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Chocolate-dipped treats from Diamond Head Chocolate Company. This experience is much like touring a microbrewery/winery. Photo courtesy of Lonohana Estate Chocolate. Products are made with a signature blend of local cacao and chocolate imported from Belgium (the owners aunt and uncle, chocolate hobbyists, created the recipe). The most popular items, however, are its mochi offerings, particularly the ones filled with peanut butter and milk chocolate. Walk-ins are business, and Bob will likely be your guide Get acquainted with many of the 700-plus sample some of natures exotic bounty (you chocolate bars, cacao shell tea, and sorbet chocolate, which he has been making since A hui hou! chocolate shops in Hilo; a chocolate Hawaiis introduction to cacao came relatively late: the earliest written record of it is a June 1831 entry in the journal of German botanist Franz Meyen. a must: marshmallows sandwiched between Its signature square-shaped shortbread cookiesdipped in rich chocolateis still the companys most popular item. factory that gave birth to Hawaiis chocolate Click here for baggage fees and restrictions. Wishing you the best and hope to see you again soon! These brands specialize in chocolate bars which are all made in-house. Hidden in a strip mall in Kahului is a humble shop devoted to all things chocolate. Then youll drive to the shop and The chocolate was quite tasty. A proprietary blend of chocolates from California-based Guittard Chocolate Company is used for cookies, candies and dipped fruit and pretzels. Waialua keeps it simple with three chocolate bars: Fyi, Ive included affiliate links below. If its your first time tasting Maui Kuia Estate, consider one of the below sets: All these sets make great omiyage (vacation gifts to bring back for family and friends). Its name is fitting: in 2000, Bob and Pam

This company, which started in 1927, was the pioneer of the now-iconic chocolate-covered macadamia. The third floor of a Chinatown building dating back to 1904 is an odd place to find a shop selling fine chocolates, but, true to its name, Chocolate on a Mission supports the humanitarian efforts of the River of Life Mission on the ground floor below it. Below are popular local chocolates brands. We love and appreciate their commitment to giving back to the community. The 25 gram chocolate bars are popular, and I love the individual 5 gram squares. The first night of the festival coincides with the weekly Friday Art Night in Hanapepe; its a small town, so you can easily attend both! Great story of how the founding couple started their enterprise. P.S. it was grown. Of course the chocolate was fantastic, and we bought a box that hopefully will make it home with us. Belgium.

ages are welcome! Photo by Jeanne Bennett. According to the company, only 15 percent of the worlds chocolate is made from this particular cacao beanand you can get it at this Hawaii Island factory. Two 70 percent dark chocolate bars flank Puna Chocolate Companys North Shore bar, which is made of molasses, toffee and milk chocolate. East Hawaii is the hub of cacao cultivation on Hawaii island, which is why this event spotlights that part of chocolates story. Participants taste fresh cacao fruit when in season, learn about the bean-to-bar manufacturing process, taste our collection with our team of Chocolate Sommeliers, and enjoy a chocolate tea service. The farms namesake is John Mortimer Youll learn about the century-old history of this incredible farm and the care and passion that owners, Mike and Rhonda Pollard, pour into creating exceptional chocolate that is authentic to Hawaii. Well over 150 years later, artisan chocolate made from Hawaii-grown cacao has caught the attention of gourmands around the globe. Maui Kuia Estate is based in Lahaina, be sure to visit Valley Isle Kombucha while youre in the area. And of course, you get to taste chocolate! up products from Peru, France, Colombia Island Princess makes many fun products with chocolate. As a Certified Wildlife Habitat, the farm is a sanctuary for animals and birds, including ducks, egrets, herons and Hawaiian moorhens. This tour includes a 9-piece tasting at our Lahaina chocolate factory, the largest chocolate factory in the Hawaiian Islands.

Homepage Hawaii Life 8 Must-Try Hawaii Chocolate Brands. A special Presented annually by Emmanuel Episcopal Church as a benefit for Family Promise of Hawaii (familypromisehawaii.org), this party features a bountiful buffet of chocolate creations (even chocolate chili), most made by members of the congregation, their friends and family. Take care and hope to see you again soon! And, whenever possible, using locally sourced cacao. Meet the boutique chocolate brands of Hawaii! Like Lonohana and Waialua, Maui Kuia Estate grows the cacao and makes the chocolates.

Please arrive 10 minutes before tour time. Manoa Chocolate is the most popular of the boutique chocolates. Dear harriedmomMontreal, Mahalo for the descriptive tour review and recommendation! emmanuelkailua.com/chocolate-extravaganza. Try the cappuccino flavor! Two of his great-grandchildren The chocolate the owners make is for private use, but youll be able to taste it along with whatever fruits are in season. Get notifications for low fares & special deals. The delight du jour variestruffles, clusters, bark or something equally wonderful. Hawaii chocolates. He observed a Guatemalan variety growing in the garden of Don Francisco de Paula Marin, a horticulture enthusiast from Spain who was a confidant of King Kamehameha I. Our chocolate is made from scratch - bean-to-bar - in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients, sourced locally from the Big Island of Hawaii and from around the world, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Honduras to name a few. At this stage, the beans are bitter, but the miel de cacao is edible and has a fruity flavor. Always a big hit is the chocolate fountain where you can drizzle liquid chocolate over skewered marshmallows; Rice Krispies treats; chunks of strawberry, banana, pineapple; and other morsels. Chocolate is Aloha!. sapodilla or mamey sapote, anyone? With our 2-day expedited shipping & insulated packaging, our chocolate ships to you worry-free! The owners introduce small groups (two to 12 people) to cacao growing, chocolate making and their philosophy of farming in harmony with nature, thus maintaining the peace, health and balance of the ecosystem. and more in-house. The Ultimate Smore is confections from around the world, Three brothersJoseph, Francis and Richard Frywho owned and operated J.S. species of plants, shrubs and trees at this He explained the process of making chocolate and even gave us 3 samples of different chocolate to try. Would have liked nuts in ours. Aloha and we're so glad you and your wife enjoyed our guided plantation tour. Our small-batch chocolates dynamic flavor profiles come from the distinct climate, terrain and soil the terroir - only found in Hawaii. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Philippe Padovani was one of the 12 acclaimed chefs who founded the seminal Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement in 1991. Visitors will come away with a great appreciation for the growing craft chocolate movement as well as Hawaii's emerging cacao and chocolate industry. Even so, expect to learn a lot. own the farm, a botanical wonderland Chocolate is made from the beans inside.

The upstairs patio was beautiful and Lauren, our server, gave us such a detailed breakdown of all the chocolates. According to Guinness World Records, the worlds largest bar was made in 2011 by Thorntons, a British confection company, to celebrate its centennial. In the 1500s, in the state of Tlaxcala, central Mexico, you could buy these items at a marketplace with cacao: one good turkey hen, 100 beans; one turkey egg, three beans; one ripe avocado, one bean; one large tomato, one bean. The beans inside are used to make chocolate. emmanuelkailua.com/chocolate-extravaganza. In consideration of all our guests, we do strive to start each tour on time. Craft Chocolate TV's objective is to educate fellow chocolate makers, chocolate lovers, and the general public on the art and process of bean-to-bar chocolate making. bananas. Padovani shuns the ordinary, opting instead for ingredients like lemongrass, yuzu, strawberry guava, bourbon and Irish whiskey. The state of Hawai'i is the only place in the United States where cacao grows fruitfully, some calling it the "North Pole" of the cacao growing region. The company hand-picks, sun-dries and processes 100 percent Hawaiian grown cacao beans, which results in a single-origin chocolate with a distinctive taste and texture. 10-acre farm his parents started in 1972. It has also been shown to relieve inflammation, improve brain function, protect your skin from sun damage and reduce the risk of stroke, cancer and heart disease.

Right: During Hana Golds tour, a cacao pod is cracked open to reveal the beans inside. Recommended experiences in and around Island of Hawaii. Since 2006, however, his focus has been hand-crafted gourmet chocolates that have won raves from the Dalai Lama; former President Bill Clinton; and A-list Hollywood stars Michael Douglas, John Travolta and Robert De Niro. Among dark chocolates other benefits: it can lower blood pressure and elevate your mood and HDL or good cholesterol. 585 Hinano St., Hilo, Hawaii Island, (800) 935-5510, bigislandcandies.com. Most of the cacao for its products comes from its orchard near Haleiwa. process. hilochocofest.com. Wondering if your carry-on meets size and weight requirements? translation missing: en.layout.general.title, Aleppo Pepper & Cocoa Nibs - 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, North Shore Style - Caramel Molasses Toffee in 50% Milk Chocolate, Macadamia Nut & Toasted Coconut - 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, Cashew & Sea Salt - 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, Almond & Sea Salt - 50% Milk Chocolate Bar, Kona Coffee & Puna Nibs - 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. Let us know if you have any questions about tours, chocolate, or visiting our shops. in Wailua. Recommend highly for locals and tourists. Experience true chocolate. Waialua Chocolate is on the North Shore of Oahu. Cacao and chocolate are lucrative for many other local entrepreneurs as well. A post shared by Manoa Chocolate Hawaii (@manoachocolate). including cacao. Theyre super good for sharing and very snackable: Big Island Candies is famous for shortbread cookies.

Chocolate sommeliers are your hosts What do I need to do to change or cancel my reservation? Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory owner Bob Cooper takes great pride in the company he founded with his wife Pam and he loves to share their story. We just did a tasting and it was a wonderful experience. You can buy online too! I divided them in two sections: First Section: Chocolate BarsBoutique and specialty chocolate brands. Youll stroll through the orchards and greenhouse with either Sharkey or his son (co-owner Erin Sharkey) and learn how they produce their chocolate on site. center stage during a presentation that sizes Free Domestic Expedited Shipping on $100 Orders. Photo courtesy of Kauai Chocolate & Coffee Festival. Born and raised on Maui, Valerie Jones, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, opened the shop with her husband, Anthony, in 1990, focusing on custom orders for luxury resorts and hotels on Maui. Only drawback is that it isn't easy for wheelchairs, but we managed. Now you know whether chocolate grows on treesright? The chocolate factory is located on the slopes of Hualalai, above the coffee-growing Kona region, where a certain kind of cacaoCriollois grown. two graham crackers, dipped in milk Single origin cacao grown in our beautiful Hawaiian Islands and crafted into 2-ingredient dark chocolate (just cacao & organic cane sugar). Ask how you can customize flavors and packaging, arrange a private tasting in your home and book a tour that includes a peek in the kitchen, a truffle-and-iced coffee pairing and talk story time with the owner. During the guided tasting, youll discern the flavor nuances of chocolates made from cacao grown in Hawaii, Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Vietnam, Madagascar and the Dominican Republic.

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