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Today, these are open to the public and used as venues for concerts and official banquets. A perfect way to get an overview of things to do in Bergen.

Click here to book a Best Views of Bergen Segway Tour. If you like seeing the entire city from above, you should take a funicular called Flibanen up to the top of Mount Flyen. There is a lot of seating available, but it can be quite busy during the main lunch/dinner hours. Check out all you need to know about Norway fjords here.

In 1985 the discreet, 200-seater Troldsalen auditorium was built at the site, while a decade later a museum building was added with an exhibition about Griegs life and music. One of the most spectacular offers for people interested in a more extensive voyage is Hurtigruten. How to visit the breathtaking Troll's tongue from Bergen. Additional reading for your journey: Also visiting Stockholm or Helsinki?

Looking for things to do in Bergen? The rebuilt church is a memorable sight, even of little of the original monument could be salvaged, except for the gold cross on the altar, a relic on one wall and a historic stone cross brought here from the Sola municipality. There are plenty of things to do on top of the mountains, like guided hiking tours, bike rental, zipline and other activities. Some of the places worth visiting are: There are many more places to drink wine in Bergen. check out these top 10 things to do in Bergen. Venturing out to see the fjords is something that every tourist should include in their itinerary. And two, Flyen and Mount Ulriken have a funicular or cable car waiting to lift you to the summit. KODE 2 is a contemporary art museum which at the time of writing had an exhibition for Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota. Its wine cannot be compared to the worlds best wines, but it has its own special taste. A past seat of the Hanseatic League, Bergen still plays an important economic and cultural role as the picturesque city in between the seven mountains and breathtaking fjords. Check out this useful article withtop five things to do with kids in Bergen. When you arrive you can stand at the Flytrappene and revel in the views over Bergen, looking over the fjords and water traffic making its way to and from the North Sea. oad trip through Norwegian fjords and mountains, Lake Constance: Discover 4 Countries in One Trip, 36 Beach Drinks to Order at All-Inclusive Resorts, One of the most popular museums in Bergen is, Another interesting museum in Bergen is the, As Bergen is a seaport and was one of the major cities in Hansa trade, it is worth visiting the, A very unusual museum in Bergen that I recommend visiting is the.

Flyenor Mt. This cruise sets off from Bergen daily and travels all the way along the Norwegian coast to its northernmost point. The original building was built about 1150 in Fortun, a small village located 250 km from Bergen. The Vidden Trail is one of Bergens most rewarding day hikes. Since 1872 there has been a museum here, documenting the 400-year history of the German merchants guilds association with Bergen from around 1350 to 1750. Planning and preparing to go travelling is the boring part, but it has to be done and can have a huge impact on the success of your travels. Close to the market square, you will see multiple wooden houses standing in a row. Mount Flyen and the Flibanen Funicular. In the 1740s the towers upper levels became a gunpowder magazine, and would remain so until the 1930s. Photo: Visit Bergen / Casper Steinsland - In the hard times in Norway, the church started falling apart, and the villagers took the wooden planks for their farms. If you are not going to stay in Bergen for your entire vacation, I highly recommend you rent a car and make a road trip through Norwegian fjords and mountains. Nearly all of the stations are centred on the topics of energy, the ocean and the weather. She has written about travel and food for over 20 years and has visited 70+ countries. Bergen is a great starting point forfjord toursandday trips. In Bergen, you can visit a very unusual church, which is called the Fantoft Stave Church. The outdoor markets opening hours contract in the winter, when it is only open on weekends, but in summer you have to pop by any day to be amazed by the full bounty loaded ashore from the North Sea. Bergen is famous for its unique charm and atmosphere exploring the city is a must. Youll be blown away by the beauty in this small town and just how easy it is to enjoy it. Do it the easy way with our guides: Travel Packing List | Why You Need Travel Insurance | What to Do Before You Leave Home. Use this tool to build your own journey or choose from an exciting range of specially selected tours. Bergen is also the closest city for the hike to Trolltunga. Have a look at the villa, see Griegs personal Steinway piano, visit his gravesite, or listen to his music in one of the many concerts put on in the concert hall located on the property.

It is probably the most popular place to visit in Bergen and although there isnt much foot traffic in the photo above, believe me that it can get really busy here. Built in 1885, the Troldhaugen was the home of Norways most famous composer, Edvard Grieg, and his wife. See our list of some of the many things to see and do in this spectacular landscape. These activities will make your time in Bergen a dream. All you need to know about the fjords in Norway. Its not as impressive looking as some medieval fortresses, but its still a commanding presence on the waterfront in Bergen and worth a look up close. At the innermost quay on Vgen bay is the spot where fishermen have been trading their catch since the 13th century. Bryggen is a World Heritage Site and is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions. One of the unique expressions of the Norwegian national heritage can be seen in the careful ornamentation of the stave churches, ranging from simple, spartan constructions to the dizzyingly complex. However, there is a large selection of fjord tours available, so take your time selecting the one that will meet your needs. Visitors from all over the world have just one complaint when they leave: that their stay didnt last longer! top five things to do with kids in Bergen. bergen county things 23rd september week linkedin reddit email google Take a trip to the outdoor Fish Market in the middle of the city centre to experience the lively atmosphere and the colourful selection of treasures of the sea. It is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere of the old town of Bergen, feeling like youre in the times of active trade with colorful wooden houses surrounding you, and traders trying to prove that their fish is the best.

One of the other best places to go hiking is in the Husedalen Valley, or Waterfalls Valley, as the tourists named it.

Take Flibanen back down, enjoy a leisurely walk down the mountainside, or go on a hike further into the mountains. Its a quick walk from the downtown center to the funicular. Bergen also offers several differentguided tours on foot, by bus, with sightseeing, seaplane or segway. The hike is about 13 kilometers and takes about 5 hours to complete. Functioning as the royal palace when Bergen was still the capital of Norway, until about 1300, the Fortress contains some of the best-preserved secular buildings in the country, including Haakons Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower. It is a former busy trading port, with the old historic marina to show for it. As the street art is always in flux, its best to visit this website (can be translated into English using Google translate) to see where some of the best murals are located before your visit. In summer, you can enjoy the sun and relax on a beach in the warm weather, while in winter you can experience very low temperatures, too cold even to go skiing. Across the Damsgrdssundet (Damsgrd Sound) is what may be the finest wooden Rococo mansion in the world. Norways second city was the home of kings in the Middle Ages and a trading post for the Hanseatic League. On the same ticket you can go inside Schtstuene a brief walk to the rear of Bryggen, assembly halls for the Hanseatic League, with meeting rooms, banquet halls and courtrooms. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with 300,000 people situated on the west side of the country, on the peninsula of Bergenshalvyen, near the picturesque Byfjorden, a 15-kilometre (9.3 mi) long fjord that separates the island of Asky from the Bergen Peninsula. Kids can become a TV presenter to give a weather forecast, steer a container ship, drill for oil and go upside down on the G-Force, a bicycle on a track that does a complete loop. Join a guided tour of Bergen city or the fjords. After hitting the top, hardy walkers can continue their adventure on the Vidden Trail to Flyen. Round off the day with a meal and a cultural event at one of the citys many venues, like Cornelius Sjmatrestaurant, Colonialen or Lysverket. If you are a young adult or travelling to Bergen with a group of friends, check out these7 tips on things to do in Bergen with friends. The highest of Bergens seven mountains crests at 643 metres, and like Flyen theres an easy way to reach the top.

From there you can scramble over rocky trails with constant view of Bergen and its fjords. The oldest building in Bergen is by the Schtstuene behind Bryggen and is an unusual example of Romanesque architecture in Norway.

Just 150 metres from Bryggen you can catch a funicular launching you to near the top of the 425-metre Flyen mountain in no time at all. In display cases are Medieval weights, pieces of jewellery and a wealth of runic inscriptions etched into wood. This row of crooked, colorful houses is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, despite the fact that the buildings are not original.

Stroll through the narrow alleyways and experience life back in the 1300s, a sense of drudgery, feast and celebration. Some of the best places to stay in Bergen include: I hope this article has piqued your interest in visiting this exciting and beautiful town. In fact, no other church in Norway has a western facade like this, with square, unadorned towers and semicircular windows typical of the Romanesque style. If you prefer a challenge you can hike up via a system of trails, and the route most travelled begins at Montana, which can be reached on the no. Source: Solomiya Trylovska / shutterstock. In the row, youll find traditional restaurants, several museums, and souvenir shops. Once at the top, you are free to enjoy spectacular views of Bergen and the surrounding landscape. Not sure which fjord to choose or which fjord cruise is really the best?

Hi there! They are at the core of the museum, which has been built around the 900-year-old foundations that were uncovered. Being a Nordic country, the climate in Bergen changes a lot during the year. The churchs greatest treasure though is its altarpiece, carved in the Hanseatic capital, Lbeck in the 15th century. Once the largest city in the Nordic countries, and the capital of Norway throughout some of the countrys most influential periods, Bergen is today the second-largest city in the country. Norway is the best place according to me. You can catch the Bergen Light Rail down to this reconstructed timber stave church a few kilometres south of the city centre. Visitors now come to scale the dark, narrow staircase to gaze over Vgen bay from the roof. The triptych shows the Madonna with Child at the centre, flanked by St Olav and St Antony on the right and St Catharine and St Dorothy on the left. Bryggen is included on Unescos list of World Heritage and is one of Bergens most popular attractions. Your email address will not be published. Walk along constructed streets, with authentic buildings on either side, and experience the distinct atmosphere of the old city streets. Buy online in advance to get a small discount and avoid the lines at the station. The tour is available all year. Explore local traditions and history at museums and galleries. Named Troldhauden (Troll Hill), the house was designed by Griegs cousin Schak Bull, and was completed in 1885. On top of the list of popular things to do, is of course the fjords. If youd rather have a guide for this hike, thats also an option. This museum in Bryggen owes its existence to a calamity. Please try again. You may also want to see nature at its rawest, setting a course for almost inconceivable landforms like the iconic Trolltunga overhang (Trolls Tongue), or the Folgefunna glacier. The Hanseatic Museum or Bryggens Museum presents a unique historical insight to the history of Bergen. KODE 1 is for craft and design, and has a permanent exhibition of gold and silver objects produced in Bergen, as well as paintings by Old Masters, and European and Asian antiques. Bryggen is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and these edifices would once have been warehouses, holding cereal from Europe and stockfish caught further north. The name Bergen came from Bjrgvin or Bergvin in Old Norse.

Be fascinated by live demonstrations, daily shows, screenings and events in a place that has formed an important part of the local cultural identity for over 50 years. (Which is apart of Sognefjorden). Fantoft Stave Church was built in 1150 but was completely destroyed in a fire in 1992 the suspected work of notorious musician and convicted arsonist and murderer Varg Vikernes.