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Mass migration will certainly add to the drama of the campaign, but of all the places to found your promised landKydonia? I decided to go for the middle option. The Seleucid definetly could stand up to the Romans with an high tier army, The Egyptians, using their unique units maybe. I personally went south. I've been able to neutralize the Romans on more than one occasion with the Greek Cities and Macedon, and one time in the past even as Gaul. >> Sell your map to the Greek if you run into them. Dacia looks awfully tough though their armies are decent. Im assuming that thrace will eventually attack scythia and i then intend to attack them at their capital, so hopefully will destroy thrace and macedonia soon. The Dacians sound like a fun campaign, but really challenging. They're not true hordes like in Attila due to game engine limits but they could alow some interesting play styles.

Strategy Guide for Dacia by King Socci III Of Ireland. Dacia might be the faction for a unified front against the might of Rome.

This information is applicable to the Grand Campaign, Imperator Augustus, Hannibal at the Gates and Caesar in Gaul. Ally immediately with Scythia and attack Tharceconquer Tyras and Campus Getae.after that break the alliance with Scythia and declar war to themattack them and conquer the norther provincesso my advice is to go and conquer in the north (Dulcius Domus) and then march in the west ocuppy Iovosice and Aquicum.about now you will starting to have a nice incomestart training many troops in the capital (Porolissum) and wait for the Macedonian attackafter they will attack you ,immeditaley start an counterattack and try to ocuppy Bylazora.step by step (city by city) you will conquer macedonian cities (very important to conquer Byzantium,from there you will easly lauch an invasion into Pontus)and greeks too.BUT i won't advance in the Pelopones too !! Sounds like fun, eh? The Scipiones and Bruti are relatively weak so it might be possible for me to take them out relatively quickly, on the other hand the Julii can field very powerful armies and even fully upgraded chosen swordsmen have their troubles with late-era upgraded Marian troops. Germans are easy prey early on, out manoever them pikes like Chuckle said out in the field. Every man had to have a horse, sword and armour. Already tried to reload the fresh file and then to edit again and the same problem to some of the factions. At any rate Dacia shouldn't be impossible it's just not a faction I've ever used before. << Surely this stroke of divine favour is an omen? (That's all the barbarians have) After you deal with them, the Greek might get aggressive. By the time the Thracians get to the top of the hill they will be exhausted and rout easily. Keep moving Scyles towards his destination. There are four types of government in the campaign and each offers different benefits and weaknesses: Monarchy/Kingdom, League/Union, Republic/Politeia and Empire. Take them out before or after they wage war. I'm not a fan of rushing either. Sometimes the Thracians will ally with Macedon, so you and Thrace get a ceasefire automatically. Dacia is a well rounded faction with a strong early game focus. If this happens send the garrison from Tylis (excluding the peasant unit) south-east towards Byzantium. I'm fine with either but we can discuss that some other time. my experiences with dacia is to immediately defeat thrace, macedonia and the brutii. Their use of Greek buildings will be handy for conquest of the eastern half of the map. In the late game their troops will have trouble against elite armies of more civilized powers. Eastern Buildings: Pontus (Eastern), Seleucid (Eastern, Arabian, Indian), Colchis (Eastern), Baktria (Bactrian, Eastern, Indian), Egypt (Arabian), Barbarian Buildings: Cimmeria (Nomads), Massilia (Celtic), Pergamon (Celtic), Desert Kingdoms Buildings: Egypt (Nubian, Arabian), Seleucid (Arabian), +15% extra wealth from commerce buildings, +20% melee defence during battles in own or allied territory, +3 experience rank for Athenian ship recruits (only from Athens region port), +3 experience rank for Spartan infantry recruits (units with "Spartan" in their name), +15% morale during battles in own or allied territory, -50% public order penalty due to presence of foreign cultures, +2 Hellenic cultural influence in all provinces, Public order bonus (maximum of +6) from presence of Hellenic culture, Major diplomatic penalty with all Hellenic factions, +20% melee attack during battles against barbarian tribes, Increased defence against agents in all provinces, Moderate diplomatic bonus with all Hellenic factions, Increased number of levy units available from satrapies, Major diplomatic penalty with all Hellenic factions (IA: +15% morale during battles in own or allied territory), -100% public order penalties due to presence of foreign cultures, Eastern Buildings: Masaeslyi (African, Numidian, siege), Kush (African, siege), Nabataea (Arabian, siege), Saba (Arabian, siege), Greek Buildings: Armenia (Eastern, siege), Parthia (Eastern, Arabian, siege), Masaeslyi (siege), Kush (Nubian), Nabataea (Arabian, siege), Saba (Arabian, siege), -25% recruitment cost for all cavalry units, -25% public order penalties due to presence of foreign cultures, Minor diplomatic bonus with all Hellenic and Eastern factions, +20% morale for all units during battles in own territory, +10% morale for all units during battles in the desert, -20% provincial capital and minor settlement main chain construction costs, +50% chance of successfully launching an ambush, +12% shots per minute for all cavalry units, Greek Buildings: Ardiaei, Gallic factions, Nomadic factions. Then Dacia :-D. Spain is easy.. Dacia must press the advantage with a campaign of its own. I used to join my infantry in two-unit teams as the Germans (whose axemen are identical to falxmen in some sense). /Type /ExtGState Just build roads on the first turn and move everything south in two armies. As soon as the battle start run your men to take it. I strike one unit in the flank with one axeman unit, then when the phalanx turns in disorder to point spears at that axeman unit I charge the second unit into their rear, then retreat the first unit, then repeat until they break. while the Gauls, Germans, and Britons do not. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. pontus isstrange. The first does the attack and assaulting while the second reinforces in case of disaster or garrisons conquests. In addition, the Romans make an early appearance and the Greeks are right there, so you may have the displeasure to battle them fairly early on. Kudos for trying to introduce some kind of sanity via mods to diplomacy, as opposed to the broken system presented in vanilla RTW (and in virtually every game CA has done starting with STW). This guide provides overviews of the military aspects of each faction in the game. @NABULL - thanks, I'm glad it was helpful! I'm doing Dacia before them but after the Greeks.. can out maneuver the hoplites, and hit them in the flank. /SA true do not masscre the population. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), Portugus - Brasil (Portuguese - Brazil), +2 experience ranks for all recruits (all provinces), Enables political actions: "Purge" and "Secure Loyalty", Enables political actions: "Purge" and "Provoke", +10 public order per turn (all provinces), Enables political actions: "Provoke" and "Secure Loyalty", Enables political actions: "Provoke", "Purge" and "Secure Loyalty". your economy should be stable now. after taking Thessalonica enslave the populations and move for Byzantium and Bylazora.

The edicts that differ focus on military recruitment.

Now, I guess if you get military access, those alliances are a lot more stable. It aims to help players understand the model of each faction and what to expect in the campaign. Head straight for Campus Getae is a nice strategy, while my lecturer (who also plays RTW, small world) prefers rushing Macedonia. /Producer ( Q t 4 . East into Thracia. The Barbarian Noble Cavalry is weak for a heavy cavalry unit, but it's good enough to get the job done. I reccomend you need a decisive blow against the Romans, to put yourself centerstage. ^_^. Seiges have always been difficult with Parthia but not any more. They yield CAW, onagers, and ballistas for an incredible unit selection with just 1 building! I've had a fun game with my ancestors even took Rome after 100 turns them praetorians are tough but it was very rewarding to crush the senate and the brutii, the scipii and julii are holding out on the islands to the west .How to do that easy take the balkans as quicly as posiible ally with scythia and germany. Parthia has its good sides and bad sides. I like to sit back and build up armies and then go for a big push against my enemies. That said, there are a couple of groupings among these factions. I can't play the Dacians for some reason.

stream Not sure what I could do, or could have done to prevent that. Alright, I've started on a Dacian campaign and I have some insights to offer. My biggest problem as Dacia is getting hammered by too many stacks and factions all at once. try to keep your relation sweet with Scythia, you have no wish to fight them, their land is remote and it would take more than 5 years just for you to reach Campus Alanni. or south into Macedonia. I have finally cracked my enemies and I am the dominant power, having Taken all of Britain, Gaul, Germany, Eastern Europe, Northern Italy and the Adriatic Coast. I find Dacia a fascinating faction to play but I've had the same problems with it that I had with Hungary in M2TW. Your two main targets should be Macedon and Thrace. recruit a warband in Porrolissum. I have taken some of your advice and expanded very slightly westwards, taking segestica and aquinicum from the rebels. Thrace will probably attack you with a relief army in their turn. Send the garrison from Porrolissum (excluding the peasants and the governor) east to re-inforce Scyles if hes going the north route. Keep your military units moving towards their destinations. /Subtype /Image Long Campaign: Hold 50 provinces including Rome. after taking 2 extra cities you'll have some money at least to develope your economy. Well I managed to have some success with Dacia by rushing Greece early on and abandoning my home territories early. I prefer Germania. And I can't really seem to get an alliance with anyone. Strategy Guide for Dacia by Legio Caesar There are plenty of easy preys early on, so Dacia will look healthy soon.

I typically take alliances. Make sure most of your big armies have a general with them, as you may often take heavy casualties and you may need to buy mercs. On the way you should see a couple of rebel armies who are easily despatched and help with the experience of your units/general.

Raise taxes to Very High in both your settlements. endobj Also, playing rebels is occasionally glitchy. Elephants & Horse archers against cavalry you might want to use spears (an ocean of basic warband, with some morale boost so they won't rout easily? This battle can be tricky, so heres some instructions on how to win it: Position your army near the high ground. Militia Hoplite will rout once hit on the flanks or rare. ~:). Their roster is essentially a generic barbarian roster, similar to Gaul with a few trade offs. There's a stickied thread in the entrance hall on unlocking factions. Best of luck while playing the Dacians and may the Horns of Victory sound for thee! 6 0 obj don't assult the city if there is enough Phalanx troops to hold you off, wait for reinforcement from south of Bylazora. The Romans are on their last legs in Europe and the final offensive to wipe them out in Italy is about to begin, with Greece and Sicily soon to follow. Build a High Kings Hall in Porrolissum and Stables in Campus Iazyges. On VH/VH you start the game with 3000 dinarii in the bank and an income of -888. Just remember not to fight it out with them for too long: Charge into a flank or backside, then withdraw once the charge has worn off and your men have to fight in a more drawn-out melee. /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. They can also fight as light infantry if necessary. Dacias initial turns are quite hard. 15% extra campaign movement range for armies. Also, decimating them with missiles before engaging should not be underestimated. I recommend against hitting the Senate tab while playing Senate as it crashes the game. These Dacians also get ballistas which is weird for a barbarian faction. That shouldn't matter. /AIS false Build Land Clearance in Porrolissum. If Scyles is moving towards Byzantium he should be able to besiege it. Then build a watchtower and send him back home.

we beat the Greeks, unfortuunatrely we now have to take on the Parthians. /BitsPerComponent 8 :wry: The Dacian military is very good, early on you get falxmen and archers plus babarian cav, later on you get chosen swordsmen, chosen archers, and noble cav, so really they have a strong balanced military, btw chosen swordsmen are some of the most underestimated units in rtw, they are like falxmen with armor and shields. they have slow hoplites which u can shoot to bits from long range, and mass ur cavalry to drive away their missle troops. Tylis actually gets two good sword units. build a fort at the entrance in the will be protected by the greek invasions.hold this position until the romans (usually brutti) will be present there and attack greeceafter the greeks will be weaken by the wars with the brutii.try to profit and take theier cities.then romans will aslo be weaken and push them back from Greek peninsula !! If not deal with any Thracian armies near Tylis, then send the garrison of Tylis (excluding the peasants) north towards Campus Getae. Leave Macedon alone for now. !there my favoriate factoin and i have to play as dum pld gaul:help: you have to modify the factions list in the game to play. Dacia begins in the Balkans, north of Macedonia. Keep building up military buildings in Byzantium as it will be a key city later on. qztEJ267elSJj;s|ODI} .qD4N $\gpLQ \09>$gRzGzsO8u-:|essO 7{u]::|2O QX@vI'@}~g,73lm&847!+2XH S bOe%/ /$9_=>8iAbcH ,s`~fj#ag:~WH7I)+;}~n"92i;Q. Copyright 2004-2022 HeavenGames LLC. Great guide as a new player Thanks for taking the time to write all this up. However they can be made playable by simple modifications to the game files (more information on which can be found here). If I've taken control of a province for strategic purposes, but don't really want to defend it, I destroy what infrastructure can be burned, and let the place go rebel. Arverni get frenzied sword infantry from Meeting grounds and Savage dogs from the slave chain. I would never be able to do Dacia. Thats gonna drain fast when beginning a new empire. Didn't touched the senate. did you put the slaves as playable, if you did, it might be that. Keep moving your diplomat south. 5) Nervii get frenzied spears and guerilla deployment swords from Artisans. By now you're probably at war with those meddling Brutii Romans. The exception to this is that your new ally, Thrace, goes either after Macedonia or Scythia, so you do want to give them some room. >> Sell Trade Rights and Map Information to a Thracian diplomat near Bylazora, if you can see one. its a lot of hard work, so always take control of battles yourself. /ca 1.0 $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? Firstly I separate the phalanx by staying close to them and trying to get into their rear, then the two-unit teams come into play. You can hire immense armies of warriors to smash enemies. In M2TW I conquered Africa with Scotland so I'm sure victory is possible If a secure location can be found. The Falxmen are a great advantage to the Dacians early on, use them to crush your enemies! What in the DAcian armoury is good against elephants and Horse ARchers :help: ! A good strategy for combat? If you want to play as them you have to make them playable first. /CA 1.0 (That's why Armenia right know is my favorite faction :) ). Hey Ilia update! Send your diplomat south. Often times the resulting rebel army that claims the town can hold its own for quite some time giving you the buffer you want, but not the later head ache of having to re-conquer an ally turned enemy. /CreationDate (D:20210209104646+02'00') /SMask /None>> endobj With my armies bogged down in ineffectual garrison duty there's not much more for me to do, and even at full blitz it would have been hard to eliminate all three Roman families. For good measure, send a spy to the city to ensure your advantage. Send the Barbarian Cavalry from Porrolissum after them. They're so undeveloped and so low in population that they simply aren't worth the effort. :dizzy2:) Chosen archers are excellent against HA because they are long-ranged, so you can attack HA before they even touch you. Tylis do not get archers and get Thracian Warriors from Artisans. I've just played a little bit (10yrs on Vh/Vh) of it, and I have 15 provinces and a turn gross income of 30k. Please see the. If they have to turn a lot to chase your units around, they'll expose their rear to missile fire, making shield bonuses useless. This guide provides a short overview of the military aspects of each faction in the Grand Campaign. train Falxmen in masses. [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] :shrug: Thanks :) I'm more of a returning member - been probably a decade or so since I've last posted! Privacy Statement | Disclaimer | Forum Code of Conduct | Legal Information. They get strong early units such as Falxmen, Archer Warband and Barbarian cavalry. The Getai are used in the Europa Barbarorum mod, seeming to replace both Dacia and Thrace. Total War: Rome 2 - Faction Guide (Grand Campaign, IA, HatG, CiG). Also queue a unit of peasants there. Retrain whatever units you can and queue a unit of peasants. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition. Recruit an Archer Warband in Tylis and re-train your men in Byzantium if possible. All Rights Reserved. Certainly an alternative. You need sea access fast. possiblely the most powerful troop you can train in large town settlement. Your economy is weak so you cant support a large military, but expansion is the only way to sort out your finances. That's why I tend to play as a faction that can hinder their progress and posiblily destroy them early on (Carthage, Gaul..). Dacia is my favorite faction. Send your spy to infiltrate Tylis.

Defeat the Thracian re-inforcements. 3 0 obj

Disband the Warbands in Campus Iazyges and send the Archer Warband to Porrolissum. Don't even wait to merge all your troops into one army. Try to keep a layer of neutral faction between you and them. But anyway just go by the maxim: Thank God they included the Dacians in this game. In RTW the Dacians have one of the poorest cavalry in the game do not konw why :charge: Because in real history the dacian cavalry never remarked through anything. They aren't so bad. Valve Corporation. However, sieges are extremely difficult with their deplorable infantry. Thracia haven't got very powerful armies and also has valueble sea trading ports. Use your Archers to soften them up, paying special attention to their general. Train a unit of peasants in both as well. Send your diplomat east to get into contact with the Brutii. Anybody else on that? If you are at peace with the Thracians build a watchtower near the Donau using the general that will have appeared in Tylis by now. /Title ( R o m e t o t a l w a r d a c i a g u i d e) Archery ranges are must-haves. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. I never trust my allies. As soon as possible after the Thrace campaign, Go for Macedon. Build a shrine of choice in Byzantium. Use your diplomat to sell the Greeks an alliance if you run into one of their diplomats. You can hire immense armies of warriors to smash enemies---you may need to buy mercs---Macedon may try to ally with you, but strengthening them is not a good idea--- After you deal with them, the Greek might get aggressive. While Parthia with an cavalry reliant army gonna need lots of Cataphracts to defeat the Roman legions, just horse archers isn't enough. It is only visible to you. Add in the warcry bonus and the bonus in forests or snow and you have a VERY formidable unit. I have enough skills to defeat the romans defensively, but against Legionary Cavalry, Legionary and Praetorian Cohorts and Urban Cohorts life can be very difficult. I then did some tests on my own with falxmen vs. spear warbands and I could not make them win unless the odds were about 5:3 in my favour (and even then with pretty impressive casualties). Send your diplomat south and your spy east. Assault Tylis if it isnt already yours. But Spain first. I am playing as the DAcians in a RTW competitin at school, and after beating the Seleucids :duel: :charge: ~:cheers: we now have to fight a team using the Greek City States. In such case, your falxmen/barb-cav etc. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz Even from head on, when you only kill very few with each volley, it wears down morale. Rome: Total War is a game by Creative Assembly and published by Sega (originally Activision). these trustwrothy guys are great advantage against all other level 2 troops. It works quite well, I think. Continue conquest until Thrace is gone. If you've got the guts, go ahead, just realize that Kydonia has around 1000 pop. 1 0 obj After destroying them i attacked Bylazora with this army, the macedonians outnumbered me by about 130 but their early armies dont seem capable of destroying you. /Creator ( w k h t m l t o p d f 0 . All rights reserved. 4 0 obj Chosen Swordsmen are excellent infantry who can are superior to all pre-Marian Roman infantry and can fight toe-to-toe with Early Legionary Cohorts and regular Legionary Cohorts. %PDF-1.4 The Empire type is the best but has requirements that need to be met to achieve it. Falxmen are also very mobile, and so are suitable for ambushing or supporting heavy cavalry such as Noble Cavalry. Now some basic military strategies about dacians, I've been helping a friend learn more about RTW by playing some MP battles with him and committing serious errors for him to recognise and exploit (I think it's more useful in learning than for me to kick him around repeatedly until he decides that RTW is boring!). How's your greek campaign going? Celts - Arverni, Nervii, Boii, Tylis and Galatia, Nomads - Massagetae, Roxolani and Royal Scythia. Many of my cities are at the point that even with low taxes and full garrisons they're in red-face land and rioting. If theres a Thracian army nearby attack it with your army from Tylis, but make sure you can return to the city this turn. i would like to say something irrelevant .when i read some replies above say pathia is not so good. Your goal will be to defeat Thrace quickly, so you get a larger income. Also, being a barbarian faction, they have poor economy by default. Your ultimate objective is to tech up to Chosen Swordsmen, Chosen Archers and Barbarian Noble Cavalry.

I have NEVER heard of Roxolans, Yazighian etc, but I'll take your word for it, since your ancestors were Dacians :-D I've only ever heard of Pannonians. When littlegannon visits, if you will, my house we play the co-campaign.. ah, i see. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

<< However their cavalry isn't bad but a bit more of a selection for infantry would be nice. like pezhetairoi said, its all about casualty minising. The Dacians may be the only barbarian faction that can go head-to-head with the Romans in an even matched fight and win. } !1AQa"q2#BR$3br Then the Greeks. Each faction is relatively unique and they have more local flavour in their rosters. It's definitely a campaign I look forward to doing.. when I get round to it.. haha, same here. From here on things start to vary. I've always found that gifting provinces almost always comes back to bite you later. Its quite interesting that the Dacians have access to onagers etc. I need some help for my counter-example and I am just lost! :). Move your spy south-east to scout Byzantium. I played Dacia vs. Germania and found that I didn't have to try very hard to make mistakes! Or more secure at any rate. If you take Byzantoium chose to occupy the town. The problem is when I got into "Phase II' if you will, against the Bruti, a contest that lasted many years and though I managed to reduce them down to 3 provinces I'm nearing 200 BC and I've got less than 20 regions to my name. It shouldn't be tough in the south as long as your infantry refrains from face-to-face contact with the phalanx. They have long-range arrows and are so heavily armed and armored that they can hold their own in melee combat as well, even against Hastati and Principes. Unless specified, these factions are the same across all campaigns they are playable in. Especially as it sounds like rushing is the only way to stay alive and I tend to sit back.. maybe craterus it could be our next challenge wen we finsh our spain campiagn so we could have a very challengin campign and i think togther we could do it an win a campagin with them. After that you will want to make both Byzantium and Campus Getae are yours. With barb factions, you have to attack with anything and everything you've got, just to stay out of debt. If youre at peace with the Thracians move the governor of Porolissum east so he can just get back in the this turn.