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How was the First Indochina War and the Vietnam War a Cold War conflict for the United States. Was divided into East and West or democracy and communism. According to the Yalta conference, what would be set to the advantage of the Soviets? What did the U.S.S.R pledge to hold in E. Europe? They agreed that Hitler could take Sudetenland, in exchange Hitler pledged to respect Czechoslovakia's new borders, Notsi Soviet nonaggression pact pledged to never publicly attack each other. Based on their achievements, why do scholars consider the Sumerians to be innovative? 4.War of the Spanish Succession. How did this affect the effectiveness of their innovations in the interwar period?

Wrong: It took land away from the Palestinians. What republic was created as a consequence of the collapse of the Kaiser regime? to capture paris so that the french would surrender. Wanted to weaken but not humiliate Germany. What is civil service, and how does it relate to the system of government during the Han dynasty? Wanted the creation of the League of Nations, the end of empires, disarmament and a fair peace for all sides. Many left Europe during and after the war to escape the war. Heir to the Austrio-Hungarian whose assassination in Sarajevo sparked WWI. World History: The Human Journey (Ancient World), Akira Iriye, Laurel Carrington, Mattie P. Collins, Peter Stearns, Rudy J. Martinez. Refer to the graph and answer the question: Which side of the war suffered the most civilian death? At the end of WW2, the United States developed a weapon that, at the time, was the most powerful in the world. What where the long long-term psychological logical consequences (How does it impact us today)? World War I and World War II were both concentrated in ________ and _________ in scope. Why was the outcome of the battle of Britain important to the allies? What kind of epidemic struck Europe during World War I? What was the significance of the Balfour Declaration? Briefly explain its connection to African history from 800 to 1500. Israel, because the Jews were running away from Hitler and also because they had a massive amount of refugees which no one wanted in their countries. What 3 countries made up the "Axis Coalition" (the Tripartite Pact)? What date did the Kaiser of Germany abdicate? In what way does the Bill of Rights put the ideas of the Enlightenment into practice? Where did Stallon want them to open the second front? Explain.

A formal agreement that ends a war, it spells out the consequences of the war. How did Italian nationalists eventually unify Italy, and who played prominent roles? What percentage of ships did Britain lose? The hills and streams are left. Write a paragraph explaining the U.S. government's response to the global depression, including generalizations and predictions about its impact.

Give a detailed account including reasons or causes. What was the German strategy to strike at France? The first. Major tension rose from it. British, French and Americans let the fascist countries do what ever they wanted in fear of another WW. As a consequence of the expense and devastation of the world wars, what became of the colonial lands? West bank of the Rhine was to demilitarized be occupied by the Allies. How did Japanese invasion of Manchuria expose the major weakness of the league of Nations? Refer to the graph and answer the question: Which category suffered the most death overall? What economic, political, and social conditions encouraged the growth of imperialism in Africa and Asia? Minoans Aegean Sea Knossos King Minos Phoenicians.

As a result of the genocides during the Holocaust the world had to address this ethical and moral question: What responsibility do we have in intervening with crimes against humanity? The Panamanian government of Manuel Noriega was at odds with the Bush administration because of its. To seize islands that were not allowed closer to Japan without storming each one, The systematic mass slaughter of Jews and other groups judged by Nazis, Deprived Jews of the rights to German citizenship and for bed marriages between Jews and non-Jews, Describe the events that took place during what became known as Kristannact. How was the purpose served by architecture and sculpture in the Hellenistic period similar to the purpose served by these arts in the Golden Age of Athens? success?Explain. Explain why both John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev were both labeled "soft" towards the other side in the 1960's. Why were many Americans isolationists? Justice! What are three nations that were created after World War I? What agreement was reached by Neville Chamberlain and Hitler at the Munich Conference ? What state was created after WW2 and why? You may conduct a brief Web quest if needed. What limits did the U.S., U.S.S.R, and Great Britain agree to regarding nuclear weapons testing in 1963? Peace treat signed with Hungary. Hitler broke the treaty and decided to join Austria. I personally believe the latter: The United Nations should not have created Israel. What were some of the results for Native Americans of European colonization of North America? Treaty over what to do with the Ottoman empire territories after their disintegration. Army reduced to 35,000 and reparations were to be paid. In 1960 two-thirds of the 69 people killed during a peaceful anti-apartheid march were Aristocracies of Europe lost their power. How reliable is the source? What reasons did Truman have for ultimately deciding to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, How many people died in World War II? head of criminal police; his hate was focused on the gypsies and mentally ill; secretly plotted against Hitler to expose him; Hitler had him hanged with a piano wire from a meat hook for being a traitor. Why did the French withdraw from Indochina in the 1950s? Japan imperialised Manchuria. Mourning the times, the flowers trickle their tears; Saddened with parting, the birds make my heart flutter. Sima Qian was the grand historian of the Han court. What economic changes resulted from food surpluses in agricultural villages? As a consequence of the expense and devastation of the world wars, what became of the colonial lands? Used a new kind of naval warfare. China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States. Because the Allies were generally unaware of what was happening in Germany and Poland until they were able to invade Germany and Poland, At the end of WW2, 22 Nazis were put on trial for the "crimes against humanity" that they committed during the Holocaust. Industry and trade prospered prospered due to aiding the Allies and new technology was developed. Within 20 years following the end of World War II, colonial powers left occupied countries, granting independence. What three different kinds of crimes were Nazi leaders charge with at the Nuremberg trial? Why did the strategy anger Stallin? Hitler had long pledged to undo the Versailles Treaty. What were the motivations behind European exploration of distant lands? How did the death of Malik Shah affect the Seljuk Empire?

Economically destroyed the losers of the war and many people were left displaced in foreign and new countries. suicide because Germany lost the war > Germany surrenders, Impact California Social Studies World History, Culture, and Geography The Modern World, Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction, Dahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, Roger B. Beck, Akira Iriye, Laurel Carrington, Mattie P. Collins, Peter Stearns, Rudy J. Martinez, For each term or name, write a sentence explaining its significance. How did the alliance system spread the original conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia into a general war involving many countries? What did the collapse of the Ottoman empire lead to at the end of the war? Which time frame does the Fleet Response Plan use as its cycle? What major development changed the world? Briefly explain its connection to colonial independence around the world after World War II. Refer to the graph and answer the question: Which side of the war suffered the most military death? Which of the following events was most important in leading to the breakdown of the Congress System? Germany lost lots of land and her colonies and was forbidden from forming a union with Austria, Woodrow Wilson's plan to promote peace in Europe, Lloyd George - England; Orlando-Italy; Clemenceau - France; Wilson-America, Erich Ludendorff - German commander; Kaiser Wilhelm II - ruler of Germany. Write your answer in an essay of at least 125 words. It was put in place to restore the economy and living standards of Europe so countries would not defect to communism. Militarism: Pride in military (bigger better). How useful is this source? Germany had to pay $23 billion to the Allies. For what reasons did the protesters oppose the Vietnam war? How did Saladin respond to the news that the siege at Acre had intensified. Match the Nazi civil organization to its appropriate description. C.They supported fascist leaders who promised relief from economic hardships. ", Area rich in iron and coal, given to Belgium, Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, developed countries should be responsible for the "well-being and development" of colonies, Former German colonies almost ready for independence, Palestine, Iraq, Transjordan - given to Britain, Cameroons, Togoland and Tanganyika - Britain and France, Rwanda-Urundi - Belgium, Returned to those who had conquered them in the war (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa), Fraction of public expenditure spent by Britain and France on wartime debts during the 1920s, Railway lines, factories, two hectares of farmland destroyed along Western front, Physical damage caused decline in industrial output, wartime debts, "the impact on generations which had grown accustomed to stable prices and a reliable currency was enormous, and was as much psychological as economic. Hitler invaded Poland and this started the world war 2. Austria separated from Hungary and the army was reduced to 30,000 men and reparations were to be paid. Hitler decided to take a more direct action through a program of genocide. What were the social consequences of the Treaty of Versailles? (8). What was the significance of the Balfour Declaration? The army beacons have flamed for three months; A letter from home would be worth ten thousand in gold. Japan ignored the protests and withdrew from the league of Nations in 1933, List two reasons Mussolini had for invading Ethiopia. Empowered the president to sell, transfer, lend or lease war supplies. D.They feared that their economic prosperity would vanish if they did not.

What four empires came to an end due to World War I? Treaty signed with Bulgaria. Where did Britain and the United States strike first? Karl the First and a republic was created. When did two globes, one bathed in white and the other in darkness, appear in Why We Fight? What were the territorial consequences of the Treaty of Versailles? Assassination of Arch Duke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand was visiting wounded soldiers and immigrants in sarajevo and was shot by Black Hand when he was leaving. Some of the Consequence of WWI was the death of millions, the dawes plan and the global depression. Pearl Harbor was bombed and this caused the US to enter the war. Solve tough problems on your own with the help of expert-verified explanations. What happened to territory in Europe at the end of WW2? Be able to list three main allied forces. Solve tough problems on your own with the help of expert-verified explanations. What was the Russian strategy as Germans pushed deep into the Soviet Union? On December 7th, 1941 the Japanese launched a surprise attack on what U.S. airbase? World History Patterns of Interaction (Michigan), Dahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, Roger B. Beck.

Japanese militarists were like Hitler and Mussolini because they were extreme nationalist. What was created after the end of World War 2?

Central Europe changed from mostly dictatorships to democracy. World War I and World War II were both concentrated in ________ and _________ in scope. shot in the back. But such disarray! Use the document to answer the following questions. (C) Briefly explain ONE way not mentioned in the excerpt in which Catherine sought to westernize the Russian state and society. At the end of WW2, Great Britain renounces its duty to control Palestinian Pogrom. Explain why Roosevelt and Churchill decided to first invade North Africa instead of launching an invasion of Western Europe which Stalin desired. As a result of the war, the economies of many countries were devastated. Know names of new or organizations created during this period. Allies stop Japan from advancing southward, Commander of allied forces in the Pacific "I shall return". What was the economic state of Europe after WW2? what was stalins response to their resistance. What are five consequences of World War I?

With this wound from the sniper, how many times had Jnger been wounded. How so? 9 new states are formed. Why do you think the atrocities of the Holocaust went relatively undetected during WW2? Peace treaty signed with Austria. How did British slavery policy change in 1833? What were the negatives of the peace treaties? Impact California Social Studies World History, Culture, and Geography The Modern World, Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction, Dahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, Roger B. Beck, Modern World History Patterns of Interaction, California Edition. Write an essay exploring the influences on the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. Individuals, such as Albert Einstein, escaped Germany during the rise of Hitler. (A) Briefly explain ONE piece of evidence that Madariaga uses in the excerpt that supports the idea of Catherine the Great as an enlightened absolute ruler.

Before the Japanese concord 1,000,000 miles of Asian land, what anti-colonist idea did they use to try to win the support of Asians? What effect did old colonial boundaries have on newly independent African states?

What was the Treaty of St. Germain? Is it objective or subjective? How did President Roosevelt's New Deal programs address bank failures and unemployment? What are the characteristics of humanism. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because they (Japan) saw the United States as what? Killed half of the population. What Austrian-Hungarian empire collapsed as a consequence of the war? What positive effects does immigration have? An illustration that attempts to make a point about a political event or situation.

B.They were attracted by the idea of running their own businesses. (T,F). Read the excerpt from Du Fu, a Chinese writer who returns home after a rebellion has left the capital city in ruins, and answer the questions that follow.

What were some of the provisions of the new constitution of Japan? (1919). 6.6 billion pounds to be paid to the Allies in reparations from Germany. When one country rules other lands as colonies. Other than dropping the atomic bomb on Japan what options did Truman have for ending the war in the Pacific? cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action, a prejudiced view (either for or against); a preference, German plan for the defeat of France before attacking the Russian Empire. This weapon was known as: This bomb (previously described) was dropped and killed nearly 365,000 and 200,000 respectively in which Japanese cities? The military is given high priority by the, Pride in one's country or culture. They swept through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg then swept troops and tanks through the Ardennes, French soldiers were pinned it down and British fleet of navy ships, French general, set up a government exile in London. These individuals sought safety and security in neighboring nations or the United States. They had to pay 100 million pounds in reparations and army was reduced to 20,000. Women became more empowered. The capital is taken. Write a paragraph identifying the influence of nationalism on the unification of Italy. The cold war and its sub wars like the Korean war and the Vietnam war. List to actions taken by Hitler, prior to World War II, that violated the treaty. Many Americans did not realize the dire situation in Korea. The five consequences of World War I is that it brought ruin and destruction to Europe, European economies collapsed, Europe lost almost an entire generation of young men, nationalism surged in the colonial empires, and conflicts from the Treaty of Versailles were unresolved. Heir to the Austrian throne in Bosnia-Herzegovina (territory annexed by Austria containing many Serbians-Slavs), Secret Serbian nationalists group with ties to the Serbian government, Leader of the black hand assassinated Franz Ferdinand and his wife, The nickname given to the Balkans prior to the start of World War One, Competition to build up Armed Forces and weapons, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire - Alliance during the war, Great Britain, France, Russia, and later the US, The new battleship launched by Britain in 1906, United Germany in 1871; creates feels of revenge in France, The belief that all slavic people should be united (eastern Europeans/Russians). All European countries suffered economic inflation. Give a sequence of brief answers with no explanation. USA and the Soviet Union cemented their place as "Super Powers". Treaty that ended WWI. Define Isolationism. What were the economic consequences of the Treaty of Versailles? How were the Japanese militarists like Hitler and Mussolini? What kind of epidemic struck Europe during World War I? Germany were to completely disarm- no submarines, tanks or air force and they could only keep 6 battle ships and an army of 100,000 men. It showed that Hitler's attack could be blocked. Use the document to answer the following questions. Also discuss influences specific to France, identifying cultural, political, and economic concerns the authors wanted to address. My white hairs have I anxiously scratched ever shorter. Winston Churchill gave an important speech at Fulton College where he did what? 7.Swahili. The empire would provide Japan with the raw materials and markets for its goods. What nation accounts for 1/3 of these deaths. Why were Japanese American shipped to relocation camps? Which of the following were among the new technologies of World War I? During World War II, the Japanese loss/losses of what island(s) heralded the end of the war in the Pacific? The Marshall plan. Invented by the Germans, however, chlorine gas and, Invented by the British to fight trench warfare. Do Ludlow and Clarendon agree on any points about Cromwell? How many people died from the Spanish Flu. What are the characteristics of a patrol base?

Atomic weapons; Civilian and military losses; The Holocaust and its impact; Refugees and poverty; The United Nations; The establishment of the state of Israel. How did the Crusades affect Europe and Southwest Asia? What are the countries of The Triple Entente? Explain how Elizabeth I was able to bring a level of religious peace to England. How many people died in world war one and what percentage of combatants died? Briefly explain its connection to European history from 1500 to 1800. What did Congress do to support this policy? Britain and France declared war on Germany (Phony War). How can it be applied to my project? Member of the secret Serbian Nationalist group known as the Black Hand who assassinated Ferdinand and his wife. Hoped to keep Germany as a trading partner and take over some of her colonies. What would an empire provide Japan? German speaking people living in the western border regions of Czechoslovakia. The following are long-term consequences of the dropping of the bomb on the Japanese people: Birth defects due to radiation; A devastation of the buildings and terrain, which took years to rebuild; Cancers appear in higher quantities for several decades that follow. Are there any biases? What where the short short-term outcomes of the Munich conference? Of all the conflicts we have discussed this year, which war lost the most people, both civilians and soldiers? Describe the sequence of conflicts and their consequences that weakened Qing China. How many hectares of farmland did France lose? Why was the Space Race important to the U.S? What does this suggest happened? Which of these jobs taken by Marie Sklodowska Curie were typical of the work most women were allowed to do at this time? What phrase did President Reagan use to describe the Soviet Union early in his administration?

Give a detailed account or picture of a situation, event, pattern or process. What was the most important reason that drove European powers in their rush to increase their imperialist holdings in Africa? What to technological devices help turn the tide of the war in the British RAF's favor? In your paragraph, explain the political make-up of the Italian peninsula, including foreign rulers. Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism. What are three nations that were created after World War I? What were the public and secret parts of the Nazi Soviet nonaggression pact? Alright, so this is strictly a matter of opinion. Since the dropping of the bomb (previously described) when and where has it been detonated?

Takes control of British forces in north Africa.