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It is also said that farmers had to be careful what their daughters got up to with the hired help, and suspicious fathers would often pitchfork the stacks to ensure their daughters, ahem, modesty remained intact. There is also a restaurant and wine tasting program. The exalted fortified church, the adorable local guesthouses, and the famousbarn restaurantserving traditionalRomanian specialties all spring to mind. Romania isnt just all mountain passes, castles, and medieval villages there are also underground salt mines. Like seemingly every castle in Romania, some legends associate this place with Vlad the Impaler but the elaborate architecture and endless rooms and courtyards to explore ensure Corvin Castle is one of the best places to visit In Romania. Now you're all set and prepared to explore our big wide world, why not sort out everything else out all in one go? In 2007, Sibiu was named the European Capital of Culture, and it wont disappoint those looking for a dose of Romanian history and culture. With five cavernous mines to explore, swimming pools and more Salina Turda is most assuredly one of the most astonishing places found on or IN the planet. Yes The Corvin Castle is also the closest you will get in real life to living out your Hogwarts dreams. Visit the Black Church, eastern Europe's largest Gothic church, then listen to heraldic trumpeters at midday on the medieval cafe-lined Council Square (Piata Sfatului) - reputed site of Europe's last witch-burning. Still, the style of the carving on the wall gives a clue of its actual age, with art harking back to the 10th century Byzantine Empire. While each is worth visiting, eight have been selected as leading examples that showcase the diverse range of architectural solutions using to build these churches. Numerous plans have been floated for its redevelopment over the year, but litigation and political frenzy have so far ensured no project has ever progressed beyond the drawing board. Yes, Praid Salt Mines is wildly popular and one visit there, you will see why. TransRarau, yet another gorgeous high altitude alpine road in Romania that crosses theRarau Mountains. Urdele Pass is the highest point on the road, with an elevation of 2,145 meters above sea level. The Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti was founded in 1998 by a Romanian woman, Cristina Lapis after she witnessed three bears in a small cage in a restaurant being used to attract customers. Take a trip through Transylvania and you might be surprised as to what you might find. The back of The Palace of Culture | Andrew Colin/Flickr, Archaeological site, Building, Museum, Historical Landmark, Marco Taliani de Marchio / Alamy Stock Photo. Trace 14th century citadel walls, delve the History Museum, then get a bite at Casa Dracula a restaurant carved from the 1431 birthplace of the infamous Vlad Tepes. Romania has an array of activities to suit the whole gang. Located 120 meters below the ground, this is one of the oldest salt mines known to man and today houses a futuristic modern art theme park complete with an underground lake with rowboats, spa treatment rooms, a bowling alley, and mini-golf. Small group tour to rediscover enchanting rural Romania. You cant, of course, but this list will help, and so does the Romania Lonely Planet. Either way, this is a tranquil location worthy of exploring for a few days if you have time and offers a chance to experience Romania as Romanians do. Transalpina Road | paul bica/WikiCommons. We promise you we have saved some of the best for last! The apex ofConstantin Brncuis career was when he commissioned to contribute to a memorial monument to the fighters ofWorld War1 in Trgu Jiu. Babou Maramures is a small-scale rural hostel located in the traditional barn with as little changes made as possible. Historically, this area was the capital in the time of the Dacian settlement and was the center of its military, religious, and political happenings. It yields rich and bright reds, dry whites and natural sweet wines from grapes picked as they wither. Pay your respects to Romanias fallen from the first World War, located near the battlefield of Mreti in which Romania achieved its first decisive victory. Lies my mother in law poor Try not to wake her up. Its location, even today, remains difficult to access, which explains how the comprehensive and well-preserved remains which stand in magnificent natural surroundings have lasted into the modern era. A truly Romanian experience in slow living Moldovia has only four villages:Argel, Demcua, Moldovia, and Raca, but plenty of gorgeous mountains, cute hikes, hospitable locals and a Land That Time Forgot quality. Expect plenty of winding road, abrupt hairpin turns, long S-curves, and sharp descents though this may be the attraction for many motorists, including Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson who blazoned it the best road in the world. For others, the jaw-dropping scenery and history are the allure. Still, inBrsana, their crafted beauty and prominence are particularly majestic. We cant find a country that matches your search.

Climb up to one of Europes best-preserved Citadel, which still keeps a watchful gaze over the plains below. Or maybe just forget it all and go for a last-minute cruise or effortless tour instead? Today, the site is a mysterious site of ancient history nestled in the Orastie Mountains and one of Romanias UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Villagers dress like extras in a Brothers Grimm movie, while folk music and dance is celebrated at festivals such as Augusts Hora de la Prislop. These museums are the Science and Technology Museum, the Ethnography Museum of Moldavia, the Art Museum, and the Moldavias History Museum. It might not be one of our favorite Romania tourist attractions but being found in Mreti in Vrancea County makes this site a great way to break up a long stretch of rather boring driving as you head back to Bucharest or to the Black Sea. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Wander around a village unchanged by the modern world and marvel at the wooden craftsmanship on display. Located in the Maramures region, often referred to as the land of wood, a visit to rustic Brsana promises verdant green landscapes, a slow-paced atmosphere, and, most famously, glorious wooden oak gates. Piatra Neamt aka Pearl of Moldova - is a perfect base for Bucovina's ravishing UNESCO-listed painted monasteries. The scenes feature masterpieces of saints, prophets, Jesus, angels, demons, heaven, hell, and more. Mountain villages like Albac and Garda are renowned for wood craft, while Patrahaitesti is one of the best places to hear sonorous Romanian alpine horns (bucium). The knights today are long gone, but thanks to the cities position as a significant hub on the trade roads between East and West, Brasov continued to grow. The hospitality and charm of the Romanian people is infectious and a large part of why we loved visiting Romanian. Escape the heat and enjoy the healing abilities of this vast abandoned mine. Today the local authorities coordinate and finance all these artworks. For countryside will take your breath away, unblemished mountain scenery and fascinating traditional villages located in valleys and on green hills Moldovia is where you should go. Timisoara also takes performing arts seriously, with plentiful opera, dance and classical music. Another hidden gem most popular with locals, making it even more worthy of a spot on your Romanian road trip itinerary. The Valea Cetii Cave and surrounding natural protected area are all exceptional beautiful however, the standout highlight has to be the jaw-dropping Cathedral Hall reached through a short walk through an ancient forest. Pack a picnic and enjoy this stunning dam set high in the Carpathians. Romania is much more than mountainous Transylvania there are stunning wetlands and idyllic coast, alpine plateau, primeval forests, and lush wine regions. Voronet's 15th century exterior frescoes have seen it dubbed the Sistine Chapel of the East, while Moldovita is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. There is (almost) nothing else like it. Just add an adventurous attitude and plenty of smiles - they go a long way - and that about covers it all! Its location at the mouth of the Bran Pass was chosen as invadingarmieshad to pass through Rnov before heading west and over the years, it was besieged by the Tatar, the Ottoman,Hungarianrevolutionaries, and theAustrian imperialtroops just to name a few.

Wood craft encompasses immense ornately carved village gates or delicate musical instruments as happily as UNESCO-listed wooden churches. Cluj-Napoca is a young and modern city located in Transylvania. The 500 or so houses of Ciocanesti form something of an outdoor museum as the walls of each is painted in traditional motifs, similar to those you would normally find on Easter Eggs. The city, which dates back to the countrys 2nd century AD Dacian settlement, is filled with historic sights. While it might not be the most spectacular highlight of Romania, the charming village of Ciocanesti is worth stopping at as your route towards the Maramures on the other side of the Eastern Carpathians will undoubtedly take you nearby. AdmireRomanias crumbling ghost, once known as the Monte Carlo of the east! While the Transfgran Pass might be the most famous Romanian Road theTransalpinaorDN67C isactually the highest road in the country with an elevation is 2,145m above sea level. As such, it has been recognized as one of the 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania. And thats why we love the Praid Salt Mines. Created by the torrid waters of the below, the 8-kilometer road here winds through steep canyons and ravines with 300m-high limestone rocks towering on one idea and precipitous drops on the other. As an Amazon Associate Inspired By Maps earns from qualifying purchases. It was in operation for 38 years, with interruptions and bombings during the wars, until in 1948, it was taken over by theCommunist government.

. Sucevita is the largest and most heavily fortified against Eastern invaders. Fine 19th century mansions are complemented by grand mosques, Roman and Art Nouveau beauties, fine art and history museums plus lively cosmopolitan bustle. Much like Easter Island or Tikal, we may never get answers. This is a place where you are going to want to take your time to enjoy an epic Romania Road Trip (and sort your rent a car Romania) and we know you are going to love it as much as we did! Located very close to Sighisoara, this towering defensive outpost is not the only reason to visit Saschiz however.

Even today, religious services are still held regularly here as they have been for over 700 years. The cathedral boasted a pastel grey limestone exterior while the interior is of brick, covered, and embellished with sublimesfrescoes. 10 Unusual City Escape Destinations You Should Check Out In 2022! They are everywhere but life is short, so dont forget to slow down and smell the sunflowers. Today, both are accessible to the public through onsite museums but are also occasionally used events organized by the former royal family. Ensure you have the right gear and checked the weather conditions before heading out. Still, with over 500,000 people visiting annually, it is fair to say the modernization and reinvention of Salina Turda has been a resounding success. Search for some of the 300 species of birds that visit the delta or fish in the lakes and marshes to find some of the 45 species of fresh-water fish. Within this 30,000 cubic meter cave are small pools of water that perfectly mirror the extraordinary calcite formations and white arches that hang from above. The best time to go to Romania is spring or autumn, for wildflowers and fiery foliage. Historically gates were reserved for noblemen, but today they are raised as a sign of wealth and pride across the entire Maramures region. Much of the marble and tiles used in its construct hail from Constantinople, resulting in Curtea de Arge Cathedral resembling a mosque more than a conventional Orthodox church. Constructed in the late 15th and 16th centuries, they are remarkable due to their external walls being blanketed in unusual Byzantine-style fresco paintings. You can also hike or bike themany paths around the town, which give sweeping landscape views of the 13th-century village surrounded by green pastures and dense oak forests. Its interior constitutes 23 orant sections, and today has been repurposed to house the two houses of the Parliament of Romania: the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The aesthetic transformation village of Ciocanesti is nothing short of astonishing and has ensured its place as a pearl of the region of Bukovina that no tourists should miss. Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, meaning when you are on holiday here you will often be sharing accommodation and guest houses with locals as well as international travelers because, for Romanians, the cost of traveling abroad is simply too exorbitant. Horse-drawn carriages, a mess of Saxon-style buildings, a looming fortified church, and cute medieval inns are all found here. View the artworks ofConstantin Brncui, which are influenced by geometricaldesigns and representational art. Pele Castle was nationalized after King Michael was forced to abdicate and fled the communist government in 1947. Rp Roie | Eduard Schuster/WikiCommons. The average annually underground temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, and during the summer months, around 3000 people visit per day. Joining an expert tracking guide is the best way to undertake bear watching holidays in Romania. At night, there are communal areas to cook food and a fireplace to meet other guests around. An exceptional wonder that gives a dramatic picture of an innovative civilization from the classical world / late European Iron Age. It is hard to convey the true magnitude of this project at the time as 40,000 toiled over six years to mammoth construction, a first of its kind in Romania, and as much of a monument to the countries communist past as the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest or theTransfagarasan Highway. You guessed it, the 1991 movie Dracula where Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder star in a tortured tale of a charismatic vampire, based on the tale of the Prince of Darkness. Painted Monastery in Romania | Alex Moise/WikiCommons. Another weird and wonderful attraction of Romania is the seemingly endless fields of haystacks. The Carpathian Mountains are one of Europes most significant mountain chains, and yet the karst valleys, primeval forests and isolated villages remain locked in relative obscurity. Its bohemian blend of cobbled alleys and eye-popping squares comes with cultural treats like May's Jazz Festival, October film festival, Brukenthal gallery and Astra open-air architecture museum featuring 340 historic buildings. The Brukenthal Art Museum has a fantastic display of Romanian artwork, and the ASTRA Museum of Folk Civilisation is an open-air museum with more than 300 historically designed wooden houses, churches, and workshops. Gaze upon the timeless frescos and colorful churches of the Moldavia region, a World Heritage Site. Bask in summers warm embrace and admire the fields upon fields of sunflowers that cover the countryside. For the record, the pass is officially known as theTihua Pass but its literary claim to fame does not mean its sheer natural brilliance should be underestimated. Meals prepared with the own farm products are on offer and should not be missed. If you have time, check into a local guesthouse and spend a few days hiking in the surrounding Gradistea Muncelului-Cioclovina Nature Park within its glorious vistas and various other Dacian ruins. The Danube Delta is one of the largest and best-preserved deltas in all of Europe, with 23 ecosystems that are home to a huge number of plants and wildlife. Commune with nature and the shepherds as you enjoy a day hiking between picturesque villages. In many ways, theTransalpina is more majestic in terms of sheer natural beauty and allows tourists a peek into landscapes untouched bytechnological advances. One of the most famous castles in Romania if not the world, initially built-in 1212 and destroyed just a few decades later in 1242 by Mongols. There is nothing exceptionally extraordinary about this city, but its location and lack of tourists make it a great spot for photos and a picnic on your Romanian road trip. Other affiliate programs linking to recommended products and services are also used. The more immense Neo-Renaissance Pele Castle was constructed first, later followed by Pelisor Castle, which is a glorious example of Art Nouveau style combined with Byzantine and Celtic elements. Initially constructed in the 14th century, with its fourth and final phase of construction being complete in the 19th century, the Corvin Castle, stands as a Gothic-Renaissance masterpiece that was worth waiting for. In total, the delta is 5,165 square kilometers, and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If the community history, unnatural beauty of the location, and picnicking arent enough, you can go for a swim, though even in the summer months, the water is only ever between 5C to 15C. Every motif is said to reflect the personality of the houses inhabitants so we will leave you to guess what some of those colors and shapes say about the occupants. Wildflower carpeted plateaux are tailor-made for hiking, while Europe's best ancient woodland rustles with amazing wildlife (big predators to the fore). Kind of. Established in 1690 by Prince Constantine Brancovan, the monastery of Horezu is a masterpiece of the Brancovan style. Over the centuries, this unique method of haystack building has become a bit of an art, meaning that haystacks of Romania have their own individual characteristics and are found nowhere else on earth. Marvel at the fortified church keep which protected its villagers from pillaging invaders over the centuries. Stay with us now. We promise you we have saved some of the best for last! TheBrsanagates are often much larger than the property behind; providing a defensive wall that cannot be bypassed and passing beneath it is a ritual act of purification. Follow in the footsteps of Stokers Dracula and transverse the scenic mountain pass between Transylvania with Bukovina.

Still, we recommend going more for the unique gastronomic experience that is oh-so-typically Romanian. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with narrow cobbled streets, colorful houses, and soaring towers. Concealed in the impenetrable forests of the Carpathians, Sarmizegetusa Regia is one of the most magnificent and enigmatic sites in Romania. Once considered Romanias Monte Carlo and a symbol of the city of Constana, the most-recent and modern version of the now-defunct casino was built inArt Nouveaustyle and inaugurated in 1910.

While recognizing this is is a sad situation, it means as a traveler you have even more opportunities to interact with locals. Sadly Romania lost over 27,000 men, though the tenacity of their spirit was also shown as Germany lost almost twice as many soldiers (47,000). With so many beautiful places to see in Romania, how can you be expected to find them all on yourself?

If you loved this, you might also like: Let us know what you think and the most beautiful places in Romania We could easily have made this list Top 100! Another of the seven villages with fortified churches in Transylvania protected by UNESCO, though Saschiz literally stands out. But it is so much more than that. The school of mural painting instituted here in the 18th century made it famous throughout the Balkan region. Wander around a medieval town preserved in time at the base of theCarpathians. Another authentically Romanian experience, this guest house is popular with locals with love to get away and enjoy nature along with the hearty food on offer here. The Red Ravine, or Rpa Rosie, is a breathtaking geological reserve in the southwest of the Secaselor Plateau, near the city of Sebes. Located in the Bucegi Mountains, the Sphinx and Babele are two regularly visited natural rock formations. Peles Castle, Aleea Pelesului 2, Sinaia, Romania, Peles Castle | TiberiuSahlean/WikiCommons. Stunning mountain views are guaranteed along the Transalpina. Now go out, find your own path and don't forget to share your best inspiration stories with me on Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramI'd love to hear from you! In the 1950s, the Communist mayor proposed to destroy Brncuis bourgeois art. Thats OK! Twenty more to go. Despite being besieged by modern steel mills and industrial buildings, Corvin Castle still offers a spellbinding attraction from its fairytale location atop a rocky bluff connected by only a thin bridge for access. A mix of old and new, with art aplenty and a growing foodie scene Bucharest is one of the last cities in Europe you can enjoy without hoards of tour groups spoiling it for everyone. Viscri has strong Saxon roots, and if youre lucky, the Prince of Wales may be visiting his house here! The road travels between Novaci and Sebes, running through four counties. Or you can always just take a picnic lunch and enjoy its peaceful tranquility without the physical exertion. Take some time to try the local cheese, explore artisan shops, wander the cobblestone streets, and enjoy the picturesque view of the village from the hill above. Interestingly, Romania is one of the few countries in the world actively considering restoring its monarchy with recent polls showing half of the population believes monarchy to be a better organizational form than a republic. However, it acquired its name, which refers to the Great Sphinx of Giza, in 1936 when it was first recognized as a lookalike from a certain angle.

However, it took until 2007 for the modern Transalpinato develop after an enormous project, which was a 148 km dirty road transformed into a modern highway. This is about as local as it gets! There is also an extensive garden, of which parts are used as a campsite where you will find chairs, hammocks, and places to enjoy a fire at night. If you decide to stay the night in Viscri, dont miss the evening cow parade where the 300 cows return from the surrounding fields in which they graze. There is so much to discover here, so book your flight now, sort out your rent a car Romania and get planning your visit to Romania You wont regret it! Be sure to visit Ceasescu's colossal Peoples Palace to see megalomania turned unforgettably into stone. Sarmizegetusa Regia | Cosmin Stefanescu/WikiCommons. Its impossibleto choose the best places in Romania to visitBut you have to try, right! Decorated with ornate stonework, sculpted wood, and stained-glass windows, the castle is at once charming and intimidating from its spot against the panoramic views of the Carpathian Mountains. The entire Maramure region has been semi-autonomous since theMiddle Ages, meaning the people have their own traditions and way of life of here. You are likely to have these awe-inspiring and powerful spaces all to yourself. A smile and a friendly hello will go a long way. This exceptional example of Neo-Renaissance architecture is one of the top attractions in the country. Soak in the vibes of this bustling city in the heart of Transylvania with cobbled streets and imposing churches still protected by a grand city wall. The Palace of Culture was built between 1906 and 1925 to replace the ruins of the old Royal Court of Moldavia, which dated back to 1434. Come face to face with nature in this safe space for the rescued brown bears of Eastern Europe. Yes Sarmizegetusa Regia is as ancient as it is mysterious! During the 12th century, it was founded by German craftsmen and merchants. Traverse the highest mountain pass in Romania where you touch the clouds and follow in the footsteps of a 13th century noble and traders. A rare chance to get up close to this natural geological formations and without undertaking a claustrophobic expedition of abseiling as in many other places. The areas red quality comes from the formation of gravel, quartz sands, and sandstones. And we will bet you a good meal there wont be another tourist, or soul, around for miles. Not for the faint of heart, this dramatic drive also offers a peerless view of the Ceahlau Mountains. The Sphinx and Babele can be reached by cable car from Busteni, by car, or by foot. Commonly known outside Romania as The RealDraculas Castle, Bran Castleis frequently alleged as the inspiration for the famous Count Dracula in Bram Stokers famous book. #22. Here are the best spots to go. The nuns at the convent of Agapia, meanwhile, are famed for their carpet and embroidery workshops. Sadly, in the past, this practice was all too popular. Linking Sinaia with the Bucegi Mountains Plateau, ensure time to make stops at theThe Old Dames (Babele) and the Sphinx (Sfinxul) rock formations, and for a short visit to theCaraiman Heroes Monument. Underneath this heavy cross. Dacias rule the road here anddense primeval forests provide shelter for thewolves and bears, which callthe Carpathian mountains home. However, in reality, the description of Draculas crumbling fictional CastleCastle bears almost no resemblance to the immaculate Bran Castle, and there are only tenuous associations withVlad the Impaler, the presumed inspiration for Dracula. Admire the beauty of this small village, which looks like it was transported from the Mediterranean. Please try again.

It would be impossible for us to chose a favorite amongst the (many) mountain pass roads of Romania, so all we can do is suggest you visit them all. Naturally, we would never leave home without a moregeneral travel guide since we couldnt possibly cover everything here! If you are, Yes, please! is the only acceptable answer. As a result, it is probably no surprise that the people of Rnov and the nearby villages grew weary of continually leaving their homes to be ransacked and so simply turned the Rnov Citadel into their long-term home for decades meaning there is now an entire village within the fortification left to explore. Built in the early 16th century, this Romanian Orthodox cathedral is dedicated to Dormition of the Mother of God and is regarded as one of Romanias most prestigious religious sights.