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BBBC aims to assist in the rebuilding of self-confidence and self-esteem during this sensitive period. I'm in need of a free wig . How to Prepare for Cancer Related Hair Loss, Tips to Help Your Loved One Cope with Hair Loss. Please and thank you. 713-283-9300, S.P. Is anyone here donating a wig in Florida? It's synthetic and a longer hair style in golden brown color.

Please advise where I can go. Its honey brown. I am looking for a wig. These donations help keep their free wig program up and running. We take it one step further by customizing your choice of wig with a better fit, cut or trim, and style. I have several blonde wigs some with rooted brown colors.

I've given all my wigs away to friends that ended up with cancer. Id love to get a wig before the holidays for my mother. Hi I am 37 I start my chemo rounds here in a few days for a second time. I am a breast cancer survivor and would like to donate a very nice blonde neck length wig. Thank you, Hi Amanda, There are many very nice wigs available for much less than this! (Free or low cost in the Austin Tx area?) I have some wigs never worn that might work. Is there any where to get free wigs on not so expensive wigs, all these hospital bills are a killer by themselves, I have several wigs in various shades of light brown to auburn. Hello Mr Richard Bucko Nice to hear you are donated wigs I'm in California but can pay for shipping please email me, Charmain, Please send me your address and I'll send a long red/brown wig I've got. I know I should feel grateful just for the fact that I am alive and I have tried to be brave and just deal with not having hair but its really depressing me and makes me embarrassed and not want to leave home. Home widget bottom left You can add widgets here from Admin->Appearance->Widgets Enable or Disable this widget area from Theme Options -> Widgets, Home widget bottom center You can add widgets here from Admin->Appearance->Widgets Enable or Disable this widget area from Theme Options -> Widgets, Home widget bottom right You can add widgets here from Admin->Appearance->Widgets Enable or Disable this widget area from Theme Options -> Widgets, 4920 Locust, Wearing a wig is one way to cope with hair loss and help make cancer patients look and feel their best while undergoing treatment.


When searching for free wig locations in your area on the American Cancer Society's website, these salons will be listed. Worn once! A woman's hair is her crown and glory and losing that esteem can be very painful OR it can be a celebrated experience - marking the beginnings of a beautiful, new you! It is causing gradual baldness. What color? Thanks for any help here, I have a brand new red hair wig that I would love to donate to a cancer patient its shoulder length I never wore it . Your kindness is beautiful. Can anyone please help?? Scammers. Please help. Her self esteem is shattered. 8am - 5pm Saturdays It was long. Will ship to anyone who may have need of it. I always receive great customer service. This offers the widest variety and choices. Looking for free long haired wigs. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. My Aunt worked there (Cancer Society) 60 yrs, I know where the money goes. Just diagnosed with breast cancer in July! I live in a real small town that does not have wigs for sale! Simply put,I can not afford a wig and want one or even more for different hair styles,I feel like a homemade rag doll and very much less a woman for sure. Let me saymore. If u haven't found what u are looking for I would be willing to pay up to 100.00 to get it for u. I also have a link where u could possibly get one for no money out of pocket u can check out. I'm sad depression is eating me alive I'm 34 years old and two daughters that just want to play outside. I will be starting chemo in 3 weeks. I have a blondish-brown, medium short, curly wig - never worn.

I can't afford to buy it . She just finished 12 rounds of chemo and has always had beautiful long dark hair. Just not working for me. Look up Locks of love. With two convenient locations we are able to provide a safe spacious and clean environment.more, This is my favorite place so far to Find wig due to chemotherapy. Many insurance companies will assist with part or all of this expense of your wig purchase. Hi Marlene. Hello there my name is nikki and I do hair for a living and I would love to help you and send you a free wig.

I would be happy to help someone in need. My mother needs one if you've got one available. Thanks a million times over!more, Hair ExtensionsCosmetics & Beauty SupplyWigs$$, a wonderful selection of hair, wigs and accessories, the establishment is clean, bright and open.

I will need to start wearing a wig in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I am looking for free wigs dark hair for my mother in law she is fighting stage 3 cancer and she is 63 years old she is lost half of her hair, Where can I donate 12 quality wigs and hairpieces. Some synthetic and some real hair all range $25-$700 a piece. I don't know how to choose or wig what kind to get. Thank you so much . I'm located in Miami.

I have both breast and lung cancer. I'm now 55 and I've had wigs on and off through all those years and my wigs don't look good on me any more and I can't afford new wigs. function LPBFnrM(ZyGPHS) {
Can a lupus , RA patient get a free wig ? Grey or light brown even dark blonde. I am a lupus & RA patient , with hair lose . I have a lot of hair and I don't know what to do. The style is short and the color is silver gray. I have several slightly used, well cared for wigs. In brush. None of the wigs have been wornjust enjoyed purchasing them as I have thinning hair and thought they would be useful in the future.

The flagship program of BBBC is our on-going Wig Drive which allows us to receive wig donations from all around the city. What are people saying about wigs in Houston, TX? I will pay it forward when Im able. I would be very happy to get a donated short wig in a silvery blond shade. Am a looking for a place that will help with free wigs. While many of the wigs offered are donated items, some local American Cancer Society chapters purchase their wigs through our online store. Shes lost half of her skull and shes unable to grow hair over most of her head due to the scars. Thank you. Lost all of my hair late May. I am interested. thanks for any information for getting a free wig. I am interested I live in TX and just finished my 2nd round of chemotherapy, lost my hair as of day 14 of 1st round any help would be greatly appreciated. Would rather donate to someone in need. Can I get a wig?

This is why we recommend the chemotherapy wig be worn for approximately one year.

My dog gave me a infection and my hair is falling out. My wife had cancer and past in May this year. Please help bc wigs are so expensive I just cant afford to buy on. Have tried it on twice. I am so depressed at the way I look. Some women prefer to wear hats or scarves instead of wigs. The nurse said if you don't do the surg she will leave Tuesday bc she has 8 children to care for. I work for a major medical center and care for cancer patients, Hello my name is Sha'Von and I just recently loss my mom, due to advance heart failure. Hi Sue. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. You are certainly not alone. I am losing my hair due to chemo treatments that i will be getting for quite awhile The cancer has stopped spreading and growing, but there is no shrinkage yet. Please help me find the resources to get a free wig or an online site that helps you get info. And the ones that cause my hair to fall out. You might also look at, Had my first chemo treatment about 5 weeks ago I noticed and I'm losing my hair now. Thank you in advance, My insurance would pay for scalp processes but on reimbursement I would like to open a shop that pays for the wig so u can get and I get reimbursed for the wig because I didn't have the money up front and couldn't get one I felt like I lost my femininity it really makes u feel bad about self, Betty I have alopecia and I just got it at 53 and I understand how it feels I say that it took my Womanhood away life Eminem miss you too and I have no support here in this little town in South Dakota and they say it'll never grow back again it's caused by stress and I'm even more stressed Now by being bald and not knowing anything about getting a wig or can afford it I'm on disability I was trying to reach out to see if there was any nonprofit organizations or something that could help so I don't look so bad my eyebrows and eyelashes are gone as well I will send you my email even if we can just talk that would be nice too thank you, My aunt has breast cancer ,breast is removed n her hair all loss she is going through chemo how can I get wig n bra for her. If this is still available I would love to have it. Getting a Free Wig: American Cancer Society Wigs, The first option for someone looking for a wig is to purchase one from a, While some patients are able to purchase a, The American Cancer Society is one great resource that provides free wigs for adult women who financially qualify and are suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments. For photo email me. If interested, please email me at adrianacollado@hotmail.com. They are high quality and are long, and brown, real hair. I work in health care as a patient registration specialist. Nothing in my area. I have purchased two online from two different sellers and it turned out to me a scam. Im not working and dont have the money to pay for a wig. I still had to cut a good chunk of hair. Hello I have a beautiful wig in the box that I would love to mail to someone in need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a brand new wig just purchased 2 days ago. Gross. I have a beautiful wig.. Please email me. But I've bought 2 on the cheaper side wigs and they are at best subpar I'm not on chemo yet. Any help appreciated. I have a new Raquel Welch Maximum Impact wig in the color RL14/22SS SHADED WHEAT | Dark Blonde Evenly Blended with Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots. It is about 13 inches long thick and curly and banded and ready to send. Here are more expert tips on. to Tie a Head Scarf, Wig Most often, you will be provided with a budget quality wig. I am looking for my mom who is currently battling her 2nd round of breast cancer.

Please advise. I have 4 wigs that I would like to donate, they were my daughter's. It is more silver than gray. I will be on the pills for life. Thank you in advance . For example, some locations require an appointment to be fitted for a free wig, while others will take walk-ins. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have not tried it on and the tags still on it. Looking for information on wigs, hats and care now that I am losing my hair. My 13 yr old niece just finished chemo and has lost all her hair. I take chemo pills daily and my hair is sparse and thin. I have just lost my hair and would appreciate it if someone was willing to donate a wig to me. How do I get a free wig and head wraps ?? I barely have enough to cover my head and my scalp shows so bad. The entire processing from wig fitting to purchasing was amazingmore, with Adrian who I informed that the wig had been customized but I payed 433 for the price of a 250more, and downright neglect that she was treated with as a first-time wig buyer in need of guidance. They are large and mainly in a blonde/brown tone. Hair is thinning ! She is on a limited income and taking care of her 3 grandchildren. I had neck cancer last year and I only lost some of my hair.

I have went from waist length blonde. 10350 South Post Oak , Suite 108 , Houston TX 77035. The cancer was removed. I cant afford much. I'm African American so I'm not certain how it will look to anyone else. I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area and I am undergoing radiation treatments right now and my long golden blonde hair is coming out and I am in search of a wig. Boston area - I have a red natural hair wig for any woman undergoing treatment who could use it. Artemis Hair Studio can help make the most of this difficult time by customizing wigs for cancer patients to achieve the style, color, and fit that best suits them. I really appreciated the customer service and now my wig looks great! One is blondish but all other are brown or reddish. Not sure yet what I'll have for treatment, probably Chemo with radiation. I am 65 years old and on a small fixed income. She cried very much because she had very long beautiful blonde hair. I have had 2 chemo treatments so far have a treatment every 3 weeks. Dont have the money to buy a good quality. Would really appreciate a donated wig. I am in the St. Charles, MO, area. read our story. I have my daughters hair who died where can I donate it for someone who needs a wig for free. It's so great to read that cancer patients can actually get some wigs. You can search for this information on the American Cancer Society's website at, Each chapter of the American Cancer Society is operated independently so the quality of the free wigs you will receive can vary greatly. Hi I'm a 53 year old woman I have lost all my hair almost.

Please contact me if anyone is interested. I know she would be so happy to have a wig. I have a total of 7 wigs. 71953. How can people donate their hair for you to use for others with cancer? I also have 2 gently used breast forms DD and 7 turbans I would also like to donate. my heart is.Heavy the cost for a wig is so high I can't afford to buy her one..If anyone knows were I can get help for her please let me know.God bless, How do you get help getting a wig I have stage 4 : : colon Cancer and I have Lost a lot of hair. This, I don't know how this works but my name is Debbie and my mom has cancer and she's got to go through chemo and radiation and I'm trying to get my mom a a wig. Please help me. Our mission is to provide a private and serene atmosphere where women can come to select a FREE WIG, recieve complimentary salon services, and learn makeup application all while surviving through the effects of cancer treatments. I begin Chemo on July 5, 2022. My mother has completed her first dose of chemo and has a couple more to go.

Done with chemo and happy to donate. Can anyone recommend a low cost or free wig or where to look. I had chemo 14 years ago never got hair back bostonian3@yahoo.com. If you have a long blonde wig still available I would be interested. Can make the LG smaller to fit AV but had long hair to cover. Learn how to spot the best toppers and see our top 7 topper picks. I have stage 4 breast cancer.

I didn't know if I would lose my hair this time or not but I did. San Diego, Ca.

I had a brain tumor when I was 11 I hade 6 weeks of Radiation Therapy and my hair never grew back on both sides of my head. If you may know any local drop off organizations local to me please let me know.

I have always been given great advice and I have and will continue to be a loyal customer". I am a looking for medium light brown wig. wants to look and feel her best. Of chemo actually. Hello, I have a gently used short wig in auburn, I can send pictures if you would like that I would like to donate. My hair grows from the top of my head and falls over the bald spots but the back is bald too. Please email if interested. Hi Penny, I'm looking to donate a new wig that I no longer need. In the interests of fairness.why only women? So I don't have any extra money to buy a wig. I would recommend a. Hi, I am trying to find out how to get assistance with a wig. My email is sgdollarhide@gmail.com if you have one to donate or sell. They cannot exchange it so I'm stuck with it. The selection of available wig colors and styles will vary by location, as they are dependent on what wig donations are received.

I have4 no extra money for a wig but feel very self-conscious about myself bc the doctors had to save my head for the surgery and the radiation and chemo is going to make me loose it anyways. You can also email me at: jennifermataya54@gmail.com. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Good evening every one. She is /was a blond. I'm so embarrassed.. Hello,I may be to late in asking since you posted in February,almost scrolled on down but seems to be a higher power telling me to "stay right there child and just reply" so here I am lol.But if you still have the wig could you please contact me ,I appreciate it so much,thank you and God Bless you for having the heart to donate and each and everyone going through the hair loss,it is very very traumatic,I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror at all?don't even go outside period when I need to be just can't seem to go on out the ?door.thanks agian, My hair won't grow is very thin my Tumblr to go, Hello, my name is Alissa and I am 25 years old.