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You can post now and register later. The granularity of this game and the time required to heal wounds make it fun, not the perpetual threat of looming death. Fort Knox? Three games' worth of killing wasn't enough to put Hitler's hordes down for good which probably means that if someone were to rank zombie persistence, they'd rank pretty high. Come up on one out the blue and your character could become panicked, severely limiting their accuracy and vision as you either choose quickly to fight or fly and/or die in the process. Want to learn more? You will also be able to find a generator trailer which is ideal when you want to power up a gas station where you need fuel. Left 4 Dead 2 is a comfortable middle ground that doesnt shirk the wonderful framework of the first game, but brings on just enough new content to keep it interesting and deserve a spot on our list of best zombie games on PC. Definitely not a map for beginners, Raven Creek will put your Zomboid skills to the test. Honestly? But if you're sick of never knowing the actual condition of your weapon without having to open your inventory up, give this mod a try. We also use cookies to analyse site traffic, personalise content and Even though there is more than one mod under this name, they all belong to the same creator and add various new animations to the game. Paste as plain text instead, Moreover, the conservative received a slew of new melee weapons to keep ammo conserved for real threats. That's about as far as I'd go with such a suggestion, though. As wave after wave of increasing and varied undead invade your yard, you must build and maintain your defenses with the utmost care to keep the brain munchers at bay. Plants vs. Zombies is a phenomenal game that has found fertile ground to plant its roots on numerous platforms. Whether were dealing with zombies by the truckload or in small nerve-wracking quantities, theres certainly a wide variety of good games that employ them. You will find tons of new types of hats, uniforms, clothes, and body armor. This ties in when a terrorist organization kidnaps the Presidents daughter and Leon is dispatched to find and rescue her. That's definitely one way to up the ante. I'm totally fine with the way this was presented in Dawn of the Dead (the original): a cocktail of antibiotics is given to someone in the hopes of delaying or curing the infection, but ultimately fails. Volatile zombies are almost invulnerable and will chase you if they see you until either you escape to a safe zone or they catch you and open you up. Will stall infection by 12 hours Requires training and numerous chemicals to craft(ONLY prevents you from dying you will still be very unhealthy so this isn't a reason to take more risks), Level 1 Suppressants(Uncommon)-Basic Suppressants-Much safer than makeshift suppressants but overdose is still dangerous-Stalls Infection by 24 hours(Will slightly reduce symptoms and keeps you alive), Level 2 Suppressants(Semi-Rare)-Advanced Suppressants-Even safer than Level 1 Suppressants, stalls infection by 36 hours(Heavily Reduces symptoms and keeps you alive), Level 3 Suppressants(Very Rare)-Highly Advanced Suppressants-100% safe(Don't overdose though)-Only a few samples got out-Stalls infection by 48 hours. Taking the story, foes and locations of the original, the developer ditched the fixed camera and tapped into a more action-focused combat system for the remake. Killing Floor had humble beginnings, but its fun and engaging mechanics have allowed the ZED-splattering co-op survival fest to spread its wings and soar. I still don't like it though. Project Zomboid is a novel answer to the often asked question. I'd prefer someone to put time and effort into porting the Willamette Mall from Dead Rising 1 in Project Zomboid, lol. If you're a fan of role-playing, this can add a lot to the realism of a character. If I remember correctly, this actually happened in World War Z (the book). The game forgoes the staple of fixed camera angles in favor of an over-the-shoulder camera and drops the tank gunfire for a much more intuitive gunplay mechanic where the player can carefully aim and place shots on enemy body parts and do more damage based on the part of the body hit. Here are some of the best zombie games on PC. At the time of this writing, there are over 400 craftable items in the game that allow for a multitude of weapons, clothing, tools, and building blocks for housing that allow players to create an experience all their own. He or she will get 1 24 hour suppressant to give them some extra time but after that they have to constantly search for drugs to keep them alive. When it comes to the horror world, its fair to say that zombies are a very well-tread topic. Character never dies because it never leaves, the supply never dwindles, players play on etc. On top of all of these new guns, there are also a bunch of new attachments that you can use in customizing your weapons to cater to your specific needs. If suppressants DO get added, a pretty tough trait would be adding an infected trait where the character is already infected with the zombie virus. All of these features are fully configurable, letting you adjust pretty much everything that this mod has to offer to your exact needs. (2a), If it came out just as the zombies overran the world, very few people would know about it. England is quickly overrun and the government desperately scrapes together the remnants of solders and special police to try to fight back the mutated dead. All rights reserved. Wed like to go ahead and pretend the series ends with Dead Space 2 because Dead Space 3 is little more than a spit in the eye of everything Dead Space 2 accomplished. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Also it would be fun to find fake vaccines in new survivors after the quarantine failed, like some big pharma company took advantage and made a "NEW VACCINE, PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN" so when a new NPC enters the city, they could carry the fake vaccine, giving hope for the new players thus making them cocky. The game factors in even the presence of running into zombies. By Clear editor. In a world where zombies have already ruined society as we know it, fringe groups have popped up all over the place, sometimes in the form of communities of survivors and often in the form of savages who will do, take, and kill anything to survive. Character never dies because it never leaves, the supply never dwindles, players play on etc.. No thanks. !-You can now toggle ZombrexMode allowing you to not have a 3% chance to become a zombie when taking Zombie-Gone.You can also toggle Hardcore Mode which means you only start with 1 cure pill period per account! Dead Space was a phenomenal sci-fi survival horror venture that introduced us to the terror of the Necromorphs for the first time. Otherwise, meh. Not only does Dead Rising 2 do well in ditching Frank for the much more emotionally sympathetic Chuck Greene, but it's a much more complex and grand step up over its predecessor. Theres a lot to be said for the Left 4 Dead series in general. Thats our list of the best zombie games on PC for now. A lot of games try a myriad of new things to varying effects and some play it entirely safe. Everything from the games announcer to the events being portrayed to the main characters themselves is boiled down into one of the most self-aware B-movie setups imaginable, making for an enjoyable game to anyone who has ever watched the likes of Peter Jacksons Braindead or Edgar Wrights Shaun of the Dead. Imagine the levels are suppressants, as I said, it'd get tedious repeating those levels again and again. (4a), It would be very fragile, meaning it would probably break in the situations of the apocalypse, before you even found any. In order to get inside, you will have to travel straight west from Rosewood until you reach a road sign that will indicate that the city is up ahead. Whether you like to choose your own traits when creating a character or simply hit the random button, having more traits at your disposal adds a lot of variety to the types of characters that you can make. I think w/o the infection PZ becomes more of a "don't get swarmed" game. The story of the game picks up with regular series character Agent G meeting up with a hot-headed cop, Detective Washington. Even if you're generally reticent to modern remakes, Resident Evil 2's is one you shouldn't overlook. Doesn't make much sense, when you're infected you're screwed anyway. What initially started as an Unreal Tournament mod in 2005 has certainly come a long way. Why make Project Zomboid the same as every other zombie game? Choosing the right ones to cater to your needs is easier said than done, so here are some of the top-rated mods that you should keep an eye out for. Together, these blatantly unlikely heroes take on the mad mastermind, Papa Caesar, to take down his terrifying zombie-infested operation. Hie fever was so bad that it actually was uncomfortable for his friend to touch him, scared of not knowing what to do he chucked him in a river in the hopes of cooling him down. However, be warned, there is a 3% chance that the suppression will instead make you a zombie, so be careful. Furthermore, the game allows players to join together and try to survive as they build their bastion of survival against the mad world around. Valve Corporation. Also it only lasts 12 hours. NEW UPDATES! Will you kill a trusted friends infected loved one before their very eyes or attempt to save a doomed life for their friendship and sanity? 7 Days to Die has gotten a lot of support from both fans and its development team and is constantly improving at a pace that not many other sandbox survival games can come close to. For some reason I'm reminded about a tale of a guy that got malaria once in the jungle. Whether its the several modes, the various plants and zombies, or the continuous and enjoyable actively puzzling challenge that the game provides, Plants vs. Zombies has become far more than the simple iOS game that it started out as, earning it a spot on our list of best zombie games on PC. Whine about badwrongfun all you like, I don't care. I know the devs have said they will NOT be adding a cure or vaccine, but I would like to see suppressants getting added. If the developers see it a different way, that's grand, maybe it can be a sandbox option. This has brought tens of thousands of new players into the fray, all eager to try and survive in this zombie-infested experience. Dead Islands zombies, while gruesome, were largely repetitive fodder between players and their next quest objective. Yes, there are definitely a lot of things going on in Call of Duty that have absolutely nothing to do with zombies and thats fine and dandy, but then theres Zombie Mode. In the vanilla game, you can engage in a game with up to six players as you attempt to fight off wave after wave of undead, eventually culminating in a fight with a boss-esque creature. The resourceful former Raccoon Police moved into the position of a government agent, answering directly to the President and aiding in affairs of biological terror defense. Rather than try to revamp the good, Left 4 Dead 2 left everything players loved about the game (outside of the original characters) in and instead opted to add more meaningful content to an already good thing. I can just see it as every day in your game running for medication rather then being able to do anything fun or varied. Workshop ID: 2625118162Mod ID: ZombieCure, Powered by - Designed with theHueman theme, If you liked this item, please rate it up on, If you need to bring out the big guns, you will also be able to find grenade and rocket launchers, even though finding ammo for them will prove quite difficult. Would you stay in the city and attempt to gather supplies as best as you could while trying to dodge the wealth of zombie activity or would you venture into the woods to try to build a settlement away from civilization in hopes of trying to keep only a minimal and manageable threat of zombie infection?