't seem to figure out the original form of payment. The commission fee is 9.5% plus a seller fee for a seller in good standing with GOAT. Do not give your business to them / THEY WILL LOST YOUR PACKAGE, Defective product/ promised return/ rejected, Is this the webisite that sells shoes and if so is this real, How are they getting away with fraud? I went against my better judgement trusting this company and I got ripped off. There are no knock-off Goat sites for you to waste your money on either. From what I can tell, it's real. I really loved this service. We're passionate about helping consumers find answers to all their shopping questions so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Tip for consumers:DON'T USE THEM. Tip for consumers:Don't use it. (Type, Quality, & More!). Box was damaged and GOAT handled the situation efficiently, quickly, and respectfully. Both of these factors combine with GOATs Buyer Protection Program to give peace of mind to their consumers. My thing is, if they so call verify the authenticity of each items how come they are not checking for the correct size ect. With that being said, it is important to remember that, just like any marketplace, any verified sellers can merchandise their items on GOAT. Most of the reviews regarding fakes or incorrect orders (which were only a handful of reviews) had their money returned to them or given credit toward a future purchase on GOAT. When looking for an individual to take up the position of an authenticator, GOAT has a checklist that helps guide their choice. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Goat was quick and easy to use and felt that the goat staff is really helpful. Because of the wide variety of options available, all of which claim to be the best, choosing where to buy your favorite pair of sneakers could prove to be quite a daunting task. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for scammers. All reviews are published without moderation. All GOAT products have to be verified by their AI technology. -10/10, Worst experience ever Never buy from them after delivery of products they impose high charges in the name of delivery. Once you start shopping via GOAT, it is time to say goodbye to the frustrations that come with having to check seller pictures yourself to ascertain authenticity. After multiple emails with their reps they are refusing to issue me a full refund in the original form of payment: they gave me store credit and refuse to eat the shipping cost and "processing fee" clearly this was a flop on their end and the shoes were not inspected for quality. They denied my return for the reason of "Scuffs and dirty outsoles" and it's proven by their "Specialist". Question was answered immediately with helpful instructions. If it happens that the shoes are fake or arent in the condition promised by the vendor, GOAT will not dispatch the item. I recently purchase a pair of Nike Dunks in black and white. GOAT headquarters and office are in Culver City, California. They're custom service is $#*!. I was lead to believe I would receive a full refund, but after my order I was informed I would only receive store credit. Everything was easy and smooth.I received the shoe early before the delivery date which was awesomeAnd the customer service was beneficial and direct.I will definitely keep buying shoes from GOAT. The second time they are refusing to refund me my money. Thanks, My experience with the goat is always good and very convenient. Maybe they have legit pairs to compare to specifically for side by side comparison but idk. I recommend the goat to anyone and cant wait for a new pair of shoes. At the time, the policy on eBay led to Daishan having to take the loss. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. But what happens if your shoes fail to pass the authentication process? How Does the GOAT Team Execute Quality Control? For starters, GOAT has had a ship-to-verify model right from its early stages. Consumers complaining about Goat most frequently mention store credit, customer service and full refund problems.Goat ranks 690th among Shoes sites. Pricing at some other sites (e.g. GOATs return policy gives you three days from delivery to request a return on your order. They sent me a Fake pair of Air Jordan 1!Also, they charge you 30 dollars for shipping!!!! According to Indeed, they have plenty of mediocre reviews mentioning work-life balance, problems with managers, poor pay, etc. You can track your order on GOAT by going under the Orders tab in your Profile to view the tracking number provided for your order. I was told to get the my money back I have to sell the shoes or pay for shipping to send it back to me. After we established the shoes didn't fit me at all we had set them to be returned but, apparently the return had not been accepted. I don't normally make purchase on shoes like this. But I heard that the packaging is still a bit different like the other guy said and that the materials, or at least the PK, don't feel the same. Once the specialists ascertain that the items are in good condition and are authentic, they ship them to the buyer. I would highly recomend! Click here to learn if GOAT is a legit website, what Does No Lid Mean on GOAT, and how long does GOAT take to ship. The duo ordered a pair of Air Jordans that turned out to be fake. And that's what I got a quick responses though it wasn't what I wanted to hear they made it a point to guide me to what my next step was. Tip for consumers:They appear to be selling counterfeit shoes and claiming them to be authentic then not accepting returns and claiming wear and tear. Resellers also wont get paid until their products become authenticated. List used sneakers as new, but selling them at retail value. Anyone have any experience receiving fakes from Goats? Press J to jump to the feed. This measure goes a long way to prevent the entry of counterfeits into this resale marketplace. The cost of U.S. domestic shipping is 12$ for the contiguous states and 15$ for Hawaii and Alaska. I wish I could give this 0 zero stars, but I give it a 1. If you are told that your pair needs verification, it is because the vendor needs to ship it to GOAT for authentication. I appreciate that. I sent the shoes back, but Goat didn't accept the return, telling me they were not sent in that state. For years, sneaker enthusiasts have bought and sold legit kicks on the GOAT marketplace. I bought the ones already "authenticated" with instant purchase and shipping, they came in 2 days. As the program ends, authenticators undergo a set of tests and need to pass by 100%. I had to pay for extra international fees which are not mentioned during the purchase. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. Now, when it comes to finding an alternative to GOAT, youre going to have some trouble finding someone who can compete with their selection of vintage shoes. Love this company. I read the story of a fellow redditor getting fakes and got vouchers in return. They have a lot of positive reviews regarding the work environment making GOAT a decent place to work. Now I have to pay even more and trust their brand statement that the shoes get checked fit authenticity and quality? GOAT is a legit and legal website that has 12 million users. I received the pair and they fit perfectly BUT after I inspected the shoes I noticed they were "new" as stated in the site. GOAT ships DDU for most Non-US deliveries and Goat ships to the United States, Australia, China, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Norway,the UK, & Canada. Understanding time wasn't on my side and just the understanding and willingness made taking the bad news easier and helped me understand they did all they could and felt if they could do more they truly would have. I really like to avoid that scenario. When I received them, first day I wore them the soles fell off! In my prior return that they approved, They didnt even return my money rather just give in house credit for you to shop to them again. Very unhappy with the whole situation. The pair made the purchase on eBay back in 2015. I placed an order at the beginning of July and received an empty box with no shoes inside I contacted customer support right after and there is still no resolution. They have earned the name after some time in the market and are part of the big 4 for sure in selling authentic sneakers. I will not be forced to spend even more money on a company that regularly rips off their customers. As you can see, GOAT has in place an all-assisted process that makes sure to point out fake sneakers before they eve reach the experts. Tip for consumers:Do not buy anything from GOAT. Products used:None. Also some are exactly 1:1 from afar but up close being examined by an expert who does it for a living would probably 9.9/10 get it right.