what is whitewood at home depot

At Home Depot here, they have white pine labelled as white wood. In my area, even this low-grade whitewood gets about $1.20 per board foot (equal to square foot in 3/4" surfaced lumber), versus about $3 for red oak, also surfaced to 3/4". If you are not going to set the wood on concrete, it is highly advised that you apply this layer of sealer. Furniture makers tend to love the wood that hails from the tulip tree because it is relatively soft and easy to work with. Do I need to do anything to it prior to painting it with an acrylic latex paint? According to their website, they seem to exclusively supply Home Depot. If you live in a place where whitewood is not common, you may want to keep your eyes open for different grades of whitewood. Whitewood can easily be worked into any shape, which is why it tends to be so popular. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. What a joke Western white woods are any of the pine group, spruce, pine, fir, etc.. I have made projects out of this wood, but not anything I considered important.

Quality varies widely. x 8 in. Price of whitewood here is comparable to walnut, so not at the very top, but rather in the upper price range. . x 8 ft. Primed Pine Finger-Joint Board, Trim Board Primed Finger-Joint (Common: 1 in.

So, I'm guessing that I would not be surprized to only see PT and "whitewood" in Lumber . If you are using paint, mix some acetone with the paint to create a base coat. Does wood generally lose color / go gray in sunlight? Let's say that I'm seriously impressed by that quote. x 6 in. ), 1 in. In the old days, Douglas fir was common. Check here for everything you need to know about what whitewood is, what it is used for, and how to finish it. The only KD available is 2x4. 2000-2022 Home Depot. .

Specializing in building and renovating homes, Thomas Luttrell has worked in homebuilding since 2002. There is a fast growing pine species called radiata pine that is grown in New Zealand that Home Depot sells. The wiki page claims that tulip wood (American Whitewood) was used for house and barn sills. It can take an hour or more of digging through the stacks to find enough decent lumber to make a workbench, and that is accepting some poor quality wood. Will it hold up in an exterior application such as this? Brian> Actually, they (Home Depot) sometimes do have good prices onBrian> power tools. I did recently make a large panel out of this wood, but I first let it dry a couple weeks, and then resurfaced it on my jointer. Hence, the tree has earned its moniker. The only way to get a true answer to your question would be to ask HD. Talk to some oneat H.D. That's a deliberate misuse of the poor tulip tree's name. Need Help? That's the softwood species I would recommend for a workbench. Any of various deciduous trees such as the tulip tree, basswood, or cottonwood. Lots of times "whitewood " is basswood or something similar. No single board is a mixture of species. The biggest problems with it are 1) pieces are low-quality ie they are warped, cupped, and tend to have a LOT of knots. Spheramid Enterprises Architectural Woodworks. Funny all these posts about SPF and whatnot. While there is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing another species of wood marketed as whitewood, many people prefer the true wood that stems from the tulip tree. I'm on a limited budget but I've got>the bug.. SPF is one of those types, but Lowes' is not obligated to supply SPF.

If you do decide on this large >of a project, I would recommend using birch 3/4" plywood.

It's three drawbacks arethat it's boring, not hard, and doesn't stain worth a damn. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Having seen HDs 2X4s, I would assume that whitewood stands for bowed and splitting junk, but what exactly is it? ), 1 in. Head to your local home improvement store and purchase some pre-stain to apply before your actual color. I guess if you like their prices you'll love their check out lines. The huge panels you propose are difficult to make - very difficult without a jointer or skill with a hand plane. This is a dialog window which overlays the main content of the page. x 8 in. > So I'm looking at making my next> project, A Wardrobe I designed for my Girlfriend, out of "Whitewood"> from HomeDepot.. > Is there something I'm > missing?? If you're willing to have a few knots (still much less than with 'whitewood'), you could down to about $2.20. Well, it's like whitefish, only less good in a buttersauce and fried in tater chip crumbs . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. . In the UK, for example, it usually means timber primarily intended for "first-fix" use where it will not be visible when the work is completed.

I know it would not be anyones first>choice of wood but is it totally out of the question for furniture? - DeWalt 364 circular saw for $110 (most mail order places want >$150), - Pony #50 clamp fixture for $7.90 (I think, same as most MO). Yeah, that's it. They also carry the DeWalt 421 ROS for $77;Brian> ITC & Tool Crib both have it for $79. He also holds a bachelor's degree in English from Iowa University. The huge panels you propose are difficult to make - very difficult >without a jointer or skill with a hand plane. I was flipping through the HD circular this morning and saw whitewood 2X4X8s on sale. White wood is Liriodendron tulipifera, a rather valuable hardwood (which funnily is not white at all). This tree is also known as liriodendron tulipifera. x 6 in.

Hmm, just had a scary thought of what the No.2 "whitewood" wrigglesticks would look like . Keep in mind that the products you choose do matter. Perhapsyou might consider building the cabnet from it (luan ply is about 1/2 the price of oak and looks very good too). If you have a piece of each side by side, whitewood should weigh less than an equal-sized piece of pine. Does your local Home Depot stock southern yellow pine? Not quite. . Because whitewood is not indigenous to all parts of the country or the world, it is not uncommon to find that other species are sold under the same moniker. This means the lumber is Spruce, Pine (southern yellow) or fir/hemlock all of which could be called whitewood. The soft, light-colored wood of any of these trees. Because these species have similar characteristics, they have been combined into one grade for buying, selling and design standards. I'm trying to get some softwood lumber to make a workbench. When I go to home depot and lowes, I get confused on what type of wood to buy. Individuals who are purchasing from a lumberyard are less likely to see these labels. Then, apply light brush strokes all over the furniture to get rid of those nuisances. > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>>>> Ever look at the mail order adds in any of the woodworking mags? x 96 in. Unless you are talking sheet goods (plywood/osb/subfloor/paneling/etc), all of your engineered woods (mdf/hdf) will be obvious.

In no time at all, youll have a finished project that you can be proud of! x 8 ft.; Actual: .719 in. In between coats of finish, you should do your best to loosen up dust and bumps. x 8 ft. Barn Wood White Shiplap Pine Board (6-Pack), 1 in. p.s. What are good particle dynamics ODEs for an introductory scientific computing course? Then, you can come home and finish your piece the right way with some of these tips and tricks. Whitewood trees grow fairly quickly, which makes them an ideal choice for lumber.

x 16 ft. White Primed Finger-Joint Trim Board, 1/2 in. Get home building tips, offers, and expert advice in your inbox. Select grade and clear grade are mostly synonymous, and they mean that you will get a relatively clear piece of wood free from character. (Must admit that I didn't even read that Wiki article I linked to, assuming it would be accurate). He told me whitewood is usually spruce, a tree which grows mainly in northern climes, and all they get around here is the 2 x 4 and 2 x 6in various lengths (I was looking for 2 x 8 lumber). You could plan for it, but its alot more complex than a chest lid. "Whitewood" is a term cabinetmakers use for a secondary, utility lumber, used for unseen things like toe kick framing, cleats, brackets, webbing, etc. Am I right? They can regrow quickly when harvested and are a relatively sustainable option for someone interested in the environmental-friendliness of their next project. My guess is that the national buyer had to stick something in the "description" field to go with the SKU number in the "Dimensional Lumber" page of the big master pricing spreadsheet. In my experience, HD is almost always cheaper than the best mail order price. I have seen Aspen on multiple occasions in its own section of dimensional lumber, but have also seen White Wood similarly. Bottom line is that if you live in a region with especially poor quality construction lumber, do not feel that you have to use it to make your workbench. Whitewood is usually relegated to more common uses and has a smaller price tag. Oh, their prices on Bessey K-body clamps is better some MO places too. This might be a special offer though. They aren't quite dried enough for furniture, but they are much better than "green" wood which will move, crack, and warp a ton as it dries. The QO Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers can overheat causing burns and fire hazards. They sometimes mislabel it white pine but it not eastern white pine. I also read about pressure treated wood? These are also frequently found pre-painted with a primer coat for convenience (cut edges of MDF have a tendency to absorb lots of paint). Poplar is usually stable,takes paint well, and is available in relatively large sizes without knots.Clear poplar is usually considerably cheaper than clear pine or even "furniture"pine (a more common furniture wood), and spruce or is rarely available in qualityhigh enough for furniture except on the left coast. If it says "finger-jointed" then it's made of multiple pieces of wood spliced together. Nevertheless, in practice, home improvement centers will sell anything from spruce, fir, or pine to "coniferous wood" under the umbrella term "white wood". Use pressure treated boards wherever something will touch concrete of be outdoors exposed. Press J to jump to the feed. They have no grain and have the appearance of basically cardboard and are ultra smooth. In general if someone can explain to me the major differences I would greatly appreciate it. not "What is white wood?"

It is a light shade that naturally looks beautiful in just about every home. It can be any of a number of species that all are fairly 'white' with little strong grain showing. SYP means Souther Yellow Pine - Grown in Arkansas, Alabama, or Mississippi.

Excellence is its own reward! In Canada anyways, you would also see it referred to as SPF - Spruce, Pine, Fir which is used as dimensional framing lumber. . I am not sure if those designations are used interchangeably, or if some stores carry Aspen, and then 'White Wood' separately. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. It is likely pine, but in theory could be balsam or aspen or a bunch of others. @ 3.27 ea. You are more likely to encounter knots with these two grades, but they are also the least expensive choices. Posted on Last updated: September 22, 2021. It may simply just be different than the picture you had envisioned. https://howelumber.com/dimensional-lumber. x 7.25 in.

Then I started picking and no lie, I got 6 that were as straight as an arrow, no wane edges, and ONE small knot in a nice straight grain that was fairly dense. x 12 in. > Also, keep in mind that Home Depot is prob not the cheepest source for > lumber (it may be for power tools though). It's stable, flat, >attractive, and you don't have to glue up those large panels. They also carry the DeWalt 421 ROSfor $77; ITC & Tool Crib both have it for $79. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this particular species of wood, but there doesnt have to be. It all works. ), then whitewood lumber is probably the right choice for you. I do agree. x 2 in. The best thing you can do is to rough up the surface of the wood and open up the pores. On the other hand, you may also want to consider applying a coat of sealer to protect the wood. Will my projects fall apart?? If you do decide on this large of a project, I would recommend using birch 3/4" plywood. Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message, I am somewhat new to woodworking.. I've got a feeling "whitewood" sounds better than "bowed splitting junk" as a marketing description. Alternatively, it can be used to craft something so delicate and small, like the handle of a knife blade. I have used SPF kiln dried wood from home depot for many bench structures, some cheaper table bases and table tops and it has been fine. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. There are a variety of species that get called "whitewood", such as pine, poplar, spruce. I also did find claims that the name American Whitewood were sometimes used for magnolia grandiflora or m. acuminata. - don't expect that the fellas at the big box are going to tell you what it is, but maybe the grade stamp will say? The Porter-Calbe 7549 jigsaw is $129 there.International Tools has it for $134. - a large selection of Quick Grip clamps (and cheaper thanWoodworker's Supply), including an interesting deal on the 6" clamp(not the mini-clamp) with accessories (full length pads and cornerclamp attachment) for $16 (while the 6" clamp by itself is >$19). Wait for the piece to dry completely. I almost flipped ..a decent pile. Will the Wood shrink drastically> becasue it was not dried correctly ? Given the number of international vendors out there, that "european" definition (by translation) may have just crept in. Hemlock has been used for studs but it is often sold green. This is a great question, and the answer is resoundingly, yes! - M.K. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Why had climate change not been proven beyond doubt for so long? Many home improvement centers and other locations will sell other types of softwood under this label.

Just to clarify, it seems like you are answering the question, "What species is the inexpensive soft wood?" Cover the piece with this base coat and allow it to dry before painting it with a final coat of paint. I suspect it is any cheap tree that is fairly white. x 16 ft. White Primed Finger-Joint Trim Board, 1 in. I would always make sure to get something with KD on it (Kiln dried) as well from home depot. This will help to prepare the wood and fill some of those cells so that it does not readily absorb the stain so quickly. If you are interested in finding a softwood with a beautiful light color (The sapwood is creamy white and the heartwood is light yellow or brown in color. x 2 in. They are straight. It does not mean Basswood although the low price paid for Basswood lately sawmills are just as likely to include it as any other wood.. From the way it takes a nail, it's something from the celery family. International ToolsBrian> has it for $134. Blake, so-called 'whitewood' is either pine, spruce, or fir. The Wardrobe is fairly big 80" high by 60" long by 23" deep so it will still cost me over $200 with cheap wood but it would be over $1000 withthe expensive stuff that I've seen the prices for.. What do you think? : > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^: Ever look at the mail order adds in any of the woodworking mags? "or NC, SC, Georgia, Florida"SPF means it's Spruce-Pine-Fir from Canada. It is relatively soft and has a straight grain that makes it ideal for builders who need a precise cut for their project. There are species in the forest that are underutilized such as tamarack and hemlock, they have been marketed in the past. . It appears to be several sheets of luaun pressed together. Sitting inside HD this would twist and check. If you do not see these markers, it is still possible that you are not purchasing whitewood that comes from the tulip tree. >>The Wardrobe is fairly big 80" high by 60" long by 23" deep >so it will >still cost me over $200 with cheap wood but it would be over $1000 >with>the expensive stuff that I've seen the prices for.. What do you think? Whether you are building a piece of furniture or using wood as an accent on another piece, you should be aware of exactly what you are getting. Woodworkers use it for everything, from building organs to crafting the perfect coffin. x 8 ft. Primed Pine Finger-Joint Board, Trim Board Primed Pine Finger-Joint (Common: 1 in. It offers a beautiful straight grain and white color that makes it easily adaptable for any project. SPF is also called "whitewood", meaning some conifer of some sort.

It is very difficult for the color to stick to the wood without having something to hold onto. I can't Stop.. They are graded. x 4 ft. Barn Wood White Shiplap Pine Board (6-Pack). /r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. Whitewood typically has more knots than pine, whereas pine has very few knots. How can you best tackle that project that you have been mulling over? Welcome to the Taunton University of Knowledge FHB Campus at Breaktime. TheBrian> Porter-Calbe 7549 jigsaw is $129 there. It's stable, flat, attractive, and you don't have to glue up those large panels. I don't know why HD would refer to 2x4's as "whitewood" unless the studs are not up to structural framing standards.

I'm using my GF's laptop now, and if I spit Pepsi on this keyboard, I'll have to replace the whole damme computor.SamT. . Spruce seems to be most common in the UK. It can really brighten up a space compared to some of the darker woods like American Walnut or Brazilian cherry. You can find a hardwood dealer and use poplar, ash, or oak if the price is not too high for your budget. --Kent Fitzgerald kent@minerva.cis.yale.eduDepartment of Psychology, Yale University.