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There used to be a famous deli on Miami Beach (Wolfies) that served the most amazing macaroons. Tagged as airline catering, coffee shops, delis, Miami Beach, mobsters, Pumperniks, Wolfie Cohen, Wolfie's. For years I talked about the best burger I ever had. MANY thanks, Charley, and appreciate the explanation. I can tell some might be from Googling various newspapers, but I never before heard about the Little River Cut Rate Liquor Store, for example. I started coming to Miami about 67 or so to visit my mom. My old stomping grounds. I love how moody it is. Let me know please, thanks, Susan. Who tried to drive off. The recipes for the breads and danish came from head baker and pastry chef Manny Miklowitz, who learned his trade from his father, Sam Miklowitz, who owned two bakeries in Brooklyn, N.Y. Manny Miklowitz started at Pumpernik's and within a year was chosen by Wolfie Cohen to open the bake shop at the Rascal House in 1954. I hope she sees this. My brother and I are desperately searching for the recipe for those bite-sized sweet rolls Wolfies served in the bread basket that was on every table for everyone when people first were seated. Those were a few of my favorite things. Chuck and friends: Be VERY careful of Schmos in Aventura. Many visits to Pickin Chicken (note spelling) and much to tell you about it. Thanks. Go to amazon.com and dont click on books and dont click on auhors, just put my nameSeth Bramsonon the home page search line and hit enter and then you will see the front cover of the book. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE RECIPE FOR THE SALTSTICKS. By the time Wolfie Cohen died in 1986, he owned just the Rascal House which he left to his daughter. Remove from heat and pour over coconut; mix well. I just had some major leakage issues and had to have a lot of work done because I didnt have it checked earlier. Wolfies on 163rd st was THE place to go when I was growing up inN Miami Beach: early 60s thru to another decade or so.same menu as Collins ave branches, but right across the street from the 163rd st shopping center. Archival postcards shown of Wolfies, Rascal House & Pumperniks and archival photograph of Rascal House donated by Nancy Liebman. Too bad they closed. I loved the Bath Club as a kid in the 60s and was crushed when it was torn down. I was fast as speedier Gonzales that was name they gave me. Paula, Did you know my aunt, Thelma Forrest? In 2005, Hurricane Wilma damaged both the original Rascal House sign and the building. It was too Jewish for the natives and later became a Morrisons Cafeteria.

I remember the pictures in the SunnyIsles Rascal House Restaurant of his race horses and his daughter. I loved the food from both places and the lovely, spirited clientele, but mostly just got the bakery stuff from Wolfies. My father had gone there (General Redington Beach area down to Pass-a-Grille back in the oldie Goldie days when there were Australian Pines up the beaches. Thanks. They wouldnt let you seat yourself except at the counter. (LogOut/ -- My blogging anniversary Underground dining Odors and aromas Digging for dinner Restaurant as communitycenter The Mister chains Celebrity restaurants: HeresJohnnys Pizza by any othername Womens lunch clubs The long life of ElFenix Pausing to reflect Sugar on thetable Famous in its day: LePavillon Native American restaurants Restaurant ware An early French restaurantchain Biblical restaurants Thanksgiving dinner at ahotel Dinner and amovie Restaurant murals Dining at theCentennial Restaurant-ing in 1966 Romanian restaurants Nans Kitchens Fish & chips & alligatorsteaks Appetizer: words, concepts,contents French fried onionrings Hash house lingo The golden age ofsandwiches Black Tulsas restaurants They delivered Americas finest restaurant,revisited Tableside theater Bicycling to lunch anddinner Anatomy of a chef: JohnDingle Sunny side up? That makes me really sad. That and tourism helped it get through the next decade, but a sense of decline was inescapable. Salt sticks are known as krolicky in Czechoslovakia.

Havent found it yet but did find the Joes cole slaw and mustard sauce recipes as well as the Embers and the Lloyds of the Maison Grande salad dressing recipes, so do know that I am still looking. She said Wolfie was a very nice man and would run after the cheap customers who stiffed the waitresses and tell them not to come back. I dont know. It will take some experimentation, but there are kimmelweck recipes out there.

It took about 10 minutes and they were a real pain in the ass. For several years, Wolfie's featured a sign that read "The only thing that needs to come dressed is our chickens! The neon sign makes an appearance at the beginning of the video for "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees. ave and 13th st. Mr. Dukas, Was there a Wolfies in Orlando, at the Colonial Mall? Good morning, all, and thank you, Sharon. (I know a little bit about them. Friend is gone now, but nice to see others who spent time in Miami Beach. (Before McDonalds) Road trip restaurant-ing Menu vs. bill offare Odd restaurant buildings: Big TreeInn The three-martini lunch Restaurant-ing in Metropolis Image gallery: dinner onboard The case of the mysterious chiliparlor Taste of a decade: 1970srestaurants Picky eaters: Helen andWarren Hot chocolate atBarrs Name trouble: Sambos Eat and getgas The fifteen minutes ofRabelais Image gallery: shacks, huts, andshanties What would a nickelbuy? somehow Busy bees Eat and run,please! I only met my aunt Thelma twice. Yes, my dad owned it until the red tide in 1973 and the Arab oil embargo and the Tyronne Square indoor air conditioned shopping centers and then Grants and Wards closed and the rocking chair theaters. Beand staywell and stay safe. Rhonda gardneryrhonda@gmail.com work, live, and love Miami Beach Wolfies, Rascal House, Jerrys deli my home away from home Massachusetts and Boston Bauercrest hey IRA Golddaper hey whats up lips?! There was a rumor that the owner of Lettuce Entertain you was a relative of Wolfie Cohen, Mel Markin I believe is his name. (Among their customers was the caretaker of Al Capones house on Star Island). The silver buckets filled with pickles and pickled tomatoes was on the table and the basket of rolls. I lived behind the 163rd st shopping center on 176th Terrace from 1957 to 1963. WHICH Wolfies? Chucktry the Lucky dill deli in Palm Harbor, Having spent 13 months at the usmc base at Opalocka in 52 & 53 and much time on the beach. Anyone have the RECIPE for those Marble (White/Chocolate) cookies with pecans on the edges. 5 egg whites Im interested in researching this history further, so any info or hints are appreciated Thanks. Uhhh, Jenelle, please dont be offended, but your comment is not quite correct. Anyone want to purchase this, let me know! They expanded into the liquor stores shortly thereafter. Others are telling me that restaurant was Ronnies? That is quite a story..Im still looking for the recipe of Wolfies salt stix. I dont remember getting ice cream from anywhere else around there in the 1960s. She made a good living raising me by herself. I worked there as a waitress in 1966, midnight shift, a very naive 18 year old girl from Canada. Id love to know more about your relationship to Wolfies. I remember there were always sparrows or pigeons on the floor going after the scraps, as the place was open-air, I believe. As a child, I spent many a summer breakfast at Wolfies or Pumperniks, but when I returned to Miami in 1999, I discovered to my dismay that they were gone. Also ate at Pumpernicks. Her name was Gloria Minnitti. I wish I could but I havent run across this recipe. We were in Miami for 10 days and most evening meals were taken at Wolfies.MIGHTY FINE FOOD. I remember the amazing onion rolls. Pingback: Today's Celebrity Gossip Blog Archive Famous in its day: Wolfie's | Restaurant-ing through history. I remember a couple of deli stories one was that I saw them making holes in the Swiss cheese with a teaspoon. He was soft spoken and nice! As an adult I visited Wolfies to discover that their Macaroons were the best ever. It was a new shopping center then with a W.T. It was amazing! We Always went to Wolfies/Rascal House. They had dark brown cabs. Hi. My grandmother lived across the street at 100 Lincoln Road. Used for other purposes after Rascal closed, it is still there. Sorry, I meant that Jason and Ike could have done a much better job with Rascal House. I always ordered a quartet of different tiny sandwiches, so I didnt have to decide my favorite.

My dad worked as a chef at Wolfies in Brooklyn NY. The corned beef sandwiches were huge. Knew there was one in St. Pete but didnt realize one had opened in Cocoa. I remember having matjes herring there with my husbands grandmother who wintered at the Delano and Deauville. It was was a great place. I believe Dora acted as hostess at the restaurant and that at their peak they entertained celebrities such as Clark Gable. The baskets of unlimited assorted varieties of miniature rolls and danishes served at every table are still in our heads. I wish they would make a come back. And, yes, of course, there was Corkys (my friend, Seymour Paley, may he rest in peace) but that was at NE 9th Avenue and 163rd St. Dipper Dan Ice Cream Parlor was next to Sandys Drugs across from Beth Tora on 163rd. I say Good riddance to mediocre food and a surly waitstaff. Thank you. The ice cream sundaes came with sidecar of extra hot fudge! I would so appreciate copies of any recipes that anyone might have. Seth. Cleaning out a closet and I discovered vintage Wolfies menus. However, I traveled a few years ago in far western New York, which is known for a sandwhich called Beef on Weck. There are so many landmarks and places that are gone forever- remember the Aquarium? Besides that Wolfie was a decent boss and helped so many of those that worked for him to own a home. That was hard work! IVE SCOURED THE EARTH FOR THESE! Thank you. Wed love it. I remember watching a re-run of Golden Girls on TV & they mentioned going to Wolfies it brought back such great memories of that holiday. I cant remember what I ordered but Im certain it wasnt a Bowl of Sour Cream with Cottage Cheese ($4.75). Of course, I remember the baskets of rolls and danish, and the pickles, etc., but it was the cheesecake that, to this day, I measure all others! Too bad it was one heck of a restaurant.

I LOVE the GG and always hear them referring to Wolfies, so I GOOGLE Wolfies, Miami, and here is where I landed. Used to wait on Meyer Lansky, He sat by himself and his bodyguard driver waited outside! Might scan if anyone is interested. My family used to stay at the Olympia Motel on Collins Ave. in North Miami every winter for a couple of weeks in the 70s. [3] Originally, the Epicure Market was to be contained within a new condominium building on the location, but a downturn in the real estate market in the late 2000s (decade) put an end to the condominium project.

My step dad used to clean up after the Jackie Gleason show.

One of them was going into the Navy the next day too. Im trying so hard to track my family down. Your Mother and my Aunt, Thelma Rae Forrest (later Mackay) would have worked together at Wolfies, as they worked there during the same time. Businesses: colonial Inn,Thunderbird Hotel, Arrowhead Inn, Laboheme, Manhattan Simplex Distrube Co, Consoldiated TV, Krieg Spector Citron 727 Monroe St Hoboken N.J. Krieg Spector Citron aka Universal Food corp 8 concourse E Jersey City, New Jersey. We left. Place 1-inch apart on prepared baking sheet. Amazed at the upgrade. WE WOULD USE 35 Then, lines of people often wound around the block waiting to get into Wolfies. Nice place, food brought back memories. Heard that Ronnis owners daughter was thinking about producing cook book Wouldnt we all love that? She met most of the newscasters , served Walt Disney when he was looking for land for the planned Disney world. Many thank you for all. The noodle pudding is delucious. "[1] (meaning dining was casual, not clothing optional). I think that she made the same brine whick she would use for half-sour pickles. Everything was always delicious. Thelma Schwartz. When there was no longer a Wolfies, it was a sad time of growing up and time changing. just saying. He would then leave the tip for the waitress. My father Skyler Lerman worked there as well. Has signs inside saying The Original Wolfies, Rascals and Pumperniks. New Yorkers used to come down for cheese cake. 1 1/2 cups sugar He, along with Saul Kaplan, Charlie Linksman, Arthur Horowitz and Artie English were my great mentors in the food and beverage business and my mom worked for Wolfie as night cashier at Rascal for many years. Thank you for the correction lol got my 21st an 23st mixed up as many years a i lived on the beach, Any former Wolfies family or workers remember my grandfather, Arthur Salberg, who worked in the deli there? My nanny always brought a bag in her purse to fill with the mini-Danish and pastries. But I didnt move to Miami until 83, Id grown up by then.

The next week the dream car was traded in for a station wagon. Both places, 21st St and North Miami Beach, were always crowded. It had the egg glaze, with kosher salt and caraway seeds sprinkled on the top. I have known them since I was a little girl. My parents took me (a teenager) to Wolfies on Collins Ave (A1A) in Golden Isles a few times. I used to go down with my sister 2, sometimes 3 times a year. But my search has lead no where. However, you can find recipes by googling Pickled Green Tomatoes., Anyone have the recipe for Wolfies salt sticks? Cheesecake! Residences: 950 Sherman ave Elizabeth New Jersey; 99th street and boston SE corner New Yk city; 6 Columbia St New York City; 156 South 9th St New Yk City; 612 Hibiscus dr Golden Isles Hallandale Florida; (accompanied by brother Jack Lansky pick him up go to businesses nearby) carlsbad Spa, Aristocrat motel, Diplomat Hotel, Hallandale bank, all these places are on the South Ocean Drive Hollywood Florida. Was surprised it was empty. With glossy, full color, heavy stock covers, 121 photos and 144 pages, I know you will, if you live in or vacationed in South Florida, love it. Seth, any chance you have the Lemon Meringue Pie recipe? Cost was almost $40 +tip. Are you familiar with him? I was maybe 7 or 8 years old at the time and not quite sure which Wolfies we visitedtime line probably around mid to late 50s.

. Wolfie opened the two Miami Beach stores then, later, bought the Pumpermiks in Sunny Isles and changed the name to Rascal House. Shortly after they sold the bar, and opened on the beach (circa 1934). They came in a basket before the meal the best rolls Ive ever had. Im looking for the same thing. My friend and I went to Miami Beach and stayed at the Raleigh Hotel from 1952-1956. It opened in May 1954 and closed on March 30, 2008. i wish they had a restaurant like that in gainesville,fl thanks for the memories linda. I also had a thing for the bakerys sugar cookies. Wrote about Hoffmans Cafeteria and the Haddon Hall. Fortunes cookies Famous in its day: DutchlandFarms Toothpicks An annotated menu Anatomy of a restaurateur: KateMunra Putting patrons atease Anatomy of a chef: Joseph E.Gancel Taking the din out ofdining The power of publicity:Maders Modernizing Main Streetrestaurants Adult restaurants Taste of a decade: 1820srestaurants Find of the day: the StorkClub Cool culinaria ishot Restaurant booth controversies Ice cream parlors Banquet-ing menus Image gallery: stands Restaurant-ing on Sunday Odd restaurant food That night atMaxims Famous in its day: theParkmoor Frank E. Buttolph, menu collectorextraordinaire Lunch Hour NYC Restaurants and artists: NormandyHouse Conferencing: global gateways Peas on themenu Famous in its day: Richards TreatCafeteria Maxims three ofNYC Service with a smile . Thank you for sharing that! Where did you get this recipe?

She later was released from prison and resumed her position there. Freda James Forkapa Ohio. Can anyone tell me the recipe for the chicken liver and onions at Wolfies in Miami? Miss Wolfies. You can easily google them. Soon after they took over the Rascal House they ran the great Rascal House into the ground as their new owners. Hello, Sharon! Only today did I decide to do some research on this apparently famous restaurant, and thats how I found your site!

They got Wolfies via the back door, every now and then. Thanks for the tips on baking the rolls! Thanks so much for rekindling some wonderful memories. They later moved from North Miami Beach to Broward County maybe in the 90s? Sharon Stutz-Hamilton he retired in 1974 and continued to reside in Miami Beach with his wife, Esther Gurfein Miklowitz. For 1.25 you could eat all the rolls and pickles your stomach could hold, and dont forget the pink and black tile ladies room upstairs! Im from the uk stumbled across your site whilst browsing. where It was always so packed with people! Im from Cocoa Beach and the Wolfies there, the restaurant in the Ramada Inn brings back great food memories! When you go tell her Seth from the Sunday breakfast gang sent you. The place is still there for those who enjoy tube steak! Ahhh, and the cheesecake, like none other. In particular Im looking for the one for the miniature Danishes made by that genius baker Manny Miklowitz Good eaters: AndyWarhol Birth of the themerestaurant Restaurant-ing with royalty Righting civil wrongs inrestaurants Theme restaurants: barns Men only Taste of a decade: restaurants,1900-1910 Celebrating restaurant cuisine Decor: glass ceilings Between courses: dont sniff thefood In the kitchen with Mme Early: black women inrestaurants Burger bloat On the menu for2010 Christmas feasting Todays specials: books onrestaurants With haute cuisine for all:Longchamps Restaurant-ing on Thanksgiving High-volume restaurants: Smith &McNells Anatomy of a restaurateur: DarioToffenetti Between courses: rate thismenu You want cheese withthat?

It is a hot roast beef sandwich, often with au jus, but the Weck part refers to the roll short for Kummelweck, which is basically a Kaiser roll with caraway and coarse salt on the outside.

I loved it! By the mid-1980s, after the original Pumperniks closed (another Wolfie Cohen 1950s start-up), Wolfies was one of few, or perhaps the only, large-scale deli left on the South Beach. After picking up the car from the dealership he drove directly to Wolfies celebrate with a pair of ketchup-free hot dog and fries with his son. Several of my friends worked there after school and on weekends.

I was just listening to All Jarreau My Favorite Things , and Wolfies popped into my head! The Bramson Archive is the largest private collection of Miami memorabilia and Floridiana in America. Rascal House Macaroons Thank you, Jenelle. Grants, National Shirt Shop, Lerners, and Thom McAn Shoe store. Le contrebandier de l'espace qui mit un sandwich en orbite - Orbital Kitchen, Le contrebandier de l'espace qui emporta un sandwich pour son casse-croute - Orbital Kitchen, Haute Dining Your Passport To The Ultimate Culinary Experience, A South Beach Fairy Tale | Totally Heavenly. But your rewards were celebrities, old faithful customers and reliable tips! Hot pastrami was always my choice. There was absolutely, positively a Wolfies on NE 163rd St. about NE 14th Avenue. GREAT PLACE TO WORK ROY GILBERT 249 HARRISON STREET PONTIAC MI 48341. After Hurricane Andrew I lost touch with him. Pleasures fine, pleasure is bliss, but will pleasure ever measure up to real love. With the repeal of prohibition, they converted it into a bar, and eventually began selling package liquors. Might have been one or two more but all are now long gone.

In our VW fastback, I and two friends happened upon the scene late one pleasant evening, I think 2:30am, few cars around. Not the same.

My father Jack Barrett worked at a hotel just up the street from Wolfies and my mother Anne worked at Pumpernicks and Scottys. Mall with out of town guests. I ordered the Twin little sandwiches of corn beef and pastrami and thoroughly enjoyed them. Ill definitely read the book. Great places like this are very missed. They finally bought a condo there. Cordially, On 163rd Street and NE 9th Ave in North Miami Beach there was a restaurant named Corkys owned by Seymour Paley that had those tiny sandwiches on the menu. Pumperniks was at 67th and Collins, northwest corner, directly across from the Deauville Hotel. Been searching for years for chopped liver as delicious! The shopping center is a ghost now. We moved to Miami Beach in 1946 and I grew up on, lived on, went to school on and worked on Miami Beach. We were limited to 121 photos because the publisherThe History Presswanted more text, so you can imagine how difficult it was for me to pick outfrom +/- 3000 Greater Miami club and restaurant pieces (photos/postcards/menus/booklet/brochures/placemats/china/matchbooks and more) those which we would use. She was Jewish, but could not stand the demanding New Yorkers. Wilfred Wolfie Cohen would keep just one of his restaurants, The Rascal House, located on motel row at 172nd St. Wolfie Cohen died in 1986 but his Rascal House survived until 2008. I even remember what I ordered Eggplant and it was fantastic. Thanks for this write-up. Just a hint of the old days. : Sorry, I do not have a recipe. Great memories. But the good memories live on. It was Marcellas pizza restaurant we clamored for instead. Blintzes and Cheesecake Forever!

My fondest memory was the bread basket my grandmother always had a bag in her purse and dumped the rolls in the bag, there was a period when you could not take the rolls so my grandfather would flick his cigarette ashes. Think if was the same owners. If you could refresh my memory if this is correct please do so. I will share the other deli story I remember, however (besides the Swiss Cheese one, below.) So far, no luck.I had heard that ginger snaps were crumbled into the sauce to give it that taste zing. All I could find about the salmonella cases was that a family sued Wolfies Restaurant, Inc. in 1964 after the death of their teen-aged daughter, who was one of six guests who got sick after eating catered sandwiches. Maybe you remember her? I seem to recall one in Orlando, with the same menu and logo. Each Wolfies was individually owned. Richie: Thank you, and, indeed, Wolfie was a terrific boss. Cynthia, Al, friends: Yes, Wolfires was great for many years but in its last years the food, service and cleanliness all deteriorated terribly. It was the absolute BEST Jewish deli and the food was awesome. It opened in 2008. Yes I was wondering the VERY SAME THING. Anyone reading this that was also a teen back then also probably visited Jans Ice Cream Parlor which had to be close to Wolfies. The boom years for Wolfies and all of Miami Beachs deli-style eateries came after World War II when Jewish veterans and retirees, mostly from New York and the Northeast, flowed into Miami Beach by the thousands as permanent residents, snowbirds, and tourists. They were crispy on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside, and had kosher salt and caraway seeds on the outside. Any chance you or anyone else knows their lemon meringue pie recipe? All: Wolfies is one of the reasons I became a chef, eating there when I was 7 changed my life.

Mine too! MUCH better alternative is Bagel Cove at 192nd St and Biscayne Blvd. Not cool for the younger crowd I guess. She managed it for ten years and then sold it in 1996. The Poetic Plum. Its so sad to me that there are very very few experiences that might share with our younger ones. 2. I also waited on the Dundy brothers from boxing, Red Buttons and many more famous people! My grandfather Milton Sloane owned the Wolfies in St. Petersburg. We were the only people in there at 4am, and it was like our own little yiddisha neon palace. While I have saved and preserved, here in The Bramson Archive, anything and everything Wolfie-related (as I have all Miami memorabilia and Floridiana, regretfully and unhappily, I dont know of any recipe books that exist.although I think, somewhere in my Mario Talucci collection I might have one or two recipes.

I remember the Wolfies at Lincoln and Collins from 1966. I think that I remember a restaurant called Pinkies, that might have been in the Collins Ave., or Lincoln Rd., area. And, yes, loaded with the usual suspects including Park Avenue, Embers, Hickory House, Wolfies, Juniors, Pumperniks, Rascal and many more (the book will have a few more than 120 photos and we have probably somewhere in the vicinity of several thousand photos, postcards, menus and more, including china, matchbooks and other items) but we would still be interested in what you might have so please dont hesitate to let me know OFF LIST.

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