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What if we dont get sick? Mas Mabuti at Nakakatuwa pa ang PAPA at ilang mga Tele-Evangelist dito sa Amerika na tuwing Matatapos ang Pagsesermon o pagtuturo ay HINDI Nalilimutan na IPANALANGIN ang kanilang mga MIEMBRO o kaanib sa Congregation maging non-member nila. Like the apostles, we would OBEY God, rather than Men!!! While reading your description of the leader whom EVM should be like, I cant help but see them all in Eli Soriano. If you will continue reading Rev.14,the 2nd angel was fulfilled to Martin Luther,the Reformation.About Exposing the Doctrine n teachings of BABYLON or the Catholic Church. What does he teach about the Philippines? There is a time to cry, and a time to laugh. The Administration sanctioned our worship services. Because you have solicitous concern for us? Grace goes elsewhere. (LogOut/ What is it? Really? Does it mean the 2nd wave of virus transmission in the Philippines were going to happen just because of the influence of the church leaders?! But then I was told t Sixty-seven years ago on October 23rd, 1951 movie star Fernando Poe Sr. died. IPOKRITO!!!

He is a TRUE TP ( Tanga Pamahala), that is the True Reason!! here is unbelievable. Even when he attempted to discuss history which he knows very little, he resorted to outright lies and fraud to attempt a position he did not even hold in the end yet pretends he disproved something he did not nor can he which is why he results in ridiculous attacks of a fool. Brother, read the writings of Bertrand Russell. we have everyday supply of words of God that boosts us physically, emotionally and spiritually. They give away brethrens offerings as if its coming from their own pockets.

An hour in heaven is 41 years and 8 months on earth. at 0:28. Well as I cant see my comment I assume Im not welcome here and from my observation its possible that you guys are all the same person lol. Where do we go from here? check on Utube, His Video,just google FYM n U can watch it. The Biblical Truth.

Youre right Bro.,let the Father do His Will.!!! Or they don't care? Tell us oh wise one. Did Manolo Pedrosa Really Read 41 Books During the Picture of the Week: Don't Dump Garbage Here.

The lesson they Preach n Teach JUST Always the Same n U will feel in your heart the One teaching or preaching d lesson is TRYING His best to EXPLAIN it by His OWN Will.!! Its actions too, is a far contrast on what EVM preaches and where they (admin) put their efforts on. Anuman ang tanong ng tao o mga Tao dapat sa BIBLIA ninyo basahiun ang sagot o mga kasagutan.!! The epitome of ignorance indeed and yet he continues blah, blah, blah in blindness, crudeness and illiteracy. Lalong-lalo na ang P.Jesucristo na napakaraming Naituro ukol sa Aral ng Dios. Thats my fervent prayers and wishes. What I find more meaningful now is spending personal spiritual moments with God and Christ and reading/listening to EGMs past preachings and pronouncements, as I fervently hope and pray that God will eventually restore the INC to its rightful condition. I believe this is just the beginning coz there are still lots of Blind and Fanatics Followers of evm church. Everest. Enjoy this psyop if you wish, but this kind of pronounced idiocy and mental retardation should not be encouraged from this fool nor his partner channel of communist propaganda. Stop telling us to keep attending church and keep giving offerings; stop saying keep active by inviting friends. He prays for his bretheren, he goes live for Bible studies and Bible Expositions EVERY DAY. So this is another example that we aren't to just have faith in Yahusha. When this is all over, may our loving Father grant us a leader he anointed with his guidance and Holy Spirit. Is it a TEST of our faith? As far as Mr. Embry.. he needs to stop his childish banter and move on. Panaghoy 3 :37 ang lahat ay kapahintulutan ng Panginoong Diyos. Ka AE has new article. What was the lesson that was taught by the Beloved Administrator? The New Testament Pinoy Version May Not Be So Shocking After All.

I asked where was he?

Kudos! So what are we all doing now, Brother? On 2/4/19 he signed a unity document with a Muslim imam and there is supposed to be a global pact signing.

U cant Feel the H.Spirit anymore!! There is a time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones; a time to kiss, and a time to turn from kissing. I wanted to really see if it was just my outlook. I am looking forward to attend their Mass Indoctrinations and be baptized as soon as everything is settled.

That's what he's saying. Brethren,do you believed GOD gave us FREE WLL n FREEDOM of CHOICE?

2 CANS OF MEGA SARDINES. This is what Happening in owes church. If really you already know whats wrong and if you dont blindly turn away from what is wrong. It is against the freedom that He gave us,right? One cannot be more stupid than to write about conclusions on topics in which they have never reviewed yet this blog has admitted such ignorance routinely.

I WAS DOING THAT WHEN I WAS Catholic.!!! Putting our resources on business enterprise instead of focusing on the spiritual. Are you ashamed to say it? Filthy sinners? Corruption at all levels in the Philippine government is retarding progress towards a healthy and functional society. Was that pulled out from a set of random lessons? For we know that the law is spiritual. As you have explained, in mid 2020 is the start of 7 yr tribulation, so will just wait n see what will happen in d future to come.!!! And there are also those who belong to the Sacred Name cult movement believing that there is only one HebrewContinue reading Is Christ Still Coming? There is a time to try to find, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to throw away. & it seems the INC administration started to flex their muscle once again in the current situation. Pero si EVM, ano sabi? We encourage you to do your research and when you find how fraudulent this fool is, report him and do not allow him to continue such stupidity and ignorance. Second part of the lesson is that we must continue to attend Worship Services and pray. (LogOut/ Yet you kept on making the brethren gather, despite the pleadings of government officials. Pagdating sa PAGLILINGKOD sa DIOS ang dapat lamang Ninyong Paniwalaan ay ang mga Taong Pinagtiwalaan o Inutusan ng Dios na MANGARAL ng Kanyang mga Salita. Sabbath Series: Part 1. Yes, eduardo parasite, where is the help for brethren in lockdown in the last 7 weeks? Let us analyse the decision making of the Administrator at the start of the pandemic. SEE d BIG difference between Him n his GRANDSON!!!? They are/were the Ones who changed and added different or another gospel in d True INC from ka FYM to ka EGM. In these crucial moments, especially for the Church members in the Philippines, who are in need of food, what does the Administration do? They have no idea that this understanding degrades the Son and the Holy Spirit as a demigod or inferior god. Thats not enough. But of that exact day and hour No one Knows,not even the angels of heaven,nor the Son,but Only the FATHER.!! And youre not doing a thing, not even lifting a finger. Again, is there salvation through the law? Prophecy has multiple occurrences. Will you be visiting us soon? Or was he forced to find an alternative since the GOVERNMENT stopped our gatherings? In the last few years he pushed to build tiny barangay chapels which can only seat less than 100 people. TheContinue reading Things That Are Impossible With God. & also to the Queen where the Euro came from. It was disclosed Rappler has recently published a very long and in-depth look at sexy propagandist Mocha Uson and the fake news she peddles. Up to this moment,owe church is still being expose(slowly). In the meantime, the right wing conspiracy theorists are claiming Bill Gates is the Antichrist and RFID is the mark of the beast. Rev 14:7 is the hour of judgment and the next event is the fall of Babylon. I cover many things here including history, current events, religion, social and cultural mores, and my own experiences. Rabies! NOTICE the Humbleness n Humility of Ka FYM? It is nice to see you share your insights again. For continuing to bring out the same sentiments that many of us are trying to hide, all in the spirit of uniting with the administration. HUAG ng boong Mundo mga OWE. https://youtu.be/Zk11vI-7czE And as what you indicated, if the INC has a truly inspired and guided leader, he would have the foresight and the insight to do what is right and show real care and concern for the well-being of brethren in the face of severe trials and tribulations. Complete with a photo op? The foundations aren't so sh For the past few years there has been a purported Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos floating around the Internet. Here are my questions for the future. When he is proven a liar and a fraud, he doubles down in his absurd universe of infinite asininity. One could argue that there are attempts to provide the needs of the people of God. What struck me as absurd is the lesson that was taught by the Administrator the following Worship Service. I really hope you guys can find the true leader that you defined. What do you say who are separated for family because of illness? This should have been the time when you could have opened up the vaults and say, lets use the offerings to feed the people. COVID19. If you read Dan 12:1, at the very end, Michael gathers up those whose names are in the Book. There is a time to try to find, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to throw away.

Many are saying that this is a clear proofContinue reading Born of Water and the Spirit: Does Water Baptism Saved Us? 12) Ang Upahan(pastol) ay Tumatakas,kapag nakikitang dumarating ang asong gubat(kalamidad,salot etc etc).

Di ba LAGI nyong Ipinagsisigawan yan, Labanan ang Kahirapan by OWE CHURCH,!!! His teachings and Advice to all True INC.!!! ALL of them are Dumb DOGS unable to BARK.

Sa Linggo ay Mayo 10,Kaarawan ng Huling Sugo ng Dios sa Huling Araw,ang Kapatid na Felix Y. Manalo. He will not hide for long and he will be dealt with.

10:02 Now, in other words, when you die to the law of sin and death you keep the law of Moses. My desire to study theology and apologetics in 1991 culminated to enrolling at Asian Theological Seminary for further formal theological training. Only in Scrabble does the word Duh have value.

From Nov 1978 to July 2020 is 41 years and 8 months. Nov 1978 was Jonestown. I have proven several times how their research about the Philippines is erroneous and amounts to copy/pasting from blogs and Wikipedia as well as manipulating and misinterpreting other sources like the Periplus of the Erythean Sea. If ever we get to some normalcy but still have to maintain social distancing, what good is that puny chapel when it will only seat 30-40 people at a time when there are thousands who have to attend? We need inspiration to edify us, not just to remind to give our offerings to the overseer. And we made that clear in those videos. Of course there is! Same with Sandoval. The Beloved Executive Minister finally showed his face in a near empty podium with only 2 other ministers. There are many false teachings that you will surely encounter in the social media. What happened to this verse 2 Cor.9:7

And if you ever come out of your cave, will you ever shake hands with us ever again?

Hi Everyone They changed so many regulations n doctrines in their Church now. Whilst the virus was spreading and infecting people, the government stopped large gatherings. TY anyway. It was to prepare the nation for the coming famine. Apostle Paul warning them to RETURN to the True God who created heaven n earth.If they will not do it,God Judgment will be theirs. There is a time to tear apart, and a time to sew together; a time to be quiet, and a time to speak.

The Law of Sin and Death. The funny thing, Bro Bibliko, is this chain of events has been coming. Half the lesson was to remind us we are members of the TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST and that we are blessed. Heaven and hell were inventions by religion to control people, grab power and brainwash the mind. Nakakalungkot isipin na dahil sa Hindi Maayos na Pamamalakad ng LIDER o mga LIDER sa (dating) INC,mababasa mo ngayon sa smedia ang napakaraming Paninira sa Sugo pati na sa ka EGM. There are brethren who are sad; there are many who are starving; many have no idea where to get the next cent; there are grieving souls. The Catholic sign of the cross is a present day mark of the beast. He lied to Google committing perjury with at least 3 different fictitious addresses and likely his name is fraud as well as is this entire blog. The God Culture: The Law is What Redeems Us. You giveaway hundred thousands of dollars and yet when it comes to brethren (who GAVE the offerings) they are handed 2 cans of sardines?? Just have to see how things play out. Giving timely advices for the brethren and even to non members on the path that they should go and also on what lies ahead. Then the Son of Man will appear in the sky,and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.. That reminds me, do you recall a few years ago when you sent out your attack dogs to speak against your own mother and siblings because you had heard they were conducting their worship services at home and just listening to recorded preaching of the late Brother Erao Manalo. From Bible study, Exposition, Prayer Meeting, Worship Service and Thanksgiving. So spam it is. If so, what does it mean if a Minister is also afflicted and dies from COVID19? And They are SHEPHERDS who have No Understanding; They have ALL turned Their OWNED way, What do you say to them O wise leader? WHAT DID PAUL SAY?

Your voice will not be heard and you know that IF they caught you doing this they will you know! Also during the banter between ADD and Sandoval, although the former is more correct about the 1000 year rule by the martyrs, they are incorrect about the Great Tribulation being after it. Isnt there money at all? I have been silent for months on purpose. Either way, mid 2020 would be prophetic (either the fall of Babylon or the start of the 7 year Tribulation of Dan 9:27).

If you believed, then think of this, WHY will God will command us just OBEY N NEVER/DONT COMPLAIN?? If you want mga Bro. So for now dear readers, pray that God provides us a true leader in time of the pandemic; one who will care for the sheep, and not one who just wants to look good in public. The Law of Sin and Death. So I stopped writing, I joined more church activities, became more devoted in prayer and pushed myself to unite with the Administration by following all the plans they proposed. Ang Sundin Ninyo ay ang Bibilia. And the 3rd Angel was fulfilled to ka FYM shouting or giving the message that WHOEVER received the Mark on Right hand(thumbmark) or on the Forehead will be punished in the lake of Fire. It seems Timothy Jay Schwab of The God Culture is finished telling his version of Philippine history and has now moved on to reveal his more explicitly theological doctrines.

If you have not watched our videos, we source our slides and lay out our positions in a very deep method. They use at least eighteen pet passages in which one of these mentions about being born of water in John 3:5.

This is a criminal and he has been reported to the authorities who are after him already. From material (relief goods) to news, infos, health advise, we even have our own digital clinic so we dont need to go outside and face covid in hospitals, most esp. He asks as if ridicule is disproof and that is insane babble. Also there were a number of martyrs during the time of FYM (the congregation in the Philippines gunned down by Japanese soldiers, and many killed or imprisoned under Communist rule).

There is a time to cry, and a time to laugh; a time to have sorrow, and a time to dance. The God Culture saw it and responded in two ways. This batty loser is one of the worst parts of society and we should all rise up against such lunatic behavior as no sane person would blog about a position they never reviewed. Lets break it down: There is a timefor everything,and a season for every activity under the heavensHe sets the time for finding and the time for losing, the time for saving and the time for throwing away. Iniaalay ng Mabuting Pastol ang Kanyang Buhay para sa mga Tupa.

What is it?

Even if you do write a trillion times, you wont ever be able to change their minds and doings. You mocked them saying thats not a worship service. How about those grieving from the loss of loved ones? But what prompted me to write again? Di kasi tunay na Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan!!!! If you base the start of this hour on 1986 (when the televangelists were exposed), then Aug 2027 would be a minimum for the hour. He never or didnt say Listen to Me because I am Gods Messenger or the TAGAPAMAHALANG PANGKALAHATAN.!! When we need most the assurance that were not on our own facing this deadly virus. When I started doing Christian apologetics in the early 1990s I noticed that most Christian apologists are focused much on exposing the aberrant teachings of the new religious movements like Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Oneness Pentecostalism, Iglesia ni Cristo, among others who flatly deny the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. The Filipino is A Great Race: An Experimental Poem Picture of the Week: PNP Squad Out For a Morning Run, The New Normal Jeepnies, Tricycles, and Taxis. Really?

There is a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pick what is planted. Mockery is not going to get one in the Kingdom of heaven. Imagine what that money could be used for now.

Isnt that why we are called brothers and sisters? No, no, no, no. It means, we are licensed to commit crime, anytime of the day. The Pope has been in office 7 years. Yeah, thats how much he cares for the brethren. And the DOGS are Greedy, THEY are not satisfied. time to plant, and a time to pick what is planted. I was once a member of this cult. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); There is a time to be born, and a time to die. EVM is much worried about Uncle Sam where the dollars came from Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. For now, lets just find comfort in the words of the Scriptures: There is a special time for everything. You cannot combine the two. WHAT DID PAUL SAY? Maybe, just maybe its time for you to have what we have if that is what you are looking for. Erwin Zalkin is representing a number of victims of Catholic priests and JW elders now and did a nationwide press conference on ABC. Kaya ko SILA ITINIWALAG dahil mas Mahal ko kayo mga kapatid!!! How can you swallow the food you eat when millions of brethren in Pinas starve? So in these desperate days, where was our fearless leader who wants to guide Gods people towards greener pastures? So even if one survives the corona virus, society as a whole will be in shambles with people looking for food and jobs. We are the witnesses NOW how the former INC , was apostatized and became OWE Church!!! Ur good in d book of Revelation, I not much. Cowards!!! Learning from Dr. Ravi Zacharias Apologetics and Life Experience. He sounded very much like President Trump claiming that he. So what does born of water mean in Jesus context? There are those several Ophirian cults who believed the Philippines is the land of Ophir located in the east of Israel. Funny how the OWEs mocked the defenders about online worship. That should last thru the pandemic right? For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. From the Very Beginning,HE was NOT Guided by God n H.Spirit.!! They cancel each other out. Only law fits in the law hole.

This virus is so lethal and powerful that it has shut down countries, destroyed economies worldwide and millions of people have become instantly unemployed. The gist of his history about the Philippines is that Filipinos are Israelites and the Philippines is one of the two witnesses who will rise up in the last days and condemn the nations. Is it a sign of weakness? One who is well-versed in ignorance knows much of nothing. Timothy said that. He is that callous not to consider for one moment, the flock lost their jobs, no income, where do they get the miserly abuloy I am collecting from them. Is this what we call a Guided leader? (you know who we are). Ito marahil ang Pinakamagandang Paggunita sa kaarawan ng SUGO,na ating Gawin at Tuparin ang Kanyang mga Payo at Aral na INIWAN at naituro sa atin. We have been told that since 1914. Will the Administrator ever acknowledge the dead? The issue here is not my use of screenshots or parodying their logo or anything having to do with alleged libel or copyright violations, neither of which I am guilty.

Basahin ito sa Banal na Kasulatan.!! The law is what redeems us. Why is he so silent? Even the Catholic Church is doing online masses. Sadly EVM continue to bring nothing but disappointment when it comes to his leadership. Its funny how non mainstream religion (such as JWs and the EVM church plus Scientology) and the dark side of the elites is being exposed.

The God Culture: Noah Landed on Mt. Born of Water and the Spirit: Does Water Baptism Saved Us? Joseph was guided by God, thus he advised the Pharaoh to store up food for the coming famine. Anything which has to do with the Philippines is fair game and a fit topic for Philippinefails. All you said in the lesson was these are SIGNS that the end is near. No.

But today the expected things happened, the statement has been change in a very urgent matter stating: That is the sign of one who is saved and in relationship with Him. INIIWAN niya ang mga TUPA,palibhasa HINDI Siya Pastol at hindi Kanya ang mga Tupa.!!! Why do you not even mention brethren who were afflicted in Italy? Unang-una na ang mga Propeta,ang Panginoong Jesucristo at ang mga Apostol. Stop Cyber Criminal. Halal o Lagay Ako ng Dios!!! Did he really? And yet! Dapat sa pangangaral ng mga Salita ng Dios,ITURO ito ng AYON lamang sa Nakasulat.Hindi dapat bigyan ng sariling pagpapaliwanag,opinyon,kuro-kuro,karunungang panlupa etc etc kundi IYON lamang Nakasulat.!! For me,I dont believed they are the True INC. If you say we submit to the authority, why didnt you do that earlier? Remember,they keep Bragging,they were GLOBAL or UNIVERSAL Church- d one deceived by the Devil.!!! NOT The Law of Moses! Read at your own risk because this inane, insignificant impertinent deadbeat peddles dangerously lined disinformation and fake news not anything resembling truth on any level. Please kindly share your views po sana regarding this. Is it a punishment for sins? The Pope was jailed by Napoleon in 1798 (the so-called wound). But what has it been used for during the pandemic? One who is guided should have known there was a time to save up the offerings of the brethren for a time of famine that was to come, not waste it away on giant planes, helicopters and useless events. Read it brethren. This is the most crucial time that brethren need guidance and inspiration, where is he? The church is not ready for the 2nd coming. God bless you and thank for the courage of standing up for what you think is right through this blog.

In the end times it is symbolic and Rev 5:9-10 links it to the martyrs of Rev 20:4-6. IF the Administrator had any kind of guidance, he would not have thrown hundreds of thousands of dollars to different causes just to show we were a good church. MB Biblia Juan 10:11,12 Ako ang Mabuting Pastol. As Ive asked before, where is the infallible usurper leader when it comes to tending the flock when it is most needed. After my last article I really wanted to give it a try to become more spiritual, be more active and devoted in church. Even Workers have meetings, ALL ARE BROADCAST via social media and other platforms AND DONE LIVE BY OUR VERY OWN PREACHER. There are many so-called Christians today who believed that water baptism can also saved us.

It made my coffee taste sweet. Ive been silent for awhile. Thank you brother for becoming the voice of reason. Where is the Lingap sa MAHIRAP,Labanan ang Kahirapan sa boong Mundo?? If that doesnt hint Rev 14:7, I dont what else could.

Why dont you tell us what all these things really mean? He has no credibility nor credentials by which to pass himself as a theologian which he is illiterate nor an historian which he remains inept nor science which he foolishly believes the entire earth was drowned in 22 of water. Sa Biblia kayo Maniwala at Sumunod. If you still attend worship service, do so. NOT!!!! Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. So I stayed silent and made myself a good little Christian submitting to all the declarations of the Church leader. We are the living witnesses. By the way, I came across this very shocking newly released documentary Planet of the Humans by Jeff Gibbs (in collaboration with Michael Moore) which forebodes of a catastrophe far worse than the COVID-19 pandemic. This attempt to reduce us to the level of this piece of trash has failed and will continue to.