hoi4 romania strategy


The player should do so and then pick the Puppet Bulgaria focus. Thanks for the response. Shortly after that, one of the best events in the game will fire. Historical focuses are also assumed to be enabled. Within a year your divisions will be veterans and will melt through anything. On research: your 1st reserach slot should always be a military doctrine, for this path Superior Firepower is recommended, then industrial and electronic researches. Set Garrison equipment to high priority. Germany alone would still have more manpower and industry than Romania, so waiting to build up a stronger army is out of the question. The IJN will likely intercept one of the invasions, but the other one will be able to land.

Meanwhile, after the fascists come to power, the player might want to send some volunteers to Nationalist Spain to help them win the Spanish civil war (getting Madrid and Barcelona right after that is the fastest way) and get a strong axis ally in future. Romania has few civilian factories to start with, and they'll be busy covering for the king's expenses most of the time, but the Soviet border must be fortified well. Air superiority is a must. Regions who despite being part of Austria-Hungary had a Romanian majority. The final step in the first phase should be entering a war with the Soviet Union. When Germany invaded Poland, they decided not to activate their alliance with Romania in order to use the neutral state on their borders to ship in Allied troops and supplies. After you defeat USSR and take most of the land, take some time to pacify the region, then leave the Axis and declare war on Germany to take the other half of Europe. At this point, it is wise to have saved up political power as you have to place claims on all provinces in Yugoslavia. Once every other country has been conquered, China can finally be annexed. While you play the Yugoslav game, keep building your army. Between the exclusive focuses "MALAXA" and "Invite Foreign Motor Companies" pick "MALAXA". First, how does your focus approach get rid of King Carol? The Romanian Navy consists of 4 Destroyers and 1 submarine. Romania is now a superpower with hegemony over Afro-Eurasia, and with the three aggressive factions out of the picture, the player can rightfully claim victory. If you don't want to read the guide just jump to the bottom for my exact questions. Just have 2-4 main attacking divisions of tanks. At this point, Romania will have become an industrial and military great power. With the reordered focuses and ignoring the czech I've not had any issue joining.

When the soviets are weak enough u can attack and go for the oil or whatever u want to conquer. The player should also begin building armoured divisions once the infantry divisions are sufficiently up to strength. Additionally, you can train the Air Force and the Navy as well. Still, at least one puppet is necessary for proper defence against the Soviets. Neutrality is sometimes viewed as a craven stance, but this nation trusts that when the dust settles, those who didn't take sides may be better off than those who did. When you reach 750.000 field units, go for Split Czechoslovakia and improve relationship with Germany, hopefully it's before 1938 when they take it anyway. Coordinating claims will minimize the PP cost too. Both in real history and the game when controlled by AI, Romania ends up fighting in the war as Germany's eastern sidekick. Without the expansion, Romania utilizes the Generic national focus tree instead. It's nearly impossible to beat the su alone so you should join the axis, give up bresserabia, may build some forts behind ur river and wait a little moment when ger declares on the su. Just don't go overboard and make sure you actually have some real combat divisions ready with equipment. They have some tungsten but not a lot and all other resources Greece has you'll get from conquering Hungary with a collab government) -> (skip Czechoslovakia Focus) -> Govt branch(fascist) until force abdication (join axis at some point, just remember to get divisions from puppets to guard your ports) -> Whatever focus I want to increase fighting effectiveness, either economy or army trees usually. At that point, it should be easy to push through the remaining Soviet troops and occupy the Russian heartlands. Romania, along with three other nations situated between Germany and the Soviet Union, gets a unique national focus tree as part of the Death or Dishonor expansion. Regardless, most of the time the player will need to invade Hungary and annex them. Romania is a country located in the north-eastern Balkans. If you could get a better deal out of them such as Croatia or Dalmatia as well that would be great, but it depends on the AI's claims. The air force will be given proper attention later. I also have stability problems by the time 1940 comes around. Remember infantry are the worst to attack with. During all this time claiming, I already finished the Hungary focus and have the war goal. A faction should be created with Finland so that they don't sign a negotiated peace. 2. If it all goes well, Germany will be cut off from Soviet lands, and they'll also be facing ~50 encircled Red Army divisions that they'll clean up for the player. As the Soviets suffer casualties in the millions attacking the Romanian borders, the Romanian army should be no worse for the wear. Romania is going to be very offensive on this path, so Field Marshal Petre Dumitrescu and Generals Constantin Sanatescu & Gheorghe Avramescu are recommended. 22.

Once that is done and the Fortify the Borders focus is complete, level 4 forts should be built all along the Soviet and Polish borders (more than that will dissuade the Soviets from attacking, which is not ideal). With the entire Balkans conquered, there will be no more manpower requirement on focuses, so the basic infantry division can now be edited to replace two infantry regiments with artillery ones.

Romania has several unique names and appearances for various technologies and equipment, listed here. 20 new divisions must be queued up for training, and they should be given high equipment priority. The new regime firmly set the country towards the Axis, joining the Axis in November 1940 and entering the war in June 1941 against the Soviet Union under the pretext of recovering northern Bukovina and Bessarabia. 4. They might offer a "friendship treaty", but the player must deny it if it happens. Build 2 tank divisions and use the pincer movement to encircle the enemy. Rinse and repeat. Since you are non-aligned and there's over 50% world tension, you are free to declare war on the United Kingdom or the United States, even on Japan and China. Every army not participating in the invasion should be preparing for an offensive against Japan's Chinese lands. Since you can invade Greece and Turkey via focus tree, the Allies won't guarantee them, so you can actually with the "Battle for the Bosporus" as Romania, but you need to turn all those cavalry divisions into a fully fledged fighting force first. The other armies should be placed on the front-line in Moldova. Once the player has around 500 divisions in the field, and Germany has released Reichsprotekorates from its occupied countries, the time will have finally come to face the Axis, so war should be justified against Germany. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Getting Carol out 70 days earlier will help more than an extra puppet IMO. 14. 14/4 aren't as good as they were before, I'd recommend 7/2 or 10/0 with sup. The next focus that is recommended is the Militarism focus which increases the player's Recruitable Population up to 5%. Sorry for the wall of text but I'd appreciate any feedback. During the peace treaty, the player should first annex Japan's puppets, as the Allies will prefer setting up democracies there to taking provinces directly. He has caused considerable scandals in the past, and will likely continue to do so unless he is replaced or shown the error of his ways. On the focus tree, after "The Royal Foundation" go for "Balkans Dominance" and go down on the industrial branch all the way to "Hunedoara Steel Works" & "Invest in the IAR". On the production tab, move a lot of the production from guns to support equipment and artillery as well so you can catch up and be able to build better offensive divisions. Thank you for sharing your ideas and I'm going to try some of them tomorrow in my next game! (Trying not to cede Bessarabia as I'm going for the achievement; I guess it's essential to be jn the axis by that point?).

In exchange for promises of significant territorial expansion, Romania sided with France and the United Kingdom in 1916. 25. Instead, they should be given to a puppet-like Bulgaria. Its seems like an effective way to get the axis(assuming Hungary and Romania join as players) all of Yugoslavia for only PP and some garrisons. With a sweep to the south-eastern victory points of Adana and Gaziantep, Turkey will capitulate, and can be fully annexed. The Hungarians are much more likely to put up a fight, and it is quite rare that they submit willingly. Your military factories should produce guns that allow you to train cavalry regiments. Romania guarantees the independence of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Greece and is itself guaranteed by France and Czechoslovakia. During the Bulgarian war the player should start justifying a war goal against Greece as well and after Bulgaria is done - grab Greece (Greece is rather weak and has a nice deposit of the needed steel to produce some equipment for the player's army). Anti-air emplacements should also be built in the Eastern Balkans and Northern Balkans regions, as Romania's air force will not be able to stand up to its Soviet counterpart when the war comes. Thankfully, naval power is not needed until much later - the fleet can stay safely in port at Constanta for the next 5-6 years, during which submarines and destroyers should be built for it with the available shipyards. With the war's end the pre-eminent powers (United States, France and United Kingdom) largely broke with their promises to lesser allies. Puppet Greece rather than Annex, the effort to occupy and garrison ports is not worth it. Further down the road, Romania can change its ideology yet again based on what king of government King Carol II decides to install: a loyalist government leading to greater support for the king and stronger Sentinels of the Motherland paramilitary units, a communist cabinet leading to the establishment of Securitate, a fascist government leading to the installment of the Iron Guard or the restoration of democracy under a pro-Allied government. That will mean that Romanians no longer have to serve in the army, and the conscription laws can be brought down to limited conscription, removing any debuffs from those laws. Switching to partial mobilization and Agrarian Reform will help but really, you are going to be building slow anyways. However, Romania should not take the two provinces bordering the Soviets, as an extra front might be too much for the army to handle. It might be possible to actually take lands from France in the peace conference. The whole army group should be placed at the Hungarian border and given an offensive line order. Finland will be forced to capitulate sooner or later, but that is no issue. 19. Eventually the Polish army brigades and government evacuated through Romania to France and thence to United Kingdom. Since there are 4 powers against one, they are most likely to submit without a fight. Romania starts without any allies and belonging to no faction. As concerns airpower, the two fighter squadrons should be combined into one. The contribution of Romania was significant as it provided oil for Germany and over a million men for Operation Barbarossa. As Romania, own a slice of all your starting neighbors. Afterwards, focus on Bulgaria. You will also be able to regain any of the territory lost in the partitioning of Yugoslavia. But why stop here? Hungary should be the only nation that you invite when using the decision. PDXCON The player will simply have to hold the line long enough for the Red Army to exhaust its reserves of manpower and equipment. Due to its web of alliances formed in the interwar years: Little Entente, Polish-Romanian Alliance and Balkan Pact; depending on the actions of its neighbours, Romania can alternatively join the Entente if France follows the "Confirm Eastern Commitments" path, the Czech Entente should Czechoslovakia follow the "An Entente of Our Own" path or the Balkan Entete should Turkey follow the "Continue to Prioritize Balkan Integrity" path. 13. Historically, it happened in 1938, however, the player can institute it as soon as 1936. The next focus should be Align Hungary. At the last second, after all Yugo provinces have been claimed by myself or Hungary, I'll invite Italy and Germany, but send the finishing decision before they have time to invest PP in claiming any part of Yugoslavia. In return for the territorial losses, King Carol II gained Hitler's guarantee but it also caused the popularity of the government to plummet, further reinforcing the fascist and military factions who eventually staged a coup that turned Romania into a fascist dictatorship under Marshal Ion Antonescu and forced King Carol II to abdicate. Its other three neighbors are the Soviet Union who will soon purge most of their command, Czechoslovakia who has far greater concerns, and Poland who is friendly but will soon be invaded by Germany. In July 1940 the Soviet Union demanded that Romania cede northern Bukovina and Bessarabia, Romania accepted. More planes? Unfortunately, these national spirits are permanent, even if Italy and Germany are destroyed. You can now order the army you already have to train and unpause the game. The first focus should be Institute Royal Dictatorship. Japan will have likely taken over China and started fighting the Allies, but their army will be equal or weaker to Romania's, so they make for a prime next target. Almost always, the Bulgarians will give up their independence without a fight, but if they decide to fight, it should be easy to conquer them. Set them to high equipment priority and just deploy them at 20% training. However the Allies would not provide troops and supplies. If everything is done correctly (if the player selected the historical AI focus), by mid-1939, close to world war II, they will have the Bulgarian and Greece territories, adequate equipment, access to the Mediterranean sea and the opportunity to go to war with Yugoslavia or Turkey to expand much faster. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The initial order of assigning laws and advisors should be: Once these are assigned, the player should devote political power to increasing stability and war support and removing all traces of democracy, fascism and communism from the country. The entire division will be sharing a gun but its fine. This must be done as soon as possible as waiting too long might result in a German invasion of the USSR before Romania is ready to invade. You can't go head on with infantry against the su. The Romanian Air Force consists of 72 Interwar Fighters. 26. 24. 16. The Soviets will heavily bomb the Romanian industry, but that cannot be prevented. Yugoslavia Decision Strat: Since the Yugoslavia focus opens a decision that lets you split Yugo with any of Hungary, Germany, or Italy, my tactic is to invite only Hungary, then split Yugo with them by investing PP.

The game doesn't set this by default for some dumb reason but I digress. Because of this, the player can easily switch between what ideology he deems fit for the moment and allows Romania to have a truly flexible foreign policy. Whether it's Italy or Hungary, you will want to give them Vojvodina, Croatia, Slovenia, Dalmatia and Hertegovina while keeping the rest. As the war begins, it might take a while for the enemy to begin mounting attacks, but they eventually will. Note that generic names are not listed. Both the Soviet Union and Germany will soon demand territories from Romania. The Romanian air force will have to defend the Eastern Balkans region to prevent the forts there from being destroyed. The next step is to develop the player's civilian industry and to get an " extra research slot through the industrial effort focus. To preserve this territory, Romania would become part of the Little Entente with Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in 1920 and form a separate alliance with Poland who refused to become part of the Little Entente due to territorial conflict with Czechoslovakia. The three army groups on the German border should then go on the offensive, and Germany will soon capitulate.