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Currently the Pennsylvania redistricting process sits with its state supreme court. On February 9th the court suspended the window for candidates to gather signatures to get on the ballot, as it is scheduled to hear arguments on the challenge to the map beginning February 18th. This development is not new territory for the state. In 2018, the state supreme court overturned the prior map, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to step into the issue, leaving the state court decision to stand. Pennsylvania might be wise to extent the use of commission for the state legislative districts to the congressional ones. Ultimately, concerns about voter ability to gain voice through representation in the electoral process could, if not addressed, destabilize the system if individuals lose confidence in it and seek other means to promote change. Stay up to date on the news from Silicon Valley, and how to take back control of your data and devices.

In May, Motherboard discovered the company had been testing the idea of a private security force after vehicles branded with the Citizen logo were photographed in Los Angeles. Attempts to reach Candiru for comment were unsuccessful. The records also allegedly contain details on case files of minors, Schaefer said. Normally wed see an organization either acknowledge it, deny it, or [say they] are investigating further. An Israeli technology company sold a tool to hack into Microsoft Windows, Microsoft and technology human rights group Citizen Lab said on Thursday.

Among the most straightforward options that have emerged, several states have set up independent commissions that take the process out of the hands of elected officials. Currently, only nine states have such a body, though a few more have state level ones for similar processes to set boundaries for the state legislative districts. Decisions by these bodies are not, unlike those made by legislatures, influenced by which party has the majority at the time the maps are approved. The result is a much more competitive and authentically representative electoral process. The most comprehensive solution to manage all your complex and ever-expanding tax and compliance needs. This has impact on . https://t.co/X0VhJaWjvb. Shanghai is a city [with 25] million population. In 2016, sensitive informationabout powerful Chinese individuals, including the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, was posted on Twitter. In a post last week on an underground hacker forum, an anonymous poster or a group advertised the availability of the data and released a sample that purportedly contained 750,000 records. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Citizen TV lost its YouTube account to hackers on Monday, March 28 for a few minutes. It now includes the ability for users to live stream incidents and report emerging crime events themselves. But Shawn Chang, the chief executive of security solution provider HardenedVault, found that theory unconvincing. Chinese officials have not released any public statements or notified affected individuals of the breach. The hacker's dark website also includes contact tracking data from Citizen, which operates its own COVID-19 contact tracking app called SafePass. Apple initially pulled it from the app store for allegedly encouraging vigilante activity, but it relaunched the following year. Hunt told the Wall Street Journal that the anonymity of the person who offered the sale, as well as the size of the database, raised questions over the accuracy of the claims. Last week, an anonymous internet user going by the name of ChinaDan, posted on the hacker forum Breach Forums offering to sell the more than 23 terabytes (TB) of data for 10 bitcoin, equivalent to about 16,409. "These agencies then choose who to target and run the actual operations themselves.".

On Weibo, a widely used Twitter-like platform in China, a keyword search for data leak or Shanghai police database failed to return any results related to the breach. hack electing greatest president earth guide Google also did not refer to Candiru by name, but described it as a "commercial surveillance company." In contrast, the leak from Chinas police database stood out because it was not simply self-reported data such as names and contact information, but detailed summary of reported incidents and criminal suspects coded by the police department. Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. The data contained information about almost all the counties in China, and I have even discovered data related to a remote county in Tibet, where there are only a few thousand residents, he said, adding that the demographic trend extracted from the data is worse than the officials have reported. China tightly controls the flow of sensitive information. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. A police officer in a protective suit checks on a commuter at a subway station, after the lockdown placed to curb the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak was lifted in Shanghai, China June 2, 2022. They used the same API as Citizen's app to retrieve the ID of the crime incident linked to the video file and downloaded the incident data in bulk. When search suggestions are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Microsoft did not directly attribute the exploits to Candiru, instead referring to it as an "Israel-based private sector offensive actor" under the code name Sourgum. The alleged hackers said there were several billion police reports from thefts to fights to domestic violence, dated from the late 1990s to 2019 included in the leak. So that would be a violation of the Minor Protection Law. She raised the possibility that the data contained information of celebrities or officials. Two other people were arrested in connection with the hacklast year.

vetoed a plan proposed for the redrawing of congressional district boundaries, Legislation does exist to guide some elements of the process, successful challenges to racial gerrymandering, in all but eight states, the legislatures draw the boundaries, Multi-member districts exist in several states, National Conference of State Legislatures, suspended the window for candidates to gather signatures, state supreme court overturned the prior map. Reuters was also unable to reach the self-proclaimed hacker, ChinaDan, but the post was widely discussed on China's Weibo and WeChat social media platforms over the weekend with many users worried it could be real. Tocquevilles Association with Hacker: Potential Parallels of Civic Virtue in Board Games and Toilet Paper Purchases, Citizen Hack Deciphering Polling and Survey Results (Civic Mind), Piecing Together the Presidential Nomination Puzzle (Civic Mind Series). @rachelliang5602 & I downloaded the sample the hacker provided and called dozens of people listed. A citizen of the United Kingdom was arrested in Spain on Wednesday in connection with the July 2020 Twitter hack that compromised politicians and celebrities accounts, Joseph OConnor, 22, is facing several federal charges in connection with the, White House uses Bidens COVID infection to stress importance of vaccination, Mace wears jacket supporting contraception access, Blinded by the light: 7 red flags about cryptocurrencies we completely missed, Senate panel deadlocks on Biden Interior nominee for second time, Blockchain technology could help Indigenous Americans gain control over their genomic data, Chris Cuomo on CNN: Ill never be a hater, Diabetes during pregnancy is spiking in the US: study, Chinas TikTok owner ByteDance boosted lobbying spending by 130 percent in second quarter, Ford to cut up to 8,000 jobs amid electric vehicle push: Bloomberg, Amazon acquiring One Medical for nearly $4 billion, Facebook to roll out redesigned home feed, Reporter: Facebook using ex-CIA to decide misinformation policy is very, very worrying, Biden in video says hes doing well after COVID-19 diagnosis, Jan. 6 hearing to focus on Trumps frantic 187 minutes, House passes bill to protect access to contraceptives after Supreme Court warning shot, Here are the key Senate Republican votes on legislation to protect gay marriage, Watch live: Buttigieg testifies on infrastructure, Watch live: Karine Jean-Pierre holds press briefing, Watch live: VP Harris delivers remarks at NAACP convention, Watch live: Biden, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deliver remarks from West Bank. A quote by Shawn Chang, the CEO of HardenedVault, should have said Shanghai is a city of roughly 25 million population. "We wish to inform the members of the public that our Facebook page has been temporarily hacked and we are working towards resolving the issue," ODPP informed the public. Several reform ideas have emerged in response.

The problem with Chinese government is that they collect all citizens data on public service platforms, which had serious consequences once the data was leaked, Chang said. A hacker has posted 1.7 million records owned by private security app Citizen on the dark web. Share with The Post: Whats one way youve felt the impact of inflation? MORE : British Army hacked on Twitter to say We are attacking Pakistan, MORE : Every comment on every website in China must now be vetted before its published, Get your need-to-know Last year, China passed new laws governing how personal information and data generated within its borders should be handled. Despite the successful challenges to racial gerrymandering beginning with the Shaw v Reno (1995), it remains difficult to address because of overlap of some historically marginalized groups with specific political parties. Users expressed shock and dismay, with some saying they were now transparent human beings. Despite the scope of the breach which potentially affects more than 70 percent of Chinas 1.4 billion residents the government was blocking victims from learning about it. China has in recent years seen a number of data leak incidents. Citizen collects and publishes information about crimes happening in real time. As a result, the founders set up a process to allow the composition of the House to reflect population shifts over time. Unless you live in Rhode Island, Wyoming or another state with a small population that only receives the minimum of one member in the House, your state government is currently navigating the process of redistricting. Following the constitutionally required census that occurs every ten years, the number of seats for the US House of Representatives is adjusted (reapportioned) across the states. Save for states that have enough people to merit the one seat minimum, states that have grown may gain seats and those that have shrunk may lose seats. As a result, those states that experience change must figure out how to divide their territory among the number of required seats. Databases contain information on 1 Billion Chinese national residents and several billion case records, including: name, address, birthplace, national ID number, mobile number, all crime/case details,. He said on Twitter that a leak could have happened due to "a bug in an Elastic Search deployment by a (government) agency", without saying if he was referring to the Shanghai police case. Personal information allegedly taken from Shanghai police database would be one of biggest data breaches in history. The hashtag Shanghai data leak was blocked on Weibo by Sunday afternoon, but there are still a few discussions on Chinese social media about this incident. Cybersecurity researcher Vinny Troia told CNN that he learned of the database in January on a public site, which was opened in April 2021, meaning anyone could have accessed the database since then. Though the authenticity of the full database had not been confirmed, The Washington Posts review of some ID numbers appeared to track with information found on a government website. He wrote on Twitter that a leak could have happened due to a bug in an elastic search deployment by a (government) agency, without saying if he was referring to the Shanghai police case. Israeli firm sold tools to hack Windows, says Microsoft and Citizen Lab | CBC News Loaded. This database contains many TB of data and information on billions of Chinese citizen, the post said. For ranked choice voting, though keeping the geographic boundaries for a variety of positions, including legislative ones, requires significant effort to get the intended results. First, advocates must ensure that voter education is a critical element of the process to ensure they use their ballot accurately. In addition, perhaps more importantly, efforts need to focus not only on getting voters to the polls, but encouraging them to complete all the potential rank entries, otherwise, their vote becomes moot as soon as the candidates chosen are eliminated. Multi-member districts, which use a proportional ranked choice voting, also require empowering voters to understand and use the process correctly to achieve the intended outcomes. Multi-member districts exist in several states, but have not been applied at the national level. At the end of January, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a plan proposed for the redrawing of congressional district boundaries (redistricting), setting up for the state courts to rule. Although the plan was generated by an expert in redistricting issues, some observers were concerned that it favored the Republican party, which currently holds the majority in the state legislature. Pennsylvania also experienced challenges to the map draw after the 2010 census. Despite changes in its process resulting from that experience, the events show that the pursuit of political equality in the form of one person, one vote is challenging to achieve. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. The Ministry of Public Security (MSP) would typically oversee cybercrime investigations. An earlier version said 250 million. In Kenya, even government agencies have fallen victims to individuals who gain unauthorised access to online platforms. The identity of the hacker is not clear. These incidents alarmed the Chinese authorities. The hashtag "data leak" was blocked on Weibo by Sunday afternoon. On November 23, 2021, a Facebook account of the office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) led by Noordin Haji was attacked by cybercriminals. Data leaks have increased dramatically worldwide. If the material the hacker claimed to have came from the ministry of public security, it would be bad for a number of reasons, Schaefer said. Hackers said they have breached the personal data of 1 billion Chinese citizens from a Shanghai police database and offered it for sale, a leak that, if confirmed, would be one of the largest such exposures in history but many victims may never learn of it because of censorship. Likely due to a bug in an Elastic Search deployment by a gov agency. But there is not a systematic way to manage those data. Launched in 2016, Citizen began as Vigilante, an app that harvested emergency radio calls and documented where crime was happening in real time. Politics and International Relations Program, Surpassing Expectations: The Professional and Spiritual Impact of My Journey to Ecuador. Officials in China have yet to respond to the alleged data hack as of Monday. The law was passed after Chinese regulators ordered the parent companies of more than 40 apps to change their operations for violating data transfer rules, Reuters reported. Twitter said last year that it believed the hack was a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools.. Over the weekend, ChinaDans post has been widely discussed on Chinas Weibo and WeChat social media platforms over the weekend, with many users worried it could be real. He said that the company had already stepped up verifications for users who were potentially affected. In the released sample data set, certain information was associated with individuals listed under the seven categories of key people or suspect at large, references to individuals monitored by MSP for suspected criminal activity. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo. [S]o its unclear who holds who accountable, she said. Visit our corporate site www.futureplc.com Future US LLC, 10th floor, 1100 13th Street, N.W Washington, DC 20005 . latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, Netflix has a new feature to limit people sharing their account with friends, A direct hit of radiation from the sun has formed a solar storm around Earth, Skittles are unfit for human consumption, lawsuit claims, Scientists working on a drug that lets you live for 200 years, Russia claims Ukraine is creating super soldiers in top secret biolabs, British Army hacked on Twitter to say We are attacking Pakistan, Every comment on every website in China must now be vetted before its published. A Week in Ecuador, An Enduring Influence! Private companies are also bad at managing data, but are better than the government.. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. The scale of the attack would make it one of the biggest and worst data breaches in history. This month, Citizen was in the news after a live stream from the app with over a million views sparked a manhunt in California. The hacking tool vendor,Candiru, created and sold a software exploit that can penetrate Windows, one of many intelligence products sold by a secretive industry that finds flaws in common software platforms for their clients, said a report by Citizen Lab. "Sourgum generally sells cyberweapons that enable its customers, often government agencies around the world, to hack into their targets computers, phones, network infrastructure, and internet-connected devices," Microsoft wrote in a blog post. Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the worlds largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day. The post has been widely discussed on Weibo, Chinas Twitter alternative and WeChat over the weekend with many users worried it could be real. The anonymous hacker, identified only as ChinaDan, posted on hacker forum Breach Forums last week offering to sell the more than 23 terabytes (TB) of data for 10 bitcoin, equivalent to about $200,000 (165,000). On Monday, reporters from the Wall Street Journal downloaded the sample the hacker provided and called dozens of people listed, of which nine picked up and verified the data to be authentic. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Alibaba Group did not respond to the request for comment. Graham Clark, 18, was sentenced in March to three years in prison after pleading guilty to various fraud charges in connection with the hack. "No longer do groups need to have the technical expertise, now they just need resources," Google wrote in its blog post. Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, referenced the theory in a tweet on Monday. The hackers went live and began streaming a discussion about digital currency leaving most Citizen TV online viewers in shock. All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. A group running a digital currency known as Cryptocurrency took over the Channel with over three million subscribers and renamed it as Ethereum (US). Anywhere you go, you have to submit your information. However, Citizen TV managed to regain control of its channel, recovering all its content on the page. Cybersecurity firm Group-IB identified 308,000 databases that were exposed to the open web in 2021, including the more than 90,000 hosted in the United States, followed by more than 50,000 in China. A hacker is selling an alleged 1 billion Chinese citizens information stolen from Shanghai police.

[1] This process is necessary because Congress capped the number of representatives at 435 in the 1929 Permanent Reapportionment Act. Minor fluctuations occurred initially when Alaska and Hawaii became states, but the number reset after the subsequent census. The data set included logs of police activity in different cities and the metadata from videos uploaded to the app. Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, said on Monday the cryptocurrency exchange had stepped up user-verification processes after the exchanges threat intelligence detected the sale of records belonging to one billion residents of an Asian country on the dark web. Candiru's tools also exploited weaknesses in other common software products, like Google's Chrome browser. Legislation does exist to guide some elements of the process, at the federal level and in a majority of states. Most notably, the maps must have equal populations as close as possible across the districts within a state; this expectation promotes the value of each voice in the political process, a hallmark of democracy. Also important to democratic systems, protections for minority populations seek to curb their exclusion by the majority. Spatially, many states require not only that smaller political boundaries within states be protected, but also that the units not be widely spread (compact) or disconnected (contiguous). Despite the debate over the new maps drawn each decade, the current legislative guidelines allow those with political power to use the process to reinforce their advantages. ITPro is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

AliCloud is unlikely [to use] one key for the whole police system, he said. The Hill has removed its comment section, as there are many other forums for readers to participate in the conversation. It also included links to 1.5 million videos stored on the company's servers, representing 70TB of footage, reported Motherboard. THE HILL 1625 K STREET, NW SUITE 900 WASHINGTON DC 20006 | 202-628-8500 TEL | 202-628-8503 FAX. The breach occurred a year after the nations Personal Information Protection Law took effect, imposing stringent security safeguards on corporate and government entities that handle personal information. He posted again on Twitter later in the day, saying: "apparently, this exploit happened because the gov developer wrote a tech blog on CSDN and accidentally included the credentials", referring to the China Software Developer Network. Those types of covert systems cost millions of dollars and are often sold on a subscription basis, making it necessary for customers to repeatedly pay a provider for continued access, people familiar with the cyber arms industry told Reuters. Regardless of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach commission, district type and ballot type citizens should be encouraged. The vast majority of statutes governing elections are set at the state level, where citizens have much greater influence in the process. As such, they may learn about the processes that exist their states and others for federal and state elections via the National Conference of State Legislatures, communicate with their members and participate in communication campaigns with organizations advocating reform. In addition, we have a much greater opportunity to make informed decisions because we can use data from existing structures to promote changes that are more likely to work, rather than guessing what might or might not happen. An Israeli technology companysold a tool to hack into Microsoft Windows, Microsoft and technology human rights group Citizen Lab said on Thursday. The claim of a hack comes as China has vowed to improve protection of online user data privacy, instructing its tech giants to ensure safer storage after public complaints about mismanagement and misuse. Your key to digital differentiation and competence, DBaaS transformation: Database services fit for app modernisation, cloud-native innovation, and data-driven strategies, An analysis of the European cyber threat landscape, Finding the right CIAM solution to capture & retain customers, fuel business growth and keep customers safe, The CIO imperative: Leading in the digital future, Reimagine how to differentiate with technology, Roblox hacker posts stolen documents online, Microsoft confirms Exchange outage that affected users globally is now fixed. The hackers further owned some of the content uploaded on the Citizen TV YouTube channel for a few minutes. Apocalypse mentality, revenge spending and an exodus in newly free Shanghai, Sign up to First Edition, our free daily newsletter every weekday morning at 7am BST, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. The Justice Department said the U.K.s National Crime Agency and the Spanish National Police provided assistance in the investigation and the arrest.

1998 - 2022 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The solicitation of a large payout also raises the possibility that the claims have been exaggerated or falsified, he added. The personal information and reported incidents were in separate files. The industry leader for online information for tax, accounting and finance professionals. While he is charged in connection with the hack, OConnor is facing separate charges for computer intrusions related to takeovers of TikTok and Snapchat user accounts. The Guardian was unable to verify the authenticity of the post, and several numbers in the sample database were no longer in use when contacted by the Guardian. OConnor is facing ten federal charges in a California federal court, the Department said. Furthermore, since first raised in the 1960s, the federal courts have been very reluctant to enter the fray, affirming the political nature of this issue in Rucho v Common Cause (2019). The result is that this influence shapes the extent to which voters can achieve representation, especially if the aggregate results do not reflect the distribution of voters in the nation. Kendra Schaefer, the head of tech policy research at China-focused research team Trivium China, said in a Twitter post Monday that the incident was the first major public breach by a government body under the new law.

The hacktivist, who identified themselves as a member of the loosely coupled Anonymous collective, scraped data en masse from Citizen-owned systems. [1] For much of our history, this process has drawn significant scrutiny; it should, as it impacts one of the most central elements of democracy, how voters interests are translated by elections for Congress to represent them.