is wienerschnitzel going out of business

Before COVID, drive-thru mixed about 65 percent, while dine-in and takeout represented 32 percent and delivery carved out 3 percent. wienerschnitzel modesto customer service Wienerschnitzel found success with pads in front of anchors like Lowes and Walmart where space is shared and overflow parking is utilized. For the past several months, drive-thru has sky-rocketed to the mid-90s. Regarding menu items, the brand witnessed higher sales from its shake and drink program. Our increased sales have been phenomenal, but we're most proud of them being primarily full-priced, high profitable transactions. Half the system experienced record growth, a notable accomplishment given the decades-long history. You cant be depressed and eat a hot dog at the same time.. Whats more, despite high unemployment, many locations are having a tough time getting staff. His father, Roy Littlefair, bought the Orange location in 1988 and operated it until 1998, when the younger Littlefair said he bought it for $300,000. The first order of business was helping customers order more effectively by placing windproof signs displaying core menu items and combo meals ahead of the drive-thru board. The classic A-frame Wienerschnitzel on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica has closed permanently to make way for a new tenant. Wienerschnitzel employee Michael Davis said he has worked at the store on and off for about 15 years doing maintenance work. Littlefair said a representative from the Galardi Group Inc., the Newport Beach, California-based company that owns the Wienerschnitzel franchise, came to his home Saturday afternoon to tell him the company was terminating his contract and shutting down the restaurant on MacArthur Drive effective Sunday. Its a great place to eat, said Hall. Simply, Wienerschnitzel was built for this era even back in 1961. The five times weekly e-newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the latest industry news and additions to this website. Column: Has the Promenade Turned a Corner? At the time, everyone was put on high alarm. The construction of the building makes it easy for this future Go Get Em Tiger branch to be the coffee chains first drive through location. Some of the companys stores, she said, are up close to 50% this year. The chain has seen sales rise 22 percent since the pandemic arrived, including more than 20 percent in November. Weve been up every week since, CEO Cindy Culpepper said in an interview. The Wienerschnitzel executive notes those can be placed on 15,000- to-18,000-square-foot parcels, which he says is unheard of because most quick-service brands typically need around 40,000 square feet. And I believe that we have become that and will continue to do so.. Those sales were accomplished without mobile ordering, which will be tested in the San Diego market and tentatively finalized for the whole system by the end of Q1. Venice The latest from Restaurant Business, sent straight to your inbox. They were A-frame restaurants and he just put the drive-thrus through the middle of the restaurant. This is all Ive ever known, he said on Monday. Bills attributes that to a fun and quirky marketing program, the closure of other restaurants, and the companys ability to keep employees and customers safe. Agreement took effect immediately and will run through Oct. 31, 2025 University of California officials announced July 9 that they Voltaire said it best at the end of his 1759 novel Candide: We must cultivate our own garden. 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Wienerschnitzel has been a moderately growing chain for some timesystem sales grew 3.6% last year to $265.3 million, according to data from, Dominos holds hope that it can fix delivery without using third parties, Dominos 113-quarter international sales streak comes to an end, Why McDonalds franchisee dispute is a big deal, even if investors are ignoring it, How an Iranian immigrant figured out the pizza business. "Thats something that we do. Palisades News, UC and California Nurses Association Agree on for New Multi Year Contract, Santa Monica Pain Doctor Settles With Federal Prosecutors for Alleged Kickbacks from Purdue Pharma and Depomed, Former Navy SEAL Face Life Sentence for Brutal Santa Monica Murder. cagney If you'd like to subscribe to additional lists, please select any here! Its part of history. Wienerschnitzel also has a system in which workers will take payments and bring orders to the second, third, or fourth car in line. 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Thats been a bit of a challenge for some stores not accustomed to those types of unit volumes. kroc ray mcdonald brothers mcdonalds restaurant facts name fast locations The drive-thru only restaurant, which specializes in chili dogs and chili cheese fries, opened in July 1969, Littlefair said. September and October hovered in the 24 to 26 percent range. And that's what drives our franchisees into that trust factor with us because they know that we're looking out for them.. Halfway through March and a couple of weeks into April, Wienerschnitzel was in scared mode, Bills says. He said he is behind on his taxes by more than $100,000. That lasted a week. The reason, Culpepper said, is fairly simple: Drive-thrus and hot dogs. We're very pleased with revenue coming in through the year and expect to finish out the year the same, Bills says. Its part of us.,, Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Affordability Answer: A New Tax on Housing Speculators? According to internal surveys, 8 to 10 percent of customers during the pandemic have been new users. Wienerschnitzel also saw once-a-month guests turn into twice a month. Photo: Courtesy PAL. It makes training very easy, she said.

Robert Littlefair said health problems in recent years left him unable to pay for needed repairs. Wienerschnitzel was made for a moment like this. Its iconic. That creates a cycle of non-satisfied guests. Both of them have been in demand during the pandemic, which has fueled the companys sales. Is Sustainability the Future of the Restaurant Supply Chain? Unbeknownst to us we were preparing for an event like we have now.. The Pride LA That's not just a quirky statement, Bills says. Photo: Henry Catanzaro. Oh, no problem, Bills says.

Hall, a lifelong resident of Orange, said he has been coming to Wienerschnitzel since it first opened. Where to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month on the Westside! Because of rising drive-thru sales and little reliance on indoor dining, Wienerschnitzel wasnt fazed by capacity restrictions other than the first lockdown. Soon, that trickled to Southern California. Were flexible to freestanding, and were flexible to conversions, Bills says. That narrative wouldnt last long, however. The scene of an attempted motorcycle theft Sunday morning on 11th Street in Santa Monica. So those are the things we work on behind the sceneshoning in on what we already do well. When the pandemic led to broad shutdowns of dine-in service back in March, the Irvine, Calif.-based chain saw its sales drop, just like everyone else. Multiple phone calls to the Galardi Group on Monday went unreturned. Get todays need-to-know restaurant industry intelligence. He had to come by to see for himself. The chain has seen sales rise 22 percent since the pandemic arrived. We go in there and redo the kitchen, we redo the outside, and those were very flexible for us. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news and events in Santa Monica and the surrounding areas! Santa Monica City Attorneys Office Obtains $65,000 Judgment and Injunction Against Landlord in Tenant Harassment Case, Farmers Market Inspires Customer to Study Agriculture, Marine Park Improvements Open for Summer Recreation, Two Santa Monica College Students and One Alum Selected for Station1 Frontiers Fellowship, Six PAL Youth Receive $22,500 During Annual Chris Carrey Scholarship Award Celebration. SMar.t. Thats what theyre getting from Wienerschnitzel.. Some people were so upset by the sudden closing, they shouted at him, Littlefair said. Im personally very excited about this, said Ted Milburn, director of franchise development. We wanted them to feel safe. We wanted our customers to feel good.

As a result, theres been much focus on improving the channels efficiency. STEM majors Grace Jimenez & Ahmad Rizwan to intern at tech startup Elateq and Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, respectively; SMC Now in its 20th year, more than 115 scholarships totaling more than $320,000 have been awarded to PAL youth in July is National ice cream month and in celebration we took a culinary adventure to three local businesses offering frozen Gildardo Rojas arrested in connection to Sunday attempted grand theft By Sam Catanzaro A man was arrested in Santa Monica Local news and culture in under 5 minutes. Its a part of Orange. Culpepper said the company has generated sales in part with a new limited time offer every other month but noted that the products typically have one additional ingredient not in the store, such as a type of sauce. We were almost ramping up for elevating our drive-thru to another level prior to [the pandemic] happening, Bills says. Another step was ensuring everyone was current with headsets so when they hear an order, theyre immediately preparing items instead of waiting for the send button on the POS system. Eating our hot dogs brings joy, Culpepper said. The original A frame features a drive-thru where cars move through the building. The rest of the industry swiftly realized the effectiveness of drive-thrus as seen by many brands creating makeshift routes with traffic cones and other materials. So I'm extremely proud of being in position on that. Yo! We were going to Home Depot and Lowes before it was trendy, and we were cutting plexiglass. The brand still has more than 90 of those locations; one-third of the system doesnt have a dining room. Copyright 2022 Journalistic, Inc. All rights reserved. Ben Littlefair said before he worked at Wienerschnitzel, he spent summer breaks visiting with his grandparents there.

I wasnt able to attend to my store like I was supposed to, Littlefair said. For example, some stores built in the 60s and 70s are right off the street, which makes it difficult to serve drive-thru stacks of two to four cars.