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On Wednesday it said it had signed an agreement with software firm Flex to sell its power modules business, which includes a manufacturing site in China and assets in Sweden. Nate Vince, president of Flex Power, said: In addition to enhancing power capabilities andSketch-to-Scalesolutions, we will expand our offerings to the cloud and telecom data center markets.. Tap into our IP in power supply technology for cloud server power supply units that boost efficiency. For baseplated converters, the isolation level from Output to Baseplate and Input to Baseplate are also usually tested and specified. Ericsson has signed with Flex to divest Ericsson Power Modules, excluding the brand. they should be as short as possible and close to each other. The Insulation Level on the other hand refers to the method used to physically provide the galvanic isolation, and is usually characterized in 5 different classes Functional/Operational; Basic; Supplementary; Double and Reinforced. Part III of the PMBus specification was introduced with Revision 1.3. The Half Brick power module provides a broad selection of output voltages and power levels. It also includes a display address resistor suggestion feature, which calculates suggested values for the PMBus address resistors SA0/SA1, as well as offering the ability to monitor common parameters from other vendors' power products.

We continue to list them on our website however to support our existing customers. When we have a PCN or PDN to issue, these will be shared with our Channel Partners who will feed the information down to affected customers that have been active typically within the previous 3 years or so. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. eci apollo A brief introduction to the key features of Flex Power Designer can be seen below.

This is achieved by dynamic management of the intermediate bus voltage to optimise system performance for the various load levels. As an example, a 2:1 input ratio converter suitable for a 48 V nominal supply would have a voltage range of 36-72 V typically, although this is often extended to 75 V. An equivalent 4:1 converter would have an input range of 18-72/75 V, making it actually suitable for both 48 V and 24 V nominal supplies. Nate Vince, President of Flex Power, agrees "We are very pleased to be expanding our collaborative and successful long-standing partnership with Ericsson. Expand your data center capacity with scalable power supply solutions. Protect both your critical data and energy distribution system infrastructure during power interruptions. We also have a dedicated LinkedIn page where we discuss our latest updates. Todays communicationsand networking devices need power supplies with digital control, low standby power and a high level of component integration. When the load current at the output of a converter changes suddenly, there will be a reaction by the output voltage falling or rising suddenly too. Please try your search again later. Digital products offer the ability to configure both the protection parameters as well as the protection behavior. ), but to request a 3D model of the specific part number you need, please contact us at Yes we offer both symmetric and asymmetric dual output devices suitable for Gate Drive applications to power Silicon, IGBT, SiC and GaN designs. Use our experience producing customized chargers and adapters for tablets, phones and other connected devices. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2022,, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. We have a global network of partners and representatives technically trained in our products. More details of these products can be found by clicking HERE. The list can be found HERE. Our FAEs can also guide you by contacting us at To convert CFM measurements to LFM, use the following equation:LFM = CFM/AREAWhere CFM = Cubic feet per minute of air volume and AREA = the area of the opening in square feet. At the time of writing we do not offer AC/DC products, and focus all of our efforts on developing the very best DC/DC solutions for your needs. Also the quality of software tools is improving, enabling designers to more easily configure digital power systems for best performance. Yes we offer a wide range of DC/DC converters suitable for 5G RFPA RRH/RRU designs powering both LDMOS and GaN RF transistor technology. The Quarter Brick power module comes in 24 V and 48 V versions. cinta idc 2x5 ctms plana ide Our Technical Specifications therefore typically provide both a standard MTBF figure, and an MTBF figure at 90% confidence factor. We also design and build high-volume adapters and wireless chargers for notebook PCs and consumer electronic products. Analog & Power - Power Semiconductors & Wireless Charging, Inova Semiconductors ILaS Technology Agreements by NXP and Microchip for Smart Light and Sensor Networks in Automotive Applications, Protecting Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations: Allying Cybersecurity Concerns for the Vehicle and the User, indie Semiconductor Launches Automotive Industrys Most Integrated USB-PD Programmable Controller, NNG Goes Live with New EV-First Navigation Solution, A New Generation of Enhanced Projected Capacitive Touch Solutions from Review Display System, Cybersecurity for Medical Devices in a Connected Healthcare System, Why Telemedicine IoMT Technology is Trending, Non-Invasive Artificial Intelligent Olfactory System for Diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease, Western Digital Extends HDD Technology and Areal Density Leadership Across Smart Video, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and IT/Data Center Channel Segments, Transcend Announces Blazing-Fast Portable SSD ESD380C, Weebit Nano Tapes Out ReRAM Demo Chip to SkyWater Foundry, Designing Safety Critical Embedded Systems: The Challenges of Detecting Faults in SRAM at Run-Time, NXP Helps Standardize Next-Generation Security with Post-Quantum Cryptography, Intrinsic ID Signs Representation Agreement for South Korea with Progate Technology to Further Extend Commercial Reach of its PUF-Based Security Solutions in the Asia Pacific Region, Product of the Week: Infineon Technologies OPTIGA Trust M Express, Using the CVSS to Secure the Software Supply Chain. If you connect the +OUT pin to the system output ground, a negative voltage will be generated on the -OUT pin. All rights reserved. A partner with design expertise can help you beat out the competition when it comes to power availability, efficiency, density, cost and performance. Author: b40a ericsson

Since this changes from time to time based on prevailing market supply conditions, contacting your regional partner is the best way to get current lead times, as well as discussing additional supply options. Our experience designing for the data center means we have the latest processes and technologies when you need them.

We do not offer dedicated EMC filter modules currently, but we do offer Power Interface Modules or PIMs, some of which do contain EMC filtering as well as many other useful features such as OR-ing, Hot Swap, Hold-Up voltage boost and Auxiliary voltage rails. Our technical specifications for isolated devices typically provide EMI conducted noise plots both with and without additional external filtering, and the filter suggestions provided are to meet Class B conducted noise emissions according to EN55022/EN55032, CISPR22/CISPR32 and FCC part 15J. By clicking on any link on this page or clicking "OK, I agree", you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Built in the industry-standard DIL 24 format and featuring a wide input voltage range of 4:1.?The PKV series provides?excellent output characteristics. Digital power has much more to offer than out-performing the electrical performance and power-density requirements that previously dominated the mindset of power supply designers. Please contact our partners. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Be sure to subscribe to our daily newsletter if you want moretelecom news and analysis! Additionally, you can email your inquiry to, and one of our Application Engineers will respond to your request. For more information, visit or The utilization of dynamic bus voltage produces an impressive high efficiency performance which is virtually flat over the whole range of load conditions. The shelf life for dry packed SMT or PIP devices will be a minimum of 12 months from the bag sealing date when stored in a noncondensing atmospheric environment of <40C / 90% RH. The holes in the host PCB are overprinted with solder paste, then the DC/DC device is pressed down through that paste into the mounting holes, before the entire board then goes through a reflow solder process where the solder is then drawn up through the fillet to complete the solder joint.Some of our products have been qualified for use with this manufacturing method. Design Note DN006 goes into more detail about this, or one of our FAEs can also support you by contacting us at Reported by Cliff Keys, Editorial Director, Editor-in-Chief, Power Systems Design. This includes a manufacturing site in China and business assets in Sweden. A Product Notice document can be found HERE, and individual certificates are available on request by emailing us at There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists.

There was a problem completing your request. Another possibility that monitoring a board's power consumption offers is dynamic energy conservation, where supervisory software intelligently varies the output voltage that the intermediate bus converter supplies to the point-of-load regulators. As well as providing solutions to the traditional WW Radio manufacturers, we are also actively working with members of both OpenRAN (Telecom Infra Project) and the O-RAN Alliance, and our RFPA product offering can be seen HERE, with many more devices currently in development, so please contact us if you don't see what you need. Otherwise, you can contact us directly at to request an RMA. Weve shipped over 1 billion chargers to date. It is based on the SMBus specification with a few additional requirements specific to the PMBus. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The Half Brick power module series features a low-build height and is available with the optional baseplate. We will be happy to provide these on request. The most recent PDNs are also listed online under the Resources/Downloads section of the website. Please visit our partner page in order to find the right partner for your region.

The quarter-brick power modules feature unprecedented output characteristics including tight regulation, programmable built-in active current share, high efficiency and a wide output range. The Country of Origin (manufacturing location) of our products is either China or Taiwan, depending on the particular family. Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Our FAEs can support your designs by contacting us at An additional feature recently added is a numerical conversion calculator which enables designers to work with the various alternative number formats for monitoring data allowed in the SMBus/PMBus standards. Explore our broad range of board-mounted DC/DC converters for telecom, datacom, transportation and industrial applications. Flextronics International, LTD. All rights reserved. Sketch, simulate, configure and monitor your digital power system with the Flex Power Designer software. When more power is required, supervisory software can seamlessly ramp up the intermediate bus voltage to its optimal level for the new load conditions. A useful cross reference list to support you can be found HERE. Our product range now even includes devices such as the PKM-W series for the Railway market with >13:1 input ratios, operating over an input voltage range of 12-160 V. The term can however also be used to refer to the effective transformer turns ratio between input and output of an unregulated converter. This active approach to power management particularly suits systems that spend significant periods under widely different load conditions.