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What I have found is that if camps have a lot of tents filled with that juicy gear that everyone seems to love, the traffic increases greatly. Sign up for a new account in our community. Good suggestions all around, I just recently discovered a little gem in the woods north of Altar radio station. You'll want some kind of reliable water source nearby or in the settlement so that you don't have to break RP to tend to IG needs. Somewhere out in the middle of an empty field, makes it harder to sneak up on it and sniper shots from the treeline are more difficult to pull off. By clicking on SUBMIT button below I confirm that I have read and accept the.

Probably a good place for people heading from Novy to Severograd to stop and chat with, not to far from Devil's castle either.

Set up my camp fire and barrels then just loot the surrounding area. Not sure why people/groups like to isolate themselves. Well first you want to choose somewhere that can be easily defendable. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. [UK/EU] BRP |No KOS| Sure, it became a bit small, but they could have moved to GM itself, Pogorevka, or even Sosnovka. to { 50% { If they are looking for some place more accessible to gear then they will properly set themselves up somewhere on the western side of the map and while some places look great already for settlement/RP hubs I am more looking forward to what people do with settlements when base building comes out. January 22, 2017 in

from { 3.) Alright, this is an opinionated thread where a faction's settlement should be placed based on personal preference. Ease of access wise, people spawn on the coast so maybe be around there? If player list support is added we will start tracking player data. You also want to keep it in a good place to defend, somewhere possibly uphill or with little entrances. Depends on what the faction is looking for I suppose. Amirite?

The best place to put a settlement? } DayZ Standalone. All rights reserved. A summer camp with a soccer field in the forest. Each user can vote once every 24 hours. 1.) That sounds boring as fuck tbh. text-shadow: 0 0 1px #a10000; With trading, it just has to be in a relevant location, not like far up in the northeast. So choosing your settlement to be in the middle of Kabanino probably isn't the best decision. I absolutely hate having to travel long distances to find people to RP with. I thought it was awesome when GMTC was at the summer camp. }

A place like Polana Factory has a perimeter wall making it easy to block the holes with tents and call it a settlement. Claim your server to display additional information here and gain access to our admin tools. Easier to make a settlement when there's already preplaced fortifications. It's not against the rules to block some small entrences (like holes in walls), however do not make an artificial wall out of tents. The destroyed couple of buildings there look like pretty neat spots. I mean that being said I wish it was more like mod where everyone is everywhere on the map, don't really matter about area. Any settlement can gain a lot of popularity if it's active + has loot.

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animation-name: anim15042; I don't know about anyone else, but I'm here to RP with other people, not just my friends or people in my group. Castle Base Server - PVE ONLY - NO KILL - NO RAID - NO THEFT. The majority of the population is "infected" but the player is immune to these attacks. JavaScript is required for some features of this website. color: #0a0000; @keyframes anim15042{

} I am hoping that with base building settlements that it will create multiple RP hotspots across the map.

Anyways, if it were up to me, I'd settle down in the GM area. Best place to put settlements are on the outskirts of high traffic areas, people will visit you and give you interaction. By Is this your server? Plus the area around it is pretty clear minus the trees just a bit south.

Well people are mostly in the triangle because it has dank loot so if you wanna get attacked a lot be there. The GM area is fucking lit. I mean, I wish people would hang out in the triangle area more, or even the GM area. StoneFace,

Because who doesn't love gear? You shouldn't have a problem with placing tents anywhere.,,,,

Tactical positioning - probably a hilltop is a good spot as well as a place with walls and a clear field all outside. The servers with the most votes are displayed on the homepage and under each listing. Great view which also provides an easy way to defend yourself/base, 2.) You will get slammed for AOGM. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. I feel like the fact that so many people want to hang out anywherebutthe triangle, it makes the place not in fact, lit. What's the best place to choose for a faction's settlement based on tactical positioning, ease of access, trade area, loot storage, etc?

It's easy! That's just my opinion on the topic.

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If you're only here to just inner RP and stay away from the "shit tier RP" in the triangle, then rent your own private server and do it there. }

In Dayz Standalone you will have to survive in a world infected with a deadly virus. I like Zelenogorsk school there's a lot of windows to shoot out of and when people try rush the building you can just hide in a corner and gat them when they walk in and you can position people on the roof and pick off snipers. There is a barn complex south of VMC which I personally think is a nice spot. Then I don't usually leave the surrounding area unless I have too. Invite your players to vote for your server and gain visiblity ! color: #a10000;

Also basically right where you want to be if you are trying to bring gear back to camp if thats your thing (personally I just have what I carry on me and don't stockpile stuff in a barrel somewhere).

} Come and say hi to BRP, a server made by a one man army a ROYALS PARADISE is a brand new Server.

Hope my advice helps ye. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I generally find something close to a larger town with a little bit of every spawn. As far as loot and storage go, placing a settlement right near military location isn't that bad of an idea, however it's not necessary. DayZ does not support player lists. BattleMetrics LLC.

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animation-iteration-count: infinite; Lastly, keep it near somewhere with good loot, you are going to want to stock up and possibly trade with people. When I am picking a building it has to be either surrounded by trees to make it hard to spot my stuff from a distance, or with large open fields all around so I can see everything around me when I am just chilling at my camp. color: #a10000; GM hasn't been part of the "triangle" fora long time now, so it's like the perfect mix of being outside of the most popular areas, and being close enough to them that you can still find people to RP with. It has a nice water tower and winding road leading down into the cabin area.

The more the people go, the more the RP, which drives even MORE people to go. Another chill place would be the trap house/safe house area located here: One of the best places I think to have a base would be Devils Castle.

Looking for a server that can offer quality gameplay AND interesting interactions? Just another spot to add to the list. 2 separate barns, 2 entrances and not too many holes in the walls. No where, because settlements are pointless. animation-duration: 5s; I always like the summer camps set up and wanted to do one at those.. here's some for reference.. (has a water pump and medical tents where supplies can spawn.. my fav choice honestly). Can't stand the elitism some people have in this community. HmmmI once bumped into this place over here, Its quite close to the triangle so you could expect a fair few people coming to trade and of course attack. Our aim is to keep DayZ as original as possible.That's why our selection of MODS aim more towards How to join a Clash Royale private server ?

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Well my char is a loner so I always chose some secluded small house off in the middle of know where.

Close enough to the triangle that you will get an influx of people that'llcome visit and rp with.