bowazon build d2 frostmaiden

Food for thought. In this respect, Freezing Arrow works more as a spell, say, a Glacial Spike, than an attack. We do, however, absolutely want to have at least 1 hard skill point in Valkyrie, which means we need to take all the prerequisites. For your final outfit, you should make sure that you have the needed IAS for whatever breakpoint you decide on. Under normal circumstances, this forces the player to spec heavily into the passive tree to improve their defences (Dodge/Avoid/Evade + high level Valkyrie) and damage (Penetrate, Critical Strike). It can actually be worthwhile to let things unfreeze for a minute to let them group up if you have a group that's loosely packed or with lots of stragglers. As explained above, the Hybrid Amazon does not care about the damage her weapons do and she does not care about her attack rating at all. Mage: lots of mana, and +mana regen stuff helps out as well. You can gamble out resists, you can gamble out +skills of choice (+3 Bow/Jav skills when gambling after lvl 50 or so), the world is your oyster.

I played a Mageazon up to 56 or so (Baroness), and now have a Frost Maiden up to 47 in act 2 hell. So, what are you waiting for?

Freezing Arrow delivers Cold damage that freezes any mob near the point of impact. Use Freezing Arrow to slow and pin down incoming mobs. Skill points will add more to this, as it serves as a defensive both for you and for your Valkyrie., Penetrate improves attack rating and chance to hit, which are both important. I finished the game carrying blue Chain Gloves of all things because they rolled the Archers prefix (+3 to Bow and Crossbow skills). It makes my martial characters weep.

Much better than with Buriza actually. Our frankly ridiculous amount of +skills is going to take care of the rest. However, if you are using a physical attack skill as well, you'll want to use either penetrate or inner sight. Worth noting, you will generally want to have more +skills for your Bow skills than your Javelin skills, since Lightning Fury tends to do a very solid job in crowds even without +skill support. R-right? I would recommend getting at least an 8 frame attack, though a 9 frame will work fine as well. my merc doesn't use insight, but with the mana leech on my trusty windforce, i should be OK there. Good gear you'd probably want for this build would be soj's, frosties, silkweaves, glooms trap, and pretty much anything else with a lot of +mana. FA works best when you have lots of things really close together, so you pierce and hit more things, and the splash damage hits a lot of enemies every time you pierce. By spending half of her skill points in the Bow & Crossbow tree, the Hybrid Amazon acquires a fairly beefed up Freezing Arrow to eliminate any Lightning Immunes she encounters while, vice versa, her Javelins handle any Cold immunes that bar her way. However, since your attribute requirements are so low and youll have so many points to spare, its not at all out of the question to spend a couple of levels in Energy. She uses her weapons not as a direct source of damage, but as a delivery mechanism for powerful spell effects, eliminating many of the problems a focused build would suffer from, while simultaneously allowing for much safer playstyle, less restrictive attribute allocation and easier gearing process. Any way you slice it, your gearing will be extremely easy yet reward you with a lot of power, which is always a sign of a strong build. As explained in the Playstyle section, you absolutely, definitely want to max out both Freezing Arrow and its main synergy, Cold Arrow, as well as Lightning Fury and Charged Strike to cover all your damage needs for both damage types. Two skill levels to aim for in a valk are level 8 where she gains a lance, and level 17 where she gets a war pike. Use her to scout, break up nasty crowds, or even block doorways. Therefore, youll have to spend all the points for the prerequisites to get that 1 point into Valkyrie, and then youre set. My CS/Fury/FA zon did very, very well with it. Try and either use razortail or a bow with piercing attack to get your overall pierce to 100%.

How does she do in CS? Multi requires a few more skill points, though it should work fine around level 8-10 for what you'd need for this build. With a potential for +6 to Bow skills it's an uber cheap bow. Why pick skills from two trees that have no direct synergies between each other, when you can instead focus heavily on one tree and get the most out of it in return? 118 is the highest Strength requirement for a Light armor base for Runewords, so having 118 means you'll have full choice here. How FA works: FA, or Freezing Arrow, fires a single arrow which freezes and deals damage to everything within a 3.3 yard radius from where the arrow hits. This single-target attack is not only useful for taking down bosses, but it has amazing synergy with both Ice Arrow and (more importantly) Freezing Arrow. Many uniques have longer bonuses to freeze duration that are hidden. With razortail and most of the piercing bows, you will have to put some points into pierce, Buriza has 100% piercing on it, Kuko has 50%, and razortail has 33%. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Each cold damage small charm will increase your freeze duration by one second, though some, such as a "snowy small charm of the glacier" increasing freeze duration by two seconds since it has two cold damage modifiers. The only problem with Buriza is that the fastest attack speed it can attain is 11 frames, as the mods on it seem to be nearly ideal for an FA build. You can gamble out +3 circlets for Bow or Javelin skills fairly easily later on (and have it socketed by Larzuk to cover resistance gaps, if you need to), but you can just as easily run around with the Lore runeword (OrtSol) in your helmet as early as late Normal difficulty. Having some extra mana so you dont have to hop back to town any more often than your ammo capacity demands is a nice quality of life improvement. Any other high-damage or fast bow would work, Eaglehorn/Widowmaker might be nice due to the ITD, but even for a vampiric build, the bow damage is only needed for leeching- it would be better to use a fast bow and attack at 7-8 frames, rather than use a windforce and attack at 9-10. Another nice option for a FA build is to use the M'avina's set, which has some nice mods for this type of amazon. Just not from our skill tree (more on that in the Gear section). The Hybrid Amazon can run around with non-magic Maiden Javelins and a Crude Stag Bow and be perfectly happy with that. For this reason, I would classify the Hybrid Amazon more as a spellcaster than a fighter. If you don't want to use this belt or can't get one, then I'd recommend maxing pierce, or at least investing as many points as possible.

Often, FA will be used as a skill in fighting outside the pit and leveling, while people use strafe inside the pit. This could ease up attack rating difficulties, though you'll need it up to level 20-30 to be effective in hell. Not so for the Hybrid Amazon. 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With +skills, and especially if you have a kuko as your main weapon or on switch, you should be able to deal pretty decent fire damage to cold immune things. Project Diablo 2 Tier List For Season 5 Video Guide. Getting equipment to add +skills will also greatly help your damage, as the cold damage from FA goes up greatly after level 20.

The elemental portion of her attacks always connects, and the elemental portion i.e. In any case, Exploding Arrow is a terrific LEVELING tool. If you're using a vamp mageazon build, either of these should work for killing cold immunes.

Again, nothing really stands out here- Aldurs Advance would be good for run/walk and life, natalya's set boots are also good, and add more resistances. Then, what extra points she has, she invests into her supporting passive tree and thats the build.

But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. It simply wouldnt make sense to make a hybrid, right? The choice of Lightning Fury is a clear one. This page was last edited on 21 September 2021, at 18:24. You'll want probably 15-20% mana leech at least to maintain your mana. You want to have at least 1,000 life. Here is a comparison of the two from my experience. Arrowitch the mageazon wears grayform. FA won't hit everything if you have too large of crowds, leaving things free to swarm around in front of who you have frozen, and free to attack you or your minions. Yes quite easily, as a Strafer can get by using less than 60 points, while only 40 should ever be placed in the cold tree.

Although this also gives extra Life to your Valkyrie as a synergy, you don't need many points here. As for the bowthe same applies in terms of +skills, the more on the base item, the better, and they cant be bought or gambled.

Now, considering the class were playing, the gear available to us, and the things we want on that gear, it just so happens, theres a bunch of things we can do to get what we want.

A good eye of etlich will give you a very nice boost to your freeze length(2-10 seconds), and the leech and +skills are added gravy. Charged Strike then serves as a lethal single-target option, particularly suitable for Act Boss killing.

FA provides its own fairly large attack rating bonus, so hitting with it shouldn't be too difficult. Try and get things in small to medium sized crowds, or lined up in a tight space. She has access to powerful Lightning skills to bypass Cold immunities, does not care at all about the damage her bow deals, since Freezing Arrow works mostly off of flat added Cold damage, and she does not have to worry about her attack rating whatsoever, since the Cold aspect of Freezing Arrow always hits and deals damage, regardless of whether or not the physical arrow does or not. The set comes with a good amount of +skills, resistances, and some other nice bonuses, but doesn't have too much IAS(can get to 9 frames with a cats eye, though). She will always require at least one monster in melee range, which can be a risky proposition in some situations. Also, try and get 100% pierce, either through using a bow, or with razortail. The Valkyrie is pretty tough on her own, even in high Hell levels, and skill bonus items will take care of the rest.. The three most important things for FA damage are: +skills, pierce, IAS. However, it is important to consider that by doing so, the Amazon loses the ability to clear away larger, widely spread-out groups with as much ease and she can no longer do so from safety a screen away as she would with Lightning Fury.

Well, damn.

Funnily enough, you can even find some fairly robust +skills for Amazon on gloves, so dont pass over even magic gloves that drop, especially say past mid-Nightmare difficulty. EoE is 1 SoJ. Given my druthers, I would druther have big resists, mana/life, hit recovery on a rare set of armor. Two powerful elemental attacks that, when properly supported through gear and skill synergies, deliver hefty amounts of damage from afar, while complementing each other nicely when it comes to overcoming monster elemental immunities on Hell difficulty. It only takes around 75 Strength and 110 Dexterity to wield all of the Exceptional Amazon Bows and Javelins, which will cover the majority of the Amazon Bows and Javelins youll ever find before you finish the game. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful in choosing your equipment. Which of these you choose will affect both your skill and equipment selection, so I'll try and cover both here. IAS is also important, mainly by looking at how much you need to hit a certain breakpoint. You might want to trade your bow for an EoE or SoJ. Pierce is essential. Some of the best bows for the Ice Bowazon have high requirements. At that point, any extra skill points you have saved go into Freezing Arrow and Lightning Fury. Prerequisite for Strafe. I did decide to invest more into my strength as I already found a decent Shield and Armor with the right number of sockets for my needs (more on that in the Gear section), and having some semblance of defence rating is never a bad thing since the Hybrid Amazon does need to close in to melee range for Charged Strike against bosses and certain large-sized monsters. And your attack rating will likely be fairly low so you might have to wait a while for her to pop out, which can be rather problematic particularly against the Ancients or other enemies that just go straight for your throat at high velocity. Cold damage from equipment and charms is spread with the blast damage of freezing arrow, though physical, fire, lightning, and poison damage are not. With extensive discussion and commentary. Here's some equipment recommendations, though I'm probably missing a lot of useful stuff. High damage, fast attack speed magics/rares. With just a bit more luck, you can easily get your numbers to even more ridiculous levels, perhaps at some minor expense to resistances.

ravenfrost: Gives cannot be frozen, a lot of cold damage added to your FA, and 4 seconds increased freeze duration. Guess were not getting a powerful Valkyrie with this one. The freezing length of FA is set at 2 seconds, and can be increased by either synergy(ice arrow) or cold damage from items. However, the biggest danger in the pit is the rogue archers, who are not cold immune, and freezing them in place can be quite helpful when doing pit runs. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below.