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KeBryan Hayes - Pirates - One of the headliners in the product, he exceeded most peoples expectations when he debuted in 2020 with five home runs in just under 100 plate appearances. For the moment, I will slot him into the bottom of Tier Three. Jonathan Stiever - White Sox - A backend starter that could be more if he can consistently bump up his fastball velocity from low 90s to mid 90s. 2021 Topps Series 2 Baseball Autograph Relics Parallel Breakdown. I have vacillated back and forth between putting him in Tier Three and Tier None, but will stick him in Tier Three given his strong performance thus far. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Be among the first to receive exclusive updates and earn early access to product releases. It used to be where you can buy a box of Topps for around $50. Jordan Weems is a triple A prospect in waiting, along with other players and Daulton Jefferies is only in double A. Centering on this stuff is poor 80% of time. A really safe floor now that he is in the outfield, but he likely doesnt get to more than 20 home runs and could easily end up platooning if Arizona had a stronger lineup. Regardless, I dont see anything with Young that would lead me to believe he shouldnt be anyone other than Tier None. I love the variations of the legends like mickie mantle and bae Ruth etc they are awesome I put 4 star cause the design of the base cards but other then that this product has better rookies and better parallels than series 1. He has struggled a bit with walks this year as well, but hopefully this is not something to be worried about over the long term. Leading the way, 1986 Topps Baseball Autograph boasts on-card autographs. Hes already put five over the wall this year, but hes never hit more than eleven in a minor league season. Unfortunately he gets the Series 1 treatment here as well where he only gets a single autographed card. An up and down middle relief arm that can throw a variety of pitches but lacks the velocity from the right side to be anything more than what he is at the moment. 1986 Topps All Star Baseball Autograph Cards Featuring MLB all stars past and present. A strong hit tool and above average tools across the rest of the board with the exception of the speed aspect all lead to a good base for hobby interest. The throwback cards for 1986 and 1965 are sweet EXCEPT they put the same rookies in each series. But of this Tier Two group, he is far and away the most likely to reach Tier One hobby status in the future. Ryan Weathers - Padres - A complete unknown player putting up the so-so numbers Weathers is currently and possessing the same tools likely ends up in Tier None. Putting all that aside, there is still strong interest and belief in Hayes from all perspectives - real life baseball, fantasy baseball, and the hobby. Tier One - Cream of the crop. Checked all day long on topps website never seemed to go up. I can give it a bad rating. I thought the Jumbo RC patch relic was a little goofy (really just the manufactured relics in general), which leads to my Question Re: the World Series Ring Relic on the checklist it list the base as serial #d/199. 2020 Bowman Draft - Sapphire Edition - Online Exclusive, 2021 Topps Finest Flashbacks Baseball - Online Exclusive, 2021 Topps Ginter X Baseball - Online Exclusive, 2021 Topps Baseball - Brooklyn Collection, 2020/21 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Sapphire Edition, 2021 Topps Chrome Baseball - Hobby Lite - Online Exclusive, 2021 Topps Trevor Lawrence - Online Exclusive, 2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Baseball - 50-pack Box, 2021 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Steve Aoki Edition, American League, National League, Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals. I am putting him at the top of Tier Three for the moment, and honestly wouldnt be surprised if he ends up in Tier Two, Tier Three, or Tier None by the end of the season. Absolutely nothing . He throws upper 90s heat and can touch triple digits while possessing promising secondaries in a slider and change up. Even with it, the TJ surgery has temporarily ended our ability to see him crush red bulls on his way out to the mound, and crushed our dreams of any potential hobby interest. Hallelujah! I like both designs, so no complaints here. Topps presents the 2021 MLB Series 2 blaster box! I loved the way that you squared away that first review Rick person with his almost Gestapo like , Attention : That was classic Trey . 1986 Topps All-Star Baseball Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1986 Topps All-Star Baseball set. Someone? They celebrate their past with memorable card designs but havent had a new memorable design in forever. Wow crazy reviews. Jojo Romero - The JuCo Bandit and RedBull meme king unfortunately had to get TJ surgery recently. Hobby gets you one guaranteed hit - an autographed card OR a relic card. Nice even if the Astros are cheaters. Drew Rasmussen - Rays - Reliever that can get a fair amount of strikeouts with his Fastball/Slider combo that was part of the Rays return from the Brewers for Willy Adames. Lewin Diaz - Marlins - There is a decent floor with Diaz, and if he can get some further swing improvements to tap into his expected power, he could find some hobby relevance. He probably vacillates between a backend starter and long relief throughout his career, but with his frame and further development around command/control and a third pitch, you could dream on him ending up as a useful mid-rotation piece that deserves more of a Tier Three profile. 5 of which do not even play for the team anymore. While there is the capacity to start in his profile, he has been so successful in his current role that I dont see the Reds changing that any time soon. Unfortunately he has been hit around a bit, has a history of arms issues, likely doesnt ever get a full shot at starting as long as hes in Tampa Bay, and probably ends up in some sort of bullpen role wherever he plays. Strong defense will provide a floor of an everyday player, but without development on the power tool without sacrificing the hit tool, he wont get much further than Tier Three. His star power, even though he has cooled down lately in real life baseball terms, has not waned at all. 70 Years of Topps Baseball An additional 70 players from the past and present showcased on iconic Topps base card designs from across our seventy-year history. Luis Garcia - Astros - Debuted in 2020 and has continued to pitch a bit above expectations of a backend starter - a profile the Astros seem to get the most out of. I love opening flagship Topps! Hes the only expected player missing. While his ERA looks good in a small sample, his FIP and Statcast do not. Normally that profile ends up in the middle of Tier Two or possibly the top of Tier Three if there are other negatives, but the intangibles push Jazz to the top of Tier Two and had me heavily considering pushing him into Tier One as the hobby likes to latch onto those things. Copyright 2022 TOPPS. The base design is the exact same as you will find with Series 1, and you will also find this carried through to Update Series later in the year. Pitching Ninja can only push Captain Hook so far and even that pub wont get him elevated out of Tier None unfortunately. 2021 Topps MLB Series 2 Baseball Trading Card Blaster Box, undefined out of 5 stars with undefined reviews, 1 Topps 70th Anniversary Patch Card Guaranteed. These are part of the base set above. Clarke Schmidt - Yankees - Schmidt had most Yankees fans excited during the 2020 Summer Camp that he was ready to step into a rotation role with the team in the 2020 season, but he only had a couple of relief appearances at the beginning of September and one start at the end of September and they werent too encouraging. Card design is still one of the worst in the history of Topps, cant even read the name of the player. Javascript disabled! Taylor Widener - Diamondbacks - Currently on the IL due to a groin issue, Widener is the classic back-end rotation profile with a decent fastball and secondaries but lacking just that something that pushes him into a more solid future rotation piece without any bullpen risk. You sure have your finger on the pulse of MLB. Tom Hatch - Blue Jays - Backend starter profile that is recovering from an elbow impingement. He had two good starts and two so-so starts in April but unless something changes significantly, he will languish in Tier None. 2022 Steel City Collectibles Inc. | 1931 Lincoln Way White Oak, PA 15131 | 412-465-5539.

Was anyone able to get a hobby box at all either from topps or a lcs? Wow the price of Topps Series 2, down $50 since this weekend 06/10/2021 when it was $150. trout You think they would let us know if it was delayed. Josh Hader card #596 is one the worst cards Topps has done. I got a cloth patch of Shohei Ohtani, but cannot find it listed anywhere. PARALLEL CARDS: Black #/199, Gold #/50, Red #/25, Platinum 1/1. These are all limited to 10 copies or less. Broke one jumbo box to finish off the base set. Jared Oliva - Pirates - I briefly considered putting him in Tier Three because if he can get to some of the raw power that we thought might be there, he suddenly becomes a bit more interesting as long as he sticks in center field. 2021 has been more inconsistent and most of it on the negative side. Autograph Parallel (select subjects) - #d to 10 or less, CHROME 70 Years of Topps Baseball Found exclusively in HTA Jumbo Boxtopper packs. Jumbo gets you three guaranteed hits - one autographed card AND two relic cards.

The Cut-Signatures, IF you are incredibly lucky enough to get one, is what pushes 2021 series 2 above a grade of average. 2021 Topps Series 2 Baseball Insert Parallel Breakdown. Each winner and a guest will be invited to a unique event featuring players, exclusive items, and more. A nice, but admittedly small sample size, debut will likely drive some hobby interest, but we havent seen him at all this year due to knee surgery. Tanner Houck - Red Sox - Really strong 3 game debut late in 2020 and on a more collectible team pushes him into the bottom of Tier Three. All rights reserved. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow (Walgreens), Royal Blue (Walmart), Rainbow Foil (1:10), Gold Foil (1:2 Jumbo), Gold #/2021, Green Foil #/499, Advanced Stat #/300, Orange Foil #/299, Red Foil #/199, Vintage Stock #/99, Independence Day #/76, Black #/70 (Hobby/Jumbo), Platinum Anniversary #/70, Mothers Day Pink #/50, Fathers Day Blue #/50, Memorial Day Camo #/25, 70th Anniversary 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1. Jarred Kelenic RC.??? His electric personality reminds me a lot of Tatis and he started 2021 off hot ending up on the highlight reel regularly. Emergency outfield depth and bench pinch runner is now the realistic profile which does not play in the hobby. They know that the consumer is going to purchase their product regardless because baseball card collectors and baseball fans want to see their favorite player in a uniform with the team logos and the full city and team name on the card .Not some airbrushed crap with a card that has the city but no team name on it . 1986 Topps All-Star Baseball Autographs is a new option honoring the set's 35th anniversary. 2021 Topps is giving a strong Panini/Donruss vibe with card design and some of the variations like the green and orange sparkle. Firstly , I would like to commend the cardboard connection for its coverage of this set as I believe that you have done an excellent job as always , with one exception that I will mention at the end of my review . 1962 series. 70 Years of Baseball Autographs Highlighting players across all eras of Baseball. Potential for being perennial All-Stars and award winners. Reply to Mark P. I agree with you that the Topps Company is just kinda trudging along with the same basic overall format of their flagship wagon load of the same old basic inserts and colored parellel cards and dont forget the overwhelming amount of insert autos that will be worthless in the future because insert cards , no matter what you do to them are just pack fillers in the end . He hasnt played yet. 496 Carlos Martinez - St. Louis Cardinals. Being on a collectible team is the only interesting thing here, which isnt enough to push him out of Tier None. Look for 25 cards from the overall 70-card set that honors the greatest Topps card players of all-time. Ill touch on a couple of different topics, but for the most part I will focus on the Main Attraction, the rookies with base cards in the product. Significant Statistics Autographs Sequentially numbered to 50 or less, Platinum - #d 1/1 HOBBY/HOBBY JUMBO EXCLUSIVE, NEW! I feel like Florial has been a prospect to chase in the hobby off and on for years now, and hes finally getting some MLB run. Pavin Smith - Diamondbacks - Having a successful run so far this year is one of the main reasons Smith is in Tier Three. Estevan Florial - Yankees - See that team name right before these words? My co-host on the Local Card Pod, Ryan Rygiel, restored a bit of sense with me after I expressed my irrational exuberance for Jazz, so he rightly ended up at the top of Tier Two. 25 Tickets to this event will be placed into packs of 2021 Topps Baseball Series 2. JULYD5 ($5 off $100) JULYD25 ($25 off $500) JULYD50 ($50 off $1000) JULYD250 ($250 off $5000) JULYD500 ($500 off $10000) If he didnt have the KBO success and built-in additional international appeal, then Kim would easily land in Tier None given his performance thus far, but I am sliding him into the bottom of Tier Three in the short term. I mean is better than series 1 by a lot. On top of that, there are many insert sets to build in 2021 Topps Series 2 Baseball. He features a strong and balanced three pitch mix and doesnt care which side the batter is swinging from. Continue the excitement of the 2021 MLB Season with Topps Baseball Series 2. Mail (will not be published) (required). Ha-Seong Kim - Padres - Kim had a lot of folks excited when he signed for the Padres in the off-season, but he has yet to live up to the hype, at least offensively. He also is in the early running for NL rookie of the year along with fellow teammate Jazz Chisholm. Basically exactly what you would expect from Topps but again BOO on the design of this years product.

NEW! Like a lot of NPB and KBO imports, he has struggled with his first taste of the MLB and is not playing full time. Lets be honest - I may not be the best at coming up with catchy article titles, but I am a fan of Simon & Garfunkel as well as the Bangles (Hazy Shade of Winter?

If you email a clear image of the front and back to trey@cardboardconnection.com, I can take a look. Jonah Heim - Rangers - Backup catcher acquired by the Rangers as a secondary piece in the Elvis Andrus for Khris Davis trade. I do wish that the 2 first cards pictured in this sets coverage , Ke Bryan James and Kris Bryant , would have had a black background because the left and right borders came out very nicely but the top and bottom borders blended into white background oblivion . As weve seen, some of the rookie success stories from 2020 have struggled out of the gate in 2021 and we havent had the opportunity to see how that plays out with Hayes. PARALLEL CARDS: Black #/50, Gold #/25, Red #/10 (Hobby), Platinum 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo). Be one of 50 lucky collectors to celebrate 70 years of Topps Baseball Cards! ITNR-AA Aristides Aquino - Cincinnati Reds, ITNR-KW Kolten Wong - St. Louis Cardinals, SSR-BG Brusdar Graterol - Los Angeles Dodgers. Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store & online. All sales are final. Not that I see a huge market for a 28 year old rookie whos come way back down to earth over the last month. Theyve got into a routine with the same variations from one year to the next. Some injuries along the way as well as more recently putting time in at 1B have delayed his debut, but there is a lot to like here. *Excludes all presales. If youve never played, you wont be in it. Jazz Chisholm - Marlins - I really really really wanted to slide Jazz into the bottom of Tier One. Add in the fact that he underwent season ending shoulder surgery last month and there really is nothing further to be interested in. 15 cards. Serial numbered 1/1. Numbered 1 of 1 HOBBY/HOBBY JUMBO EXCLUSIVE, 2021 Topps Baseball Series 2 Hobby Continuity Program, Exclusive silver packs for Hobby customers with. For the auto-relic fans, hunt for Major League Material Autograph Relics (#/50 or less), Significant Statistics Autograph Relics (#/50 or less) or Hobby/Jumbo-exclusive Topps Reverence Autograph Patch (#/10). With the recent lack of performance, the catcher penalty, and Mitch Garver likely at least owning half the job in Minnesota or even more likely being the primary option, I am slotting Jeffers at the top of Tier None. Unlike different colored base foils, I would think that the relic ring would have the ser # on it. WSR-AP Albert Pujols - St. Louis Cardinals. Silver packs include MLB veterans, rookies and retired greats on chrome technology! Easy pass. Its almost like a flashback of the massive over production of cards in general back in the late 80s and early 90s . Tagged: topps, Series 2, Ke'Bryan Hayes, Alex Kirilloff, Jazz Chisholm, Jake Cronenworth, Trevor ROgers, Brailyn Marquez, Brent Rooker, Zach McKinstry, Pavin Smith, Lewin Diaz, Sam Huff, Luis Campusano, Alejandro Kirk, William Contreras, Jose Garcia, Jose Barrero, Estevan Florial, Ha-Seong Kim, Luis Garcia, Luis Garcia Houston, Ryan Weathers, Daz Cameron, Jahmai Jones, Tanner Houck, Daulton Jefferies, Ryan Jeffers, Garrett Crochet, Shane McClanahan, Tejay Antone, Josh Fleming, Miguel Yajure, Sherten Apostel, Clarke Schmidt, Jared Oliva, Mickey Moniak, Jonathan Stiever, Braxton Garrett, Tucker Davidson, JT Brubaker, Johan Oviedo, Keegan Akin, Mark Mathias, Jonathan Arauz, Taylor Widener, Zack Burdi, Andy Young, Rafael Marchan, Jonah Heim, Julian Merryweather, Drew Rasmussen, Yohan Ramirez, Jojo Romero, Adonis Medina, Matt Foster, Jake Woodford, Jose Marmolejos, Luis Alexander Basabe, Enoli Paredes, Thomas Hatch, Tom Hatch, Andre Scrubb, Jordan Weems, Yermin Mercedes, 2021 Topps Series 2: A Hayes-y Shade of Flagship, The Minor League Daily Sheet: June 10th 2021, The Minor League Daily Sheet: June 9th 2021. The power should be able to reach and possibly exceed the 30 home run plateau, and hitting in the middle of what has recently become a strong Twins lineup should help accentuate it. Each HTA Jumbo Box contains 1 autograph and 2 relic cards. Thats why Florial is in Tier Three.

2021 Topps Series 2 Baseball Base Parallel Breakdown. High end SP2 pitchers with additional positive factors such as team, arsenal, pedigree, etc. Tejay Antone - Reds - Antone has turned into a Bullpen Weapon for the Reds since debuting last year. Being so raw, it wasnt a surprise that he didnt set the world on fire with his callup or even when breaking camp with the team this year. Topps needs to change things up Do away with the useless team cards and add 30 more players to the set. Garrett Crochet - White Sox - Two standout pitches with his Fastball and Slider combo, Crochet is almost assuredly a future elite closer. Anyone?). The vast multitude of insert cards is extremely overwhelming and the amount of autos is just as bad if not worse . Look for 1 autograph or relic card per box on average! WISH THEY WOULD REPORT DELAYS! Brent Rooker - Twins - The main reason I put Rooker into Tier Two is his power potential. old and I do not remember a more confusing border and miniscule players name lettering in all those years . 29 cards. Positional flexibility, athleticism, and speed are the attractions with Jones and the hope is that a new organization is able to turn his minor league talents into major league assets as the Angels didnt seem able to do so. Q+bM?}. Base version is limited to 199. Moving on. Prior to the season, he was seen more as a bench bat/utility player type, but his hot streak definitely shot the evaluation way up to an everyday regular and perhaps better. Same problem with the As. If the item details above arent accurate or complete, we want to know about it. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. In addition, there will be all the various retail formats including blasters and hangers which have already been on the shelves for about a week now. For example, are blaster $20 or $25. Jake Cronenworth - Padres - Along with Jazz, he is at the top of Tier Two for me and then a gap and then everyone else is essentially the bottom of Tier Two. High-end defensive and a plus hit tool have never been in question for Hayes and that will always provide a very safe floor for Hayes. T70P-MS Mike Schmidt - Philadelphia Phillies. Some people may even feel like he deserves a slot in Tier One, but I dont think he will ever be more than a really good player. For this insert, there is an exclusive Chrome version and SuperFractor (1/1) parallel only available in the HTA Jumbo box topper packs. I dont see anything much here to be interested in. I dont see him as a perennial all-star or award winner and thus he falls into Tier Two. Time is running out, and a year from now he may just be a Tier Three hobby player, but I still will slot him into the bottom of Tier Two and keep dreaming. Commemorative World Series Rings (#/199) looks back at past winners and 2021 Rookie Card Patches displays a jumbo RC logo for the newest rookies. Yet established MLB players such as Chad Pinder, Frankie Montas, Yuserimo Petit, Lou Trivinio, Jake Diekman and Seth Brown are ignored. wont waste my time trying to find it anywhere. The main challenge for Marquez will be his command and control.