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He was an exalted cherub and thus held great pride over his power and position.

Parents Among the most prominent during his mission was slaying Lu-Kthu, the Birth-Womb of the Old Ones, who attempted to escape through a singularity before Samael unleashed a mighty swing of his hammer upon Lu-Kthu, smashing it against the surface of the singularity. He and Lucifer soon commissioned a grand and glorious palace known as Pandemonium to be built within the center of Hell. The Devil was impressed by his sheer bloodlust and ferocity but was also intrigued by his religious views as Vlad believed that if they continue to constantly kill in the name of God then He would finally present Himself before His flock as He would no longer be tolerant over the blood being spilled unto the lands. Despite Satan's banishment from the Heavenly plane, he was still allowed to roam the material world but in spirit form, and his actions that affect the human world are only to the extent of which God allows thus limiting his immeasurable power to acceptable levels. Satan is an unspeakably powerful being, so much so that he was specifically chosen by Lucifer to be his ultimate trump card during the War in Heaven. However, Cain would then go on to murder his brother Abel, bringing the world and humanity further down into sin, and granting Satan more authority and power to judge and punish them for their wickedness. Another was due to Lucifer's New World Order which involves the complete destruction of humanity but it was only when he realized that humanity would be reborn without being confined by predestination and thus free from sin and death that he betrayed Lucifer, unwilling to remain in a universe with mindless animals and was even willing to go so far as to shatter the Firmament in order to have Heaven collapse unto the Earth while it is connected to the four branches of creation thereby destroying creation as a whole, deeming God's creation unfit and tainted, promptly executing it for its corrupt system. death parade episode hell heaven anime elevator which reincarnation side know manga bowls competition billiards explained where episodes sent both Dracula (creation), Absalom (creation) According to Jesus, he states during his encounter with Satan that the light of the eyes of the Devil was like a flame that withers with heat and pierces with a deadly cold. Samael soon joined Lucifer's cause to usurp God's throne and take over Creation itself but Samael was mainly doing it for his own personal goals and that is to eradicate these humans. It is hinted that he also apparently did not want to kill some of his angelic brethren similarly to Lucifer, as rather than immediately rebelling, he tried everything to persuade his kin that humanity is evil and only rebelled after they made it perfectly clear that they will support mankind and he even went as far as to say that he wanted the angels to approve of his view of humanity when he spoke to the forces of the Dark Knight Initiative and became a kindred spirit to Lucifer as a result. Among these battles was the Roman-Persian wars, as the Romans and Persians would use what equipment and knowledge granted to them by Satan who was guised as a divine or well-respected figure amongst their ranks. Lucifer distracted Gadreel by conjuring stars in front of him, briefly disorienting the angel, which then had Lilith command Tanin'iver lunge at Gadreel and subduing him by the throat, preventing him from alerting the angels guarding the other gates. A deadly and Machiavellian being, he can also be extremely violent, vindictive, selfish, sinister, and egregiously malevolent, willing to wipe out anyone who stands in the way of his ambitions. He possesses an extremely wide array of abilities and a vast assortment of demonic weaponry, but he prefers to use his trident Anguis. His fall created a gargantuan crater and hole that would be called the circle of Treachery. Furthermore, these wars would, in a sense, aid the Illuminati's own silent battles against Prodigium, a secret society that was formed to fight the Illuminati as they became aware of the evil that moved the strings of emperors.

Knowing this, Lucifer had Lilith and her steed join the two fallen archangels on their quest to strike back at God and to pay back her debt to Lucifer for freeing her from Adam's presence. Because of this, some of the forces within the Dark Knight Initiative locate the woman and protect her from Lucifer's apocalyptic forces. While Satan was not against the destruction of the human race, he found Mundus' ambitions to be surpassing his own judgement and logic. When Satan returns, Anderson used his trump card, the Nail of Helena, which transforms him into a "Monster of God" according to Alucard. To the Devil, Jesus is no different than the mortals that roam the Earth. At some point in time, Satan and Eve eloped together. Race However, each time their efforts were thwarted and in vain as Satan proved to be a far more powerful opponent than they realized, and while Lucifer guided his forces, Satan did most of the work into bringing about the Apocalypse such as raising the four towers of Babel across the Four Corners of the World using the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Anderson all the while becomes unstable as the battle progresses, prompting Alucard to take it upon himself to kill Anderson. However, despite his goals of exposing humanity's wickedness to prove to God that they were inherently sinful, he will not harm innocent and righteous souls, going so far as to never permit them to be dragged or be brought unto Hell. Sparda then banished him back to the Inferno. The impact created a reaction which made the singularity collapse unto the Outer God and completely destroy it. At the climax, Lucifer resurrected The Beast by sacrificing seven of the most corrupt humans unto sinful lands, and the result of their blood soaking the sinful land awakened the Beast from beneath the roots of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which gave the Beast immense political power and influence over the minds of those that have been marked with the Mark of the Beast. During the battle, Satan pushed Alucard's regenerative abilities to their limit as he utterly brutalized the Vampire King, making it seem as though he had perished. While he was initially hostile towards Lilith due to the fact that she was human, she stated that her supposed one purpose in existence to be subservient to Adam is nothing but a farce, a blindfold to keep her from finding and achieving a higher goal. Since conquering Hell, he not only rules over the fallen angels, but also the demons that were native to the Abyss. And lastly upon the third temptation, the devil takes Jesus to a high place, which is explicitly identified as a very high mountain, where all the kingdoms of the world can be seen.

At first he was doing well, only for Satan to then assume his corrupted Celestial Spark: a Great Red Dragon with seven heads, ten horns, seven crowns, and a massive tail that knocks "a third of the sun a third of the moon, and a third of the stars" out the sky. After a while, Satan reveals himself before Lucifer, who was fresh out of his fight with Dante and Vergil, stabbing him and taking all his divine power for himself, restoring him to his former angelic glory.

Seeing that she was far enough, the Woman gave birth to a boy with "Immanuel's" aid, his cries repelling the demons and is taken to safety. He was the second to awaken to Lucifer's call when the Morning Star summoned his fallen brethren after their own respective falls from Paradise, although in Samael's case he had to climb the unfashioned darkness and the furious flapping of his wings to maintain his momentum created powerful gusts of wind that soon cooled off the fiery impact crater which would become the icy winds of the Ninth Circle. This would explain why he is sometimes depicted as having three heads in his imprisonment, showing that after his fall his appearance as a Cherubim became highly twisted and corrupted. Instead of judging them, he accused them, declaring to God that these creatures are flawed and murderous and that they are not worthy of being likened in His image. Because of this, God stripped Samael of his status and cast him down from the Holy Mountain. Despite his defeat and imprisonment by Sparda, Satan still had more than enough power and influence to project his astral self unto the human world. His banishment consisted of conjuring a powerful binding spell that tied the princes' to their respective circles and prevent them from going any further near the physical world. However, over the course of their endeavors, Satan realized that after Lucifer's remaking of creation in order to rid existence of predestination, he will allow the humans to remain. Temptation of Christ (Art by TessasART94). This gave Satan and Lilith the opportunity to sneak into the Garden of Eden undetected. God (Father), Asherah (Mother) Satan replies by urging Yahweh to let him torture Job, promising that Job will abandon his faith at the first tribulation. However, even then, Satan was too much for them and defeated them both while grievously wounding Anderson in the process. Showing all these powerful and mighty kingdoms to Jesus, Satan promises to give them all to him but only if he will bow down and worship him. Even when facing the combined might of Dante and Vergil, he hardly put any effort into his combat prowess against them, clearly demonstrating the sheer power gap between him and the Sons of Sparda. He is praised for being the second most powerful being in the Inferno next to Lucifer himself and rivaling the Morning Star as well.

He is a malevolent force that works behind the scenes, animating division and hatred between humans. Being an arbiter, as well as extremely intelligent and divinely wise due to his former celestial status, Satan had unparalleled insight into humanity's darker traits, which is something no other angel had and not even the arbiter angels themselves, apart from Lucifer and God. Indeed, even the devil hunter Dante exhibited tension when first learning of him. Contrary to popular belief, Satan does not deceive humans (though he does manipulate their lives in some fashion), he states that he only instigates them by nurturing their primal instincts and "gives them a push" when they come to a breaking point, seeing how strong their willpower is. Aliases After his fall from grace, he wields immeasurable supernatural power and the level of his power is the same as it was when he was in Heaven, but it was fairly weakened after being confined in Hell.

Siblings The sons of Sparda and Satan engage in a monstrous battle with Dante nearly losing his life only to assume an incredibly powerful transformation that turns the tides. Vlad Tepes was viewed by Satan as the violent side of his Father's worship and that he embodied the unforgiving violent nature of His so-called "perfect" creations. The chains of Judecca that confined Satan into the Ninth Circle of Hell were connected with the seals that kept Lucifer in his tomb. He also praised Dante and Vergil's power despite overpowering them and that they should be proud and was impressed by Alexander Anderson's tenacity to bring him down despite only being human. But when faced against an opponent that is beneath him, he expresses his disappointment by quickly destroying them. However, Satan also was alerted by the presence of Yhoundeh, posing as a foreign Elk-Goddess, but is in actuality one of the Old Ones. He is called the Adversary due to the fact that he is "anti-everything", working through lies to drag humanity back into darkness and disorder. Taunting the vampire, he tells him that he only battles for death and not for God, and so God has once again abandoned him and will not grant him death, instead, Satan will oblige.

After the creation of Heaven, Samael became an exalted cherub for his power and status, second or even on par with Lucifer himself. This also would benefit Lucifer as he knew that Adam and Eve are tied to the puppet strings of his father and by granting them the knowledge of good and evil, they would have independent thought and free-will to make their own choices; freedom from control. Even after his imprisonment by Sparda and Gabriel, Satan was still able to project his astral self into the mortal realm. Samael, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Mastema, Iblis, Dis, Pluto, Antares, Nicholas Scratch, Pol Gornek, Old Nick, Old Scratch, Diablos, Perkele Satan and his allies went through great lengths to acquire the needed components to bring about Lucifer's New World Order. Pantheon The Initiative fend of Lucifer's soldiers as they attempt to protect the Woman from Satan while the latter pursues her, effortlessly brushing off any opposing obstacle in his way. Satan's loyalty is only to those that can be more useful to him than others, as he only aided the Illuminati primarily because several members shared Satan's own sadistically romantic view of judgement and war (the position that war serves a purpose of bettering individuals, and demands human sacrifices). He chose the title of "Satan" as a declaration that he will be the ultimate enemy of mankind; their accuser.

He first shows Jesus a stone and tells him to turn it into bread. Through the first murder ever committed on Earth by his own son Cain, the spread of darkness and corruption would forever hold onto the spirits of humanity. Among this repairing was him banishing the Prime Evils as they lay dormant within what remains of the Abyss. Unfortunately, Satan feigned defeat by Alucard's hands, seeing it as nuisance at this point, after he noticed Lucifer's ascension into his former divine state which finally culminated in his secret betrayal against Lucifer. It was not until God introduced humanity that he began to change. Controlling the mind of the serpent, he began to seduce Eve, the mother of humanity, into eating the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which will grant them everlasting life and exalt themselves atop of the Mountain of God next to the Most High. Samael saw the evils that mankind would bring while God would simply sit back on His throne and not raise His hand and as a result, feeling that His time of being ruler would only make creation fall into chaos. He was even able to break Jesus' will when the Son of God descended to Hell instead of Heave, exploiting his weaknesses for being a man and such weaknesses lead to damnation that is until Jesus embraced his flaws as a man in spirit and mind before ascending to Heaven. Samael ended up mating with Sin who in turn gave birth to Death though Samael, for some odd reason, could not recall these events. He then had Satan summon Gog and Magog from one side of the planet to attack the opposing forces of humanity that were attempting to bring down one of the towers and had a rebel angel unleash the Euphrates Army on the other. Before all of this, his thoughts of rebellion resulted in the birth of Sin who sprung forth from his head like a bastardized parody of Athena's birth from Zeus' head. Ariel subdued Samael by one arm while Hasmed subdued him by the other arm, giving Abdiel an opening for him to drive his sword into his chest. Enraged, Satan threatens to destroy him as he possesses the body of a mere man, but Jesus again repels him with his words, and were words that held the Speech of God, which prevents Satan from even touching Jesus.

Hence, even after revealing himself and his motives to the resistance, Satan proclaimed to be not just the "God of this World" but also the "real world" meaning he is about as real as the ground the humans can feel and thus his words hold truth and realism to it, and was still quite persuasive in presenting his viewpoints (him not actually being their enemy, and humanity being inherently malevolent and destructive even without his influence), to the point that it gave even the some of the determined heads of the organizations some pause before they could even respond. An adult Jesus strolls through the desert during his forty days of fasting, which is quite risky given that the desert was seen as outside the bounds of society and as the home of demons such as Azazel. Moreover, Satan's lies and illusions live on and are sowed in the souls and hearts of man and beast, who have inherited the world, and take shape in men as the fear of death through Lucifer's machinations of having exploited Cain's fear of death and thereby nurturing his inner instincts of inheriting Satan's traits by damning his descendants with the fear of death which would lead to immoral crimes. Another testament to his power is when he actually stripped Alucard of all the power that he granted him when the Vampire King was at death's door during his time as a human, before eventually fatally wounding him and devouring him.

The satan in the Old Testament is a possible tie-in to the Satan of the New Testament. The plan succeeded as Adam and Eve gave into temptation by eating the fruit, cutting them off from a singular thought process and experiencing all sorts of emotions at once, the first of which was shame upon seeing that they were naked. However, despite his hatred for humanity, the only human he would allow himself to elope with was Eve.

Satan only sees the worst of humanity, for despite performing several good deeds he states that once they begin to sin they slowly consume themselves with their own misdeeds and intoxicate themselves with each sin they commit leading them to becoming some of the worst individuals in human history. However, it was not until he meets Dante and Vergil that things became personal, recognizing the two as the sons of the very demon who defeated him all those centuries ago. In fact, during the battles against the opposing forces of Earth, the Devil was in a constant state of boredom as no one was strong enough to actually make him put effort into his combat prowess. Samael was known to be strict, blunt, and straightforward with Raphael describing his tongue as a "venomous sting" which relates to the meaning behind his name as the Venom of God. Lilith, Eve (formerly), Sin (formerly), Naamah, Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat Bat Mahlat, several Witches

Lilith, in the form of an owl, would whisper words of power, doubt, independence, and self-reflection into Eve's eat as an owl, coaxing her enough for Satan, who possesses a Serpent, to deceive Eve. Satan as the Great Red Dragon confronting Sparda in his Ultimate Devil Trigger (Art by Chugong).

Afterward, Sparda finally confronted the Great Red Dragon himself.

However, before a victor could be decided, Dante falls from exhaustion, and Satan continues his pursuit of the Woman who is now in labor. With each of the seals broken, a chain link would snap, heralding Satan's inevitable release. Afterwards, Samael joined forced with Lucifer alongside Beelzebub and war in Heaven soon broke out with Lucifer leading the charge, Beelzebub acting as his second-in-command and Samael being his trump card. After a long and hard-fought battle, Sparda defeated the King of Hell, and he fell upon his own stronghold, destroying the volcanic mountains in his fall from his sheer size as a great dragon. He can also find use in humans like Vlad Tepes, later known as Dracula, finding the Voivode of Wallachia's view on God and faith interesting and coincides with his own personal views, thus having him turned into his ultimate weapon to spread these beliefs through terrible actions. After the universe's full and proper restoration, Samael was then tasked by his Mother, Asherah, to accompany his siblings in the search for any remaining Ogdru Hem that managed to flee from their wrath. As the progenitor of demons, no other demon or fallen angel is capable of matching his power, but there are very few possible exceptions.

Through the corruption of the surviving Hyperboreans, Satan was also the spiritual ruler of the empires that would come after, with chief among them being the Roman Empire. Satan, alongside Lucifer and Beelzebub, fought the Prime Evils with Satan personally battling Tor'Baalos, the Second of the Evils. Samael used the momentum of his hammer to toss Ariel into Hasmed before knocking the two angels away with his hammer. Since the ninth century, Satan has sometimes been shown with horns, cloven hooves, hairy legs, and a tail, often naked and holding a pitchfork, an amalgam of traits derived from various pagan deities includingPan,Poseidon, andBes, though he is fully able to completely alter his physical appearance. At that time, Satan employed the service of Artorias the Abysswalker and one of the Vassals of the Morning Star to be his lieutenant and prepare his legions. This temptation is seen as a form of acceptance towards the adulation of the crowds, assume leadership of the nation to overthrow Roman rule, take the crown of his own nation, and from there initiate the kingdom of God on earth.

However, he was not truly the god of the world at the time when Rahab, the Angel of the Sea, held dominion over the oceans which infuriated Satan. Satan was also in league with the Illuminati, who made their abode within Roman Empire and using said empire's resources to plant the seeds that will lead to the inevitable New World Order.

Contemplating on this, Sin relents and allows them to leave. While he did hold the most power over the Roman Empire he nonetheless held sway over almost all the superpowers of Earth all those many centuries ago. Satan is a deceptive genius who can expertly hide it under a persuasive faade of calmness and perceptiveness, as well as his persuasive rhetoric, with Satan also usually not desiring to fight individuals who could be useful to him otherwise, like Alucard and John Constantine. With the Evils out of the way, he and his fallen brothers conquered Hell alongside the original Princes of Hell and made it his domain. Satan He and the Almighty removed the Abyss and its inhabitants from God's space of creation, placing it well below the realm which borders the light itself. He was able to meet up with his two prominent cohorts and brothers, Beelzebub and Lucifer. Samael was given a great hammer by God, used to mend the broken infrastructure of the universe. Satan is a phenomenal demagogue, with his influence over the political power of Hell and Earth, resulting in the creation of several empires that that became his Earthly kingdoms with the Roman Empire being the more notable one; the usage of divinely wise and seemingly rational arguments making Satan's method even more effective. However, these brutish traits are not to be confused for stupidity and he has given praise and respect towards individuals that are much stronger than he originally believed. As such, he awaited for the coming of the Conjunction and when it began, Mundus had Mulciber craft the Seven Gates of Hell across the seven continents of the world. Using such crafts only increased the development and advancement of the empires which in turn also had them expand their territories through the continents. Satan was utterly defeated, and in a final vain attempt to attack, the archangels quickly set upon him and crippled him when Michael hewed his feet from under him and cast him upon his face. He is again faced with more resistance, this time from the young devil hunter Nero who is soundly defeated by the Great Dragon. Satan was tasked with finding the Woman of the Apocalypse, who is clothed in the sun, with a crown of twelve stars, and has the moon under her feet. The Dark Knight Initiative fought an arduous and extremely difficult battle against the apocalyptic power of the Beast with the monster only growing more powerful as time passed.