stargate atlantis the siege

And of course, he's already half-hard, forever death-courting adrenaline junkie just got back from suicide mission no.


I appreciate your enthusiasm, Lieutenant, but. When she got her hands on Rodney McKay, he better have a damn good reason why he left her to run off to Atlantis. Tunnel vision ensues.


Teyla and Weir stand by the door and Beckett walks over to them.]. Exactly.

But he should be dead. Meanwhile, an injured Marine removes the pin from a grenade and drops it on the floor behind the Wraith feeding on Ford, where it explodes.

], [Dozens of Wraith darts fly over the city, firing on it. I cant help but slightly regret that it went this way; it felt a little more desperate when the expedition was completely cut off, but there are still many more great stories to come. SHEPPARD CALDWELL (Hermiod groans).

Pilot, alter heading to intercept. [Weir walks away as Chuck returns to his console, exchanging a sympathetic glance with Zelenka and Beckett. I can only ascertain that the Wraith died quite suddenly and that Lieutenant Ford's system became flooded with it. I don't care how spry you're feeling. ZELENKA The camera zooms in on him slowly as we hear the conversation.].

The formation is headed toward Atlantis. KLEINMAN

Please consider turning it on!

], [The Jumper descends and positions itself in front of the open wormhole. The episodes were written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie (part two) and Martin Gero (part one and three), and all three were directed by Martin Wood.

Attention all personnel.

It was stupidly good to argue with him. The hell you are. (to Chuck)

They've got. [A firefight between the Daedalus and several Wraith ships ensues. Sheppard runs in. * Clayton Landey as Colonel Dillion Everett TEYLA Try keeping the damaged shield from their main force. Sheppard had come for him which was touching, really, absolutely touching, and would have been a whole lot more touching if he wasnt: The door had shut after the Wraith had shoved Rodney in here, and he was guessing that Sheppard hadnt smuggled any secret C4 in with him. Authentication Alpha-Charlie-One. You're not thinking straight, son.

Major, do you recommend any specific target on the hive ship?

But The Siege is absolutely as good as adventure television ever gets.

Dr. Weir, the Daedalus is requesting permission to land on the east pier.

CALDWELL It's possible he may have beamed up into one of the Wraith darts. Have we been able to locate Lieutenant Ford yet? Ford runs to him and takes his weapon. WEIR ], [Zelenka shakes his head at Weir. ], (clutching at his throat, his voice cracking).

This is Dr. Novak on the Daedalus. Most interestingly, it establishes that Atlantis is going to forge a different path than SG-1 has done up to this point and seriously mess with the status quo and the cast every year.

KLEINMAN Can you beam him to your ship, then down to our infirmary? One of his fingers was bent in such a decisively incorrect position, that even a PhD could diagnose it as broken. SHEPPARD

(to Weir into radio). You're pretty sure that you know exactly what kind of boneheaded move this is. Aiden. We'll keep the porch light on for you. Begin deployment at your discretion. [The monitor shows shields getting lower.]. ], [Dozens of Wraith darts are flying over the city. ], [Sheppard fire the stun weapon and hits Ford in the back. The first siege of Atlantis lasted for years. Colonel, Hermiod is ready and standing by for warhead transport, but I can tell you he is not happy about this. Look, I'm going to keep the cloak up for a while just to be sure, but, uhI think they bought it. WEIR (LogOut/

CALDWELL It's possible his body's become dependent on the enzyme to function. ], [Teyla and Weir exchange concerned looks.]. MCKAY CALDWELL You need to be under medical supervision.

* Mitch Pileggi as Steven Caldwell Put him down, Aiden. We know we can outrun them. Our sensors indicate the Wraith fleet is breaking orbit. This is my security escort? Doesn't matter where he goes. BECKETT ], [Teyla is lying on a bed with Beckett sitting by her.]. SHEPPARD SHEPPARD ], [McKay and two Marines are stealthily making their way through darkened corridors. Secure Stargate Operations.

While their sensors are blinded, we cloak the city. They couldnt be in a worse situation. BECKETT SHEPPARD [Ford looks defiantly at Sheppard then flies the Jumper through the 'gate.

One ship with an Asgard shield, an armory full of nukes and beaming technology. I thought I was going to, [Teyla looks questioningly at the metal box.]. Maybe more.

The Puddle Jumpers are equipped with cloaking technology, which renders them invisible to the naked eye and to Wraith scans. SHEPPARD We are ready to assist you. SHEPPARD Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (5), Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir (1), Episode: s02e01 The Siege Part 3 (Stargate Atlantis) (27), Episode: s01e20 The Siege Part 2 (Stargate Atlantis) (7), Post-Episode: s02e01 The Siege Part 3 (Stargate Atlantis) (6), Episode: s02e01 The Siege Part 3 (Stargate Atlantis), Rodney McKay/Original Female Character(s), Episode: s01e20 The Siege Part 2 (Stargate Atlantis), Can't Buy Your Love with Canadian Tire Money But Wraith Still Make Us Try (Blood in the Chair Remix), Post-Episode: s02e01 The Siege Part 3 (Stargate Atlantis), familiar is the tremble of your skin under my palm, Anybody related to the Harleys is an immediate dont piss off person, A Rift In Space that grants super powers to just about everyone touched by it, Dimensional Travel Through Quantum Mirrors Can Lead To All Sorts Of Interesting Possibilities, Sticks and Stones may break my bones (etc), Three Quarters of a Solar System?

What is this? We still have Wraith all over the city.

Rear shield emitters are down to forty percent!

The Asgard have already considered that, Major. (pointing the gun at the man in the neck brace), [Beckett goes to the fridge and takes out some I.V.

], Don't move or I'll shoot him.


Colonel Caldwell? Caldwell out. ElizabethI repeatthis is Sheppard. BECKETT So if they're not fooled by the ruse.

[McKay is at a console as Weir looks on.]. There's still a chance. We're moving to intercept but I don't think we can get there in time.

Three of our men were injured. FORD Even if you're right, I don't see how, [Zelenka presses some buttons and the monitor shows a blip outside the city perimeter.]. I love this idea, I really do, but the Wraith are aware that we have cloaking technology.


ZELENKA I've sedated him, but he should definitely be under secure supervision. I should be able to calculate with reasonable accuracy how long to wait before we switch over to cloak. BECKETT When I give the word, all you have to do is punch in, [McKay takes the metal box containing the ZPM and joins Weir and two Marines outside the control room.].

The battle can be seen going on outside the ship.]. The cloak, for all intents and purposes, will replace the shield, which means that we'll be completely unprotected once the cloak's activated. BECKETT

Come in. So the victim doesn't die immediately. In most cases, the enzyme is released slowly into the blood stream throughout the feeding process.

CALDWELL Is that enough time for you? Now, I'm jolting you out of this the second I feel there's a problem. [Ford turns and walks into a transporter. Change). Five seconds should be more than ample. It was just, McKay.

This is a story where everything in season one builds effortlessly into the ugly situation that our heroes are in. If we switch to the cloak before the blast radius diminishes, we'll all be incinerated.

The other hive ships are altering course to intercept.

John finds Rodney on the tallest peak of Atlantis. I think I have a pretty good idea I would have done the same thing as you did when you found Colonel Sumner. WEIR


Window of Opportunity and The Other Guys of course weve seen and loved. MCKAY [Concerned looks are exchanged between Weir, Caldwell and Sheppard.

MCKAY Caldwell out. (into radio). "The Siege" is the season finale for season one and season premiere for season two of the military science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis, and the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first episode of the series overall. [McKay and Weir stand in silence, listening for sounds of Wraith attack.]. Let's get as many non-essential personnel onto your ship as we can, just in case.

], [The Wraith barrage on the shield continues. The remaining cruisers have withdrawn from the battle. When the smoke clears.

The episode got strong reviews from major media publishers worldwide. Warhead has been armed and is ready for deployment on your mark. I mean, with only one functioning ZPM, we can't expect to hold on that long. I'm well aware of that, Doctor.

SHEPPARD [Ford's eyes suddenly open and he lies still, listening to conversation.]. Without their beaming technology, you wouldn't be here, Major. BECKETT

[Beckett runs to the prone Ford, feeling for a pulse.

It'll be painful and arduous, but I think it may be the only option. He's not sure yet which path he's on this time, but he gives up on trying to rest and heads for Elizabeth's quarters.

Our research shows there are at least sixty hive ships in this galaxy, so who knows how many more could be on the way. Knowing his luck, he'd probably hit his head on the way down, suffer a concussion and then he'd be on bed rest for god knows how long.

We need to take out those cruisers. That evens the odds a hell of a lot. I'm still trying to line up life signs readings with actual people. Carson takes a break during the events of Siege III.

Once they stop the bombardment, we'll know. We saw the hive ship go up. Is there a way to counter the countermeasures?

], [The Wraith weapons' fire rains down on the shield. Please contact me for reprint permission at Dr. Weir, I'm picking up another ship.

Who knows? The Marine hears and turns around as Ford throws it at him. This is Novak in Engineering. Prepare for detonation flash. Maybe he's in the water. ], [Sheppard and McKay join Teyla, Weir, Caldwell, Zelenka and numerous other personnel around the conference table.]. Teyla was alert but reaching the limits of her energy.

There's still a lot of darts out there. ", SHEPPARD Ford just turns and looks angrily at him as he punches a destination on the console. KLEINMAN We don't know how. MCKAY Not a chance. We've searched everywhere in the city.

WEIR ], [Weir meets Caldwell, Sheppard and several airmen as they enter. Okay, that's fine!

We could use some help with the Wraith in the city. Everett has aged significantly as a result of having been fed on by the Wraith. SHEPPARD CALDWELL

(drawing his sidearm), [McKay attempts to fire at the Wraith but the clip falls out of the gun.

Sir, uh, Hermiod isn't going to like that. [Sheppard and Caldwell exchange a look of concern. Permission granted. BECKETT

NOVAK Not only are they slower, they need to travel in a series of jumps.

], [Ford is at the controls of a Jumper, dialing the 'gate. WEIR This will be a part of a series in which I will be adding Nikki into the SA fandom from the siege forward. * Ellie Harvie as Dr. Lindsey Novak ], [The remaining hive ships are in space above the city and begin firing on it.

Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They're coming in too fast.

We're all going home. ], [The monitor shows one the twelve red dots disappearing. * Heather Doerksen as Bridge Pilot They're headed for hyperspace. He still has the rest in I.V. ZELENKA ], [Colonel Everett is struggling with a Wraith, he fires at it but runs out of bullets.

And that's why he was able to survive in the water for so long. Transcribed for Stargate Solutions by Lahela, August 2010. No, it can't be. I'm serious.

De-cloak now. KLEINMAN Maybe I can, [The Marines move out, attracting the attention of the Wraith, who come to investigate.

Where is it?

], (into radio while waiting for the ZPM to fall fully into place), [Weir watches as the shield rises over the city.

I didn't get all that.

Novak, we need to speed up deployment of those nukes, or this fight is going to be over soon.

BECKETT I don't know. But first well check in on how SG-1 weathered its great big change to its status quo and cast.

All forward rail guns stand by. Have the Daedalus beam a nuke right above the city shield and then detonate it. CALDWELL Okay, you said yourself that the shield should buy us some time at least. EVERETT Stand by to engage sub-light engines on my mark. CHUCK All rail gun positions stand by for defensive fire. * Chris Britton as Prenum MCKAY [Weir is speaking to McKay and is taken aback by Ford's presence. Good Lord. Standby for weapons deployment.

SHEPPARD This is Daedalus.


I can confirm that.

I hope so.

CALDWELL CALDWELL (over loudspeakers). John finds courage in the most unlikely places. SHEPPARD

WEIR I'll take that under advisement. No, we just make it look like we did. Sir, one of the cruisers is approaching on a parallel course. You're going to need some S.O.s in your infirmary before we beam your man down. * Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett Zelenka just said, "As long as they know that we're here, they'll keep coming.".

Rodney, we need the shield up in forty seconds or we're dead. CALDWELL Look, I'm not asking you to swim out there.


"As long as they know that we're here.

Then we're going to have to get more of this enzyme. No. V obleen (v anglickm originle The Siege) je trojdln epizoda americkokanadskho sci-fi serilu Hvzdn brna: Atlantida, ukonujc jeho 1.srii a uvozujc jeho 2.srii. EVERETT

Well, if it doesn't work, our shield should be sufficiently recharged to break through their lines and escape. What say we get the shields back up?

BECKETT It would increase the chance of secondary explosions.

Glad to be of help. The Wraith darts descend from the clouds and crash into it, exploding on impact.].

Let's get this thing off of him. He died trying to damage the city with one of their grenades. WEIR

Your people are securely aboard. WEIR


* James Lafazanos as Wraith MCKAY [Weir walks away. Part three introduced several cast changes for the season, including the departure of Aiden Ford (Rainbow Sun Francks) and the inclusion of Dr. Carson Beckett (Paul McGillion) and Steven Caldwell (Mitch Pileggi) to the main and recurring cast. Even if we were able to destroy these ships this instant, more would be here in a few days, and even more a few days after that. Come in. Which, I remind you, is exactly what we were going to do anyway.

Novak, I need you to prep another warhead for transport. WEIR


We've picked up twelve more hive ships traveling in hyperspace. Kicks his legs open with the tip of his boot, nudges his knee in-between, right up against John's dick. Rodney, you can take the rest of the day off. * Dean Marshall as Sergeant Bates (LogOut/ WEIR Well, now we know how the Ancients must have felt. He's trying to help you. ZELENKA New city, new galaxy, new everything: time for a reunion for SG10. The second he gets to wherever he's going, he's going to ditch the Jumper, turn around, and dial another address, one we can't trace.

They don't like providing other races with anything that could potentially be used against them. HERMIOD

How many of these things have you got? * Trevor Devall as Hermiod They've found a way to jam us from beaming onto their ships. They are ambushed and shot.

The Wraith's faster-than-light travel is not as efficient as the Asgard hyperdrive aboard the Daedalus. WEIR Which is why we fake a self-destruct. WEIR I brought up the shield subroutine. We still have no idea how it works, but during the Wraith feeding process, the victim is injected with a special enzyme.

At this rate, the ZPM will be depleted within days. I wouldn't say "simply", but, yes. Well, none of that matters right now, Sir.

ZELENKA (into radio)

No. I want to finish our conversation. MCKAY I trust you'll know what to do with this. ], [Sheppard enters gate room with Zelenka and they approach Weir, who is having a conversation with two soldiers.].

John shows Elizabeth what coming home means to him. As the Marine leaves the room, Ford grabs a metal cup from beside his bed. ], MCKAY ], [One of the Marines gives a series of hand signals to the other as the three men take positions. Hermiod wanted to remind you that our shield strength will be severely diminished without the Zero Point Module tied into our power systems.

He's angry.]. [As everyone gets up to leave, McKay looks derisively at Zelenka. What if they thought we were gone? Not 20 minutes ago, you were at death's door. ], [Ford is lying in an infirmary bed, unconscious. Three new characters will join the cast for year two, and we meet the first of them, Colonel Steven Caldwell, in part three. The cruisers that got away probably called for reinforcements. SHEPPARD ], [Beckett runs up the stairs from the gate room.].

MCKAY [Sheppard stands to attention and salutes Everett.

You're just afraid of me, Major. The all-action high-stakes stories are often good, and sometimes very good, but they dont quite engage me the same way.

Ford and the Wraith are blown off the balcony and fall into the ocean below. We've got slow death, quick death, painful death, cold, lonely death.

He was able to disarm one of the Marines and got away with all the Wraith enzyme I had left.

You all happy now?

(aiming the gun at Beckett). [Sheppard is still standing in front of the 'gate as Weir goes to join him. or, it's really hard not to think about things when exhausted. Rodney fell back on the only thing he could think to do: criticise.

], [Bright flashes like fireworks fill the sky as the Wraith weapons explode on the shield above the city.


[Teyla watches as McKay positions the ZPM in its holder, it illuminates and he runs to a control panel. SHEPPARD

We only see the light from a beam, but it is Novak's horrified expression that tells us something is wrong.].

], [McKay works at the console. BECKETT ZELENKA I assure you, Dr. McKay, that Major Sheppard is alive and well. First weapon away, Colonel. I doubt very much if that tactic will work again.

And I assume we have you to thank for saving Major Sheppard.

TEYLA [We now see Weir, Beckett and Sheppard standing around Ford's bed.].

Novak, this is Caldwell.

[Weir joins Sheppard and Zelenka and they walk across and up the stairs to the control room as they talk.]. My radio is broken and I was separated from my group. You better get the damn shield up.

That's what I wanted to tell you. BECKETT CALDWELL

], [Firefight between Ford's team and Wraith. ], [Hermiod works at a console then gives Novak a nod. (LogOut/ They get a reprieve at the beginning of part two and the situation gets worse. WEIR Go to max thrust. Seems that they heard Teyla loud and clear. Well, most of our sensors are still down, but we do know there are at least a handful of Wraith still in the city. CHUCK

SHEPPARD No contacts. They're shipping me out with the next batch of wounded. [The Daedalus flees the fight and jumps into hyperspace while the Wraith continue their barrage of weapons fire.].

(to Kleinman).

They walk through the city, talking.]. SHEPPARD document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); All text on these pages is the copyright of Grant Goggans. [Ford is sitting in a darkened corridor having just injected himself with some of the Wraith enzyme. ], MCKAY

Can we be of any further assistance? (relieved). So year one ends with Atlantis no longer lost, the shield ready to be raised, the Wraith lost a good chunk of their fleet, and a new way back and forth to Earth. The explosions must have disrupted the radio signals.

Hes played by Mitch Pileggi, who had been rolling his eyes dealing with Mulder and Scullys latest shenanigans on The X Files for many years.

Well, how about outside the city? CALDWELL

I said what I had to say.

tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. [Ford is seemingly unconscious in a bed.

Look at what you're doing. They make you stronger so they can take more time to kill you. (to Weir), [McKay and the Marines leave the gate room.]. Lieutenant, what do you think you're doing here? You're wasting ordnance, Colonel.

During the Siege of Atlantis, Rodney gets captured by the Wraith shortly after the satellite explodes. [Through the window behind Sheppard we see Wraith ships disappearing.]. Even watched over three nights, its still exhausting.

We just want to know why you're suddenly feeling this way.

We have good reason to be. Look, why don't you and I just go someplace where we can talk. Launch all fighters.

Rewritten as I didn't like how I originally had this planned out. ], [Monitors around the room show the progress of the hive ships as Caldwell paces past them angrily.]. He's right. ], [The monitor shows another red dot disappearing.]. ZELENKA Okay.

TEYLA I don't care how tough he is. I've lost contact with some of our people. ], [Weir and Chuck look up from where they had been covering their eyes as Rodney takes off his eyewear and anxiously checks a computer.]. BECKETT John flies his jumper into the hive ship, but is captured by a Wraith who wants informationand he's holding McKay captive too, and will use him to get what he wants. I know it's a wee bit creepy, but, (to Beckett) Word of our success might spread to other worlds. We're not going to sit around and wait. [McKay shuts the consoles down and puts on protective eyewear. SHEPPARD Colonel Caldwell, one of our men is in the ocean outside our shield, most probably injured. SHEPPARD It will feel good to have them on the defensive for a change. They stop when they see two Wraith soldier drones at a control panel ahead. More like five-sixths, Oh Hey Ba'als about to become relevant again, well more like episode 12 this timeline but hey thats the canon episode number at any rate, casually wrecking a planet's rings because why not, Mentions of the HS Epilogues Near the last few chapters in authors notes, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, but it's not really very casual after all, Until There Rings the Snapping of the Chain ('On The Run' Remix).