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Im curious what your compression ratios are set to. However, I often get the standard Ill think about it. The trust goes both ways.

Thank you Erica for an excellent article that continues to draw readers to this most important medical, consumer and human rights issue. Its simple economics really. Wonder what research has been performed to see how they work? Contact the Hear Now program with the Starkey Foundation if you make less than 25k a year in a 2 person household they will give you top of the line hearing aids for $250.

I tell you, if you serve the people well and offer professional low cost services, you will have more customers than you can handle. I would be transparent, advertised the cost and list the comparison data with US made hearing aids.

This suffering is unnecessary and as Erica stated that iHear hearing aids are coming to market in June. Your brain tries to compensate by shutting off the filters it uses to screen out the irrelevant background noise so that you can hear the conversation you are trying to have. I already have to deal with unscrupulous bait-and-switch hearing aid dealers. Consequently, the practitioners expertise and experience have a major role in obtaining satisfactory results.

I realize the doctors do provide a service that has value. If you want cheap hearing aids, buy cheap hearing aids locally.

Our trust has been earned. There are many types of hearing loss; not every hearing aid is appropriate for every patient.

I think Costco selling devices is really a great move towards better value for people who are suffering.

Something has got to change I agree. I left. Unfortunately there is a lot of information, and disinformation in the hearing aid business. The way I see it (as a customer) if a business ( any) is afraid to list the cost of their product, then I cant afford it.

Apparently only certain United Health plans cover this. I have to offer free hearing tests to compete with these hearing aids dealers, then after giving my work away for free, people think that I will give them the results, so they can then go buy them somewhere else! Hearing aid companies are destine to die if they dont change their ways in this fast pace changing technology and also they are not listening to the suffering millions of people with hearing loss. As I am totally deaf in the left ear I only need one hearing aid so in that regard Im lucky.

Some of the comments on here are not helpful and I came here looking for beneficial advice. But I had promised myself that I would learn more about the technology, so I bugged the audiologist for info, which she could have easily fulfilled just by giving me some sales brochures and web addresses. Why did this model come to exist? Same thing applies to hearing aids. You could not possibly know what an article like this means to an older person on low income!!! You need a professional that understands not only how to adjust the high technology to your needs, but also how to advise you on communication skills.

All I know about getting what you pay for is that my wife is an accountant at a rather large hospital and sees the markup and commissions paid out on the sale of a hearing aid and I can assure you a HUUUUGE amount of what you pay (upwards of 70%) is pure profit baby. Millions of others will not have that blessing and will remain isolated because of greed at its worse. It is sad that this system is in place while millions of people suffer because they cant afford a medical necessary device. One more thing, I may be a patient, but Im also a consumer and I dont think that asking an industry to give me the ability to decide whether or not Im paying a fair price for a medical device is been an angry person, or not having an open mind as you describe me. And if they are blocked by unscrupulous manufacturers or other parties from releasing them, I would say it is time for us to not only create a petition for investigation by the government into the artificial price fixing, but maybe it is time I focused my film company on a documentary to expose this issue. Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful information with us. There is a very good quality pair of hearing aids which I dispense for $1800. DSPs sample sound.

Senior Planets comments are open for all readers/subscribers; we love hearing from you! A. Audiologists do not make a big cut on the hearing aid sale.

Government and nonprofit sites such as the National Institute on Deafness only give very basic information.

What should I replace it with?

50 people could all have the exact same test results, but that doesnt mean they would all need the hearing aids set in the same way. But as to reality, I have now worn my hearing aids for three years, adjusted them occasionally as needed according to new audiograms and have enjoyed their benefits. Thank you, shaw. As you said Audiology can be a pretty lucrative field; but at what cost to consumers? If our business was out-of network for the patient and they had NO out-of-network benefits BUT the patient had amazing in-network benefits, that information was kept secret from the patient, if at all possible. I did sense a bit of confusion in what you said regarding the severity of hearing loss and the hearing aid choice. Putting amplification in your ear is going to help regardless of the platform, but you get what you pay for. In my 65 years I have observed that the mark-up on hearing aids is anywhere between 300- 500%. #2 is equally important! Theyve also gotten a lot of flack for their repair system.

Re Britzco: Hi can inform me as to where I can buy this.

You say people need affordable hearing aids, so you HAVE to have this model of online ordering, online testing (or stealing one from a local dispensor), shipping the aids to you, and if you need them adjusted you put them in the mail. Point of my story is you get what you pay for. If you have a mold, and you need to modify to help with the effects of occlusion, are you able to do this?

I am so angry with myself for not saying anything!

It also helps cut the ringing noise. So we dont talk to each other about it, and it makes us a little hesitant to talk to anyone outside of our office about it.

A comment above said this beautifully. If you are comparing prices, make sure you are comparing aids from the same tiers not comparing a value aid to a premium, and thinking you are getting a great deal when you are not. :-/.

Then you send them back for adjustments.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. Luckily, I dont have a lot of vertigo with my Menieres disease. Shouldnt $6,000 hearing aids stay in my ears and make it possible for me to hear someone whos not facing me without buying more accessories? Some are charged as much as $35 to $40 thousand dollars once all is said and done! A few months ago I had a horrible ear infection.

I had a wonderful experience after pricing 48 channel aids at Miracle Ear ( really manufactured by seimens), which were $6200 a pair. I wouldnt waste my time unless I was not going without wearing anything and they were my last resort. Please dont discourage people from receiving help just because it may be in a different setting than yours.

Failure to do this creates a suspicion by the buying public. The aids are a little cheaper when comparing apples to apples.but..you have to pay $100 for a test (usually paid in full by regular insurance, you have to pay $50 for adjustments (usually free at a professional), you have to pay $25 for cleanings (usually free), and there is very limited repair/replacement warranties. Rather than learning (and buying) programs from 15 or so different manufacturers, most Audiologists select a couple of manufacturers that offer them excellent customer service and good return time on repairs. It doesnt measure their ability to hear speech in noise, and it also doesnt measure how successful they would be if they wore hearing aids.

Correct in that hearing instrument specialists (HIS) are not at top of the heap but many Costco HISs are also audiologists as well. Earwax or any ear drainage can damage receivers.

Im sure youre not implying that the average cost of $1900.00 per device is set forth and solely due to mark up at the manufacturing level. If someone finances it through our no interest finance program thats $100 a month for 18 months. Working in the audiology field I see and talk to people every day who are being taken advantage of.

Sure, for many basic fittings a dispenser may do fine, but when it comes to the difficult situations, you want an audiologist and the training that goes with it.


Many of us can provide similar or better hearing aids for similar prices. So if the aid stops working for moisture damage (the number 1 reason for repairs), youre not covered and have to just buy new ones again. Our entire medical field is out of control on costs to consumers. At Costco you are a customer and not a patient. OMG get real. But hey, wearing something is better than nothing. Its the level of technology that makes the difference.

The more hearing aids the clinic purchases, the lower the price per unit the clinic can obtain them for.

Totally agree Dennis but how do you tell the difference.

You can ask at your consultations or look into it online. there is no way 6000 bucks is a good deal even as you try to explain why you think it is. The technology is there, has been for a few years, to produce cutting edge hearing aids. truly obtain valuable data regarding my study and Which ones did you get and how much were they?

The manufacturers that sell all the clinics, both private and big chain, make it like that. $1,000?

It should not be as difficult to make this purchase.

Costco has both audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. They will not respond to my simple request for a written confirmation of receipt of my returned Dia IIs and what to expect in the return process. Second, insurance companies are NOT the problem here. After surfing the Hearing Aid Forums I found out that digital hearing aids are adjustable by the user and that all this time, I could have been making all kinds of little adjustments.

So, thanks for informing us that we should look into product forums to know more about specific brands and even find good deals.

Your AuDiologist can be helpful here too. As someone mentioned above, it is difficult to schedule an appointment for follow-ups, and these follow-up visits are a huge part of the adjustment process to and success with hearing aids. My neighbor just got hearing aids from Costco and he is raving about the aids and his experience. It works in any industry, profession or motivational answer.

No one questioning the PHD audiologist education, dedication to patients and knowledge. No, they are not loosing money, if they did they would no be open long. https://seniorplanet.org//exposinghearingaids.org/.

Costco may have an Audiologist but they certainly are NOT Doctors of Audiology. United HealthCares model has been the recipient of complaints from the American Academy of Audiology, the American Speech & Hearing Association, the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, the International Hearing Society, the Better Hearing Institute, the federal Food & Drug Administration, and several state licensing boards. FYI Mr. Lewis I WAS fitted by an audiologist who is the head of the Audiology Department at SUNY,New Paltz. I think the main thing is the philosophy of cutting out the middle man of the hearing doctor is hurting yourself. Very crooked if you ask me. The most comprehensive directory of hearing care providers in the USA. However for two grand or even $400 an ear just what does it take? Audiologists go with what works the best for patients. Hearing Amplifiers are available on line starting at around $35.00 a pair. Better Hearing Institute.org has a buying hearing aid guide for download. Erica, great idea. Dispensers have to be licensed. Ive spent the last ten years taking my mom to her practitioner several times a year. Bottom line.the Costco aids work great. On line sales are less expensive, but hearing aids need a lot of attention over their useful life to perform properly.Most people will soon be tired of constantly having to send their aids somewhere to be serviced. A true professional will be able to assess you well enough to tell you what you need. Getting hearing instruments is part of your medical healthcare. You might be able to negotiate them down 10, 20, maybe 30% in price. Exercise your freedom and show compassion for your patients, money is not everything; you will make a good living and sleep better at night and when your time comes you will have done a great service to humanity and your legacy will be lasting. It sounds like the person you were working with didnt have your sons best interest in mind. I should first begin by telling you tad bit about myself. Did it come with a disclaimer letting you know that more than likely you will damage your limited hearing using that device?

Hi Minime, you might want to check out our more recent article The Latest in Hearing Aids and Hearables https://seniorplanet.org/the-latest-in-hearing-aids-hearables/.

Yovani, came across this forum by accident and find your comments as a matter of factly ridiculous you challenge providers to disclose cost. (Yes, I will tell people what a specific model costs if they ask, even over the phone, but I cant tell them over the phone if that model would work well for them!). Id like to write an article about them on seniorplanet whenever theyre widely available. This research really matters for people like me who one day hope to hear like a normal person again. For four grand or $800 one can buy a couple of very sophisticated computers or even several new laptops. THis also comes with a 3 year free cleaning, reprogramming etc.. I am 78 years old and last year finally bit the bullet to learn. Wow! Check made in china website. For example, someone mentioned United HealthCares HI Health innovations. Medicare pays nothing and neither does my husbands insurrance. Some may be happy with doing ok with cheap products obtained from a wholesaler, or some online source, but for those who demand excellence, I recommend an audiologist.

When people base their decision solely on price and not rooted in facts, they often end up disappointed and buying something else later on, therefore, the savings were really money wasted. Regarding Costco. This is an editorial piece and sounds like you have resentment from the original purchase at the University where you may have been seen by a green under the collar student; for all we know. For this group and others who may not have the 2-7 thousands of dollars to spend, their choices for quality hearing aids at a cost they can afford is almost non-existent unless they go with the over the counter hearing devices. There are also repairs, batteries, insurance, and even shipping back and forth to the manufacturer. They look & feel IDENTICAL TO THE EXPENSIVE ONES! Most people cant afford to pay $7,000 for a pair of devices that arent covered by insurance. Trial periods are usually 30 days as mandated by State law (State dependent), but often times offices have longer trial periods of up to 45-90 days.

I have patients that only need TV ears or they only have a couple hundred dollars, and I will help them with assistive listening devices.

Everything youve said so far in your posts rings true. Agreed! Cost will be the same for in the canal or BTE. I work with all of the major manufacturers and I honestly dont recognize the hearing aids. I have an over the ear Red Dot that I dont use because it flies off of my ear. Prices may be higher with and independent Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser. Yes, you pay more to be fit with the expertise of a professional who can remove wax from your ear, determine if you have ear disease, determine if you need medical treatment and, use advanced methods to insure your success and the best hearing possible.

This is only at participating audiologists and they take on only a few cases a year. You shouldnt abandon quality healthcare ever. From the comments on here, its obvious, and I have had many phone calls wanting a recommendation based on no hearing test at all. There is no cure to my knowledge so what did the hospital do for you?

When my current hearing aids extended warranty ended and I couldnt extend it any longer, they had me come in for a new hearing exam.

Costco are probably passing on the rebate to customers and offering the same standard of care as many providers. Hearing aids are not retail electronic devices; they are medical prosthetics and should be prescribed and fitted by someone educated to do so. My father in law was an audiologist in the early days so I understand many of the comments here.

They do not care about you like a small practice would. . I want to warn people about hear now for you originally a company formed in Australia and now seeking to work inUSA . $125-$150 range; this is the cost of one one hour with a PHD psycholgist in my area.

I can say that many of my colleagues frequent the forums to give pointers to consumers who need an expert second opinion. As for DH, I rest my case, your answers as a dispenser only gives more evidence to what I said earlier. I WISH TO KNOW WHO CAN SET MY HEARING AIDS- 2 ONE FOR EACH EAR, PURCHASED FROM ON LINE IE EBAY..

There are different types of hearing loss and different types of hearing aids. Hello You cannot possibly know what the mark-up is for various audiologists and hearing aid dispensers as you cannot ask. I believe there are providers on here who have said they pay around 2000 for a hearing aid.

The universities have a duty to educate I think people are misinterpreting that expense as hearing aid dealers ripping them off, rather than realizing how much the technology costs.

What you really need to find is the right professional. Weve even donated hearing aids to patients who dont qualify for any programs.

I was also glad to see that Erica wrote two more articles. Good luck. I have been wearing hearing instruments for over 50 years since the age of 7 and have been a hearing aid dispenser for 25 years and my son is an audiologist.


P.S. They speak of misinformation and criticize the article as the authors opinion.

I would be grateful if you could advise which make & model of hearing aid is of better quality & will be suitable for her. Its a very competitive business. Sells for $199. It was really nice to read article written on this topic. I base my recommendations on their lifestyle, and I know a cheaper hearing aid wont help that well in complicated listening situations, like the car, social activities, restaurants. Im also amazed at the parochial stance presented in some of these comments regarding whos good, better, best at providing product delivery. A few dollars at most.

Are you in direct competition with Costco? Friday, July 18, 2014 Most audiologists choose to dispense hearing aids from one or two manufacturers because its very difficulty to stay proficient with the software and products for all six manufacturers. I have had a patient who paid us 10 dollars a month until his aid was paid off. People with less complicated hearing needs like that can choose to cut out the middle-man and get by pretty well if theyd like, or they can see someone who they trust when they have a problem instead of having to mail in a broken hearing aid and wait over a month for service or have to buy a new device. There is a lot of great advice in this forum and everyone should forward it to everyone they know who wears hearing aids.

We are not going to have prices on old platforms that we dont generally recommend. My mother is in need of hearing aids ..but is saying she cant afford.them.The Costco was about 2000.for 2 hearing costco kirkland aid signature aids premium receiver ear