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You can choose to make your own (if your content is your own). Heres the snippet were interested in, the first listbox: We can see that it has an ID that ends in _SelectCandidate so well use this for selection. New Mexico (Albuquerque). So once you have an account youll add a feed. Ameren llinois Outage Center; Ameren Service Territory Map (includes Missouri). Its labeled as 1.9.0-CI00009 (Prerelease). The title is whatever you want (its not used for the catalog). Puget Sound Energy serves more than 1.2 million electric & gas customers in Washington State, inIsland, Jefferson, Kitsap, King, Pierce, Skagit, Thurston, Whatcom and Kittitas counties. (no map) (updated 11/2/2014). The October 30, 2011 "Snowtober" update includes hits to the power grid from the snowstorm . Twitter: @SCE. Media relations(reporters only):202/872-2680Twitter: @PepcoConnect. Again, change this to whatever you want so users know what the video is about. There are various places on MyGet to add one (and I think once you verify your account youre thrown into the screen to create one). If you have a question or comment for a specific department or board,please refer to ourCityDirectoryfor a list of phone numbers.You may also email us through our online webform,"Contact Us",to request informationabout city services or programs. One option is to modify the list and under advanced settings you can disable Launch forms in a dialog. At first it didnt look like what I wanted to do. Call 1-888 POWERON (1 888 769-3766) to report an outage. Atlantic City Electric Outage Map. Twitter: @PSNH. This screen shows outages reported just after Hurricane Isaac made landfall in 2012. For regulated zones, all residents setting up electricity will work exclusively with the Utility Company in the area. Colorado (Denver). Maryland (Delmarva): Choptank Electric Cooperative Outages. Michigan (City of Detroit municipal system). Here you can see you can add a GitHub repository, BitBucket, CodePlex, or Visual Studio Online service (or you can add one manually). Salt River Project Public Outage Map. Media relations(reporters only):202/872-2680Twitter: @PepcoConnect8a-5p M-F. [Updated 3/12/14]. Call800-286-2000. Map of consumer owned electric utilities. We can do better with convention over configuration. Call us for assistance any time of day at 1-888-225-5773. [Updated 3/12/14]. Progress Energy also serves a part of North Carolina. Please call 1-800-392-3709 to report an outage. More on that later but right now Ive setup a NuGet package that you add to your own creation to get all the functionality of a creature in Terrarium. This was a question asked on the MSDN Forums but I thought it was worthy of a blog post as I could get more in depth with the explanation and show some pretty pictures (plus the fact Ive never done it so thought it would be fun). Hydro Quebec Power Outage Information (no maps). Call 1-800-255-3443 to report an outage. Illinois (Chicago area, northeast): ComEd Outage Map. Virginia Electric Utility Electric Service Territories map (PDF). However thats 3 or 4 steps and you have to go back and change it when youre done. Turn off Tabular View as we dont need it here, Under Style choose Boxed, no labels, I have to keep going back to my ContainerConfig class adding new repositories as the system evolves. New Hampshire. The map shown depicts the January 2012 snowstorm. Detroit Department of Public Lighting(no maps). Call1-800-895-1999. Please call 1-888-434-9844 if you experience an outage, Alaska (Anchorage): Municipal Light and Power (no maps). A multiline field set to Text only that would hold a brief description of the video. Table of Connecticut Light and Power Outages (text, formatted for mobile phone).

A table of Hydro Quebec power outages is provided (in French only) with detail to service interruption locations. Updated October 5, 2013.

Add NSTAR (Massachusetts). Michigan Public Service Commission. A service alert map is activated only when there are major outages. Medium quality is good enough for training as you can clearly see the code in the IDE and not be annoyed by pixel artifacts on the playback. Got a rogue web part that's behaving strangely? First map I've seen that does outage accounting on a grid rather than by political boundaries, zip codes or internal subdivisions. Second problem, how do you do default multiple values? Delmarva Thematic Areas Map(KML).

Midwest ISO Real Time Locational Marginal Price Contour Map. Louisiana (Shreveport): SWEPCO Outages and Problems. Maine (Bangor): Bangor Hydro outage map. Twitter: @scegnews. Give your VM 4-5 GB. First well start with the setup. El Paso Electric Trouble and Outages (no maps). Hourly generation and load shedding table shows unmet demand. November 11-12, 2011 adds media contacts and maps for Duke Energy in North Carolina. Coast Electric Power Association (no maps). Missouri (west of St Louis): Cuivre River Electric Outage Viewer. Here you can set (or reset) a build counter. [Confirmed 10/27/12], Connecticut (New Haven). New York (statewide). Texas (Houston): CenterPoint Energy Outage Tracker. Arkansas (Fayetteville, Texarkana). Pretty typical for a .nuspec file and pretty simple. Xcel Energy Outage Map. SWEPCO Outages and Problems. Outages are reported on a grid, either as absolute numbers or as % of total subscribers (shown). If you can scan code quicker while troubleshooting a problem or trying to figure out where to add an enhancement, all the better. Youre going to need a few things setup first for this to work: Youre going to need to create a MyGet feed first before anything. Westar Energy Outage Map. Facebook: NOVEC. Dominion Electric Outage Map. Finally were ready to go but we dont want version 1.9.0-CI00108 to be going public. Tennessee (Memphis). 1157 East Church Street, 77351 Livingston, Entergy's customer service: News updates: Jackson EMC Outage Map. Updates to Texas, including Coserv (Denton County TX). Recently Scott Hanselman posted on his blog an ASP.NET Jump Start session they had which featured 9 videos (over 8 hours of content) on developing apps with ASP.NET. Electric, natural gas, water and sewer maps.

By default MyGet will search for a variety of things to try to figure out what to do with your codebase once it gets it. Progress Energy has been acquired by Duke Energy. Twitter: @MLGW. Virginia (State Corporation Commission). 10055 Grogans Mill Rd, 77380 The Woodlands. If no response, call the Liberty Police Department at (936) 336-5666. Twitter: @SDGE. (no outage map), Texas (Denton County): CoServ. Southern Company service area map. When you have a page full of web parts, its not immediately obvious where the title is in a sea of text. Mobile access via theEntergy App(iPhone). Louisiana (Slidell).

Call to report a power outage. Maryland (Delmarva),Delmarva Power Outage Map. Progress Energy merged with Duke Energy in 2012; though the Twitter account is still listed on the Duke Energy site, it appears to be down. California (entire state). Public Service Company of Oklahoma, a unit of AEP, serves over 530,000 customers in 45 Oklahoma counties. Consolidated mapping, includes Black Hills Electric Coop, Butte Electric Coop, Grand Electric Coop, West River Electric Association, and 20+ other cooperatives. Florida (Northern, Gainesville). CMP Service area map (PDF). This is 2014. (no maps) During storms, the Twitter account @DuquesneLightis updated. Florida (Pensacola to Panama City). The problem was is that I was manually editing a batch file every time I built a new version and pushing that build up to NuGet. Updated October 5, 2013. Problem is that a) the team generally doesnt have access to video content on the web as its generally blocked by proxy b) streaming an hour video over the Internet might be okay for one but not for an entire team and c) there must be a better way to share this other than passing out links to Scotts blog or the Channel 9 site. Central Vermont Public Service Outage Map.

Wisconsin (Milwaukee): WE Energies Outage Map, Wisconsin (Madison): Madison Gas and Electric Power Outages. Stay away from downed wires, call1-877-737-2662 to report an outage. Updated Maine, Maryland, Virginia. 14201 Highway 150 West, 77331 Coldspring. Electric and Gas Service Territories. In the controller(s) that youre injecting the repository into, you just have to remove all the old namespaces and replace it with one (whatever namespace your repositories live in). Statewide energy regulator. Electric): National Grid Outage Map. Right now I just have a .NET 4.0 library but other files may come later. Just a few simple tips that might help out. Con Edison Storm Center. (Updated 11/2/2014). Update PSEG twitter. In the top login bar next to your name youll see a file icon that says New Feed. Georgia (NE of Atlanta, Athens). For News Media Inquiries, contact ComEd Media Relations at +1 312 394 3500. Call 800-436-PSEG. It's been a long time since I blogged but I think it's fine time to get back into it and this seemed to be a useful start. This will take the form of file:// instead of http:// and point to your UNC path to the file. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commissionregulates energy companies in the state.

SCE&G Outage Map. Running disconnected is nice because you know when things fail and why. Contact(313) 267-7202. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Twitter: @DTE_Energy .

How are fixed & variable rates different? This will be your URL that youll enter into the Package Manager to consume your feed. Outage map shows diamond-shaped outage grid, plus a per-county report showing the percentage of customers out in each area. This will allow you to select a build source where youll pull your code from. Texas: San Bernard Electric Coop (Columbus, Hempstead, Sealy; west of Houston) Louisiana. Pre-allocating the VM on an external drive will help with performance as well. This includes both the classes and interfaces. Same day and near future records of system load; no maps. [Updated 10/27/12]. Im currently in the midst of a reboot of Terrarium, a .NET learning tool that lets you build creatures that survive in an online ecosystem. Centerpoint Energy will be happy to answer any questions you might have about setting up a new-construction electricity service and questions about base fees or electricity rates. 936-327-5711, Nueces Electric Cooperative's customer service: As typical it actually took me longer to write this up then to actually do it.

Would you like to know more about Centerpoint Energy? Orlando Utilities Commission Outage Map. MidAmerican Energy MEC Outage Watch. Check out this page for more details where you can also register for the event. Uploading a 100MB file to the server means 100MB of memory gets gobbled up by the w3wp.exe process (the process attached to the Application Pool running your site) during the entire time the file is being uploaded. NOVEC Outage Map. Graph of aggregate California actual and forecast electric supply and demand. Massachusetts (Cape Cod, Boston): NSTAR Outage Map. RSS outages feedsshow outage details broken down by municipality and region, available in standard RSS formats for automated use updated each 15 minutes. If you lose power, call 1-800-ITS-DARK (1-800-487-3275). If you don't know who to call to report an emergency associated with a power outage, call 911. If we leave this in, itll push the prerelease up to NuGet. Instead just visit the new form directly: From this page select Site Actions | Edit Page. If you dont do anything thats how the system will work but if you decide to change the name of the database to Products_Sold then you need some kind of configuration to tell the system how to find the backend database. After looking at a few pages I realized that MyGet was really a perfect way to setup test packages. Entergy, Service area map. This way a) I can edit the JavaScript outside of the page by loading it up in SharePoint Designer or even upload a new .js file to the library and b) I can debug the JavaScript independently of the NewForm.aspx page (or whatever page Im adding the .js file to). It has an ID that contains _SelectResult. Florida (Panhandle). The post was good and had enough steps to get me going. Now we need a list with a lookup column to select our countries from. Ohio: (northern, Toledo, Cleveland suburbs, Youngstown): FirstEnergy Current System Outage Map. A few things to note: Okay now weve got the .nuspec to define our pacakge, the source code wired up to notify MyGet, MyGet to get it on a push, and a batch file to create our package. If you are in western Massachusetts, a WMECO ratepayer has built their own outage page suitable for even very dumb mobile phones. Alabama. "Powered by DataVoice". Packages I could push and push and push and never make public then with the click of a button publish the version from MyGet upstream to NuGet. Heres where the magic happen. Repositories are scattered all over my solution (and in a big solution this can get a little ugly), $("[id!='foo']") // id does not equal 'foo'. Simply call your favorite REP and give them the following: Many REPs require a security deposit to activate accounts for new customers, so you may also be asked for your Social Security Number (SSN) in order for a credit check to be performed. National Grid outage map. No maps, but detailed city by city and outage by outage information in table format. The Thumbnail is a hyperlink to an image. May 14-16, 2012 notes visits from SurvivalBlog (thanks for the link) and an update of Progress Energy's map for North and South Carolina; maps also added for Vermont (CVPS), eastern Washington (Avista), metro Atlanta (GreyStone), Colorado Springs Utilities, Duke Energy (Indiana) and an entry for Wyoming (Rocky Mountain Power). Area codes: 215, 267. Alberta: AESO, Alberta Electric System Operator. Edit the web part and under Advanced settings, set the Title Icon Image URL to the same value as the Calendar Icon Image URL: Now the calendar shows a small icon next to the title and breaks up the page a little. Would you like to know more about Entergy? Indiana (Indianapolis). November 2, 2014. Click it and itll bring up the details about the source that lets you configure how the code is fetched from GitHub.

Powered by iFactor, this map includes a weather overlay and detailed zip code and county level outage counts. There are three of them and theyre well documented in a blog post here by Marc Anderson on SharePoint Magazine. Call(800) 228-8485 with outage reports, or use the Progress Energy outage reporting tool to report online. First we take a look at the original state of the form to find our list boxes. Mobile site: PSNH Outage List. News coverage: WWL-TV. If you have some high quality/large format audio or video files in your organization and want to surface them up in a catalog this solution might work for you. WPS is a subsidiary ofIntegrys Energy Group. 1-800-592-2000. Copying large files into a VM (like an installer) then deleting it will cause fragmentation that you might not get back during regular usage. Community ProfileCultural CenterFacility RentalsHistory of Liberty, Jubilee Pavilion Liberty Bell &Tower Local Links of Interest Public Events Tourism. Washington. No configuration, no mess. 333 Ward Road Highway 146 and N Main St, 77520 Baytown. Updated every 15 minutes on the quarter hour. Bangor Hydro and Maine Public Service merged in January 2014 to form Emera Maine. Since I built it, I contributed my own map for FortisAlberta to the list. A really great tool to keep your VMs under control size wise is SpaceSniffer. Public Service of New Hampshire Outage Map. Facebook: TorontoHydro. Call(915) 877-3400 to report an outage. and really what we need to do is manipulate the list at runtime in the DOM. Tennessee (statewide). Entergy customerscan reportpower outages by calling1-800-968-8243. If you are news media: Consumers Energy Media Contacts. Mobile access via theEntergy App(iPhone). So lets take a step back and take a look at a project with several repositories in it (a repository here being some kind of abstraction over your data store). Twitter: @TEPOutageInfo. Whats important here is the Hook url. Facebook: Nashville Electric Service. Texas: CPS Energy Outage Center (San Antonio). If the power goes out, call1-800-343-3525. This will launch the form like a regular web page. A Touchstone Energy partner. Thats why we want to put our build.bat file in our root (mine isnt but Ill probably change that at some point) so we can get his party started. Twitter: @FortisAlberta. 800-427-7142, Sam Houston Electric Coop, Inc.'s customer service: Indiana Michigan Power Outages and Problems map. An option on the map shows an outage history with restoration progress, as well as a breakdown of outages by county. The first part of the URL is already filled in for you but you specify whatever you want. Table of Rhode Island power outages (text, data from National Grid, hosted by WPRI). If they don't, try the next listed company until you find the one that services your home location. Kenya. Now you can add a Content Editor Web Part to the page. PPL Outage Map. How much is my electricity per square foot? Texas: AEPTexas.com by zipcode at the county level. Georgia (NE of Atlanta). Added map for Gulf Power (Florida), Mississippi Power. Updated October 4, 2013. Wisconsin (Northeast: Green Bay, Waupaca, Stevens Point, Wausau, Antigo, Merrill, Rhinelander): Wisconsin Public Service Current Electric Outages. Its not about the content, its about serving up that content. In the event of an outage, call216-664-3156. Report an outage:1-800-468-8243. South Dakota (Rapid City). Alaska (statewide): Alaska Power Association. Texas (Austin): Austin Energy Storm Center. Heres what our form looks like when we add a new item: Thinking about the problem I first though we could manipulate the form in SharePoint Designer but realized that the Form Web Part is going to retrieve all of our values from the list, defaults, etc. Twitter @WMECO monitored during business hours. Thanks to a recommendation from Phil Haack and an hour of messing around with some files I now have a push to GitHub updating my NuGet package with a click of a button. All packages will get put into a folder called Build and follows the standard naming for NuGet packages. Follow @idahopower on Twitter or the Idaho Power Facebook page for information during severe power outage incidents. Airline Rewards* - Green Energy - Charity Donations- Competitive Rates (*available in select states & cities), Airline Rewards* - Green Energy - Charity Donations- Competitive Rates(*available in select states & cities). Twitter: @XcelEnergyCO. New York (Rochester). July 10, 2012 updates Alberta after AESO initiates rolling blackouts on EPCOR in response to extreme heat and power plants going offline. Is there a difference between transmission & distribution? Expand the build source to show the information MyGet created for it and youll see something like this: Initially you wont have any builds but this is where youll see those builds and their status. Alaska (Juneau): Alaska Electric Light and Power outage log. Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison are presenting a fast-paced live virtual session (no travel required, except to get from the couch to the computer which I know is a task but we can do it) that walks you through getting introduced to MVC, Visual Studio, Bootstrap, Controllers, Views, and bears oh my! Clay Electric Cooperative Outage Map. Michigan (Central Upper Peninsula, Ishpeming, Negaunee, Escanaba, Houghton, Hancock): Upper Peninsula Power Compan Current Electric Outages. Dial 811 before digging. MyGet follows Semantic Versioning (which is a good thing). Alabama: Alabama Power storm center (no maps). Rocky Mountain Power Large-Scale Outage Information for Wyoming. The FortisAlberta Outage Map shows both scheduled and unscheduled outages. Energex. Prince Edward Island. I know it's simple but again it's about readability. Exelon Corporation: Contact Us. New York (Long Island). The WEC Android app also has outage information for mobile devices. Georgia Power uses NaviGate from Gatekeeper Systemsfor visualization of their distribution network (case study). Cool. No maps. We have a team site in SharePoint so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share the information that way. Check the build log for immediate errors. If your electricity stays off for longer than a few minutes, call 800-611-1911. 9 files. Choptank serves 9 counties on Maryland's Eastern Shore: Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico, Worcester. Remember that MyGet is (by default) building a pre-release version (as indicated by the CI{0} in your version number). In any case, an option is to specify the files via UNC paths which means that a) I can just use the Windows Desktop top copy the files so no size limitations and b) I can address the files via the file:// protocol. Otherwise it can naturally find it based on the naming strategy of your domain. Call888-891-0938to report an outage. DTE Energy Outage Map(interactive), DTE Zip Code Outage Map (PDF). To report a power outage, call1-800-9OUTAGE. I have to pull in a new namespace (assuming I follow the practice of namespace = folder structure) into the ContainerConfig class and whatever controller I add the new repository to. CAEC Outage Viewer. The last version I could get of this content from the Internet was from May of 2016 and the last update to that version of the list was from May of 2015. FirstEnergy Current System Outage Map. This is a single click operation and while it can be automatic (for example pushing everything from MyGet to NuGet) you might not want that. Twitter: @CFEmx, New Zealand: Orion New Zealand Outages.

California. KML: ConEdison Power Outages Thematic Areas Map. 21001 Eastex Freeway Service Rd, 77357 New Caney. This is to get patches and keep things up to date. The free Microsoft Virtual Academy event runs from 9:00am 5:00pm PDT on June 23, 2014. The Access Washington government portal has a comprehensive page of where to report a power outage to your Washington utility company, with over 35 company contact numbers listed. Put the full title (or whatever the user is going to see to click on) in the description field. Kentucky (Lexington). Call 877-778-2222. PSE&G, NJ's largest utility, services 2.1 million electric customers and 1.7 million gas customers. The last piece in our puzzle is having MyGet push a package up to NuGet. Idaho Power Service Area Map (no outage information). The Description field is just copied straight off the blog. Make changes to it, push the changes to GitHub and magically MyGet will fetch the changes and republish the package for you. November 15, 2011 looks at Ohio and Texas. VMs on the local drive (if you're running a SSD) are waaaaaaaaaaay faster than on an external drive. I want to inject the dependencies on my repositories into my controller (via my IoC system) like this: Then somewhere in my controller Ill use the various repositories to fetch information and present it to the user (or write back values gathered from the user). To report an outage, call1-800-895-1999.

Added South Dakota Rural Electric Association map during early season winter storm Atlas. Twitter: @swepconews. Twitter: @NYSEandG. Media relations: 313-235-5555.