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Jump, push, turn, grab. For students with physical or intellectual disabilities. Translation service is not available for Internet Explorer 11 or lower. In the event of falling into a body of water, children learn how to swim to safety. Call the Y or speak with anyone in our Aquatics Department or on our Member Services Team. Add This Service Directory to Your Website. This stagealso introduces rhythmicbreathing and integratedarm and leg action. Greater Monmouth County YMCA staff will use the Weather Bug app to monitor lightning strikes. This class is for the student who has completed Stroke Development and Stroke Mechanics and is interested in preparing for competitive swimming. With a focus on water safety and self-rescue skills, the curriculum begins with basic swimming readiness skills and progresses to stroke introduction, refinement and technique. Over decades of hard work the Y has taught millions of children and adults how to swim; we ARE America's swim instructors. If it's decided that a comment is inappropriate then it will be deleted from the site. If you selected "Email" or "Text message" above, you also consent to receive messages from this platform with info about this program. Site by Stark LMC. In stage 3, students learnhow to swim to safetyfrom a longer distancethan in previous stages inthe event of falling into abody of water. Our Y swim instructors are nationally certified. All content 2022 YMCA of Greater Hartford. Qualifications to be in this level: (1) able to go underwater and comfortably open eyes without goggles, (2) able to float on front and back with minimal assistance, (3) able to jump in the pool, submerge and return to the wall with assistance. The YMCA maintains a safe environment by closing swimming pools when there is lightning and thunder. This results in more confident swimmers who stick with lessons and develop a love for swimming that can last a lifetime, YMCA Announces Appointment of 7 New Board Members, NBC NEWS 4 SEGMENT: Swimming Safety: Its Never Too Late to Learn How to Swim Even for Adults, Community Rec Magazine: Stronger Together at the YMCA of Greater Monmouth County, Stronger Together: YMCAs in Monmouth and Ocean Counties Announce Partnership to Strengthen Community Impact. View current youth swim lesson schedules at: Freehold Family YMCA The YMCA of Greater Hartford is a charitable association open to all and committed to helping people develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. The atmosphere and swim and structuresmore, in one session. The NEW YMCA of Greater Hartford Swim School is a way to make swim lessons more convenient for families. Caretaker/parent may need to be in the pool with the student. Students develop comfortwith underwater explorationand learn to safely exit in theevent of falling into a bodyof water in stage 1. Glass containers, food, and gum are not allowed on the swimming pool deck. The specific days and times of our classes can be found when you register on-line or by reviewing our Program Guide. Children with special needs will have the opportunity to explore the water as a therapeutic medium to strengthen muscles, normalize muscle tone, provide sensory input, stretch tight muscles, body in space awareness and more. Y members and guests must follow all safety guidelines or may be asked to leave the pool area. Their training includes CPR, AED, First Aid and Oxygen Administration. Swim, float, swimsequencing front glide,roll, back float, roll,front glide, and exit Monmouth County If you do not consent, you can always contact this program a different way. For further information and availability: How Did You Hear About Us? Our Y swim instructors are nationally certified. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among kids aged 1-4, and 88% of children who drown are under some form of supervision. Instructors will lead the class in water adjustment, water safety, and stroke development. Spanish: WebsiteSocial MediaGoogle SearchAdvertisingWord of MouthDrove PastCurrent MemberFormer MemberHealth InsuranceMedical ProviderSchool DistrictOther This class, designed for children ages 2 to 3, adapts basic swimming skills to your child's developmental level including:body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatics skills. Allowing families, convenience, and flexibility when scheduling their swim lessons. Do not perform back-flips, back-dives, twists or any other type of flip that may cause injury to yourself or others. Starting and diving blocks are not for public use. Students will also work on jump, push, turn, grab. Qualifications to be in this level: (1) able to swim front crawl with bent arm recovery and rotary breathing for 25 yards, (2) able to swim back crawl with stroke rotation for 25 yards, (3) able to swim butterfly with overarm recovery, (4) able to swim breaststroke for 25 yards achieving stroke rhythm, (5) able to dive from a kneeling position. Bridgeport, CT 06604 Everything the Y does is in service of building a better us. , WebsiteSocial MediaGoogle SearchAdvertisingWord of MouthDrove PastCurrent MemberFormer MemberHealth InsuranceMedical ProviderSchool DistrictOther. Extended breath holding activities may cause blackouts and are strictly prohibited. Vietnamese: All rights reserved. The emphasis onwater safety continuesthrough treading waterand sidestroke. One adult must be in the water with their child at all times. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to teach youth, teens, and adults to swim so that they can stay safe around water and learn the skills they need to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for staying healthy, but also to build their confidence in ways that extend beyond the pool. Shrewsbury, NJ 07702. The YMCA of Greater Monmouth County is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our members and program participants. Swim lessons provide important life skills that could save a life and will benefit students for a lifetime. Microsoft Edge. In this class, children focus on swimming longer distances. United States Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices can be used in the shallow end of the pool. Must be 15 yrs. Pricing: Private $160/4 lessons | Semi-private $240/4 lessons | Build Your Own* $176/4 lessons, *1 instructor with 4 students only available at Red Bank Family YMCA. Thunder is the sound of lightning, which is a warning that lightning is either present or will soon be visibly present. Students will learn basic strokes including, front crawl and backstroke. Qualifications to be in this level: (1) able to submerge and retrieve an object in chest deep water, (2) able to swim front crawl 15 yards while taking a breath, (3) able to Swim-Float-Swim 15 yards, (4) able to jump in and tread water for 30 seconds, (5) able to swim to wall and exit. Pools will remain closed until 30 minutes after the last lighting strike. For Special Olympics competitive swimmers. YMCA of Greater For everyones safety, the swimming pool will be closed during lightning and thunderstorms and will not reopen until thirty (30) minutes after the last occurrence of either. Old Bridge Family YMCA Pushing, dunking and rough play are not permitted. SHREWSBURY, NJ (July 19, 2022) Seven community-minded professionals from , Cheers Tracie Strahan, NBC News and American Red Cross New , Cover Story: How the YMCA of Greater Monmouth Countyis combatting , SHREWSBURY, NJ (July 7, 2022) The YMCA improves peoples , With a focus on water safety and self-rescue skills, the curriculum begins with basic swimming readiness skills and progresses to stroke introduction, refinement and technique. They will have a consistent instructor over a longer period of time. The class will focus on skill progression as outlined in the Special Olympics NJ Aquatics Coaching Guide led by Freehold YMCA Marlins Special Olympics swim team head coach, Tina Duda along with other staff and volunteers. There are no reviews for this agency yet. An emphasis will be placed on increasing flexibility, balance, range of motion, muscle tone and coordination as well as general social skills. In this class, children continue to work on their swimming stroke technique and all the major swim strokes are introduced. Our lifeguards are here to ensure your safety and have the authority to restrict any behavior deemed unsafe. Free swim lesson assessments are available to determine the appropriate swim lesson stage for each student. 170 Patterson Ave The course will focus on the continuing development of all 45 competitive strokes, starts, turns and competitive training techniques. CCC YMCA Private Semi-Private Swim Lesson Registration. dch trang web ny, bn phi nng cp trnh duyt ca mnh ln phin bn Microsoft Edge mi nht. Please contact facility for accessibility information. Give it a try, especially if your children need swim lessons!more. I am so grateful!more, TennisSports ClubsSwimming Lessons/Schools, the wonderful experience of an old-fashioned summer-outside, playing, swimming, eating and developing invaluable life skills and lessons!more, GymsSwimming Lessons/SchoolsParty & Event Planning, that there have been a multitude of positive changes since the new ownership took over. Please do not sit, play, hang or lie on the lane lines. Please use another browser or download the latest, Information provided by: United Way of Connecticut, M-F: 5:15am-8pm; Sat: 7am-1pm; Sun: 8am-1pm. This will create stronger and more confident swimmers.. Best Swimming Lessons/Schools near Middletown, CT. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. This commitment is reinforced by our belief in living out universal values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. The lifeguard may administer a swim test at any time. They should be properly sized and in good condition. Have fun, be safe and keep your language and behavior family friendly. Discuss what level is appropriate with anyone in our Aquatics Department, or register for the Stage that is most appropriate for the swimmers abilities and our trained staff will place students in the correct Stage during the first lesson. Swim lessons may be canceled in advance of an anticipated storm. *Some programs may not be available at all locations. Join the conversation and be the first to learn about our promotions and events by following us on social media. Wear appropriate swimming attire in the water at all times. Mandarin: Red Bank Family YMCA. Parents accompany children in stage A, which introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment through exploration and encourages them to enjoy themselves while learning about the water. Membership required. Parents begin class in the water and throughout the session transition to children swimming with the instructor. A parent/guardian, at least eighteen (18) years of age, must accompany any child five (5) years of age and younger in the water at all times. All ages - from infants to seniors - can learn to swim at the Y. Having mastered thefundamentals, studentslearn additional watersafety skills and buildstroke technique,developing skills thatprevent chronic disease,increase social-emotionaland cognitive well-being,and foster a lifetime ofphysical activity. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to teach youth, teens, and adults to swim, so they can stay safe around water and learn the skills they need to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for staying healthy. Did you know that the YMCA operates and owns more swimming pools than any other organization in the country? In this class, children continue to work on their swimming stroke technique and all major competitive strokes are introduced. This is a review for swimming lessons/schools near Middletown, CT: "We have been members at Mountain Grove Swim Club for 21 years. Through this approach, advanced swimmers flow more easily to higher levels while swimmers who need more instruction can learn at their own pace. Must be registered with Special Olympics New Jersey to register for class. For privacy and sanitary reasons, please refrain from changing children on the swimming pool deck. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding of our Thunder and Lightning Policy. Students who took lessons under the previous Y swim lesson structure (with level names like Pike, Ray, Eel) can easily transition to the new curriculum. Each 30-minute session is scheduled between the instructor and the participant. old before the end of the class and able to swim 300 yards continuously with a combination of freestyle and breaststroke. One-on-one private swim lessons with a trained swim instructor are available to fit your busy schedule. Parents/guardians of children seven (7) years of age and younger who have passed the swim test must remain on the pool deck. One adult must be in the water with their child for a portion of the class. Students learn personalwater safety andachieve basic swimmingcompetency by learningtwo benchmark skills: (13+ years) Young adults special needs aqua cardio class. Children 5+, adults & teens from beginners to advanced stroke development. A weekly shallow water class with activities such as aqua zumba, kickboxing, calisthenics and fun. All swimmers eight (8) years of age and older who have passed the swim test may use the pool on their own. For more than 160 years, the YMCA has nurtured potential and united communities across America to create lasting, meaningful change. Children progress from water adjustment to basic skills while working with parents. Thisstage lays the foundationthat allows for a studentsfuture progress in swimming. Qualifications to be in this level: (1) able to front crawl and back crawl 25 yards, (2) able to swim breaststroke kick and dolphin kick 15 yards, (3) able to tread water using multiple kicks for 1 minute. If you have a communicable or infectious disease or an open sore, please do not enter the swimming pool area. There is 1 instructor for 3 students. Contact your local branch for more information. Swimming unassisted by lesson 3. Blended learning course trains candidates to certify in Red Cross lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid, AED and Oxygen administration. Inflatable pool toys and flotation devices are not permitted. Y swim instructors are nationally certified, and their training includes CPR, AED, First Aid and Oxygen Administration.

Private half-hour, one-on-one swim lessons. That's why we feel it is so important for children and adults to learn water safety, and we offer lessons to people of all ages and stages. Some popular services for swimming lessons/schools include: What are people saying about swimming lessons/schools near Middletown, CT? Our swim lessons will now be on a monthly draft payment plan through the Swim School plan. State health codes require all persons to shower with warm water and soap before entering the swimming pool. Answer the questions below to find the swim lesson that fits. Students in stage 5 workon stroke technique andlearn all major competitivestrokes. This class will enhance their existing skills and teach them more including: Lifesaving skills, personal safety and personal growth, competitive skills, snorkeling/skin diving, water sports, and volunteering opportunities. In this class, children continue to work on their swimming stroke technique and all the major competitive strokes are introduced. Phone: 203.334.5551 Have questions? Accompanied by a parent, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills through fun and confidence-building experiences, while parents learn about water safety, drowning prevention, and the importance of supervision. 850 Park Avenue In stage 6, studentsrefine stroke techniqueon all major competitivestrokes, learn aboutcompetitive swimming,and discover how toincorporate swimminginto a healthy lifestyle. We recommend calling the branch directly whenever you hear thunder or see lightning before heading over to the branch. The YMCA of the USA, FEMA, the American Red Cross, NOAA, and the National Lightning Safety Institute all advise to not use plumbing of any kind during thunder and lightning and to stay clear of windows. All lessons must be purchased in block of four lessons per transaction. Porpoise Club is for youth ages 11-15 who have completed the YMCA swim levels 1-6. Students will develop comfort in the water. T-shirts, shorts, cut-offs and street clothing are not appropriate. Call or visit website for additional information.