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The Longsword is perhaps one of, if not the, best melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint. There are definitely some weapons that are far superior to others, but in the end, it all depends on your playstyle!

Unfortunately, even after those upgrades, youll only bring it on par with some of the base versions of the other weapons.

However, if youre able to master it, the rewards are equally worth the complication of learning it.

It lets you land a barrage of whirling spear attacks that, if anyone gets caught in, will not be able to dodge at all. Naraka Bladepoint is an action-adventure battle royale in which 60 players must fight each other using some of the best characters to be the last one standing. There are 7 ranged weapons as of right now, and all provide different playstyles. You can also check out our tier list here: Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List.

The Cannon is great at dealing splash damage to whatever lands in its path.

Additionally, the low ammo capacity and relatively weaker normal shots can be a turn-off for some players.

Unfortunately, its too slow, with its focus attacks taking extremely long times to charge up. But if you can get used to those mechanics, youll have a great time using the Musket. In accordance with its name, the Longsword has a long reach, allowing you to maintain a fair distance while you take on enemies. If you like using the Longsword but wish it would be faster, then the Katana is the weapon for you. If youre playing with a stealth character, then the Bow is the perfect choice for you.

Sometimes the quick combos can actually be faster than the focus attacks and the unique Dagger Dash combo that the weapon has to offer.

But if you can learn to adapt, then your enemies wont even know what hit them!

The broad AoE means that you can damage multiple enemies at once. In theory, the Bloodripper is meant to be an amazing weapon. The Greatsword is considered one of the lower-ranked weapons when discussing the best weapons in Naraka Bladepoint. Using focus attacks requires you to have at least a one-meter charge.

However, the lack of combos and options to counter makes you wonder if you should really use the Pistol or stick to a melee weapon. diablo diablowiki The dagger is definitely one of the more complex weapons in the game, but if youre looking for something with more movement-based combos and special features, then this might be the weapon for you. resurrected druid diablo2

If you parry attacks or take damage, your meter will fill up or get one charge. But even with a higher fire rate, the Bow is still slower when attacking. It is really powerful and takes only a few hits to defeat an enemy.

It is essentially like a rocket launcher that fires a jar of poisonous bees in your direction.

If youre frustrated with the Bow and Muskets slow rate of fire, then perhaps the Repeating Crossbow might be the best weapon for you.

So, unless your parrying skills are amazing, then perhaps the nunchucks might not be the greatest option for you.

The Musket also lets you zoom in so you can land shots more accurately. But do bear in mind that the shockwaves can be parried. The next weapon on our best Naraka Bladepoint weapons list is the Pistol. The dagger allows for fast-paced combos, and you can move around your opponent with ease as you dish out attacks.

That makes it highly situational. Just ensure you dont get parried while performing those moves.

You can stay out of their sights before landing devastating combos up close once your enemy is off-balance. However, as it is considered the fastest melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint, the speed makes up for it!

With lots of weapons and epic combat, the game is truly immersing.

The only drawback is that after a few hits, you will need to charge the weapon, and the bullets travel slowly. Therefore, we will be splitting the weapons according to their range. There are also other spinning attacks that you can make use of that might make the Spear a better weapon than the other melee weapons.

The short reload times allow the weapon to be used for close combat with ease.

You can also use the horizontal or vertical attack to close up the distance between your targets.

The Pistol in Naraka Bladepoint is quite confusing and acts more like a shotgun. Its mostly effective in close combat, almost to the point where youd be in the melee range.

Thats why wed recommend that you only go for this if you dont have any other options or simply like playing with it.

If you want to improve the weapon, you can use the Katana-specific Souljades. It goes without saying that the dagger does not have the highest damage per hit. Stray Ending Explained: Did The Cat Survive Or Die? Therefore, what we can say is that the Flamebringer is the best-ranged weapon in Naraka Bladepoint for squads. It has a unique flow in its normal and focuses attacks, allowing you to catch your opponents off-guard with ease. Furthermore, you can use the focus attacks of the Longsword to send out shockwaves, which makes it great for mid-range attacks as well. Unfortunately, the Flamebringer is mostly just looks rather than actual output. Youll essentially be trading power for speed.

It is usually not advised to use the weapon at a close range due to the charge time. But if you can land shots, youll be able to deal great damage in a broad area. It is worth noting that your own playstyle will also determine which might be the best weapon for you, but these weapons will be discussed according to what works for the majority of the players.

Its damage is lower than some of the other ranged weapons, and we only include this weapon due to the broad area of effect and no charge times.

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Moving on from something that is well-balanced to something that is great for picking out enemies at a long melee distance, we have the Spear. But they can also be parried, so be careful and dont overdo them.

You can take both sides out before being spotted. As with the other weapons, you want to use the Swarm while hiding away from your enemy.

Due to all these limitations, the Katana might not be considered the best one-to-one fight weapon.

But if a player does spot you with it, the tardiness of the weapon will be no match to double jumping, grapple hooking, or any other dodging techniques. You can also make use of the tracking assist, which tends to be a lot better with the Spear than in any other melee weapon. Additionally, it can be hard to counter if you actually get stuck in flames, but your enemy would have to be in there for a while for you to deal significant damage.

One of the best combos in the game actually belongs to the Spear. It shoots strong single shots with the charged shots, and a larger magazine/ammo capacity is its advantage.

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What that means is that you will have a higher chance of hitting enemies that are in your range.

Moving to the complete opposite end of the range, we have the dagger.

That is why this guide will discuss Naraka Bladepoints best weapons to help you be the last survivor!

As expected, it has a greater range than the Longsword and used to be so powerful that it had to be nerfed.

The best use case of the weapon is if youre observing two players fighting each other.

However, the Repeating Crossbow requires you to aim carefully as it covers a small area and takes a few seconds to reposition.

The combos of the nunchuck deal a lot of damage and even have a high chance of stun locking your enemies, whether they be in mid-air or on the ground.

Ideally, you want to use the ranged weapons to chip off your enemys health before the real battle.

Although it does not have the greatest damage out of all the melee weapons, it is well-rounded and straightforward enough that even beginners can pick it up and become deadly.

However, it can be hard to get a hit unless the enemy does not expect the attack.

Due to the tardiness of the Greatsword, youll often find yourself finding it hard to catch your enemy and taking more damage due to their own combos and speed.

But what makes the nunchucks confusing is the meter.

It can even give you an advantage over players that need to get extremely close while wielding something such as the dagger. But the shockwaves are effective against new players who might not be expecting such an attack.

It has a fast rate of fire, meaning you can defeat enemies quickly.

The Bow is considered the best-ranged weapon in Naraka Bladepoint due to its charged shots.

The Dragonslayer combo is widely used and popular in the game. Moving on to the next category, we have weapons that you can use from a distance.

But if a player is aware of your presence, then landing shots would be hard as they can dodge easily.

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This section will cover the best melee weapons in Naraka Bladepoint. Atik is a Game Guides Writer at eXputer with plenty of experience under his belt.

The only thing that you need to consider when using the Spear is that you can get punished for spamming light attacks. As of right now, there are seven melee weapons in the game, with some being way better than others. But if you want to be the last one standing, youre going to need a great weapon to eliminate anyone that gets in your way.

When not found going on adventures with Nathan Drake, he's usually found creating 3D artwork and writing code.

But if youre using a character that relies on stealth or land hits and runs away by using the grapple hook ambush attacks, then the Katana can work for you.

However, youll be giving up your range and damage output in exchange for speed.

That is why the Cannon is something that you should only use when you dont have any other options.

The meter is something that only the nunchucks have.

Additionally, the forward-lunge attacks will let you close distance with your enemies easily and follow up with deadly combos.

Youll definitely be able to deal a lot of damage as the Greatsword is the highest damage-dealing melee weapon. 14 BEST Naraka Bladepoint Weapons: Melee & Ranged, Naraka Bladepoint Ranks: Tips & Rank Calculation, Naraka Bladepoint Best Character: Starter & All-Rounder, Naraka Bladepoint Invite Code: Redeem & Rewards, Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List [July.

But that does not mean that those with more experience cant make the most of the blade.

An additional feature of the nunchuck is that it can also attack downed enemies. Despite the nerf, it still is one of the most unpredictable and strongest melee weapons in Naraka Bladepoint. The Longsword has enough combo potential such that those that have been playing for long enough can push it to the limits.

The Swarm is a ranged weapon that you can use at a distance and also up close. Doing so with the Musket will allow you to safely charge and release a shot to significantly damage your enemy before the main encounter.

But the better rate of fire makes the Bow stand out from the Musket.

But if youre in a bit of a pickle, then the Pistol can be quite handy as long as you land your shots. All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

But that is only if youre able to land hits in the first place.

Nunchucks are perhaps the most complicated weapon of Naraka Bladepoint.

With that, you know everything about the best weapons in Naraka Bladepoint.

Thats why if youre cornered and need to land a shot quickly, the Crossbow is not the weapon for that situation. The focus attacks are great for slicing through the air and dealing damage. Its major use would be when youre playing in squads, and your other teammates can handle enemies while you come in with the Flamebringer. These charged shots are considered the highest damage dealing ranged attacks next to the Muskets shots. He has a knack for well-written stories and amazing combat mechanics. The Musket is quite similar to the Bow, and you can consider it like a bolt-action sniper rifle or a heavy bow. The combos of the Greatsword are shorter and cover less ground as well.

So, when using it, try to vary your attacks!

When youre using ranged weapons, you mostly should be at a distance and hiding as you use them.