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But you need to call at least one day in advance: 1-800-773-2489. Expert advice on how to deal with slow repairs and weird move-out notices. Dig Alert (call this FREE city service when you are digging on your property. at least one businessday (not including holidays) before your normal trash collection day. 911 EMERGENCY only, Abandoned cars (800) ABA-NDON, Animal services (888) 452-7381, Bikeways (213) 580-1199, Building and safety (888) 524-2845, Bulky item pick up (800) 773-2489, Cable tv consumer complaints (213) 847-6851 &(213) 485-9050 por espanol, Cal Trans road closures (800) 427-7623, City clerk (213) 978-1020, City controller (213) 978-7200, Consumer protection (LA County) (800) 952-5210, Damaged traffic signals 311, Dead animal pick-up (800) 773-2489, Department of aging (800) 510-2020, Department of Water & Power (800) 342-5397, Downed trees & debris removal (800) 996-2489, Graffiti removal 311, Hazardous waste (800) 988-6942, Housing authority (213) 252-2500, Illegal sewage discharges (800) 974-9794, Park related emergencies (323) 913-7390, Parking violations bureau (866) 561-9742, Pot hole repair (800) 996-2489 or(213) 473-8410, Recreation and parks (888) 527-2757, Recycling (800) 773-2489, Rent stabilization tenant hotline (213) 367-9099, Senior luncheon program (213) 252-4030, Sewer &storm drain problems (800) 773-2489, Shoe removal from power lines (800) 827-5397, Southern California Gas Company (800) 252-0259, Spay/neuter your pet (888) 452-7381, Street lighting (800) 303-5267, Street & alley dumping (800) 996-2489, Taxicab info (213) 580-1272, Taxicab service complaints (800) 555-5555, Tree trimming (213) 473-8410, LA County's list of hotline numbers:https://dpss.lacounty.gov/en/jobs/gain/sss.html. With their dynamic roofs and neon signs, these diners, motels, and car washes showcase the best of Googie style. The amount of illegally dumped garbage the citys sanitation bureau collected last month nearly tripled. MINC regions are assigned a Senior Lead Officer (SLO) and they are the main liaison between our council and the station. 611 Local phone company Severiana Pablo, a volunteer from Van Nuys, tagged along with city staffers. 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Basic Car 7A73 / SLO Tim Estevez 25199@lapd.lacity.orgor (213) 793-0786 In the event that thesolid wastecrew is unable to remove your bulky item on your regular trash pick up day due to the weight or size of the item, it will be tagged and collected on the Friday following your trash collection day. The City has a new traffic info service, including public transportation via dialing 511. The team was aided Friday by about 30 volunteers who picked up trash in Van Nuys, where streets were littered with abandoned couches, plastic cups, candy wrappers, a baby booster, and old rags. Since that report, the amount the bureau has collected has skyrocketed, nearly tripling in August, with 2,195 tons collected that month. For safety, they will come out and mark where all your underground gas, cable, electric, phone lines, etc are. Doors must be removed from refrigerators. Donating orselling items will help extend the life of items and give someone else a chance to enjoy them. LAPD updates and alerts:https://www.lapdonline.org/lapd-newsroom/, Council District 10:Mark Ridley-Thomas (suspended), School Board District 1:George J. McKenna III, County Supervisor District 2:Holly Mitchell, State Senate District 30:Sydney Kamlager-Dove, Phone: 323-732-5085 This fee puts the added costs incurred during pickup of these items onto the customer requesting the service instead of all rate payers. Martinez was the first to put together a street cleaning team, according to Heather Johnson, a spokesperson for LA Sanitation. COVID-19 / CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION AND RESOURCES - regularly updated, verified information, resourcesand assistance here, Provider: LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS - WASTE MANAGEMENT - FLORENCE-FIRESTONE-WILLOWBROOK GARBAGE DISPOSAL DISTRICT. For safety, they will come out and mark where all your underground gas, cable, electric, phone lines, etc are. In the city of Los Angeles, bulky items, like couches, mattresses, and other furniture, are collected the same day as your regular trash collection. For graffiti removal, bulky trash pick up, dead animal removal, or abandoned cars, report it online at MyLA311 or call 311.

Meet the ghosts at LAs most haunted hotels. I want the city to put resources into my district to make everyone aware that this program exists and that theres no excuse to not be able to report illegal dumping in the area, Martinez says. Apartments and other multi-unit housing may have a different trash collection day than the residential trash collection day. How L.A.s Richest Neighborhood Tried to Stop a Black Lives Matter Protest. Since January, the Clean Sweep Team has picked up 50 tons of trash in the sixth council district. Donning plastic gloves and a mouth cover, she helped sweep the streets with a broom with a pink handle. For graffiti removal, bulky trash pick up, dead animal removal, or abandoned cars, report it online at, The City has a new traffic info service, including public transportation via dialing. 511 Traffic info 311 City Info (or 213.473.3231) Most of the citys 15 council offices either have a contractor or a staff member who clean the streets. In June, the mayors office reported that the Bureau of Sanitation had collected an average of 228.2 tons of illegally dumped items every week between January and April, up more than 9 percent from the same period last year. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Cleaning the streets is important, she says, as she swept debris out of a drain, because it goes to the ocean., LAs 15 most glorious remaining Googies, mapped. Sign up for LA City's mass notification system at NotifyLA.org. Basic Car 7A85 / SLO Hector Marquez 34936@lapd.lacity.orgor (213) 590-5410. Donotput out your bulky items until the night beforeyour trash collection day. For information regarding appliancerebates, visitBurbank Water & Power. You can contact the SLO in your area, or contact LAPD's non-emergency line at 1-877-ASK-LAPD: Basic Car 7A47 / SLO Hebel Rodriguez34924@lapd.lacity.orgor (213) 793-0715 All Rights Reserved. Just in time to schedule a spooky Halloween staycation, a guide to the paranormally-blessed hotels of Los Angeles. See this attached map for the areas which they cover: Call 1-877-ASK-LAPDfor service in situations that cannot potentially cause serious bodily injury or death, such as a loud noise complaint, vandalism, neighbor dispute, landlord-tenant dispute, etc. Communities in the Northeast San Fernando Valley have long suffered from a lack of services and attention, Martinez says. Please view the trash collection mapto see when bulky item collection (PDF)is done in your area. The LA City Council then approved a motion in June introduced by council members in response to the report that will use $150,000 to hire homeless and formerly homeless individuals to collect trash and debris, an effort to address illegal dumping. Last week, she introduced a motion to have permanent 311 signs in her district in addition to the ads. 11 Los Angeles renters rights everyone should know.

Geographic restrictions apply; please see details below. Fee will be applied to your BWP account. Bulky items must be placed a minimum of (5) five feet away from fixedobjects. From beachfront parks to hillside spots with city views, these are the best places to lay down a blanket and dig into a picnic spread. A picture of the item is required, but easy to upload. There are three SLOs for the MINC community. The Department of Public Works (DWP) provides sanitation services for residents of unincorporated Los Angeles county and portions of certain cities, through four different waste management systems. Picking up abandoned couches, mattresses, washing machines, sometimes even human feces and syringes, might not be a fun job, but Luis Hurtado views it as a way to give back to the city where he grew up. MINC is serviced by theLAPD Wilshire Divisionlocated at4861 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019. Calling (818) 238-3800(Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) Services include illegal dumping reporting, large item trash/garbage pickup and trash/garbage pickup. Must be the BWP account holder to schedule pick up of these items. Requesting a pickup on the Our Burbank 311 portal or download on the App Store or Google Play at least two business days (not including holidays) before your normal trash day collection. It isnt fair that other more affluent communities are better maintained while communities suffer from so much illegal dumping and trash in our streets., The campaign is specifically targeted to her district, which covers North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Lake Balboa, Arleta, Panorama City, and Sun Valley, but the message could be applied across many other parts of the city of Los Angeles, as sanitation workers pick up more and more. Email: info@mincla.org, 2021 by the Mid City Neighborhood Council. *As of July 1, 2022a Special Handling Fee ($10.00/item will be charged for these items. Monday throughFriday7:30a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Burbank City Hall Bulky Item collections are sent to the landfill and not recycled (electronics, metal appliances, mattresses and box springs are the exceptions) so please use this option last! 811 Dig Alert (call this FREE city service when you are digging on your property. Black Lives Matter Organizers Share How Defunding Police Could Fund a Better L.A. L.A.s Homeless Population Grew 13 Percent Since Last Years Count and Is Likely Already Worse, What L.A. could do with its $1.8 billion police budget. The team just expanded to two full-time staffers, and Martinez announced Friday that shes launching a campaign to encourage residents to use the citys 311 phone line and MyLA311 app to report illegal dumping. For more information, go tohttp://www.go511.com/. The line is operated 24/7. These actions help build a paper trail that may be necessary for later actions. https://dpss.lacounty.gov/en/jobs/gain/sss.html, https://www.lapdonline.org/lapd-newsroom/. As part of her campaign, Martinez is putting ads bus benches and shelters to encourage residents to use the 311 to report illegal dumping. 411 General Directory (Information) Here are the other 3-digit numbers to dial for LA City: 211 County Info & reporting hate crimes 275 East Olive Avenue Burbank, CA 91502, Copyright 2022 City of Burbank. ADRC - Aging and Disability Resource Center, LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS - WASTE MANAGEMENT - FLORENCE-FIRESTONE-WILLOWBROOK GARBAGE DISPOSAL DISTRICT. In 2014, Hurtado was the first full-time employee hired by Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez to form a team dedicated to pulling abandoned bulky items and trash from streets and sidewalks.