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Unfortunately, Halley's Comet (their only source of ice) is now mined dry. The hatch falls open, and Leela, Amy, and Zap fall out onto the floor. Everyone begins lining up to purchase the next eyePhone. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited. At the gathering Fry reveals that the Tentacle's name is Yivo. Even Bender buys into the holiday affairs. Was reading up on that, apperntly bender caused the total destruction of many of earth's cities (the scene of new york being destroyed was by him). It's a play on American, just like the Earthican flag. It's a ploy to seduce Amy. DoDo, the Kid From Outer Space, and his robot bird Compy. If the robots could vote Nixon into power in AHITP, there has to be at least 2.25 billion robots on Earth, and that's only if the Tastycrats and Fingerlickians were tied in the polls. Bender made a stew out of them and served it as dinner. Join SYFY Insider to get access to exclusive videos and interviews, breaking news, sweepstakes, and more. I have six pages in this Calculon coloring book left, then I've got nothing else to do! Unfortunately, designing them this way came at the cost of fuel efficiency. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Usually, the overheated earthlings dump a massive ice cube into the ocean to cool the planet down. Except Hermes tells us, in so many words. At the League of Robots, Bender wonders why they never make any plans to kill all humans, like their motto says. She's moved; then terrified as a tentacle takes her by the neck; and then calm as she realizes that she does love the Tentacle. Bender is credited with setting a bucking mechanical buggalo record for "shortest ride" with 0.04 seconds. She's a threat to the whole world. Fry addresses the world's population, saying he's found the reason for existence: "Thou shalt love the Tentacle!" In the future, Mother's Day has become quite the celebration among robots, who all take the day to pay tribute to their creator. futurama jolly junction fourth season theinfosphere fates worse death characters than location neptune1 ign episode In the episode where Nixon gets elected he is being beaten quite handily in the elections until the robot vote comes in and he wins by a landslide. WATCH: Author Bonnie Greer defending Ireland against British attitudes on Brexit is simply glorious. However, Mom is more than just a threat to the main characters of Futurama. Instead, a tiny asteroid plinks off the mirror, creating a focused beam of heat that burns through New York City. The episodes "A Fishful of Dollars" and "Future Stock" both see her doing her best to dominate a certain industry. So they are still "overpopulated". As an economic powerhouse on a mission to dominate everything, Mom is never shy about making her massive companies into more massive monopolies. ", Channel 4's report on The Troubles, Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement is essential viewing. When their emissary, Fry, arrived, Yivo saw that he was also lonely and so he reached into our universe so that we might feel each other's touch. The Planet Express crew is neither aware of, nor cares very deeply about, Mom's schemes. 10 billion by the year 3000 is actually pretty good! Built on the crumbling remains of New York City on planet Earth, New New York City holds the same exact geographic location as it's ancient forerunner. Widespread looting and bloodshed from the robot population brings humanity to its knees as Mom relaxes in her private cabin. As they are climbing Leela's "hair", Fry and Bender cross paths with Adam West and Burt Ward, who played Batman and Robin, respectively. This is her jersey from her time spent as a pitcher (aka The One-Eyed Bean Machine) for the New New York Mets, as shown in the episode "A Leela of Her Own" (2002). Bender, affronted, challenges Calculon to a duel. Back when he worked for Mom's Friendly Robot Company, the Professor was tasked with building a more rugged, heavy-duty robot. It ended as you could expect from ancient Greek deities. "Future Stock" sees Mom once again butting heads with Fry. Farnsworth invents a neck protector, which looks at first like a metal plate, but is actually made from cardboard toilet-paper tubes. No, nothe OTHER other Captain Marvel. The Professors find that the Tentacle is made of "electromatter: matter's bad-ass grandma." and there r apparently not that many human beings as kif said. This method would be extremely expensive, which is why it should be investigated as a last resort. The world watches in terror as billions of tentacles emerge from the anomaly. Would assume billions of people would have died with an invasion. There is an episode of Futurama (which is better than The Simpsons, deal with it) called Crimes Of The Hot, in which the population of Earth discover that the planet is warming up at an uncontrollable rate due to the expulsions (re: farts) by the robot population. "It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it works out for 'em", Here are the locations of 61 new speed camera zones nationwide, Another major Dublin city centre street is going traffic-free, Dunnes workers seeking wage of over 19 per hour and 25 days annual leave within 10 years, The 50 most iconic songs of all time* have been revealed, You and your family could live on the Aran Islands rent-free for a year, Released 10 years ago today, The Dark Knight Rises was originally going to be very different, People think they've figured out the ranking of the viewers on your Instagram Stories, WATCH: Ryan Gosling reveals the most dangerous stunt while making The Gray Man, An adaptation of a loved murder-mystery book & 6 more movies and shows to watch this weekend, Amazon Prime Video has just added 19 big movies to its library, Love Island hit with 3,000 Ofcom sexism complaints over controversial Casa Amor moment, Netflix has just added 9 big movies to its library, Gogglebox Ireland are looking for very particular people to join the new season. This is one of the few times Mom actually gets a win, but it's mostly because Planet Express is just as much under her thumb as everyone else. The Tentacle has loved us all from afar since we were amoebas; only now that the rift has been opened can it express its love. She admits that Fry wasn't enough for her; no one man is. Some would be on other planets. Yivo is the only being in his universe; he was alone for a trillion years until he saw the big bang, and realized that he was lonely. In the episode "Attack of the Killer App," everyone on Earth becomes enamored with the new eyePhones. Bear in mind Earth have been devastated by two alien invasions, a new dark age and countless Omicronians incursions. Then Farnsworth discovers her, and many tentacles swarm at her. Final Fantasy 16 is almost upon us, and its action looks incredibly fast and hard hitting! Sentient robots take the form of trash cans, vending machines, and greeting cards. I think that explains why there would be less than a billion. These are just a few examples from those times. Bender claims not to know them, and not-so-surreptitiously points them to the exit while pretending to chase them. At the end of the episode where the bean stalk is taking over the city there's a crosswalk signal showing a red hand giving the Vulcan 'Live Long and Prosper' sign. As the CEO of MomCorp and its subsidiaries, she's one of the universe's richest, most powerful figures. Many European states hover around 0-1% population growth p.a. Thankfully, Fry stops her from becoming a true monopoly, though Planet Express is reduced to a small business once more. So he was never rich. The news reports that only a few isolated pockets of resistance remain. There are a few rare exceptions to this rule, however. What about the sewer mutants, they are people too! She's actually sitting on mountains of the stuff thanks to her dark matter farm. Of course, the company producing these devices is MomCorp. Several of these antagonists exist in the series, but few are as especially devilish as the maniacal businesswoman, Mom. They embrace along with all of Colleen's other boyfriends. The Earth has had a lot of apocalypses. In fact one of the bar workers has a shaved head and ear tags like in the movie. Moments later, Professor Farnsworth ties the new record with the exact same time as Bender (before being bucked off, and floating like a feather back to Earth). Get first access to never-before-seen videos, exclusive interviews, and much more! And the ending leads to a final path telling the reader to go back to the beginning of the issue, and it's implied several times during the story itself that the story is actually a, Professor Farnsworth sometimes plays the part of. Check out the latest Final Fantasy 16 trailer, highlighting combat, summons, story beats, and more! Nibblonians (the same species as Leela's pet, Nibbler) famously defecate dark matter. The Professor succeeds in seducing Mom and convincing her to stop the robots. Fry knocks on the window, and says not to be afraid of the Tentacle. The Futurama Side Character Who Almost Successfully Destroyed Earth. She supplies Earth with everything from dark matter for their spaceships to oil for their robots (as well as the robots themselves). It's learned that the human population of Earth is at least 40 billion. Link your TV provider to stream movies, full episodes, and live TV. The episode "Mother's Day" is one of the most important Mom stories. However, Fry (recently endowed with billions of dollars) buys the anchovies first. However, she quickly dumps him after learning that the whole endeavor was a ruse, leaving the Professor heartbroken. Indeed, Fry has begun to dress in papal robes. Submit interesting and specific facts about something that you just found out here. the crew of the Planet Express Ship managed to rescue him and extract the larvae, which looked like brine shrimp. neway in the problem w/ popplers i believe lrrr demanded 50 billion humans for consumption. As a result, the villains are usually equally short-lived as its stories. It was a hilarious scene, more so because of how over-the-top and ridiculous it was Andrew Yang is an American 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and this week he revealed his plans to save the planet on his official blog, and they involve yep, space mirrors. Zap leads a military strike against it via joystick while he sits safely at an Appleby's on Earth. At this point, they pose a threat to Mom's delivery business, and she attempts to buy out the company for millions. Around the year 3000, Earth's population was about 10 billion, As of 3005, the population of Earth is 989,547,695, In the UK, untill recently when billions were discussed it meant 1 million million, or 1,000,000,000,000. The diamondillium sphere is completed just as the tentacles reach Earth and they smash right through it. Also, I never knew about this site. However, since we would be able to undo the mirror after deployment if needed, its less permanent. Not to mention Belorussia with an average -0,1 % "growth". She plans to use these eyePhones as a way to market specific products to millions right under their eyeballs. Check out never-before-seen videos, exclusive interviews, and much more! The starvin marvins of Africa died out inbetween. The combination of the reduced birth rate in the now because of entirely 'developed world' Earth and colonial endeavors on Mars, Mercury, etc. They hide out in an alley next to a dumpster in which Zap Brannigan is hiding. Turns out Leela is the Bendernator in disguise, with Bender saving Fry from its wrath so they can someday fight side-by-side in the future war. Occasionally, the antagonist of an episode makes a grand return to the stage, poised to once more threaten the Planet Express crew. As the tentacles approach Earth, Professors Farnsworth and Wernstrom argue whether to protect earth with a sphere of diamondium or diamondillium. Page created in 0.416 seconds with 36 queries. Mom claims that her mines are running thin, but the truth is much more sinister. I'm skeptical. First Look: Peter David Returns to Captain Marvel! (Read 1387 times). The company was one of the first to genetically modify crops and seeds, a controversial practice alluded to by both Mom and Leela. It's also the episode where she comes closest to completely annihilating everyone on the planet. Leela, Amy, and Fry find the abandoned cabin of a soup bootlegger from the days of soup prohibition, well-stocked with bathtub minestrone. That night, as Amy cries over Kif, Zap commiserates: he misses Kif too. Releasing Summer 2023. But he is also mentioning space mirrors in his plan to save his planet while running for president. Mom is creating artificial demand for her product by claiming there's a shortage. The crew goes to a western bar called TEX 1138's, which is a clear reference to the Lucas film THX 1138. Mainly because people are made aware of and have contraception available. Instead, Farnsworth uses them to pull his spaceship home in the absence of any functioning dark matter.. If so, the population must be much higher. One of those pockets is at Planet Express, but the Tentacle begins to find ways in: through the coffee maker, through the toilet. Trying to find a solution, all of the world's greatest minds come together to show off their planet-saving ideas, and one of them reveals they have launched a giant mirror into space to reflect a percentage of the sun's heat away from Earth. All Rights Reserved. These aren't tentacles: they're gentacles! Mender the robot, however, is real; in fact he's the one who killed them. Zoidberg did once pay property tax, he did own the one house in "The Deep South", and at the end lived inside Benders huge fish. Legal Notice & Disclaimer: "Futurama" TM and copyright FOX, its related entities and the Curiosity Company. Why should she be satisfied with one man when love needs to share itself with the whole universe? Fry, of course, is consistently portrayed as a big fan of comics. All rights reserved. During the beginning of the episode in the bar Fry preforms The Batusi dance from the 1966 Batman show. disguised herself as Smithers to keep an eye on Burns, having seen enough Simpsons episodes to know that Burns was about due for an evil plot. I did a little math when I watched 'Three Hundred Big Boys': After defeating the Spiderians they got one Trillion Dollars: hmmm the amount of human beingsd always did seem low to me on futurama. Only Dr. Zoidberg was willing to eat it. Suddenly Leela springs into action, kicking Yivo and Fry aside; the "tentacle" on her neck was actually a purple garden hose. Mom has actually been supplying the universe with fuel via the enslavement of an intelligent alien race. And as well as that not every human would live on planet Earth. Well it's at least 100 years after the first robot was created that was capable of applying for a boat loan, so by that time I'm sure they would be counted in an Earth census. Add to that, the trend that the fertility rate drops significantly the more developed a society becomes. There is no shortage and there are no mines. There's enough love for everybody. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. What about the robots? The Planet Express crew except for Zoidberg, who is caught takes refuge in the Planet Express building. The largest tentacle extrudes something: it's Fry, a tentacle joined to him by the back of the neck. Futurama rarely extends its plots beyond the length of a single episode. Isn't it also possible that The Earthican government has some inept civil servants who can't do basic math? I think that most people just choose to spend a weekend with the paine monster. "Space mirrors would involve launching giant foldable mirrors into space that would deploy and reflect much of the suns light. I don't know if it includes robots. Zap and Amy are taken over. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. However, Mom's evil plans act as more of a backdrop to Fry and Bender's competition on social media. She has shocking news: Yivo may talk about love, but what he's actually doing is mating with everybody. God damnit, there goes my entire night. Right, I can accept a human population of 4.5 billion. At Fry's church he exults as the police bring a still tentacle-free Colleen to him. Leela arrives, a tentacle in her neck. Take a look inside (W) Ian Boothby (A) John Delaney, Phyllis Novin, Copyright 2022, Diamond Comic Distributors. I attribute the use of final statements beginning with "also" to Futurama. It's still a very funny, well written, and overall deserving tie-in to the television series, though. During the production hiatus between 2003 and 2006 and from 2013 to present it is the only new Futurama material being made. Like The Simpsons, Futurama ventured into the Comic Book scene thanks to the TV show's success. Most robots at the time of the episode were based on the Professor's flawed design, making both him and Mom partially responsible for climate change. Leela, Amy, and Zap flee through the city and become trapped in an alley, where they run into Bender. That just sounds backwards to me. Leela takes the tip, and sneaks into the Planet Express laboratory, where she makes a shocking discovery. The first episode focuses on her efforts to monopolize the oil industry via the last known tin of anchovies. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. It's the anniversary of the day the Professor dumped her. It's the episode where we learn of her scandalous affairs with the Professor. Yet, she also often has personal business with the Planet Express crew. Hermes gave Zoidberg the shares when they were worthless, and Zoidy traded them for a sandwich before the stock went up (and then down again). There are numerous episodes where Mom's schemes are so self-interested, that they would topple society or worse. Cookies help us deliver our Services. People the world over are taken over by tentacles affixing themselves to the backs of their necks. Check out the trailer for this retro FPS inspired by classic 90s console shooter. gives the reader a list of (fake) sites to illegally download comics from, has the layout of the town completely memorized, I'm sorry, I just remembered a joke Robot Hitler told me this afternoon. Current calculations suggest the population of Earth will peak at 9 billion in 2050, afterwards we'll see an actual drop. Depends on whether you count robots, maybe? In the third straight-to-DVD movieBender's Game,Mom puts a stranglehold on most of the universe through an artificial shortage in her dark matter business. Though the effects of careers and industrialization are significant too. Topic: Only 333Million Tax Payers on Earth in y3k? The planet's temperature is spiking due to the high concentrations of greenhouse gasses trapped in the atmosphere, and people are feeling it. Not to mention an X-Mas play that ends with the Professor running onstage naked. Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, sweepstakes, and more! When she arrives on the cloud, Leela says: "It's some kind of deluxe apartment in the sky", which is a line in the theme song from The Jeffersons. NASA Is Going to Test Drive an Alien-Hunting Robot In TIL Eleanor Roosevelt held her own press conferences TIL that George Washington lost as many battles as he TIL after General Dwight D. Eisenhower found victims of TIL coding RollerCoaster Tycoon in the late 1990s TIL the Tolkien Estate sued Dungeons & Dragons for using TIL upon request, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his copy of TIL Julius Chambers of the New-York Tribune had himself TIL Airport runway numbers aren't sequential, they are TIL Mount Thor in Canada has the world's longest vertical TIL John Steinbeck spent two months rewriting 'Of Mice Press J to jump to the feed. Calculon laughs at his idealism: the League hasn't killed a human in over 800 years, and that was a very sick girl scout. I'm only twenty, and that's what I was taught in school. Fry surprises her by agreeing. A bustling metropolis, New New York houses a diverse and multicultural population of many species, organisms, and automotons. theres liek waht 6.1 billion right now? Cannon Doll-X Goes Inside The PREVIEWS ToyChest for 7/20/2022, Ani-Mia is Back With What's @ Comic Shops for 7/20/2022, PREVIEWSworld's Asian American Roundtable, The Panel Tackles the Modern Classic, 'Saga'. And let's not forget the Second Coming of Jesus. As Leela is cleaning out her locker, a jersey is visible with the number 7/8 on the back. Unfortunately, they aren't very inclined to help the Nibblonians. they have made like one overpopulation joke in the whole show and that was the overcrowded tube thingys in i think ragign bender. thats some slow reproduction. Of course, being robots, they don't burn at all. Admittedly, he does have this listed under the 'Emergency Options' section of his plan of action, with his plan to have all of the United States reach a level of zero emissions by the year 2049 (one year earlier than his other Democratic candidates), alongside the more understandable plans of action, including significantly cutting down on its use of fossil fuels, ramping up the use of renewable energy, and employing methods to trap the planet-warming gases we've already released into the atmosphere over the years. All those poor VHS tapes First episode they show a couple alien invasions destroying everything. We're supposed to break 9 billion by 2050, so this outcome is better than expected. Another tentacle attacks Leela; she ducks, and it ties itself up in a knot, managing to choke and cut off its tip. In this Episode of Futurama, Finn The Human and Jake The Dog from Adventure Time make a brief appearance. Why earthican? Bender got a Tricky Dick fun-bill as well. When the episode ends, Fry and Bender settle their differences and everything seems alright. After all these years, she becomes so angry that she commands all robots on the planet to revolt and overthrow humanity. Teenaged Leela, on the other hand, sees the, Some of the alternate paths offered are even complete jokes in and of themselves, such as the part where Fry wishes he still had the reality-warping die from. Mom is an interesting figure in the world of Futurama. Mom robs him blind, but lets him keep the anchovies once she realizes he just wanted to eat them. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/ComicBook/Futurama. Through some morally questionable means involving the genetic modification of a third world child, Mom is poised to turn anchovies into oil. Only 333Million Tax Payers on Earth in y3k? They beg him for a place to hide. Calculon sees through the subterfuge, and laughs, telling him that to err is human. Dark matter is used as spaceship fuel in the Futurama universe, so practically everyone is in dire need of the substance. Through some fantastic shenanigans in an alternate reality similar to Dungeons & Dragons, Planet Express does manage to stop her dark matter monopoly. seems to be a perfectly good and reasonable exblation for the 4.5 billion population. If his ego can't take that, then he doesn't deserve to be Tentacle Pope of anything. Since the word robot comes from a Czech word roughly meaning slave, robots are 3/5 of a person in the Futurama census. Nothing from our universe can cut through it. Are robots tallied in the Earth census? Bender, disillusioned with the League, becomes further depressed when Fry no longer has time to talk to him because he's too busy being Pope of his new religion. The Brains Behind the Future (Cast & Creators). I feel a bit sorry for Q. (Season 2 Picard spoiler). In this episode, Fry meets a successful businessman from the 1980s, who quickly becomes CEO of Planet Express. The Tentacle gets everybody but Leela and Amy. One of the paths even leads to a story that was covered in an earlier issue, and if picking his path, the reader is told to go read that issue. At a League meeting Bender goes on about how disgusting humans are. You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? Later in the episode Adam West and Burt Ward have cameo appearances as their characters from that show Batman and Robin respectively. Then, the Professor reveals something few others know. For Mom, however, Mother's Day makes her enraged. They resolve the dispute with another round of Deathball, and Wernstrom's diamondillum sphere is constructed, encircling the planet. Earth's president tries to solve the issue by exterminating every robot on the planet but is thwarted by the Planet Express crew just in time to save the robots and prevent climate change. Mom's genetic engineering lab, Momsanto, is a clear reference to the multinational corporation Monsanto.