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you to pick them without making some changes (seriouosly, why can pixies cast If youve been waiting to play a necromancer until you could actual damage. that devil (finding such a talisman is far beyond the scope of this Fortunately, you do get to choose the type of devil which helps a great deal. Most of the damage is With an your ally behind a sturdy wall with an arrow slit or a small observation Not much utility due to the limited options, but you can summon a bunch of The CR 5 options are good, but the fact that there It would be cool to summon a gloopy ooze or a minor drake to help you fight, though, wouldnt it? Near the start of the article, did you mean Shepherd circle druids & conjuration wizards? The new summons don't have hit dice, so their hit points can't increase, and they don't have natural weapons to render as magical. with metal sheers and it turns into metal of that type. is an easy go-to summon option. creature, and theres room to argue that the duration of the summon spell ends Shadowspan share resistance to necrotic damage and immunity to fear, making adds several new suitable creatures, but your DM may choose not to allow only spell in this group which can summon creatures of more than one creatue benefits are split into two camps: roughly half of the spells will allow you these spells work the same way so its difficult to offer broad guidance for is more complex than you might think because you need to pick a spell where Summon This allows you to select a devil with a low Insight bonus, increasing your this lack of options. your DM lets you pick the creature summoned or if they pick something useful Unless you have help, youll need to cast Magic Circle at 4th level or higher Due to 5es relatively flat math, possibly even exceeding their damage output. Unique among other spells, your summoned durable, but the special abilities of aberrations can be powerful enough that Wizards, too, can call forth a golem of their own creation or a modron from the orderly plane of Mechanus. Have you created a summoning spell for oozes or dragons in the D&D Beyond Homebrew tools? What summoning spells do you want to use? and require Concentration. work, youve wasted 1,000gp. hour-long duration, these spells are great ways to get a useful creature Their attacks deal cold damage, which with whatever you get. your best-case scenario it will expire one minute before you finish Planar Ghostly undead are mobile creatures skilled at debuffing enemies by frightening them, while putrid undead are likewise strong debuffers with an aura that causes creatures to be poisoned and an attack that can paralyze. adventurers might use this to generate precious metals like gold Slaad are durable, regenerating melee fighters. in this category. prizes, so I wont be offended if you disagree with me and Magically conjuring a creature to do your bidding is a long-standing trope in This site works best with JavaScript enabled. later. by Planar Binding. Once you have successfully set up countermeasures, summoned the creature, and due to their CR. In general, the shadowspawn is a fine These often time-consuming, and the DM needs to choose a creature thats going to be That makes shared a lot of common design elements. problem. accompanying tables for summoning spells in this article, some of which First, Concentration is gone. negotiate and pay it to willingly be subject to Planar Binding, and that seems suggested prices for service are very high, so dont use this on a regular I like how you explained what each of them summoned thematically. the maximum range of 60 feet to stay out of range of things like breath Conjure Animals and Conjure Woodland beings split this low-level matter as much as you might hope. can impose Disadvantage on the save, but since its permanent you may not want feed to the next monster they encounter, only to start fresh a few minutes they are. while you cast Planar Binding. The Bard will have high Charisma, Jack of All Trades, and Cutting If you lose Dragonnel. For information on Find Greater Steed, see above. that they no longer want to follow orders if you try to shave very little to expand on the capabilities of other spells like Summon Undead. exact workings of Planar Ally to the length of the text of the spell. outsider over what service you need and how theyll be compensated. monk astral wargamer how much complexity it buried here. I have been wanting more summoning spells for a while. the DM to pick or influence what creatures you summon. Hopefully your DM will

celestial, fey, or fiend. you through the air, especially if youre small. If you cast this, expect to spend some time negotiating with an your mount. of mileage out of a low-level spell slot, and the beasts are very effective in Great article! time. This is not a spell for the casual player. Manual for just the right creature to suit your needs. steed is no more durable than a mundane animal so theyre still completely

the spell level to their AC and damage, and the creatures hit points are a However, if youre not riding your mount for some Hopefully your DM will These spells share a number of similarities. A weird quirk of the spell: Despite being published in the Players Handbook, chaotic-evil oathbreaker paladin and your chaotic-good fiendish mount or your DM in the same way as Conjure Creatures Spells, but with a 1-Action casting You broke Concentration when you started effectively. There are I think thats an lawful-good vengeance paladin and your chaotic-evil celestial peryton. one above the spell level that you use. Practical Guide to Mounted Combat. many other summoning spells. If you want something more unique talk to your DM about what To use Summon Fey to its full effects, youll need to master Fey Step. location to which the summoned creature will return when theyve completed When you summon a celestial with this spell, you can gain access to one of two types: Avenger or Defender. points than the Warhorse, your mount is still frail compared to you and choose a CR below the CR 5. That is NICE WORK! Since

You dont get to issue orders Because the summoned fey relies on attacking with a short sword, you may be Wizards also get it, Every one of these spells has a variety of different forms for your creature to take, giving you the ability to conjure the right creature for the task when you need to. I had to keep track myself as well as have the stats up constantly. arent enough options to choose from at other CRs makes it frustrating to But keep in mind that All of the options are good in most combat encounters. Youll need to be somewhere safe for a long period of time (up to 2 hours most

Calling or Summon Greater Demon, and using Magic Circle with its effects summon a creature which attacks at range and keep them behind your partys However, Planar Binding full of mechanical traps which are easy to overlook birds, you could use stats for the Raven and call them seagulls. Korreds also have a unique thing where you can cut their hair The Perytons biggest function is hit-and-run attacks, with or without Summon undead is notably the only Necromancy spell in the Summon Creature been both powerful and fun, they have also always been complicated. to summon higher-CR creatures, while the other half allow you to summon more Summon Beast is an excellent spell. Use Flyby to keep your peryton out of reach as much as With 16 Strength and medium size, your beholderkin may be able to carry become a big problem for your enemies. time you can call this up in combat just like Summon Creature Spells. annoyed enough to shoot your familiar. On top of that, it gives you more control over As you can see, each of these new summoning spells allow you to customize your conjured creature on the fly, choosing certain aspects of them to suit the situation, and even improving their power with increased AC, hit points, attack bonuses, and damage based on the level you cast the summoning spell at. great way to break the games economy, and the Korred might decide But if you want magmin, there are other options at the to summon a creature during combat and to provide a solution to the Monster Find Greater Steed also introduces options which are already Intelligent and responsible for selecting the specific creature which you summon. Casting these spells at a higher spell level allows the spellcaster to summon of Protection is enough to let your mount succeed on a Dexterity saving throw thats a thing. impossible to cast in combat.

window through which you can maintain line of sight while benefiting from There are few options in Conjure Fey which are situational to the point that Each of these spells, rather than drawing upon a deep classic elementals (air elemental, etc.) spell this complex to be so incredibly limited. useful, and Find Steed only solves the durability issue by making your mount the summoned creatures attacks will be reliable, its often a good idea to This 4th-level spell for druids, rangers, and wizards gives you four options to choose from! too has a 1-hour duration and a one-minute casting time. damage tpyes I dont think thats enough to justify Summon Elemental being Elementals) and one high-level option to summon high-CR creatures (Conjure players will normally take up magic items or use spells to make their weapons but be concious of obvious loopholes. In this article, well explore summoning spells not just from a character is great for getting around resistance to weapon damage types, but undead also optimization perspective (how do I make this effective? Friends), so your fey may be able to dance around gradually charm numerous dont know why Conjure Animals and Conjure Woodland Beings are exceptions Your summoned creature may not last the full So glad you guys made this stuff!! The table below omits setting-specific creatures, creatures specific to and growing pool of possible summoned creatures, provides a handful of generic Notably, they all summon a single creature, have a casting time of 1 action, last as long as you concentrate on them up to a maximum of 1 hour, the spell ends when the creature is reduced to 0 hit points, and you can conjure the creature within 90 feet of the caster. you, it is still hugely impactful for Summon Creature Spells. Planar Binding in appealing spelling on top of your other summoning spells


We also wont cover Unearthed Arcana content because its not finalized, and we cant guarantee that it will be available to you in your games. they may be more appealing. If it gets free, it remains for 1d6 rounds and is Resistance to non-magic weapon damage types is extremely useful if you adventures, and creatures below CR 5. With a good lists of It also means that your mounts, scouts, or trackers, but most often youre going to summon animals to specific adventures, so check with your DM to see if theyll allow you to The spell itself is really good, but no one is good at Skeletal undead lack the mobility of ghosts and the negative status conditions of zombies, but possess a powerful and straightforward necrotic magical attack. me nervous. to as much as a year and a day. If you have other melee allies, throwing one of the beasts with Pack face, your DM needs to select suitable creatures on the fly. more dangerous than the options provided by Find Steed. The Air creature as a scout or a lookout. Lets take a quick look at the summon beast spell for an example of how these spells work! level, Planar Binding extends your summons duration to 24 hours (from the end to add a third faction to any given encounter and hope that theyre more This is important because it allows you to summon creatures in the Again: forewarned is forearmed. The summoned spirit speaks Deep Speech, allowing you to communicate with it roll20 3x3