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In the Setup CMO Spotlight series, marketing leaders share their journeys, leadership styles, and advice.

In the world of marketing, we all have our own unique ways of doing things. Great marketers are lazy enough to find a smart, simple solution. When a customer emails you about a bug, you respond quickly and cheerily. Good marketers know that opportunity often comes in the form of a question or a complaint. You cant wait to roll out the sales training you created, to every region of the world. Commonly sighted at: Product team meetings where youre presenting your latest research; meetings with senior executives persuading them about why things need to change. What traits have helped you do well in marketing or that you look for when hiring for a marketing role? You target users with highly personalized ads that walk the line between creepy and delightful. For our first #MarketersBreakfast event back at the Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center, we revisited a classic theme: Show and Tell, to share the marketing strategies, thought processes, and success stories of incredible brands like Aarons, NCR, The Coca-Cola Company, and ParkMobile. You need to work with other departments, stakeholders, and even outside agencies. They will observe everything about people and understand how to turn their ideas into something that works. (404) 220-8020 | | 1708 Peachtree Street NW, #410, Atlanta, GA 30309, #MT - Marketing, keyword, SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, competitor comparisons, competitive advantage, advantage, competition, analysis reports, #MT - Social Media, marketing tools, social media management, social media coordinator, social media marketing, social media manager, How Marketers Use Data to Personalize Ads, Informing them as opposed to appealing to their emotional side, Marketing a Brand Experience is the Key to the Consumer's Heart, Understanding the "WHO" in Marketing Personas, The Marketing Career Path | Advice for the Marketing Professional #3, CMO Spotlight | Brandon Coleman III - Dave & Buster's, The Marketing Career Path | Advice for the Marketing Professional #2, CMO Spotlight | Jennifer Davis - LEARFIELD, In This Dame and Age | Creativity + Connection Event Recap, Top 10 Marketing Trends by Marketing Leaders, Setups Declassified Trade Show Survival Guide, CMO Spotlight | Patricia Corsi - Bayer Consumer Health, 6 Questions for Inspirational Women in Marketing | Part 11 | Agency Feature, The Nuts + Bolts of the Manufacturing Industry, CMO Spotlight | Liz Brown - Little League International, In this Dame and Age | Mentorship Event Recap, 6 Questions for Inspirational Women in Marketing | Part 10 | Agency Feature, 6 Questions for Inspirational Women in Marketing | Part 9 | Agency Feature, CMO Spotlight | Lindsay Listanski - Coldwell Banker, personality traits that every marketer should have, 1708 Peachtree Street NW, #410, Atlanta, GA 30309.

Most employers are not (and will not) demand workers to be in-person in the office five days a week. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, trade shows can be overwhelming and Setup can offer you tips on how to tackle a trade show in order to return to your company with qualified leads. Much like the Initiator, they are a classic marketer. Youre all about storytelling and hashtags. Thank you for the clarification. A day in the life: You wake up in the morning and wonder how your latest marketing experiments performed. In the middle of a meeting about what features to build, you ask what problem were really trying to solve, encourage everyone to take a step back, then offer to put everything into a framework. You dont love the ads, so you tell them. Setup CEO, Joe Koufman, virtually sat down with Erin Levzow, the VP of Marketing Technology at Del Taco. Read Related Post -Understanding the "WHO" in Marketing Personas. You undoubtedly exceeded visitors "! Advertisements to Analyticals should be layered with content containing facts and figures. The Refiners are great at telling the truth. Listening to current trends helps you stay relevant. Thanks Esther Lee Cruz () to understand marketing key elements. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. 2022 Dr. Diane Hamilton. Segmenting and thoroughly knowing the audience helps personalize content and create engagement and purpose with every single interaction. Initiators tend to get distracted by their new ideas. They are creative, outgoing, and relationship-focused like amiable consumers, but are deliberate and detailed like Assertives. Its easy to think that the more complicated something is the more impressive it is. Does our product make sense in this market? This company surveys customers to find out their personality type. Understanding the four primary personality typescan provide marketers with an understanding of consumer tendencies, how to reach them, and their receptivity of a campaign. Its hard to be objective about your work and your projects, but a good marketer can take a step back and review results independently of their personal connection and preferences. When people are unsure or unhappy about something - that means there is an opportunity to help them. Objectivity also helps marketers see things from the clients perspective. The best way to reach this hybrid is a defined results page that lays out the companys strengths externally and internally. And that means everyone inside and outside your company. Read Related -Marketing a Brand Experience is the Key to the Consumer's Heart.

You talk to users, a lot, to figure out why theyre not doing what you want them to do. UCI Digital is committed to making your website the cornerstone of your overall marketing goals. But doing it again this year I have become an ENTP and I feel like that describes me a whole lot better and reading this has only reassured me that I am an ENTP. Apparently half of U.S. presidents are thinkers. Analytical consumers tend to conduct thorough, well thought out research - making them the most logical and cautious decision makers. Good marketers are lifelong learners. Setup CEO, Joe Koufman, virtually sat down with Jennifer Davis, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for LEARFIELD. Yes I'm a dreamer but also a doer. The hard solution is rarely the best solution. I first did the MBTI Personality Test last year and got ESTP. Is this the best option, phrasing, design, and delivery? Removing yourself and your biases from the picture makes it easier to focus on larger goals and make necessary changes. You check the numbers to see how your marketing campaign is performing and make sure no one can mess with you. You believe everything in life fits into a 2-by-2 framework. Although they will always have new and unique ways to do things, its sometimes hard for them to see through the bad ideas. No matter what the marketing strategy is, it is always important to consider the audience and their preferences. Which do you prioritize in your organization? What sets Marketing Eye apart from others in the industry is our focus on high-growth technology that powers our performance and extensive knowledge on industries in which we specialise.If you are seeking to engage a marketing firm to help your business grow, build brand awareness, generate leads and realise business goals, speak to one of our marketing consultants today! These personality types are the ones who keep everyone on track.

People who dont want to rock the boat or who are natural people pleasers make bad marketers. We had the same fears when we first became product marketers at LinkedIn. Setup hosted a breakfast for some brand-side marketers to discuss remote work and how to make it better. Providing extravagant customer experiences may gain their attention. Amiable people only care for the big picture or most cutting edge trends. According to this infographic, there are four dimensions of personality: Determining your personality type and thus settling on an ideal career is all about knowing how you fit into each dimension. Setup CEO, Joe Koufman, virtually sat down with Tim Minahan, the CMO and EVP of Business Strategy at Citrix. Act as a guide throughout the buying process and leave out unnecessary minor details. Why must your marketing strategy include a PR plan? The Team at UCI Digital is comprised of every type of marketing personality to make sure that your marketing dreams come true. It just means there needs to be an openness to work together and a base level mutual respect for other people. Leveraging data, customer feedback, competitor analysis, and other factors can act as guides, but a good marketer is comfortable deciding and taking action - even when theres risk. graphing graphs organise They are passionate about marketing. The contributors powerful stories and advice led to our all-women networking group: In This Dame and Age, where we host discussions and connect women marketing leaders with one another. They want to beat their last campaign and find new ways to move the metrics forward. Listening to whats going on in other departments helps you improve internal processes. They are the most creative and come up with new ideas constantly. To find these hidden gems, good marketers know to watch and listen. They see ideas from competitors and what to know how marketing is going to combat them. In this Marketer Musings segment, the following mashup presents marketing leaders sharing the values that they demonstrate to their team and look for in team members. The only constant is the potential for change. Setup interviewed their CEO, Martin Stoll, to learn more about Sparkloft, his leadership philosophy, and marketing advice. I was doing the exact same as you, scrolling through the blog and then started reading this one because I love personality tests. You need a thick skin to survive. Whether marketing is a functionora force foryour organization depends on who you hire. This Advice column features marketers from Danone, Del Taco, RE/MAX, and more. Trying your hand as a home health aide (ISFP) or teacher (ESFJ) is not likely to yield a positive response and long-term career. When a customer gives you angry feedback about the product, you invite them to join a focus group, so they feel heard and loved. Setup CEO, Joe Koufman, virtually sat down with Brandon Coleman III, the Chief Marketing Officer for Dave & Busters. And a good marketer can pivot and adapt their approach. Setup COO, Amanda Thompson, virtually sat down with Emily Pachuta, the Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer of the Americas at Invesco. desires. Do Job Candidates Lie on Personality Tests? Make sure you enter all the required information, indicated by an asterisk (*). Setup CEO, Joe Koufman, virtually sat down with Lindsay Listanski, the former VP of National PR and Communications and recently promoted to VP of field marketing for Coldwell Banker. The world of marketing changes all the time. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, and traits that lend to their success in different areas. In the interview, Corsi shares about her incredible career path that has taken her around the globe, her numerous experiences marketing in different industries, and how her diverse background adds to her strengths. In the results, it listed tactics about how to appeal to this type of personality in terms of suggested sales tactics. In the interview, Pachuta shares how curiosity plays an important role in her life, beginning with her very first career move when she transitioned from filmmaking to marketing. At Setup, we have the privilege of partnering with multiple established marketing agencies with groundbreaking business practices and leadership styles. A crisis in the afternoon may overshadow the mornings priority. Here are 5 common personality types of successful PMMs weve worked with. Since they love to understand the data of things, this can often be a weakness of theirs. You help everyone in the company know what the heck the product team is up to. You set aside an hour to think of juicy copy that makes users want to click. Attentive people are both relationship and results focused and can mix well with Assertive people who are just results focused. Sparkloft Media is a social-first creative agency that works with clients who truly understand the power of social media and how it can transform many aspects of their business, not just marketing or communications. Where you migrated from: Demand generation marketing, growth marketing, marketing operations, business operations, sales operations, analytics, data science, finance, investment banking. Once your selections are made, you are led to one of four career categories: Some people try over and over again to find the right career, but always seem to feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. All Rights Reserved. I like the concept of targeting to the individuals needs. They claim their instrument is similar to Myers-Briggs MBTI but with 1/6 the size. This personality type is great at implementing others ideas, but can often be limited to think creatively or outside of the box. It's great to see the diverse set of backgrounds and personalities that make up the teams at LinkedIn. But then I took a trip to the worlds largest convenience store myself, and I knew. The best way to market to these consumers is to show them the companys benefits compared to a competitor. Life Style: judgers (54%) and perceivers (46%). Learning to pause and consider how to turn adversaries into allies will builds strong collaborative teams focused on creative solutions.

Founder of WordStream. When marketing to a large database, it is not feasible. In the interview, Lee shares how her superpower as a listener has helped in her career, how essential it is to surround yourself with a smart and amicable team of people, and more. There are many ways to segment humans into groups, but grouping people by personality type can be helpful. From here, good marketers can create content, products, and campaigns that delight and appeal to their targets. Unlike Attentive and Amiables who are more people-based, Analytical consumers rely on data, facts, and figures when making decisions. Larry Kim is the CEO of Mobile Monkey and founder of WordStream. You dont have to be perfectly well rounded and good at every aspect of marketing. Out of the seven billion people on this Earth, no two human beings are the exact same. Too often people think marketing is broadcasting a message. Amiable consumers need the constant assurance of trust to build a client relationship. At Setup, we love to amplify the stories and voices of those who make up the marketing community. A day in the life: You get revved up leading a brainstorm session about new, snazzy ways to engage users. You fiddle with your marketing tests to make everything works just a little bit better, because every small optimization is a giant leap toward hitting your business goals. The Initiator is what most people think of when they imagine a marketer. Some people like to be more hands-on, while others enjoy running things behind the scenes. They want to do less work for the same or greater impact. A Free Way to Determine Your Personality Type, Top 10 Personality, Career, IQ and EQ Tests. And, not to blow my own horn, but Im not bad at what I do! How did you find out that Michelle Phan is an INFJ? How Personalised Marketing Can Increase Conversion, 5+MBTI+personality+types+that+will+thrive+as+marketers, Before I hit the apply button to become one of Marketing Eyes interns, I familiarised myself with the, Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Questions, Influencing Influencers - how to do it the right way, What's Your Dominant Personality Trait?

A day in the life: You wake up and look through your product (again) and your competitors products (again) and then check out new products on the market. Either way, the way that everyone works is extremely helpful to all aspects of marketing. Josh Perlstein, the CEO of Response Media, shares how empathy has transformed his business and leadership style. To build a good message and strategy, you have to listen and observe. After years of lockdown, restrictions have alleviated and trade shows have returned. At Setup, we have the privilege of partnering with multiple established marketing agencies with groundbreaking business practices and leadership styles. Commonly sighted at: Photoshoots with your creative agency; meetings you run with your 20+ marketing partners; browsing grocery store aisles to discover the latest consumer marketing tactics; watching and dissecting superbowl ads with your friends. It is easier to hire a fantastic agency with a diverse team of experienced specialists than it is to hire each person onto an in-house marketing team. UCI Digital | Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement, Lacking Motivation At Work? To view or add a comment, sign in, Collect the first letters of the article=COMAS, Optimizer (35%) > Strategist (25%) > Creative (20%) > Admiral (12%) > Motivator (8%). They are perfectionists, which makes for good performance. To view or add a comment, sign in Being decisive will prevent the common problem teams have: too much planning, not enough execution. Dont miss out on the latest thought leadership + marketing industry updates!