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Umbral Disk

Schaefer's Hammer, Elite, 2H: Biggin's Bonnet This page was last edited on 3 September 2021, at 14:07. Death's Disguise, Hsaru's Defense Nightwing's Veil Snakecord Serpent Lord Crescent Moon Bloodfist Dragon Normal: Tal Rasha's Wrappings The Jade Tan Do Doomslinger, Exceptional: Hel

Ondal's Wisdom, All Unique Throwing Weapons Djinn Slayer (L) The Chieftain Sorc Orbs, Rune list Valkyrie Wing The Gavel of Pain, Elite, 1H: Exceptional: Shaftstop Rattlecage The Grim Reaper, Exceptional: Que-Hegan's Wisdom Radiance, Ancient's Pledge Prudence Greyform Sandstorm Trek Helms Ort Lionheart, Myth Lore Rakescar, Exceptional, one-handed: Stone Elite: Circlets Civerb's Vestments Throwing Leviathan (L) Item Generation Tutorial Ral (8) + Tir (3) + Tal (7) + Sol (12) Pierre Tombale Couant Gloom's Trap Chains of Honor Last Wish (L) Rusthandle Harlequin Crest Duress Deathspade Steel Coldsteel Eye Magefist Clvl Required: 27, +35% Faster Cast Rate Blade of Ali Baba Heart of the Oak Hellfire Torch, All Unique Axes Brand (L) Infinity (L) Heaven's Brethren Ohm Goldstrike Arch, Elite: Spectral Shard, Exceptional: Shadow Dancer (L), All Unique Amulets

Voice of Reason (L) Call to Arms Kira's Guardian (L) Saracen's Chance Axe of Fechmar Athena's Wrath Pride (L) Zakarum's Hand

Wrath (L) Zephyr, https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/index.php?title=Insight&oldid=28059. Eternity Stormshield Eaglehorn Immortal King Hellslayer

Hotspur Cranebeak Pelta Lunata Berserker's Arsenal Dragon (L) Razorswitch Hexfire Dragonscale, Sorceress Orbs Death's Fathom (L) The Mahim-Oak Curio Ume's Lament, Exceptional: Goldwrap Ribcracker Vidala's Rig, Aldur's Watchtower Hawkmail Stone of Jordan Experience Wall of the Eyeless Stormguild Gull Knell Striker Plague Bearer Principle The General's Tan Do Li Ga Lem Magic Find Spire of Honor, Elite: Woestave Bramble Rune hunting The Dragon Chang Phoenix (L) Medusa's Gaze Darksight Helm Tancred's Battlegear

Gheed's Fortune Special Modifiers, Gambling Suffixes Annihilus

The Diggler Bows Earthshaker, Exceptional, 2H: Unique Necro Totems, All Unique Charms Black Bartuc's Cut-Throat Honor Sur Chaos Silkweave Blinkbat's Form Shadowfang

Treachery Riphook Wolfhowl, Druid Helms Warpspear Dark Clan Crusher Daggers +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds Insight (L) Gravenspine Bloodletter Stealth The Fetid Sprinkler Hitpower Recipes Bane Ash Steel Pillar Nosferatu's Coil Hand of Blessed Light, Elite: Hwanin's Majesty Pompeii's Wrath Exile Ber Treasure Classes Goreshovel Arkaine's Valor Silence Ruby Normal: Head Hunter's Glory Nord's Tenderizer Hellmouth, Elite: Lava Gout Endlesshail Felloak The Cranium Basher, All Unique Swords The Gnasher Witchwild String Ethereal Edge The Battlebranch Marrowwalk Infernal Tools Lance Guard Executioner's Justice (L) Stormspike, Elite: Blackoak Shield Fortitude Ice (L)

Manald Heal Magewrath Polearms Eth Belts Razor's Edge Waterwalk Demon Machine, All Unique Daggers Ravenlore Veil of Steel, Circlets: Wealth, Delirium

Hone Sundan Steelgoad Boots The Scalper, Elite: Cleglaw's Brace Lawbringer (L) Books & Scrolls, El Merman's Sprocket Wisp Projector, All Unique Shields Ripsaw Sapphire

Soul Harvest Doom Eschuta's Temper, Angelic Raiment Deathbit Soul Drainer Baranar's Star Andariel's Visage (L) Langer Briser Spire of Lazarus Steel Carapace Tyrael's Might (L), All Unique Gloves Blood Recipes The Vile Husk Spineripper Dol Harmony (L) Guardian Angel Spellsteel Boneflame Bloodrise Trang-Oul's Avatar, Bone Carrion Wind Normal: Silks of the Victor, Exceptional:

Peasant Crown Rings, Weapons Sazabi's Grand Tribute War Traveler Culwen's Point, Normal, 2H: Metalgrid (L), All Unique Rings Sander's Folly Grim's Burning Dead, Elite: Ama Weapons Rune Master (L), Normal, two-handed: Wormskull Ral Dream (L) Pus Spitter Coldkill Crossbows Venom Grip Fury Bverrit Keep Stoneraven (L), Assassin Claws

Quest Items Infernostride Stormrider Stone Crusher

Atma's Wail Twitchthroe Stoutnail Milabrega's Regalia Fortitude (L) Only available for Ladder characters. Vampire Gaze The Face of Horror, Exceptional: Griswold's Edge Caster Recipes Demonhorn's Edge (L) Skull, Crafted Items Normal: Arcanna's Tricks Lidless Wall The Grandfather, Amazon Weapons Gargoyle's Bite, All Unique Wands Alma Negra Nature's Peace (L) Wizardspike, All Unique Polearms Ith

Atma's Scarab Lycander's Flank Blastbark, Exceptional: Highlord's Wrath Bloodtree Stump Undead Crown Blackbog's Sharp Um, Mal The Cat's Eye Cerebus' Bite (L) Soulflay Spirit Keeper, Necromancer Totems Strength

Memory, Oath (L) Arreat's Face Gul Gloves Swordback Hold Spears Normal: Crown of Thieves Gorefoot Stormeye, Exceptional: Iron Pelt Crow Caw Rockfleece Heart Carver From Ral Tir Tal Sol runes in Polearms or Staves. Gleamscythe

Jah Goldskin Safety Recipes, Calculations Javelins Gerke's Sanctuary Widowmaker (L) Unique Paladin Shields Hellplague The Patriarch, Exceptional, 1H: Lum Body Armor Skystrike

Cliffkiller Skullder's Ire Arm of King Leoric

Messerschmidt's Reaver, All Unique Bows Jade Talon Bonehew 180-250% Bonus to Attack Rating (varies) White Crainte Vomir Dream (L) Requires Patch 1.10 or later. Axes Boneslayer Blade Thunderstroke (L) Pal Shields Vex Buriza-Do Kyanon The Disciple Stormlash Wind Sigon's Complete Steel Stormspire, All Unique Scepters Lance of Yaggai

Baezil's Vortex Crown of Ages The Rising Sun Sparking Mail Nadir


Nokozan Relic The Iron Jang Bong, Exceptional:

Butcher's Pupil


Steelshade Normal, 1H: Raven Frost Soulfeast Tine Skin of the Flayed One Nef Natalya's Odium Tiamat's Rebuke Fleshripper Cham The Salamander The Impaler Rain Normal: Duriel's Shell Isenhart's Armory Emerald Smoke The Spirit Shroud Torch of Iro Peace Black Hades Faith (L) Hellcast Heavenly Garb Bul-Kathos' Children

Dwarf Star Razortail Crushflange Phoenix Spirit Forge The Minotaur, Elite, two-handed: Kelpie Snare Normal:

Templar's Might (L) Gold Find, Modifiers Corpsemourn, Elite: Zod, All Unique Belts Breath of the Dying Normal: Barb Helms Frostwind Sanctuary Ichorsting Toothrow Dimoak's Hew Bloodraven's Charge String of Ears Skin of the Vipermagi Giant Skull Scepters Diamond Melody +9 To Minimum Damage Runewords, Gems Thundergod's Vigor, Elite: Doombringer Witherstring Chromatic Ire Duskdeep Chance Guards +2 To Mana After Each Kill

Orphan's Call Astreon's Iron Ward Cathan's Traps Normal, 1H: The Centurion

Windforce, All Unique Crossbows Suicide Branch Firelizard's Talons Skull Collector, Elite: Gloom Lo Razortine Rift (L) Demon's Arch Bladebone Gimmershred Normal: Stormchaser Lenymo

Verdungo's Hearty Cord, All Unique Armor Swords Humongous, Exceptional, two-handed: Moonfall The Eye of Etlich Tomb Reaver (L) The Ward, Exceptional: Normal: RalTirTalSol Demon Limb Maces Islestrike Normal: Treads of Cthon Cloudcrack Blackleach Blade Edge (L)

Ironstone, Exceptional, 1H: Moser's Blessed Circle M'avina's Battle Hymn, Naj's Ancient Vestige Pul The Atlantean, Exceptional, 2H: Horizon's Tornado Normal: Hellclap Thul Splendor, Beast Homunculus Gravepalm Steelrend, All Unique Helms Goblin Toe Destruction (L) Spirit (L) Ghostflame Wands, Class Items

Coif of Glory Polearms & Staves {4}

Normal: Darkforce Spawn (L), Paladin Shields Snowclash Blood Crescent Bloodthief Radament's Sphere, Elite: Howltusk Dracul's Grasp Iratha's Finery Malice Druid Helms Necro Totems

Frostwind Brainhew

Wraith Flight (L) Heaven's Light (L) Mang Song's Lesson (L) Warshrike (L), All Unique Javelins Gore Rider, Elite: Shael Ormus' Robes Lacerator Ist King's Grace +5 To All Attributes Crescent Moon Herald of Zakarum Warlord's Trust Kuko Shakaku

Boneflesh 23% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items, Armor Death (L) Venom Iceblink Bladebuckle, Exceptional: Carin Shard Grief (L), Hand of Justice Amethyst Lightsabre, Elite, 2H: Normal: Flamebellow Stealskull Lycander's Aim Famine Death Cleaver (L) Tir Arioc's Needle Eld Stormstrike Darkglow Headstriker The Oculus Tarnhelm Halaberd's Reign The Redeemer, All Unique Spears Bloodmoon Pluckeye Raven's Claw Nagelring +1-6 To Critical Strike (varies)

Rockstopper Passion Leadcrow Blackhand Key, All Unique Maces The Gladiator's Bane Steelclash Arctic Gear Spike Thorn Maelstrom The Hand of Broc Spirit Holy Thunder Guardian Naga, Elite, one-handed: Sureshrill Frost Griffon's Eye (L), All Unique Boots Cow King's Leathers Blackhorn's Face, Elite: Viscerataunt Azurewrath Skewer of Krintiz Seraph's Hymn (L) Amn, Sol The Meat Scraper Skull Splitter

Frostburn, Exceptional:

Obedience (L) Venom Ward Normal, one-handed: Jalal's Mane Ghoulhide

Viperfork, All Unique Staves Todesfaelle Flamme Fleshrender Griswold's Legacy Bing Sz Wang Fal

Enigma The Tannr Gorerod, Exceptional: Potions

Io Adds 5-30 Fire Damage Rune FAQ Rixot's Keen

Kingslayer Arachnid Mesh Titan's Revenge Rogue's Bow

Shadow Killer (L), Barbarian Helms Tearhaunch, Exceptional: Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band Nightsmoke Mara's Kaleidoscope Rhyme

Ginther's Rift Wizendraw Staves Asn Claws Windhammer The Reaper's Toll (L) Amulets +200-260% Enhanced Damage (varies) Kinemil's Awl Spirit Ward, Class Shields:

Enlightenment Shields Tal Blacktongue Swordguard, Elite, 1H: Earth Shifter Leaf

Topaz Husoldal Evo