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I'd like to introduce you to them because they're both looking for their next roles, and I think you can make a real difference for them. If these are the things that you want, and if the solution to these problems is essentially the same as product design, then are you not a product designer? Like most content strategist, I was working on multiple teams at the same time on multiple projects within those teams, none of which were closely related. These disciplines are engineering, product management, and product design. It's like a highlight reel where nothing ever really goes wrong. And even though I live in Ireland, I don't have an exciting Irish accent. Increase visibility for research and content design together.

They are, in short, the guardians of the product: ensuring its the most relevant, cost-effective and functional product it can be and that all the stakeholders are happy. And that's it. I worked on a product at Facebook that would identify the music, movies and TV shows playing around you. Wireframing tools like Balsamiq and Sketch are commonly used by both designers, as well as user mapping software like Lucid Chart and Overflow. You can learn more and connect with Kelly directly at Depending on your experience and the sector youre working in, Product Designers typically make between $50k-$128k in the United States. And if you're not comfortable reaching out to them directly, get in touch with me, and I'd be happy to introduce you to your next great content designers. It was easy to miss and impossible to get back to. Whether you work with a content designer now or hope to in the future, here are some of the tips we share with our own teams. But of course, your colleagues on product teams, they all just work on the one product at a time. Let's say you had a team of five people working across 50 products, and then you implement a system so that they only work on just five products, one per person. You're asked to scale in ways that none of your colleagues are, and why? And she's now the head of design for Facebook Assistant. Because what I think is not all there is. Heres a helpful rule of thumb: product and content designers both represent design. You can go to this link right now and get these slides, We're glad to do it. It also sets expectations for privacy, what's recorded, what's stored, and what's shared? User stories are part of that process, and they're often key to defining requirements. Jonathon gave a presentation on this topic titled How we destroyed content design at the Design & Content Conference 2020 conference. It's intentional. And even then, they'll doubt your decisions, they question your judgment, because they don't know how you work. These competencies focus on beliefs and values, how we communicate about design, developing a growth mindset and team building. We wanted our titles to reflect that, so we changed the name of this role to content designer a couple of years ago. Sometimes we refer to this as breaking down the silos.

We figured out a way for you to do that. In this podcast, I chat with Jonathon Colman about an innovative work model they implemented at Intercom with content designers. In HubSpots early days, a lot of our designing was done by our engineers. According toGlassdoors salary data, you will likely earn about $50k-$70k a year as a Junior UX Designer in The States. And I take absolute responsibility for this. Create space to collaborate successfully. One of HubSpots core values is usability, of which visual design is a key component. Setting the stage like this can help you lean into your strengths as you collaborate and divide up tasks. They have to explain the rationale for their decisions, and they have to move fast, just like product designers. After all, you probably didn't become a content designer just to write the words, but to solve hard problems for people, to design and build products and get them to those people who need them. To help give you an idea of what the UX design market looks like today, heres a global snapshot of UX average designer salaries in 2020 based on data provided byGlassdoor,Indeed, andPayScale. Our content designers achieve much more with this new way of working. So if content designers are dedicated to just one product at a time, what do they do all day? Give or take, I worked with at least 10 product managers and probably twice that number of designers, all of whom was always wondering why I was running around like a crazy person. And that's because as we look through our existing competencies for product designers, we couldn't see any reason why content designers couldn't or shouldn't do exactly the same things. And then you would choose to post that song, TV show, or movie to Facebook with an automatically generated preview like this one. And who wouldn't be under circumstances like these? / Code of Conduct But we all knew it wasn't gonna. Maybe the scope of the solution is too small to solve the problem. In effect, you're picking winners and losers. Now as you can see, in the screen tells you more about how the feature works, how to turn it on and off. You may be tempted to send mocks back and forth to avoid more meetings. I'm sure things slip through the cracks.

So even when you're exhausted, you can still achieve more, if only your organization would let you work in a different way. Her focus has been on building and designing our automation and chat bot products, and she was a driving factor behind a resolution bot product, which automates the answers to common customer questions, in a really smart and human way. You can also learn more about me or contact me. Set aside time to sketch out flows and swap feedback, so you can consider ideas and make decisions faster. And why not? If you opted in, then whenever you made a post, Facebook would use the microphone and music apps on your phone to analyze the sounds playing around you. But I didn't do that. You could do the same. And we work hard to stay in close contact with our customers to solve issues as they come up, but no one's perfect. Lets be clear: there are definitely a fair few overlapping characteristics when it comes to both jobs. From the differences in these questions, you can gauge that the two designers have different priorities. And why should they? These two roles might seems redundant, but they actually focus on different areas in product development. Also the overall value proposition was weak. are alike. So content designers at Intercom work like product designers now, they co-lead product teams and drive discrete product efforts, such as understanding the problems and aligning the team around them, conducting research to yield insights, hypothesizing solutions, mapping out systems, defining concepts, working at all levels of fidelity to prototype, validate and ship. Design & Content 2014-2022. rip ralph What if the key had always been there on the ground in front of me all along, and I was just afraid to pick it up, unlock the door and swing it wide open? But because content strategists and UX writers aren't embedded and focused directly within these teams, they often uncover these issues toward the end of the development cycle, after everything's already been built.

Great collaboration powers great content, so bring your content designer in at the start. PMs and content designers approach strategy with some of the same big questions in mind: what, who, and how. Your work often goes unnoticed, 'cause you're not considered to be part of the team or to be an essential part of the solutions that they ship. But that's what I was doing, dusting and decorating, taking care of things like voice, tone, terminology, writing standards and style, but not giving the experience, or that people was intended for any real attention or focus. And both Meredith and Kelly can help transform your teams to work exactly the way that ours did. All rights reserved. You could tap on that and then the second screen would come up.

First up is Kelly O'Brien. They can still serve you extremely personalized ads without doing that. And she convinced her colleagues and product leadership that this would yield better product results in our usual way of being spread thin across everything. She said that when you only tidy up the words on the surface, without understanding or solving the actual problems, then you're not really focusing on the product or its user experience anymore. And I broke myself a little along the way too. And because of that, we pay them the same. We have a hunch many folks outside HubSpot are also asking these questions. We went through a few iterations. What if we were different, and worked in a different way? And like I said at the beginning, failure has always been a far better teacher than success. average salary for a product designer in the U.S. handy guide on how to write and interpret UX design job descriptions.

But it's rare to hear about the losses, the mistakes, the failures, or even the trade offs. This helps him break down those silos and ensure the holistic customer journey is coherent.

So let's take a closer look. Our content designers were present and active in all of their teams meetings and other rituals.

But if you wait to bring in your content designer until youre ready for the words, you'll miss the chance to explore possible solutions together. Now take all of these trade offs together, and the bigger question, a question behind it in plain sight, but one I'm a little afraid to ask out loud. Heres what well cover: Fundamentally, UX designers focus on user satisfaction and ensuring that the product actually fulfills the users needs. Here's another one and another one. And you may not even realize that until you see a product that's launched out in the wild, and you likely won't even know that it's launched because your early warning system, a content designer who talked to someone on that team for 15 minutes one week, that early warning system no longer exists. 'Cause they don't need to. Amy Thibodeau, who's now a UX director of Shopify was at Facebook during this period. It was my fault for not doing my job. At HubSpot, we collaborate across many disciplines especially product, engineering, design, and research. It's good to see you again. She was my manager at Facebook. It's hard to grow your skills when you're scrambling to switch contexts between teams, and your work isn't recognized, and when your hands are tied for doing anything more than just writing. You're just dusting. And it's not just about us as individuals. My failure also led to this video and several others that were viewed millions of times. As I mentioned before, some products don't get any content design support at all. In this blog, I write about topics related to technical writing and communication such as software documentation, API documentation, visual communication, information architecture, writing techniques, plain language, tech comm careers, and more. If you can work well on say, two teams, then why not three, more five, or 10 or 20. Move fast and break things, oh, I did, I surely did. This accurately describes how almost all content strategists work today. It's also not theirs. For example, maybe you're a seasoned interviewer, while your content designer is a web accessibility expert. categories: Most of your work is limited to the product surface, where your colleagues want you to fill in a series of boxes with the right words. For example, content designers present product design and strategy to leadership. In the past, you may have sent designs to a copywriter once the mocks were complete.

I put this together by talking with my team, colleagues and leaders to identify and better understand what turned out to be those eight core problems I shared with you earlier. The goal was to explain the feature clearly so that people would then opt into using it. So managers, keep on your toes. And by the the end of your career, they'll be even further along. We do more bespoke work now that's specific to the problems we're solving in our product teams. calitate ro mond consultanta dia iat So when content designers are embedded and focused on just one product, they can't work holistically on all of the content across the entire system of products. / Privacy Policy So if you consider the things that you say you want, the things we found at Intercom, working on one product at a time, working end to end across the Double Diamond, working deeply with full context, earning the trust and respect of your colleagues, and leaders, co-leading a team to solve hard problems and build better products, advancing in your career and earning equal pay. Combine your technical knowledge with their communication skills to find a strong solution. But we really shouldn't. They're no longer playing against each other. The main takeaway from this comparison is that product designers and UX designers have very similar jobsbut its arguable that a product designer has a few more responsibilities in terms of thinking of the process as a whole, including the business, process, and branding. Product designers would focus slightly more on interaction and UI design, while content designers would focus slightly more on information architecture and UX writing, but both roles would be expected to be proficient and capable across all of these areas. And this approach decreases trust, because it teaches customers to skip over our messages. Soon after, we decentralized the content design team. We've embedded ourselves within them. Why shouldn't both content and product designers be accountable for all of these things?

A UX designer will identify the problems, and a product designer will propose solutions.

We determined that work like this provides minimal impact at best and maximal distraction from the most important things at worst. Now, you might think that there's a big gulf in execution between what product and content designers do but there's not. We'll start by going over the biggest failure of my career. Seeing your plans helps them suggest content tools or approaches for future projects. One of the benefits of blurring the lines between product and content design suddenly make it possible for people to switch between the two roles as opportunities open up on either side. A UX designer will take control of the full scope of the design thinking process, from the research to the ideation, and remain people-driven at all times. Even if you're invited to every meeting, you simply can't attend them all when you have multiple teams, stand up, retro, planning, roadmap and goal setting, and more are challenging with just one team, let alone five or 10 or more. Everything's all together in one place. So there's no hierarchy on our product teams. Your employers believe that it's right and proper to spread a product to UX content person across a large and ever increasing range of product teams. There's no difference at all between the pay bands, equity grants, benefits or anything else. In order to solve these problems, product designers will assemble teams to facilitate solutions, create multiple test plans, produce wireframes and go through rounds of A/B testing. technical-writing

Imagine if all companies did this at scale across our entire discipline, where women make up 74% of all the practitioners, then we'd begin to have some clear impact against the gender pay gap in design and tech. Instead of concluding with a big win, we end the same way we began, not with a bang, nor a whimper, but with failure. And in between, we'll talk about how teams of content strategists, content designers and UX writers can transform the way they work to achieve more impact, develop their skills, drive their careers forward, even earn more pay. In UX, the priority is usability. Not to mention that your teams have no idea what you do, how you do it, or why. Everyone working in the field today knows all about them. For further reading about different roles and specializations in UX design, check out our articles on: Get a hands-on introduction to UX design with our free, self-paced UX Design Short Course. It's pretty cool. These focus on product knowledge, direction, vision, strategy and collaboration, it's hard to imagine any design role being effective without these skills. But they do know you don't have the same context they do. Maybe that's fitting, because the work of organizing, building and rebuilding teams is never complete.

Our content designers were able to achieve the status because they had the time and space required to consistently drive business impact and prove their value to teams and leadership. So I encourage you to consider these opinions, but then to improve on them. And when faced with a challenge or a hard question, they can't push the work off to another designer or to a PM or anyone else.

And they can help you write questions that highlight how well users understand concepts. Back in 2014, I didn't just work on that one product I showed you. How we Destroyed Content Design.

Writing the words is great, but only during the detailed design phase of the product lifecycle. As always, I'm likely wrong about many, many things. What could possibly go wrong? So I inadvertently buried the most important context about the how and the why, on the secondary screen.

Now, there was a year when I was at Facebook, where Ella gave me the opportunity to work with just one product team. I want to tell you about one of my first projects as a product content strategist at Facebook, it launched back in the spring of 2014. I'm convinced that any team working this way would be just as successful if not more. And we empowered the teams that we didn't work with anymore with a simple set of content principles and guidelines that helped them do quality work quickly. No matter what you call yourselves content strategist, content designers, UX writers, almost all of you work this way. Uncover new insights by inviting them to research sessions. Encourage yourself and your teams to do so and youll see many HubSpot is growing at a hyper-scale pace as we help millions of organizations grow better. It will cost the same as a product design team. Now, let's be clear.

Words matter, and how we use them matters. Share your strengths to divide and conquer. Because if you're making intentional choices to invest 100% of a content designers time into just one product instead of five or 10 or more, that means you have to prioritize.

The truth is, product designers and UX designers do very similar jobs on paper. Despite these similarities, UX designers and product designers have a fair few differences in their job specs. A guide for product managers, engineers, and UXers. Like many content efforts, it started with a document. So last fall, I transferred to a product design manager role. My failure led to a Jimmy fucking Kimmel skit. Rather it's because I was given the time and space to have the same amount of focus as everyone else on the product team.

So we've created some specific guidance tailored to these roles. They work in clearly identifiable and well understood ways across the entire Double Diamond design process. Partner with them as a core team member to build more usable, inclusive, accessible experiences. Now, these are strong opinions that I've developed over my past seven years of working as a product content designer and design manager. Listen, I'm not letting myself off the hook for doing bad work or for causing such a colossal failure, I deserve your criticism. Discover how we use words to design for inclusivity, onboard new users with the power of storytelling, and test content to meet users needs. The absence of a clear message and a strong value prop, people assumed that Facebook was always listening to them in their conversations, recording everything and sending it back to headquarter for use in ad targeting. Why? Include your content designer as you clarify what to build, for whom, and how to solve for the business and the user. This is what I see or rather this.

And so late last month, Intercom had to make a very hard painful decision to lay off many of our staff to the impacts of COVID-19 on our business, and among those affected were two content designers. But I'm also sure that burdening any one person or anyone disciplined with the sole responsibility for filling in those cracks is not a sustainable way for solving them. One of the things you learn after working in product for almost any amount of time, is that no matter how good things might seem, how clear of a choice or opportunity is there right in front of you waiting to be picked up, there are always trade offs, side effects, unintended consequences. When youre stumped by a question about style or formatting, like Should I start a sentence with a number? or Do we spell cancel(l)ed with one l or two? Ask your content designer. And that's okay. What if I no longer believed in everything that got me into this industry, this role, and where I am today? Say it with me. Now, were fortunate enough to have a dedicated design organization, and How and When to Work with a Content Designer, onboard new users with the power of storytelling, Rethinking HubSpot's Record Design With Usability in Mind, Six Benefits of Posting Your Questions Publicly, What does HubSpots Flywheel Product Team do? That's right. I planned and wrote out the opt on screen which looked like this. To help give you an idea of what you could expect to earn as a product designer, heres a global snapshot of average product designer salaries in 2020 based on data provided byGlassdoor,Indeed, andPayScale. Next, we wanted to make it clear what content designers were being held accountable for. Content designers design and build prototypes and lead a research to validate them, something that previously only product designers have done. This is generally reflected in the salary, with product designers often getting paid more due to higher demand. And I wish it ended differently. They barely see, and they don't perceive you as even being part of their team. Now, we often criticized phrases like Facebook's move fast and break things, but have no doubts. Also, please know that on the site, we intentionally refer to our combined team as being Intercom's product design team. You'll have to get used to seeing more empty chairs than you'd like. We only ask that you share out your work so that other folks can continue to learn from you. Same for the results and outcomes we care about the most. These were all caused by my failure to do my job. I was in back to back meetings most of the day and trying to write highly nuanced interfaces in the bits of time in between them, or at night, or early in the morning. Save time and effort by tapping into a content designer's expertise. Not everyone is well suited to work the way we do, nor does everyone want to. Our theory was that if content designers have focus, context and the trust of their teams, then they can work on problems deeply from the beginning, doing far more than just writing the user experience. If not, the problem of developing standards and tools will persist. Well, in 2014, that's what we thought anyway.

I certainly don't. What happens earlier on at the beginning or midway through? In their experimental model, content designers were allocated to one project only, and they expanded their roles to include not only content design but product design as well. Clearer, more user-centered documentation for the whole team. Product designers up level their skills and language, structure, content and narrative. Some of the visual design patterns we use include exposing and Having a culture of posting messages and questions publicly provides many rewards. Now, along with working on just one product, we also shut down all of our office hours programs in other ways that provide an ad hoc support. So you may not agree with me. Content design begins with discovering what users need. They design with user interaction as their main focus, ensuring theyre continually improving the usability and accessibility of the product. But dont underestimate the power of working sessions.

Meanwhile, content designers develop in visual design, interaction design, prototyping and more.

But what they can do is empower your team through content principles and practices. What about the spaces between the product teams? Why? Keep current with the latest trends in technical communication by subscribing to the I'd Rather Be Writing newsletter. She had this brilliant idea that content strategist could be far more impactful when they worked on just one thing at a time. Sign up here and we'll keep you updated on the latest in product, UX, and engineering from HubSpot. So at the end of our story, no one lives happily ever after. People needed to know how it worked, and why they should use it, the how and the why, but all I had was the what. They'll help you consider what to communicate, to whom, and how to structure the UX content to reach those goals. So that's why this talk will be a little bit different. Or they try to solve product strategy and design problems with content on the surface. We say "early" because we each work with a few core teams (made up of at least one product manager, designer, and tech lead). For starters, both designers will go through the design thinking process and maintain a human-centered approach when it comes to design. But we rarely talk about it outside of the content displines. Why shouldn't both content and product designers both be accountable for all these things? The latest engineering, UX, and product news from the HubSpot Product Blog, straight to your inbox. A product designer will also support the developers through the launch process, as well as working alongside the marketing teams to ensure synergy between the brand and the product. I started off by telling you how unfortunate it is the talks at Tech events like this aren't open enough about these things.