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as follows: * One of the following courses is required for the cellular and molecular bioenergetics concentration: KINE 7211or KINE 8320. newArr.push ( ad ); A grade point average of 2.7 or greater on a 4.0 scale on all undergraduate work or a grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale in either the undergraduate major work or work taken during the senior year. Are you interested in an advanced degree that will enhance your understanding of a variety of processes that sustain life? if ( !window.jQuery ) { streamOpts['s-smart-p'] = "0"; Students may choose from two options: thesis and nonthesis. style.type = "text/css"; style.href = "https://hhp.ecu.edu/wp-content/plugins/flow-flow/css/public.css?ver=4.8.7"; 1. if ( FlowFlowOpts.dependencies[extension] && FlowFlowOpts.dependencies[extension] !== 'loaded') { function afterContentArrived ( $ ) { ad = ads[ i ]; clearInterval( timer ); A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in BIOL 1150, BIOL 1151; CHEM 1150, CHEM 1151; ENGL 1100, ENGL 2201; MATH 1065. var opts = window.FlowFlowOpts || {"streams":{},"open_in_new":"nope","filter_all":"All","filter_search":"Search","expand_text":"Expand","collapse_text":"Collapse","posted_on":"Posted on","followers":"Followers","following":"Following","posts":"Posts","show_more":"Show more","date_style":"agoStyleDate","dates":{"Yesterday":"Yesterday","s":"s","m":"m","h":"h","ago":"ago","months":["Jan","Feb","March","April","May","June","July","Aug","Sept","Oct","Nov","Dec"]},"lightbox_navigate":"Navigate with arrow keys","view_on":"View on","view_on_site":"View on site","view_all":"View all","comments":"comments","scroll":"Scroll for more","no_comments":"No comments yet. FlowFlow.extensionResourcesRequests.push(request); ad.id = 'ad_el_' + ad.id; 1. opts.streams['stream' + streamOpts.id]['items'] = response; ), (Pre-PT, PA, Nursing, Pre-Med, and Pre-Dental). request = $.getScript( opts.plugin_base + '-' + extension + '/js/ff_' + extension + '_public.js?ver=4.8.7'); if ( ! The Department for Disability Support Services. streamOpts['g-ratio-w'] = "1"; $cont.append( $stream ); var data = { Faculty and students conduct research in fields related to Biomechanics, Adapted Physical Education, Physical Activity and its Promotion, diseases affecting the human condition and human behavior in dynamic situations. 'hash': hash, ), Exercise physiology and behavioral science - 24 s.h. style.id = "ff_ad_style"; FlowFlow.extensionResourcesRequests = FlowFlow.extensionResourcesRequests || []; $cont.addClass('ff-layout-' + streamOpts.trueLayout); Please go to plugin admin and after refreshing page check for error(s) on stream settings page. var isLS = isLocalStorageNameSupported(); }; style = document.createElement('link'); NC Tower includes data on former UNC students who are working in roughly 90% of all jobs in North Carolina. Advanced topics in bioenergetics (5-6 s.h. if ( window.jQuery ) { /* response = JSON.parse(original); */ Program Coordinator: Katrina Dubose (252-328-1599; 174 Minges Coliseum; dubosek@ecu.edu). Theprogram uses a unique interdisciplinary approach to address the role of energy transposition in health and disease under resting and exercise conditions. style.media = "screen"; return true; if ( typeof $stream !== 'string' ) { 3 : streamOpts['cards-num']) : false; } if (FF_resource.styleDeferred.state() === 'pending' && !FF_resource.styleLoading) { Two letters of reference from persons who can attest to the applicants academic competence and potential for doctoral-level work. For more information about this degree visit the university's academic catalogs. ), The Department for Disability Support Services. professional license and/or certification. 'page': '0', var script, style; NC Tower includes data on former UNC students who are working in roughly 90% of all jobs in North Carolina. var ads = false; $stream = FlowFlow.buildStreamWith(response, streamOpts, moderation, FlowFlowOpts.dependencies); The Bioenergetics and Exercise Science, PhD is an interdisciplinary degree program housed in the Department of Kinesiology and offered in conjunction with the Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology in the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. var streamOpts = {"name":"MS Kine","moderation":"nope","order":"smartCompare","posts":"30","days":"","page-posts":"3","cache":"yep","cache_lifetime":"10","gallery":"yep","private":"nope","hide-on-desktop":"nope","hide-on-mobile":"nope","show-only-media-posts":"nope","titles":"nope","hidemeta":"nope","hidetext":"nope","heading":"","headingcolor":"rgb(59, 61, 64)","subheading":"","subheadingcolor":"rgb(114, 112, 114)","hhalign":"center","bgcolor":"rgb(240, 240, 240)","filter":"yep","filtercolor":"rgb(205, 205, 205)","mobileslider":"nope","viewportin":"yep","width":"260","margin":"20","layout":"masonry","theme":"classic","gc-style":"style-1","upic-pos":"timestamp","upic-style":"round","icon-style":"label1","cardcolor":"rgb(255, 255, 255)","namecolor":"rgb(59, 61, 64)","textcolor":"rgb(131, 141, 143)","linkscolor":"rgb(94, 159, 202)","restcolor":"rgb(132, 118, 129)","shadow":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.05)","bcolor":"rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75)","talign":"left","icons-style":"outline","cards-num":"3","scrolltop":"yep","c-desktop":"5","c-laptop":"4","c-tablet-l":"3","c-tablet-p":"2","c-smart-l":"2","c-smart-p":"1","s-desktop":"15","s-laptop":"15","s-tablet-l":"10","s-tablet-p":"10","s-smart-l":"5","s-smart-p":"5","m-c-desktop":"5","m-c-laptop":"4","m-c-tablet-l":"3","m-c-tablet-p":"2","m-c-smart-l":"2","m-c-smart-p":"1","m-s-desktop":"15","m-s-laptop":"15","m-s-tablet-l":"10","m-s-tablet-p":"10","m-s-smart-l":"5","m-s-smart-p":"5","j-h-desktop":"260","j-h-laptop":"240","j-h-tablet-l":"220","j-h-tablet-p":"200","j-h-smart-l":"180","j-h-smart-p":"160","j-s-desktop":"0","j-s-laptop":"0","j-s-tablet-l":"0","j-s-tablet-p":"0","j-s-smart-l":"0","j-s-smart-p":"0","g-ratio-w":"1","g-ratio-h":"2","g-ratio-img":"1\/2","g-overlay":"nope","m-overlay":"nope","css":"","template":["header","text","image","meta"],"tv":"nope","tv-int":"5","tv-logo":"","tv-bg":"","big":"nope","id":"5","last_changes":1588857172,"status":"1","feeds":[{"id":"nr63871","errors":[],"status":"1","enabled":"yep","last_update":"Jul 21 17:01","cache_lifetime":"120","system_enabled":"1","boosted":"nope","timeline-type":"user_timeline","content":"@ECU_Kinesiology","list-name":"","lang":"all","retweets":"nope","replies":"nope","posts":"5","mod":"nope","type":"twitter","filter-by-words":""}],"preview":false}; var request, extension, style; ), KINE 6115-Physical Activity and Public Health, KINE 6450-Group Dynamics in Physical Activity and Sport, KINE 6131-Management and Leadership in Sport, KINE 6132-Legal Aspects of Sport Management, KINE 6133-Sport Marketing and Public Relations, KINE 6136-Financial Management in Sport, RCSC 6300-Statistics and Analysis in Health and Human Performance, KINE 6209-Advanced Exercise Prescription, KINE 6212-Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Procedures, KINE 6992-Kinesiology Internship (6 s.h. general education are required for admission. $cont.before($errCont); var num = streamOpts.layout === 'compact' || (streamOpts.mobileslider === 'yep' && isMobile)? streamOpts.trueLayout = streamOpts.layout; if (isLS && response.items.length > 0 && response.hash.length > 0) sessionStorage.setItem( response.hash , JSON.stringify( original )); styleLoading: false FlowFlowOpts.dependencies[extension] = 'loaded'; Graduates have successfully gained employment in a variety of health/fitness careers ranging from corporate wellness and university settings to cardiac rehabilitation programs. /*we will modify 'grid' layout to get 'carousel' layout*/ } FlowFlow.setupGrid($cont.find('.ff-stream-wrapper'), num, streamOpts.scrolltop === 'yep', streamOpts.gallery === 'yep', streamOpts, $cont); }; clearInterval( timer ); if (opts.isAdmin || opts.isLog) { $errCont.find('.ff-err-info').html(original == '' ? ; The exercise physiology (EP) program prepares students for competitive graduate school programs. The course diversity, and the research opportunities afforded to majors, makes the Department of Kinesiology's BS in exercise physiology program a truly unique program with a mission of training the next generation of exercise scientists.

'Empty response from server' : original); Advanced topics in bioenergetics (5 s.h.).

} ), Work for the federal government, including the military: or. Cellular and molecular bioenergetics - 24 s.h. FF_resource.scriptDeferred.resolve(); Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of the scientific principles surrounding physical activity and its impact on health and performance at all stages of development? } For information on internship information for specific majors, go to the home page of the department in which the major is located and, as available, find the link to the information on internships in that major. All degree candidates must pass the kinesiology comprehensive examination. var hash = '1619544635.18c9852be5b398fa8487df7d9cc6e834a4ee9f385df1c6d88b2d97b2499d34147df42a8c186f9e9b87d3bc39df752be3'; script.onload = function( script, textStatus ) { return false; style.rel = "stylesheet"; }; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(style); The PhD program in bioenergetics and exercise science is housed in the Department of Kinesiology within the College of Health and Human Performance, and is offered in conjunction with the Department of Physiology in the Brody School of Medicine. In addition, the websites below provide specific information on careers in the various majors from which students may choose: This website provides graphs and tables of in-depth information on employment rates, wages and ongoing higher education enrollment of graduates from the North Carolina Community College System and from the University of North Carolina system schools. Students whose undergraduate preparation lacks essential prerequisite course work or whose baccalaureate degree is in a nonrelated field may have additional requirements. 'action': 'fetch_posts', script.src = "https://hhp.ecu.edu/wp-content/plugins/flow-flow/js/public.js?ver=4.8.7"; streamOpts['g-ratio-h'] = "1"; Many have presented research at regional and national meetings. $cont.before($errCont); General education requirements including those listed below - 40 s.h. if ( ads[ i ] ) { However, requirements in other states may be different. Nutritional exercise physiology - 24 s.h. } Collaborations with schools, health departments, public health agencies, nonprofit groups and sport organizations provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge, learn in real-world settings, and network with well-known professionals. Are you interested in working with people to increase wellness and quality of life through active lifestyles? streamOpts.shop = data.shop; A minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA and 32 s.h. Program Coordinator: Lisa Frederickson(105Fitness, Instruction, Testing and Training Facility (FITT); 252-737-1293; fredericksonl18@ecu.edu). function isLocalStorageNameSupported() { ","check_comments":"Check all comments","be_first":"Be the first! } for ( extension in FlowFlowOpts.dependencies ) { }; resourcesLoaded.done(function(){ } Others are employed in teaching and coaching, while others have sought careers in the business side of sport. $errCont = $('<'+'div class="ff-errors"><'+'div class="ff-err-info">If you see this then you are administrator and Flow-Flow got errors from APIs while requesting data. ), (Pre-PT, PA, Nursing, Pre-Med, and Pre-Dental), Academic Advisement, Progression and Support Services, Certificates, Degrees and other Undergraduate Programs, Scholar, International, and Leadership Programs, CHEM 1151 - General Chemistry Laboratory I, KINE 2202 - Motor Learning and Performance, KINE 3700 - Essentials of Strength and Conditioning, KINE 3806 - Physiology of Exercise Laboratory, KINE 4805 - Exercise Evaluation and Prescription Laboratory, KINE 4806 - Exercise Evaluation and Prescription, KINE 4809 - Exercise Prescription for Clinical Populations, KINE 4991 - Independent Research in Exercise Physiology, BIOL 1150 - Principles of Biology: A Human Approach, BIOL 1151 - Principles of Biology: A Human Approach Discussion, BIOL 2140 - Human Physiology and Anatomy I, BIOL 2141 - Human Physiology and Anatomy I Laboratory, BIOL 2150 - Human Physiology and Anatomy II, BIOL 2151 - Human Physiology and Anatomy II Laboratory, BIOS 1500 - Introduction to Biostatistics, MATH 2228 - Elementary Statistical Methods I, CHEM 1130 - Organic and Biochemistry for the Allied Health Sciences, CHEM 2753 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory I, CHEM 1161 - General Chemistry Laboratory II, KINE 4990 - Pre-internship Seminar for Exercise Physiology, KINE 4992 - Research Internship in Exercise Physiology, KINE 3020 - Physical Activity and Disease Prevention, KINE 2050 - Computer Applications in Exercise and Sport Science, KINE 3802 - Obesity Prevention and Treatment, KINE 3881 - Personal Fitness Training Laboratory, BIOL 1201 - Principles of Biology Laboratory II, BIOL 2111 - Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory, PHYS 1261 - General Physics Laboratory II, ATEP 2800 - Medical Nomenclature for Human Performance, CHEM 2763 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory II, HIMA 3000 - Medical Terminology for Health Professionals, Acalog Academic Catalog Management System (ACMS), KINE 4900 - ECG Interpretation and Exercise Testing (will be available spring 2019), Any KINE elective course except for KINE 1000 and KINE 1001, Any KINE elective course except for KINE 1000 or KINE 1001.