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It meant and means a lot to me, and then to get yelled at and get in trouble for it was just really hard, King said. But as a double-whammy for King, the show was canceled about a year after Shred Ranchs demise. His work has been published on Wired, Bob Vila, DIY Network, and The Family Handyman. ");return false;}

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Masonite, plywood and 2x4s was all we needed. iii vocals blowers matthew guitar mexico movie did run around scale Now hes considering taking the magic of public skateboarding events and starting a contest circuit centered around rails. So to sum it up, it depends on if its a conceptual build or a location build. Aside from that its the same old plywood and 24s. Jeff King: This season is pretty rad. Initially, he held Flat Bar Fridays at Moonlight Beach in part to promote his rails. Copyright 2022 Of course these days we add more flat bottom, and if youre rich you can purchase some good top surfacing for your ramp (like skatelite or ramp armor) but people are still running masonite, which I dont like at all. There was a lot of lip service, but no action., He said the goal is to have a safe place where kids can skate without causing problems. When we built the rock sifter ramp for Kale Sandridge in Hawaii, the location decided what the ramp was. But, one of my favorite tools is a portabandportable metal cutting bandsaw. Encinitas banned skateboarding at Moonlight Beach reportedly because of complaints from neighbors, though King is doubtful because the feedback from everyone in the community was so positive, he said. Jeff King: The most important tools necessary for building a ramp are the circular saw and a drill. Thank you for signing up. King, for his part, seems excited to once again set up rails and solidify his reputation as the MacGyver of skateboarding. Skating is way more fun when you have two eyes and all your fingers. I approached him because he knows how to get people excited.. Kids who play football have a field, why not have a small space for skateboarders? King added. FUEL TVs popular series Built To Shred presented by Skullcandy, makes its return Sunday, September 26, at 10:30pm ET/PT and re-air several times throughout the week. Unlike other build-it-yourself shows as seen on the traditional home networks, Built To Shred aspires to architecture meets anarchy, how can we not want to watch that! If you Build it, they will Shred. Skateboarder Jeff King gets back to basics, Election 2020: North County's School Board Candidates, Election 2020: North County's City Council and County Board, Skaters want name change, water and shade at Alex Road, Weekly Crime Reports: Encinitas, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Oceanside to consider installing water, electricity at skate. This opportunity just got me motivated. Admission to the surfboard show is $10. Internet Service Terms Ive still got stacks of snowboarding and skate videos on VHS and would watch Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk and the crew from Bones Brigade all day long. C&H: What tools do you never leave home without when building a ramp? King wasnt a bad neighbor; he simply had to make room for nine luxury homes. C&H: Any other advice for the groms reading this who dont have access to decent skate parks and aspire to build their own ramps? Transworld Skates Newsletter to receive stories like this straight to your inbox. It was about 10 feet long, made out of 26s and 2pvc pipe attached with nails. Youve definitely hit on an undiscovered niche and we love the creativity weve seen in the previous two seasons, especially the monster ramp you built at that ghetto skate park in Hawaii. Your information has been successfully processed! The events stopped about five years ago. Also, ledgers are your friend. And King isnt ruling out another season of Built to Shred. Fuel TV cancelled the show following four successful seasons because the network switched from extreme sports to primarily UFC programming. Support. Jeff King: I cant remember what the parks were like 20 years ago, but it depends on what ramps are in question. All rights reserved. I cant say for sure where it will go. His Encinitas home, known as the Shred Ranch, was scheduled to be plowed over. All Rights Reserved. Copyright A360 Media LLC 2022. Jeff King: it really depends on the situation. Skating on the flat ground is one thing, skating on flat bars is another thing entirely.. Every week for six years, hundreds gathered at the free events and skated rails that King provided. King currently lives with his wife, 3-year-old son and dog at his new Vista home, where a mini half pipe, rails, a chicken coupe, various crops and tools for woodworking can be spotted. Apple Inc. Thankfully its easy to avoid. But it soon became about more than that, King said. It was about a bunch of kids getting together, staying out of trouble and just skating..

Hes also looking at launching and supplying ramps and rails for skateboarding programs at local high schools and YMCAs. Jeff King: Get resourceful, get safe and get gnar! Everything else is just fancy. And chainsaws. As a former skater and current snowboarder/surfer/paddle boarder, FUEL TV was made for me and has been a guilty pleasure of mine since it debuted. I cant say what hell do in the future, but Id love to see him get back out there and do more flat bar events, Bell added.

And if you see anyone lock the safety guard on their circular saw, dont copy them. For King, it was a last hurrah. Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from. C&H: Hi Jeff Congrats on Season 3 of Built to Shred. Its Kings way of testing the waters, as hes thinking about resurrecting the rails that made him a local legend. chagrin let call then lyrics That was in 2004, but the city only recently approved funding for the community skatepark. noseblunt spinks We went ahead and set it up for him anyway, and 15 tries into it hes spinning front flips off the truck and onto his back, made us think we pushed our luck. In a lot of the parks the coping is looking pretty good, which is an area where you can tell if the builder skates or not. From the ashes of the Shred Ranch and his show, King is building his life up again. I took pride in what it was for our community. And we thrashed everywhere in between! Just for the record I dont ever think masonite should be used for a ramp. The skateboard contest, which begins at noon, includes two events, a mini ramp competition and a flat bar game of S-K-A-T-E. Its $7 for one event or $10 for both. In the meantime, Im happy to be helping a friend put on a event.. Maybe its the multiple trips to the hospital to pull slivers out of my eyes or the hundred or so splinters Ive gotten in my hands, but safety glasses are good. Built to Shred is an extreme sports show that will satisfy all fans of skateboarding, stunt riding, and other extreme sports. Sheriffs deputies were handing out tickets for skating at Moonlight. DEL MAR Many remember Jeff King destroying his home in Encinitas two years ago. They will also be available on and several weeks after they air on FUEL TV. Hes even eyeing a return to his roots. TransWorld SKATEboarding has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. But it was his perseverance and will that made the trick possible. C&H: Do you have any safety tips you can share that you always check a ramp or obstacle for once youve completed building it? Jeff King: Keep your eyes peeled for screws sticking out. C&H: Im proud to say I designed and built a 4-foot quarter pipe when I was 11. When Kale wanted to air out of the rock sifter and onto the rental truck we all thought it was impossible. Jeff has also been featured in the popular skateboarding video game, Tony Hawks Proving Ground which weve spent too many hours play than wed care to admit. But really who am I kidding, I love all my tools, and each one is special in its own way. Id like the YMCA of Oceanside, as one possible example, to have a set of easily moveable skate obstacles that can be stored in a small space, King said. 2022 - Charles & Hudson Media. Get stoked and read on! Jeff King: Its difficult to do. We went to the ocean, a lagoon, the snow, the desert and even the Cayman islands. Episodes of Built To Shred are available on iTunes for $1.99. C&H: What can we look forward to seeing in Season 3 of Built to Shred? Origins of the Noseslide with Gonz and Guy, Skater's Favorite Skater: Vincent Alvarez. I never made any money on the flat bar event and invested a ton of time into it, said King, who estimated there were more than 300 Flat Bar Fridays. Jeff King: I cant let too many secrets out, but I always have a good time working with Bob Burnquist and I know that between the two of us we could land a very difficult location for some serious groundbreaking action. There is a $500 cash purse. 2008 - 2022 | The Coast News Group - Whats great about Built to Shred is that most of your projects seem attainable with the right knowledge, tools, materials and effort and hearken back to the core of skating by stripping away the need for a perfect tranny and skating on what youve got. Take the airplane graveyard. Its hard to believe it could take that long to put in a community park in a town with a reputation for being the best skate town out there.. Alcohol, drugs and fighting werent allowed. He is also the founder of the Webby-nominated Built by Kids and host of the popular Tool Crave podcast. From my point of view, I am surprised all the time by the amazing ability of the riders. Sometimes the idea in the riders head works out better on paper than in real life. I went to council meeting after council meeting.

To see him announcing again is really exciting, said Jim Bell, a friend and owner of Vista-based Aura Skateboarding, the company organizing the event. One of the most popular shows on FUEL TV is Built To Shred and hosted by skater/builder Jeff King. Do you have a ramp in mind and then seek a location or do you go location first and look for inspiration? ?$/i);return pattern.test(emailAddress);}

. Producing the show with another network is a possibility, King said. The whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth, King said. Subscribe to I dont think backyard ramps have changed that much. Before the wrecking ball hit, he converted his entire home into a makeshift skatepark and invited friends and pros to do what they do best skate. All Rights Reserved. matthew blowers iii lyrics shot ll where wait illegal immigrants mexico If the coping sticks out too much or not enough shows who rides and who doesnt. Jeff King may refer to:Jeff King (mushing) (born 1946), American multiple winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog RaceJeff King (baseball) (born 1964), American major league baseball playerJeff F. King, Canadian television producer and screenwriterJeff King (bodybuilder), American bodybuilder and former title holder of the Universe ChampionshipsJeff King (football), English football manager and club-ownerJeff King (American football) (born 1983), American football playerJeff King (Navajo) (18651964), Native American singer (medicine man)Jeff King (jockey), British steeplechase rider from the 1960s'80sJeff King (politician) (born 1975), Republican member of the Kansas House of RepresentativesJeff King (author) (born 1969), American author and video game developerJeff King, TV presenter on CHEK-DT Victoria, British Columbia, American politician; 46th president of the United States, Puerto Rican actor, singer and songwriter, American politician; Senator from Missouri. Obviously youve been doing both for a long time but which came first for you, the skating or building? The show was a ton of work, but I was sad to see it go, King said of Built to Shred. There was kind of a question mark after it ended.. We had an opportunity to ask Jeff a few questions about how he got into building ramps and what the new season has in store for us. In that situation we have to be a little smarter about what obstacles we want to modify. Has ramp construction or materials changed in the last 20 years? Privacy Policy, Video Interview with HGTV Designer Libby Langdon, How Griffon Ramsey Became a Bad-Ass Chainsaw Carver, Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Eliminates Shadows and Adds Ambiance, Jeld-Wen Energy Efficient Windows Will Keep You Cool and Save You Money, 5 Things We Love About Our Clopay Avante Garage Door, How to Build a Wood Burning Sauna that Youll Never Want to Leave, Go Off-Roading in Silence With the Jeep Wrangler 4XE, The New Front Runner Slimsport Rack Is Ready For Your Weekend Adventures. Gloves are also good, as well as, ear protection. Im amazed when I see the mega-ramps at the X Games and cant imagine how those are constructed and how many people are involved. Host Jeff King gives viewers a front-row seat as he collaborates with riders, skateboard technicians and course designers to develop the most elaborate and challenging riding environments possible. A lot of people have been hitting me up about it (Flat Bar Fridays) over the years, King said. King will serve as the commentator and also bring some of his rails to a skateboard contest at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Oct. 6 during The Boardroom Surf Board Expo. Theres no runways or landings anywhere so we had to build them all. For now, Kings dormant flat bar session will come to life Saturday in a contest thats part of the Boardroom International Surfboard Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Jeff King: Skateboarding. Timothy is the founder and editor of Charles & Hudson and former editor at Popular Mechanics, This Old House, and Lifehacker. Prior to hosting Built to Shred, about a decade ago he started King Rails, a business that sold rails for skateboarders. Your subscription policy, and lame popups still suck. All rights reserved. While waiting for a community skatepark, Flat Bar Fridays was held at other locations, but they were either banned or didnt stick. Thats one of the cool things about working on Built to Shred, you never know whats going to happen. When there is a concept, like the flat-bar bike or the shopping carts, thats more of a shop build and take anywhere we want type of thing. C&H: How do you balance building a ramp that can push a skater just beyond his/her abilities but not be too easy or impossible? Im not sure whats impossible aside from the Surf Rail of Death part 2. Over the years Ive developed a strange need to stay as safe as possible when Im working. When you would boardslide it, pieces of your rails would get stuck under the heads. As far as the construction is concerned, I think the pros are getting better. Apple TV & Privacy

Specifically, skateboarders would compete in games of S-K-A-T-E, skateboardings version of basketballs H-O-R-S-E. One of the cool things that developed from Flat Bar Fridays is we were able to come up with a ratings system for a S-K-A-T-E game, King said. The programming on FUEL TV is more diverse than youd think and their programming ranges from straight up video skate parts to athlete profiles and variety/entertainment shows. Jeff is a professional skateboarder is most famous for building obstacles for skateboarding and other action sports in unusual places and out of unusual objects. The new season of Built To Shred promises bigger builds, more sports, and more once-in-a-lifetime obstacles ridden by adrenaline sports icons like legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, X Games Gold Medalist Paul Rodriguez and others. Feelings of bitterness linger, but King said hes largely put the skatepark delay and the Moonlight Beach incidents behind him. The demolition party was filmed for Built to Shred, Kings television show that featured him transforming everyday terrain and trash into skateable ramps and rails. Indoor or outdoor. It bummed me out towards the end of it, King said. Cookie Warning C&H: Can you give us some insight into how you approach building obstacles.

We caught a few snags this season with some of our never-been-done before ramps. If youre going to feed your content to google news, then let people read it, ezoicSiteSpeed($(document),String(/documentReady/).substring(1).slice(0,-1),String(/jQuery-document-dot-ready/).substring(1).slice(0,-1),function(){


var email=$("#DATA0").val();if(!is_valid_email_address(email)){alert("Please enter a valid email address. We got to hang with heads like skaters Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler, BMXers Gary Young and Dennis enarson, plus wakeskaters Scott Byerly and Brandon Thomas and a bunch of snow shredders. At that point, King decided it was time to focus his efforts on working with the city to build a big community skatepark. C&H: If money and time were no object what would you build and which skater would want to see take the first run at it? Ive had a skateboard around for as long as I can remember but I was 14 when my dad and I built the worlds first Kingrail. And planning meetings, too.