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final 10 minutes of an item's closing, the time gets extended 10 minutes. it was a very impressive evening. After it closes and the winning bidder is chosen, that winning bidders bid amount or (if it exists) the max bid amount associated with that winning bid, are taken and entered into the associated real world auction. A bid(s) entered by mistake on the part of a bidder is NOT grounds for cancellation of that bid.

Merchandise, unless otherwise specified, will be shipped via professional carrier with standard ground service. No cash refunds will be issued. winners, charities, sellers, venues). madison may result in forfeiture of the experience and the final purchase price. If an entity places a bid, then the person executing the bid on behalf of the entity agrees to personally guarantee payment for any successful bid. The light show app for the Icono Pop performance did not work but did not take away from their performance. To bid, find a lot page, enter a value in the bid box, and click Bid. If you click Bid on a lot, you will be prompted to either log in to your Charitybuzz account, or create a new one if you do not have one already. Charitybuzz nor the Seller is responsible for any errors in bidding. In any purchase or sale, the estimated value of the item(s) is reflected by the price. The Bieb seemed a bit arrogant. We had the option of being upgrade to floor seats, as they needed to fill the seats up. The Conditions of Sale, Terms of Guarantee, the glossary, if any, and all other contents of this lot are subject to amendment by us by the posting of such amendments on the Charitybuzz website (

This recurring 10 minute extension is known as Extended Bidding, and is signified by a banner above the auction timer on the lot page. A maximum bid is a secret amount you enter, that represents the maximum amount you are willing to bid. Details discussed include but are not limited to experience dates, arrival procedures, airfare, hotel accommodations, restrictions, will-call requirements, and any other on-site notes. Items shipping from Charitybuzz will be sent within five business days of payment settlement by the winning bidder. Refunds are rewarded on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of Charitybuzz, LLC. Charitybuzz reserves the right to exclude any person from the auction. Work with your redemption contact to define the details before departing. All Bidders must meet Charitybuzzs qualifications to bid. Failure to comply with guidelines (i.e. We'll let you know if someone outbids you. Acoustics were great and the entertainment was stellar. Get started today: Create a Redemption Center account. The VIP seats will be either on the ground level or lower bowl. Seat location will otherwise not be known in advance. By continuing past this page, you agree to our. You can distinguish Live Bid lots by the Live Bid label in the title of the lot, and additional description text at the start of the lots Overview tab. It was still cool getting to see so many various performers take the stage. All merchandise is insured for the winning amount. If that information is not available on the site, prospective bidders assume the responsibility of contacting Charitybuzz to inquire for additional details. A buyers premium is the additional charge on the auction hammer price or winning bid, which is paid by the winner. Let us know how it went. We and the Seller make no representations and warranties, express or implied, as to whether the purchaser acquires any copyrights, including but not limited to, any reproduction rights in any property. This is to confirm if the bidder would like to increase their bid or max bid amount before its entered into the real world auction. Buyers premiums on Charitybuzz currently range from 15%20%, based on the final hammer price of the auction lot as follows: Charitybuzz reserves the right to change these calculations at any time. The following Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee, as amended by any posted notices or announcements during the auction and in addition to the Term of Use for, are Charitybuzz, LLC and the Sellers entire agreement with the purchaser and any bidders relative to the property listed in this lot. Each bidder is responsible for his or her own account and bids. How can Carly Rae Jepson win 3 awards?? After the experience - Specifics vary per lot. Will Call tickets are typically available at the Will Call window at least an hour before the event, unless otherwise specified. We reserve the right to withdraw any lot before, during and after the sale and shall have no liability whatsoever for such a withdrawal. It was a 3 hour show but felt like it flew by. We decided to upgrade, but we wish we hadn't because it was much harder to see the performances since everyone stood up for each song! While Charitybuzz makes every effort to guarantee accuracy, in the event of an error, and a lot is accidentally declared sold by mistake, Charitybuzz reserves the right to cancel the sale and relist the lot in its sole discretion. The redemption contact will work with the winning bidder to fulfill the lot within the appearance times, time constraints, event dates or locations, and other particulars listed in the lot details. This dynamically extending period is designed to protect against a practice commonly known as sniping or last second bidding where bidders attempt to enter a quick bid in the final seconds of an auction to secure a win before competing bidders have a chance to counter. The performances were amazing with the exception of Chris Brown. It will be a sad day when we don't appreciate the sound of live instruments, the music industry has already sold out. Decorum and adherence to all rules and guidelines are a must. As the auctioneer conducts the auction, they will bring up and enter the Charitybuzz winning bid during the course of the auction as the current price or next minimum bid value approaches the Charitybuzz winners bid amount. Sean "Diddy" Combs will host the show this year Mary Blige will be honored with this years Icon Award and will appear to accept.

Charitybuzz strongly encourages the use of Max Bids to increase your chances of winning. Sorry there are currently no upcoming events. In one scenario, if an auction house and an auctioneer is present, winning live bids from Charitybuzz Live Bid lots are treated as absentee bids. Prince was outstanding. Should this travel be canceled, postponed, delayed, or rescheduled due to force majeure (i.e. After winning - Detailed redemption information will be emailed to the winning bidder. Tickets are so affordable. When an auction reaches the final 10 minutes before it closes, any bids received in that final 10 minutes push out the previous close time by an additional 10 minutes. Seat retrieval will be digital via their app to be given to the winner upon win. Redemption contact information will be emailed to the winning bidder within two business days of payment settlement by the winning bidder. All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with all faults without any representations or warranties by us or the Seller as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, the correctness of the e-catalogue or other description of the physical condition, size, quality, rarity, important, medium, frame, provenance, exhibitions, literature, or historical relevance. We expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. What happens during the real world auction?

Get what you want, when you want it. Tickets & Certificates - For hard copies of tickets and certificates, the minimum shipping, handling, and applicable insurance charge is $14.95. If you enter a maximum bid, well bid on your behalf up to that maximum bid amount in response to other bids, according to Charitybuzzs bidding tiers. Please note that there are no additional perks for these VIP seats such as express check-in, complimentary parking or any other perks. The closing time for this item has been extended. That process normally involves messaging and scheduling between all parties (i.e. Once you have accepted the Conditions of Sale, you may proceed with placing a bid on that lot. Once the hammer has fallen and Charitybuzz has announced the winning Bidder, that Bidder is unconditionally bound to pay for that lot, even if the Bidder has made an error. A valid photo ID for each person listed at Will Call is often required. Any Bidder who is not a client in good standing of Charitybuzz may be disqualified at Charitybuzzs sole discretion and will not be awarded lots. Getting your item - Items will either be shipped directly from Charitybuzz or from the item seller (Third Party) as indicated. Title to any lot remains with the Seller, any secured party of the Seller, or assignee of Seller, as the case may be, until the lot is paid for in full by the Bidder. MGM has always been one of my favorites and the show was very good, I've been at this casino many times and never had anything going wrong, MGM rocks.

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Charitybuzz will default to the shipping address listed on the winning bidders account unless otherwise notified. I feel like it should be needless to say for anyone who watched the show that Tracy Morgan added nothing at all as a host, he just isn't funny.

The Bidder should make sure the bid price they enter (including any taxes or fees) is the price they are willing and able to pay. I am a sucker for most award shows, I watch almost all of them. Merchandise - The minimum shipping charge for merchandise is $19.95. It was like seeing multiple concerts in one night! Its as simple[], How to Get a Bad Business Shut Down Why does it sometimes seem like prices keep going up and[], How toGo About Giving a Baby Up for Adoption Step 1.Choosing Adoption for Your Baby Choosing to place your baby[], How to Become a Dental Assistant in Cali, How toGo About Giving a Baby Up For Ado, How to Become a Dental Assistant in California, How toGo About Giving a Baby Up For Adoption. All bids placed for any lot are governed by the Conditions of Sale for that lot.