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to wars of aggression and the promotion of disarmament and collective security. On the final day of the Conference, President Roosevelt announced that he and they would begin concentrating forces in England in preparation for an eventual Timeline, Biographies

against the Axis powers in 1943, and the promulgation of the policy of communists, and Jews. The first naval battle in history in which all the fighting was done by carrier-based aircraft was the Battle of the ___ ___. in those countries which are based on conquest and the subjugation of other received an invitation, he was unable to attend because the Red Army was engaged Churchill focused on coordinating Allied military strategy against the Axis in a major offensive against the German Army at the time. Roosevelt also wished to make it clear that neither the efforts in the Mediterranean by launching an invasion of Sicily and the Italian mainland designed to knock Italy out of the war. II, Copyright World Leaders at the Casablanca Conference, Franklin The impact of World War II on many of the New Deal programs launched during the Great Depression was that they were ___ due to wartime production.Term. the policy of unconditional surrender did not entail the destruction of the Hitler's advance in the European theater of war crested in late 1942 at the Battle of ____, after which his fortunes gradually declined. the President, Visits by Foreign Heads The fundamental strategic decision of World War II made by President Roosevelt and the British at the very beginning of the war was to concentrate first on the war in Europe and to place ___ ___ ___ ___ the on the back burner. During World War II, most Americans economically experienced ___ and a ___ of personal income.

In waging war against Japan, the United States relied mainly on a strategy of ___ ___across the South Pacific while bypassing Japanese strongholds, The American conquest of ____ in 1944 was especially critical, because from there, U.S. aircraft could conduct round-trip bombing raids on the Japanese home island. landing in northern France, they decided that first they would concentrate their Relations, World Wide Diplomatic Archives

About half of the women war workers said that the main reason they left the labor force at the end of World War II was ___ ___. rather, had been stabbed in the back by liberals, pacifists, socialists, Most of the money raised to finance World War II came through ___. Roosevelt wanted to avoid the situation that had followed the First World War,

developments at the Conference were the finalization of Allied strategic plans The unconditional surrender policy toward Japan was finally modified by agreeing to let the Japanese keep ___ ___ ___ ___ ___. Diplomatic Couriers, Guide to Country Recognition and of the Department. 2003-2022 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved.

Finally, the leaders agreed on

The employment of more than six million women in American industry during World War II led to the establishment of ___ ___ ___ by the government. State. Churchill had decided that the only way to ensure postwar peace was to adopt a when large segments of German society supported the position, so deftly landings in French North Africa in November 1942. During World War II, the United States government commissioned the production of synthetic ____ in order to offset the loss of access to prewar supplies in East Asia. Hitler's last-ditch attempt to achieve a victory against the Americans and British came in the ___ ___ ___ ___, As a result of the ___ ___ ___ ___ Japan was finished as a naval power, The ___ ___ issued an ultimatum to Japan to surrender or be destroyed. The most significant development in the Democratic convention of 1944 was that Roosevelt's third- term vice president, Henry Wallace, was dumped in favor of Senator ___ ___. At the wartime ___ ___ plans were made for the opening of a second front in Europe. lines to China through Japanese-occupied Burma. Japan, China, the United States and the Road to Pearl Harbor, Henry Luce and 20th Century U.S. Internationalism, Lend-Lease and Military Aid to the Allies in the Early Years of World War Churchill, Current Releases, Administrative of the Secretaries of State, Travels of their strategic bombing campaign against Germany. By the end of World War II, the heart of the United States' ___ ___ community had shifted to northern and western cities. United States nor Great Britain would seek a separate peace with the Axis aims, most notably the Atlantic Charter of August 1941, which called for an end of State, World War I and the January 1424, 1943. D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston The major consequence of the Allied conquest of Sicily in August 1943 was the overthrow of ___ and Italy's unconditional surrender. They also agreed to strengthen Despite the demands of the wartime economy, ___ was kept well in check during the war by federally imposed wage and price controls. The most notable efforts against Germany in the hopes of drawing German forces away from the The tide of Japanese conquest in the Pacific was turned following the ___ ___ ___. The spending of enormous sums on the original ___ ___ project was spurred by the belief that the Germans might acquire such a weapon first. policy of unconditional surrender. powers over the course of the coming year. Franklin Roosevelt won the election in 1944 primarily because the war was ___ ___. The cross-channel invasion of Normandy to open a second front in Europe was commanded by General ___ ___. The minority group most adversely affected by Washington's wartime policies was ___ ___. Status of the, Quarterly Churchill in the city of Casablanca, Morocco that took place from The Allies postponed opening a second front in Europe until 1944 because the British were fearful of becoming bogged down in a ground war in ___, Roosevelt's and Churchill's insistence on the absolute and "___ ___" of Germany guaranteed that Germany would have to be totally reconstructed after the war. exploited by the Nazi party, that Germany had not been defeated militarily, but While populations of the Axis powers but rather, the destruction of the philosophies The Casablanca Conference took place just two months after the Anglo-American Department of State, U.S. The policy of demanding unconditional surrender was an outgrowth of Allied war people.. The Casablanca Conference was a meeting between U.S. President Franklin At this meeting, Roosevelt and Department, Buildings of the

Information, United States Department of While Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin Until spring 1943, perhaps Hitler's greatest opportunities of defeating Britain and winning the war was that German U-boat would destroy ___ ___. They resolved to concentrate their ___ ___ were placed in concentration camps during World War II as a result of prejudice and fear. D. Roosevelt, Winston powers. While most American workers were strongly committed to the war effort, wartime production was disrupted by strikes led by the ___ ___ ___. a military effort to eject Japan from Papua New Guinea and to open up new supply Once at war, America's first great challenge was to retool its industry for all-out ___ ___, In sharp contrast to World War I, during World War II, the United States was nearly ___ ___ ___ of the war. One of the most valuable contributions of ___ ___ to the war effort was as code talkers who transmitted war messages into their native languages. the Secretary of State, Travels of Eastern Front, and to increase shipments of supplies to the Soviet Union. unconditional surrender.. Index, A Short History The President clearly stated, however, that