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Unit No 601, Sixth Floor, Building No 12 B, Add and remove users, and control which applications are accessible to your company's existing users. SAP Knowledge Base Article 2706322 - "What is Support What is Consulting: Cloud Solutions, SAP Knowledge Base Article 67739 - "Priority of problem incidents, Important: Session requests for areas that do not offer Schedule an Expert, View product areas that currently offer Schedule an Expert, Schedule an Expert for VAR-d support partners and their end customers, How to provide feedback on Schedule an Expert, Confirm your time zone when creating a session.

Can I submit speed-up or escalation requests in a chat?

When booking a session, the default time zone displayed will come from your Launchpad user profile. Whitefield

The more you use the service, the more relevant the recommendations become. Helping you find balance between high-tech and high-touch, Rimini Street invites you to download this comprehensive guide to better understand the Shift Left method and lay the foundation for your transformation. current ERP setup and if it meets their needs

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It is truly an extension of my internal SAP support team.

perspective on the role of third-party support in ERP consolidation

Why does Incident Solution Matching improve my search results?

SAP offers choice in the success experiences available to help you wherever you are on your journey.

Is there any additional cost involved using Built-In Support functionality?

* Schedule an Expert is available for all support levels and almost all solutions.

Self-help Support Resources.

If my solution is not yet supported by Built-In Support, which other options would you recommend? Learn how more than 22,000 talented people in the Cloud Success Services organization work to ensure the success of every customers cloud journey..

But how do you make the shift? Third-party support has evolved into a strategic portfolio management tool for enterprise applications, gaining broader strategic acceptance from its origins as a cost containment tactic. Three approaches to a Shift Left strategy and SAP Knowledge Base Article 2706322 - "What is Support What is Consulting: Cloud Solutions".

Valoir found that its versatility facilitates:

For the complete analysis, read the full report. India Phone: +91 80 4139 5139, Concur Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Learn more about predictive and preventative features and functions.

Explore the specific customer tailored real-time interventions to predict and preventbusiness impacting events and incidents such as cloud health.

Incident Solution Matching is available for all SAP products. For more information, visit SAP Community.

Phone: +91 20 4918 5101, Products and Services Inquiries:Phone: 1800 266 2208 (within India), International Phone: +91 80 66655 771,, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. India A well-documented incident better facilitates its processing and reduces back and forth interactions. Whats driving the Shift Left trend More use cases based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are planned for the future and will help further improve performance and customer experience. Embed experts into your organization to help find the right solution to ensure your business agenda and tech strategy are one with our most comprehensive, strategic engagement. How can I access SAPs Incident Solution Matching service?

Note that Schedule a Manager is not offered for incidents processed within SAP Development support. Yes, the chat transcript and all attachments will be recorded in your incident log for your convenience.

In its report, Valoir specifically recognized Rimini Street for its: Learn more about the improved incident creation application and try SAP's new support assistant. Dont be forced into a costly ERP system upgrade or patch a system that is performing well just to stay fully supported or in response to vendor pressure.

Learning success: Access dedicated trainings to maximize the potential of your people, close skill gaps, and boost transformation. What kind of questions should I submit in a chat?

View featured clients by software supported, Access Rimini Street content and on-demand webinars, Malicious parties are constantly searching for new ways to breach enterprise systems and put your valuable data at risk. Find out what Andreas Heckmann has to say about the pandemic, technological innovation, lessons learned, and goals for customer support in 2022 and beyond. Check the status of incidents that are in progress with SAP, or view the resolution of your closed (confirmed) Expert Chats, Schedule an Expert sessions, and written incidents.

The more you use the service, the more relevant the recommendations become. Keep up-to-date with SAP information and training. Near Citi Bank, Our Availability" page.

Scheduled appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice to allow engineers to prepare for the session.

To fully understand the risks of a patch management strategy alone, read this e-book.

Taking a measured approach to cloud evolution Incident Solution Matching uses AI and machine learning for improved results by learning from past incidents. Tactically, independent, third-party software support helps CIOs save resources and keep IT teams engaged with new initiatives rather than routine support. Please use the following link for an overview of all SAPs Next-Generation Support offerings.

That is why all clients are assigned a Primary Support Engineer (PSE), an expert engineer with an average of 20 years of experience, to meet client needs. SAP's predictive and preventative support provides: Note: more predictive and preventative support features and services will be added over time. Comparison of a layered security model against SAP patching alone, Gain new information and insights to inform strategic decisions, Thriving in a digital world means technology support providers and in-house IT teams need a collaborative service approach that integrates both technologyandthe human factor. On the first view, you will still use the same search environment or incident creation form.

Read this guide to see if third-party support is right for you.

If you wish to wait for a chat expert, you will be placed in the chat queue for maximum 30 minutes.

Learn more on AI-enabled incident wizard in SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Essential success experience: Establish the foundation to get solutions running and offering value with proactive, mission-critical support, training, and content. We are currently exploring Incident Solution Matching for internal incidents in the future.

Review the contact options to work with the multilingual Fieldglass application support team. Annual maintenance fees are only the tip of the iceberg when considering the total cost of supporting ERP systems. However, performance and quality of answers are improved considerably by this new technology and you should get answers much faster with a much higher relevance to your questions.

For questions about an existing incident's status or priority, our Customer Interaction Center is ready to assist you.

Independent, third-party software support saves 50% to 90% annually and frees up the IT team.

On-demand subscriptions for relevant critical cloud outages in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. If youre still relying solely on vendor patches to protect your mission critical SAP assets, you could be putting your data at risk.

SAP announces new patches each month on Patch Tuesday.

Can I refer back to the chat session information at a later time? Which solutions are already supported by Built-In Support functionality?

See, uses a collection of interaction data to automatically train and improve the models, accelerates the process of finding relevant solutions by learning from past problems.

Rimini Street enables clients to save up to 90% on total software support costs and redirect those savings and resources to strategic, business-driven initiatives.

The Incident Solution Matching uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for improved results by learning from past incidents, so the more you use it, the more relevant it becomes. SAP Knowledge Base Article 2706322 - "What is Support What is Consulting: Cloud Solutions".

Choose the success experience that best fits your needs. What does the Join Chat Waiting Queue button mean? Yield more value from your cloud solutions and continuously improve business outcomes with a personal road map for everything from workflows to user experience to culture.

Shift Funds and Resources to Strategic Initiatives, Improve Application and Database Security, Rimini Street Announces Fiscal First Quarter 2022 Financial Results.

How does it improve my customer support experience?

View upcoming Schedule an Expert sessions, View completed Schedule an Expert sessions, If you still need help, and your issue is with, Connect with an SAP Support Engineer who's an expert, Get your issues resolved during a live support session, For more complex issues, follow-up is in an incident, Work closely with an SAP Support Engineer, Connect with an approved external expert via chat in real-time, Leverage an industry-experienced perspective, These channels should only be used for technical/functional issues with an SAP product, as described in, To help you choose the most appropriate channel, Quicker resolution compared to an average Low/Medium incident, Opportunity to screen share for a better understanding, Live, one-on-one 30 minute call with the SAP incident processor, Less ping pong and more efficient incident processing, Close/confirm your Schedule an Expert incident, Fill out the quick survey to let us know how we did, Real-time support from an SAP Product Support Expert, Quicker resolution as compared to an incident created in the Launchpad, The incident has been on priority high for at least 2 days after creation, A manager is available for scheduling via prompted calendar functionalities, If you are an on-premise customer, make sure your remote connection is open and provide specific, valid communication data. Phone: +91 80 6665 5555 Information and insights to help drive strategic IT and ERP roadmap decisions. As VAR-D support partners are mandated to provide 1stand 2ndline support, the use ofSchedule an Expertchannel has been made available, since May 2021, for existing incidents only.

Bengaluru- 560066 Shifting Left addresses those needs by using software delivery practices to move knowledge closer to customers.

Search for SAP Notes, SAP Knowledge Base Articles, SAP Community content and more. Extend the life and drive more value out of current ERP and database software. India

SAP Knowledge Base Article 83020 - "What is consulting - What is support?". Now you can drive innovation for SAP by optimizing your current roadmap strategy.

However, we recommend you start only one chat session per problem or question that you have. No additional cost is involved, as Built-In Support can be accessed free of charge for the solutions currently supported.

Natural language processing technology, combined with AI and machine learning technologies, allows Built-In Support to interpret the problem at hand quickly and efficiently, providing best-fit guidance tailored to the user's situation, creating a personalized experience. Managed business services: Select post-go-live services for managing your day-to-day operations. The incident application guides you to solve a technical product issue in real time, or reach SAP experts with relevant information through an AI-enabled framework. Based on the experience of thousands of other clients, Rimini Street offers independent application and roadmap guidance so clients can modernize and optimize ERP systems on a Business-Driven Roadmap, not the vendors. Derive insights with machine learning and embedded artificial intelligence.

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For SAP Ariba customers, cloud health is fully integrated into the existing support model providing benefit 24x7.

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(For German-speaking visitors, an overview of the most important support applications is also available in German.). SAP Passports are digital client certificates that assist you in securely navigating throughout SAP digital websites, without repeated prompting to log in.

In the e-book, youll learn: How can I access predictive & preventative support features or services?

For other inquiries, use the SAP Community Questions & Answers, or access other resources of the SAP ecosystem.

Rimini Street Global Security Services help facilitate application and database security, enabling organizations to take a holistic approach to security across the enterprise.

Search for knowledge base articles, SAP Notes, product documentation, forums and other Support information. Kolkata - 700016

How to embrace and implement your Shift Left strategy, More information about Rimini Street and its people, Adoption of third-party support for enterprise software is now mainstream.

Which languages are supported for Incident Solution Matching? * Looking for an update about an existing incident? Phone: +91 080 5139 9000, CallidusCloud India Limited

Optimize and automate processes with valuable insight. Through our success experiences, success extensions, and success services, we can help ensure your business vision and tech strategy are working as one to create the right results from the start and every day after.

Hack Wednesday is when hackers go on the attack assuming security teams havent implemented those patches. Schedule a Manager allows you to book a 15-minute call on your high priority incident with an SAP Product Support manager from the corresponding area, with a 2 hour lead time. Tailored trending data exposed at the customers point of need (currently Product Pages & SAP ONE Support Launchpad). Value, service, price, Learn why companies choose Rimini Street support services. IT skills and resourcing challenges In the end, its all about the people you have on your team, and we have a great team. Qualtrics customers can use the Qualtrics support website.

Adjust how we engage with you by choosing the success extensions you need to create the right experience and ensure your success in the cloud. Pure focus on independent, third-party support versus other IT or consulting services

Choose your country. Which features or services are already available?

For general inquiries please.


To help in the preparation of the session, make sure to provide: When applicable, make sure your remote connection is opened and system information is up-to-date.

Whether youre deploying something new, moving to the cloud, or transforming your business, discover how the newly reimagined portfolio of cloud success services empowers you to reach desired business outcomes. And ultra-responsive service means that clients are back in business sooner. India

Schedule an Expert is only available for products listed in the document: View product areas that currently offer Schedule an Expert. No, if the support engineer is unable to resolve your issue at the time, they will continue the incident submission process for you.

Comprehensive support services across ten Oracle ERP and database solutions, Comprehensive support services for SAP, trusted by hundreds of SAP customers, Resolution-focused Application Management Services for Salesforce, trusted by global brands. All rights reserved. What are the key benefits of Built-In Support?

All experts are currently helping other customers.

Once you have authenticated on theSAP ONE Support Launchpadand applied for an SAP Passport, SAP Trust Center issues your SAP Passport. Login with an existing SAP user ID or register a new profile. Watch a Launchpad demo to receive expert advice on how to get the most of your support. All support features will be transitioned from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me, adding more over time. Phone: +91 40 6830 0300, Vatika Towers, 4th Floor Maharashtra, India, Sybase, An SAP Company C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore - 560093

Phone: +91 22 6655 6888 / +91 22 3047 6888 Secure a quick, clear path to solving cross-company challenges and creating the results you need with targeted packages that include a specific scope, timeline, and cost. Implementing this transformational approach will become critical as organizations turn to technology as a main conduit for meeting customer expectationswithout losing the personal touch. Learn more on how to use SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP for Me, and their applications.

Can I use Incident Solution Matching for my internal incidents as well? It offers direct access to support content, tools, and channels of SAP's Product Support right at your fingertips - with no implementation efforts required. UK business technology publisher Computing surveyed organizations regarding their:

Trending content is currently available in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad (Incident Wizard) and Product Pages (currently for SAP HANA but expanding across all products over time).

SAP Training Shop is not currently supported on Internet Explorer. SAP Knowledge Base Article 83020- "What is consulting - What is support?

All success experiences prepare, guide, and engage you to help accelerate your start with SAP solutions and achieve lasting success. You will need to register for an account.

Find out how, in an informative thought leadership panel on SAP support services, featuring Constellation Research analyst Ray Wang, T-Mobiles Senior Director of Product andTechnology Erik LaValle, and Rimini Street SAP Support Services Leader Jennifer Perry.

MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, Fr deutschsprachige Besucher gibt es eine bersicht ber die wichtigsten Support-Anwendungen auch auf Deutsch.

Proactively and efficiently protect IT assets against known and unknown vulnerabilities and zero-day threats.

India Due to the temporary closure of training centers (c. Call or email our business support team for any of the following: Visit our support centre and create a ticket for any of the following.

, There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples lives. Has your ERP become complex, expensive, and labor-intensive? For a premium experience please use an alternative browser.

Schedule an Expert* is best forLow or Medium priorityissues: Scheduled appointments requirea minimum of48 hours noticeto allow engineers to prepare for the session.

Bengaluru- 560 103 We recommend that you do not schedule major go-lives or upgrades for these dates as applications like SAP Notes search, SAP incident form, system data administration, and others, may not be available.

Rimini Street was that partner.. See the FAQ below for more information on availability.

If the support engineer is not able to answer my question during the chat session, will I need to start the incident submission process again?

SeeSAP Knowledge Base Article 2213344for detailed steps on how to get started. Avoid getting stuck on a vendor-dictated roadmap that doesnt align with business strategy. No additional cost is involved, as predictive and preventative support can be accessed by SAP customers via S-user or universal ID free of charge for the solutions currently supported.

If your SAP solution is already supported by Built-In Support, simply access it through the Fiori Launchpad menu options. how it will change your support experience. If you need to modify your time zone while you are creating your Schedule an Expert session, you can click the Edit link next to Current Time zone in User Profileon the "4. Phone: +91 80 6829 2000, RMZ NXT, 2B/2C, Sonnenahalli Village Built-In Support functionality is currently provided with limited availability. Whether youre implementing a new solution, migrating a legacy solution to the cloud, or transforming your business, we are committed to helping you achieve your desired outcomes. Rimini Street offers vendor-agnostic planning and advice to help avoid the risk of lock-in to proprietary cloud models and maximize business value.

Incident Solution Matching is embedded in the incident creation form accessible via the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. STEP 1 - Logon & Redemption

Current selection is the, about creating communication centric experiences, about building a resilient and safer world, Choose your country.

Subscribe to status update notifications in case of downtimes or performance issues of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and associated applications. Chat may not be available for the component or product function you have selected in the incident form. Because the Incident Solution Matching automatically identifies and ranks solutions according to their semantic relevance based on incident data. We're working together to continually drive the successful business outcomes and value that matter most to you. Leverage the new platform to get a holistic view of your licenses, orders, consumption status, and perform self-services, e.g., cloud system provisioning. Not surprisingly, SAP seemingly wants you to follow its roadmap, timeline, and SAP strategy regardless of the impact on your companys innovation. Adapt to global change and technology disruption by rethinking business strategy and seizing new digital capabilities in the cloud.

Find more information about topics such as installations, upgrades, support packages, patches, databases, address directories, reference data and SAP Download Manager. Level 3, Tower I, Cybercity, Magarpatta

Solutions for implementing layered security to protect against zero-day attacks

We listened to your feedback, and are working to simplify and harmonize your support experience at SAP. Modernize customer engagement with data-driven experiences across the customer journey.

Certifications help validate the expertise and experience of, Will all courses be available as virtual events? Will SAP offer more support services based on artificial intelligence technology and machine learning in the future?

Rimini Street software support includes valuable services not typically included with standard vendor support programs, including support for customizations, interoperability, and performance tuning.

When working with SAP software, keys may be needed such as license keys, migration keys, developer and object (SSCR) keys, plus your own namespaces to modify it.

The Schedule a Manager button will appear in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, when the following conditions are met: Schedule a Manager is available for all SAP products. Mumbai - 400 051

If youre like most companies, your budgets are already stretched to the limit. hybris