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I was told this wasnt happening, that my files werent being deleted. I have to navigate myself through the file structure and mark files or folders for backup but hey, Im not backing up these files, I just want to upload them to the online storage. Though Ive contacted Support several times, Ive never received a satisfactory answer about why iDrive ties up my Internet access every night to back up files that were already backed up via your Express Disk Service. Although IDrive offers a linux backup script and you can use the web client to manage your backup, you might want to check out our list of the best cloud backup for Linux to find a service that offers a dedicated desktop client for the operating system. I first tried to troubleshoot it myself, thinking that maybe my firewall was the problem, but it persisted even with my firewall turned off, and I could not log in to my account from the website, which indicated that the problem was on the server-end. Kick them to the curb. I tried restore once, and it worked, albeit quite slowly. I purchased the software on 12/22/2019 and today is January 8, 2019. They are now threatening to put through a charge despite he fact that the credit card has expired. I will then store the drive off site in case of fire, theft or whatever. You can give different users access to different files and permissions as well as organize them into groups and copy the settings and access rights from there. Its never a matter of just updating files that are new or that have been changed since the last backup, its a FULL backup. You can choose to keep your encryption key private, preventing anyone but you from accessing your files. Here you can choose which files or folders to backup, monitor the progress of the backup and switch between backing up to your IDrive account or a local device. If you want to perform a non-scheduled backup, you can simply click the backup now button in the same tab., by dedicating almost of 1 hour of its resources, has made it quite clear that it will not refund my 149.99 annual subscription, but can I at least get a confirmation that my subscription will be cancelled and billing terminated on May 14, 2015?!? You can also turn on continuous data protection in the settings menu, which will keep files smaller than 500MB continuously backed up whenever changes are made to them locally. So I told them not to bother answering the rest, and NO SALE (I will take my business elsewhere). Sounded more like he was just defending a limitation of their design. For example, there would be a music album with 12 numerated songs in it which now had only 4: #s3, 6, 8 & 9, like in one of the pictures that Im attaching. Not only does IDrive offer excellent security, its also dedicated to user privacy. If youre looking for business backup, then IDrive offers some additional functionality beyond that of its personal plans. Something that really sets IDrive apart from most of its competition is the inclusion of what are normally considered cloud storage features. After using iDrive for about 2 months, I cant believe the positive reviews I read on sites like this are about the same product Im using. At that point I no longer felt like fighting them since 95% of the Word/PDF/etc files that I had there were also on my computers hard drive, and I also keep the music that I tend to listen to on my phone. iDrive is a terrible (criminal) company with deceptive and fraudulent billing practices. I contacted IDrive support and they says me I should run a Archive cleanup before restore my data, and so, all my deleted data (not present on my source PC) will be deleted on cloud. However, heres a quote from the iDrive review by cNet: IDrive is a universal online backup tool that lets you sync your files across Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android devices. They also write: Multiplatform: IDrive has a consistent experience across Windows and Mac clients, making it easy to jump between operating systems and keep your files.. New files or changes made to existing backed-up files are picked up within 15 minutes. I definitely will be exploring alternatives. Their Android Application is automatically uploading instantly new pictures to the cloud (Auto Camera Backup enabled). Well, you cant really delete your account, but I deleted all the files & made sure that the auto-renewal is NOT turned on. Also, one file can be transfer only by one thread, which is bad news if you have only one big file to backup. Avoid this company and their products. I probably could have recovered most of the files but the folder structure was gone so a undredthousand files ina single data dump folder would have been impossible to reassemble. As soon as they realize you are considering unsubscribing you are doomed; they do all they can to block you from leaving them. I purchased 1 TB for a year. These are: backup, restore, scheduler, sync, server backup and settings.. I simply created a new account and backed the Macs up to the new account. There were two major problems: I got a good deal on the pricing but that was where the good stopped. They responded telling me that I wasnt on the latest release and needed to upgrade before they could help me. I restored 1 TB of data and restored it on a wrong folder and the app backup the new data. Despite that client has seemed to receive all previous emails from, client cannot locate said email. ALSO NOTICE that iDrive is not compatible with NordVPN. I have had it for a few years and it has been nothing but trouble. Software that has limitations such as no de-duplication whatsoever and no ability to cap your uploads, combined with overage charges, make for a nice little scam. I received a notification that all my data was loaded, but the desktop app only shows me as using about 300 GB of data what about the other 700 GB? Servers can also be backed up with IDrive, and by entering the server backup section of the client, youll see a range of different options, including most popular server architectures, whether its VMware, Oracle or MS SQL. First I received a robocalls reply telling me how to speed up backups. No advise, suggestions, just that it worked on theirs. We did this and we got a Disk read error when the system was restored and rebooted. connection. The IDrive said that it was something on my end, something to do with incompatibility of their system with mine. All your data is protected with AES 256-bit encryption, as well as top-notch physical security to ensure the data centers are never compromised. I asked twice for an answer to my original question, but never got a reply. What is the total file size you are trying to restore. Obviously I dont have screen shots of crashes. The first time they replied with an off-topic rave about the quality of their encryption, completely ignoring the real question. But that turned out to be easier said than done because now the backup function wouldnt work properly and only do a backup to a certain point, like 40% and then stop and start looping over the same files. It also now contained less than 100GBs of data lol. This seems to be a common problem because the error immediately comes with a fix attached. The second was the conversion from Windows/PC to OSX/Mac. The restore app is not clear at all where the data will be restored. However, if the lack of unlimited and monthly plans is a deal breaker for you, head over to our list of the best online backup services to find some alternatives. Very slow upload speed (I have 1G fibre but it walked 1-2 M) and the experience to restore files failed after several attempts. Read our full IDrive review to see if it's for you. My backups and restores are completing on a regular basis (400+GB so far) and my restores have been 100%. These kind of practices should not be tolerated and we need to vote with our wallets its the only way theyll ever change. Access IDrive Web: Sign in to your IDrive web account to view and restore your files. After all, backups are only as good as your ability to restore. I dont know if it works with others, but with NordVPN iDrive says that all files are synced and backed up but that is a lie and you will notice later that your files actually werent synced or backed up. ERRORS I have nothing on E:\ drive i wanted backed u at the time of the above message. Horrible business practice. This conflicts with your review. If IDrive backs up everything it finds and claims it never removes it unless you do (via Archive/Periodic Cleanup or via their web interface) then it should always be there to reconnect when you do connect the right drive. 3 mobile phones (android) and 2 laptops. The restore speed is under 3 megabits and actually right now Im getting under 1 megabit. I have crashplan wich I found quite unreliable and whose client is quite complicated. They do offer refunds on a case by case basisbut apparently using 2 weeks of service but paying for 52 weeks is not a valid reason. It's useful as it deletes data from your account that no longer exists, Archive Cleanup considers 25% of files for deletion b. . But, that will remove deleted files from the entire backup archive. I called them to get the charge reversed and I got their Too bad, so sad reply because I did not close my account with them within the specified time frame. There are much better online backup services with much better support. It stopped working again and when I contacted customer support, they told me that I was not even registered as a client in their system. when backing them up into the cloud. The Business plan covers an unlimited number of devices and an unlimited number of users. Every backup starts with this file new. Guess what!? Suggestions like; However, speed and performance can change over time, and that was what we found when we redid our speed tests for IDrive. First sync works, but later you must be prepared for problems, for example: Preparing file list hangs when backup starts, the first thing the app does, it creates a file list for backup. Same answers always. It took about 3-4 days to fully download my backup. We went back and forth with a support agent who promised someone would call back within 24 hours. Since then its managed to upload approx 6000 of my 90,000+ files. After you send it back, IDrives technicians will load your data onto the cloud for you, typically within two to five days. It saved my butt when i put my drive int an NAS and the NAS formatted both drives. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Pricing Excellent but thats it. The phone and chat options are obviously the quickest. Or icon tooltips that give false information for few minutes after start. A single IDrive for Business subscription lets you backup unlimited computers. The first thing they asked for was a screen shot. which means it has 0 Security!. I think it is really a big cons to not be able to restore data like it was on my computer on a chosen date, without deleted stuff and without the need to run the archive cleanup. I didnt realize that it was not an incremental update and that files no longer on my HDD wouldnt be deleted. No one answers the phone number given in annual renewal reminder email. I had idrive for few years now and Id like to say one thing. Ill be giving BackBlaze a try now. However, any affiliate earnings do not affect how we review services. It is pretty much the same as everywhere: polite, but usually they know about the technical stuff less than you do. Go to 'Settings' > 'Archive Cleanup' IDrives privacy and security are airtight, too, which makes for a well-rounded product. My overage charge alone could pay for years of unlimited backup on other services. Alternatively, you can set up periodic automated cleanup.

Of course, that is if the program will even give you a file list. Although you can backup external drives, you cant view on your iPhone and I have not found a way to view on my iMac. I started an email thread with tech support. Everything else works as expected. I really disliked this wouldnt even launch when booting up the PC daily- had to be a manual start to get things going! IDrive also offers mobile apps on both Android and iOS, and unlike other services such as SpiderOak One Backup, these apps allow you to perform backups of your mobile device, rather than just acting as a management portal for your backed up desktop data. If there is a good cloud backup service for Mac, I would love to hear about it. The backups seem to be ok. What drives me insane though is being unable to delete the iDrive Daemon or even force quit it through the Activity Monitor. Despite that client has seemed to receive all previous emails from, client cannot locate said email. I signed up a year ago (March 2019) for the 5 TB personal plan using a 90% discount offer, which basically gave me a year to try out the service. Imagine that?! If youre interested in IDrives IaaS service, be sure to read our IDrive e2 review to learn more. IDrive does have some level of administrative security in that it will continue to back up if you log out of the desktop application, but Im not sure whether this is more than accidental. At their request, I installed yet another latest copy of the software a whopping seven times, without any change in functionality. I simply can NOT avoid writing about IDrive. Since I have been forced to pay for and remain subscribed to your service, I will continue to utilize in some capacity up and until May 14, 2015. To be fair, I did test restore that worked if (a big IF in my view) files/folders were visible / accessible in restore.

2. With the exception of two files everything is larger than 2GB which means that using the browser isnt an option for the remaining 95GB which I need to place in the cloud so that I can continue shooting. I am thoroughly frustrated and wonder if you resolved your issue somehow. Wrote a detailed report via email to their Support and will wait and see. Im moving to Dropbox. This means IDrive can double as both an online backup and cloud storage service (talk about a deal). Some technical designs are not the best. Consider the following situation: Suddenly, you need access to data which has long since been deleted from your computer. An upload that uses only half my bandwidth is terrible everything else uses it all (Vimeo/Hightail/YouTube/Dropbox and now my replacement service Zoolz runs at 34Mbps with great controls to max/balance upload speed). Alternatively, you can set up periodic automated cleanup by enablingPeriodic Cleanupby using the check box. In this scenario IDrive works fine. I accept that the price of a free account is to be urged to buy a paid version, but this company occupies so much screen space-hours that Im put off. And then, once you are their customer, fees increase dramatically. I could go on with other problems but you get the picture! IDrive offers disk image backup to protect your data from a hard drive crash. Thanks for your fine work reviewing all these services. My final email to iDrive Support: Please cancel my account and delete all backups. My hard drive has 1 T and I back up 680 G of content to iDrive from Asia. That helps you protect your business data against both unwanted edits and file corruptions. Because you can install application to 2 3 phones, and backup them simulatenously without getting any issue while all the devices perform backup. The negative comments about this company and app are correct.

Android devices get a little more love, as the Android client also lets you backup music files, text messages, your call history and any other miscellaneous files saved on the device. I called their support line after finding a hefty bill on my account and I was trying to play nice, but was getting nowhere and finally laid into the guy a bit. The former means that IDrive can transfer multiple files at once, greatly increasing transfer speeds at the expense of higher CPU load. then charged me for overage. Each phone, creates its OWN cloud folder, so when you login to iDrive, you will see Folders with according to their Devices name, so backup files never get shuffled with someone elses backed up photo/music. I have used iDrive for over 8 years. If you cant find what youre looking for there, the next step would be to contact IDrives support department directly. 1. Sadly, iDrive does break down on the private encryption key front. If what happened to me indicative of how IDrive safeguards everybodys data, I probably would up doing a much better job by just keeping their clients data in my basement! Client calls to request cancellation of policy and a refund of their $149.99 annual subscription. $500 dollars charged to my credit card for a 10 TB upgrade which I had not ordered ,while I was And of course the 90% off for a year. If I ever tried to use the full 5GB, well, who knows how long. You can also use the snapshots function to find files that were backed up before a certain date, and click view trash to find deleted items. The rep called and said that it was impossible because with the way their site programmed it wouldnt allow for such errors! Clicking backup or restore on one of these brings up the login dialogue for the server itself before starting the operation. I often times had to shut the app down to use the computer. This requires downloading the files from their cloud storage to a USB drive, then creating a USB boot flash drive and running the restore. I also had little confidence in the backups as the GUI gives so little info on what is happening and how long it will take. As much as I want to truly like IDrive, they do make it a challenge, don't they?But, it's been around a long time and the price is right. I went to my IDrive account and guess what? I cancelled renewal of my account immediately and will be looking into other backup solutions.

That said, if you really need a cloud backup service with unlimited storage, Carbonite is a solid choice. Now the kids no longer complain when a backup runs while they are playing; this used to be an issue with CrashPlan. IDrive is one of the best cloud backup services out there, offering a ton of backup features for a low price. Stay away. To check its connection speeds, we uploaded and downloaded a 5GB folder two times each and then averaged out the results. More than half the time it will sit there loading for a long time, then come up with nothing. ERROR MESSAGES Although always connected, the application always tells me my e:\ drive is not connected and thus an operation could not be performed. Plus, IDrive uses Snapshots, which provide a historical view of your files that let you easily perform point-in-time restores. b. Reiterates (Is reiterating something a third time called tri-iterates?) Strap in and read on for all the details in this IDrive review. Start IDrive: Start the IDrive desktop application. Since IDrives sole purpose was to store my data and to keep it safe, and IDrive didnt fulfill its part of the deal, I asked the company to reimburse me all the money that I paid IDrive since I signed up with the company (4-5 years or so). It crashes 2-3 times a day freezes and then the Win 10 crash screen where it does its memory dump and then reboots. So I figure just restart to start over and THAT WORKS. They make money on there so called overage charges. please stop making endless versions and variations of this software. Despite these failures, I keep using iDrive (my music is backed up to iCloud, and the backups eventually succeed after failing). My drive does not even have close to that Backup performance is OK for me. It may not offer unlimited storage, but the IDrive Personal plan provides more than enough online storage to tide you over. Very, Very frustratingly slow uploads. rchive/Periodic Cleanup is not supported for relative path. STAY AWAY from it!! With true archiving, all the data you backup is securely stored in your cloud account, enabling you to more easily recover from virus attacks, system crashes or natural disasters. I give them A+ for trying and D- for results. I got IDrive after reading this review article. There was NO supportI tried to get any help at all for 14 daysand I couldnt even find a way to cancel. ROUND ONE If you do, please pass this along. Right off the bat the one thing that really hurts this is the SLOWWW upload speeds. All simple enough. Also, it is important to note that metadata is not preserved with iDrive. I have a large VM disk that has never backed up to the end. Got your attention? Have had it running for over 4 days (and only paused it occasionally) and it has only transferred 520 GB. The Archive Cleanup feature compares the local data in the backup set selected for cleanup with your account files, and permanently deletes data from your account that no longer exists on your QNAP device. I do not expect the restores to work, I do have more than 6$ to spend on giving the first restore attempt a chance. The information was not in any of the logs I had access to, but I assumed that such information was gathered and kept somewhere.

IDrive features excellent security with strong encryption. When I have contacted support with an observation, I have always received an automated acknowledgement email with my ticket number and they then return to me with their helpful response within a few days. Today (1/2/2020) there were enough problems with their software and the shoddy tech support that I finally gave up and uninstalled the IDrive software app from my MacBook Pro. I tested restoration with random files from random folders and it worked just fine. What?! It seems they point out point releases VERY frequently. Like theyd consider it, but if I were running a backup service these are things that would work as they should. IDrives web client is similar to the desktop interface, and you have to enter your private encryption key whenever you want to access it. PROS: Fast to the draw! All appears really good with IDrive until you have disk crash and want to recover the backed up flies. Now in their defence, customer support has always got my back-ups running again but it is only a matter of time before there are problems again. This can be bad news given that the data centers are located in the U.S., a country infamous for its poor digital privacy laws and willingness to implement dodgy programs and acts, such as the Patriot Act or PRISM. Show progress: You can view the progress of the scheduled backup job. I sugned up to idrive two days ago and while idrive is ru ning on my mac or s7 my entire network crashes. Their application can be a bit tricky that requires some time to learn how it really works. Just signed up with IDrive and began configuring my backup sets. On top of that, IDrive, unlike many other backup services, doesnt delete data from your backup, even if you delete it from your device. My only regret about iDrive is that I didnt see these user reviews before I purchased.

I switched to iDrive on May 31, 2019 and it has been an absolute nightmare since then. 4. Plus, you can backup as many external hard drives and NAS storage devices as you want (consult our what is NAS guide if youre unfamiliar with them). The downside is that at the end of the year, my account gets kicked up to full price and they say I cannot use my .edu email address to get the education 50% discount at that time. In fact, IDrive operates under two brands: IBackup and IDrive. Automatically IDrive will scan all the backup set files/folders in your account and generate a list ofdata to be deleted from your account. They will not cancel unless I give them the new credit card information.

So if after 15day of a free trial and on day 16 you decide to upgrade for more space but it doesnt work. Doing a restore with iDrive can create one huge mess. Also, those scripts hangs very often and the result is that in webui you see that your device is offline. The main screen of the app provides an overview of all the photos that you have yet to backup to the cloud, as well as a backup button to quickly transfer them to your IDrive online storage space. So simply, i had a video file on iDrive cloud, and when i was trying to play it, the video through copying Video Source link, i could play the video (during being as logged in). The only lack is no support for linux and mobile phones. Then it started backing up my computer and things got ugly. The legacy version had worked in this environment for years. Another guy stops processes and that works. Select the required percentage for cleanup, and click. When I escalated it, the answer I finally got was that it was implemented this way by design and not likely to be changed because an external drive, if swapped, would create problems within IDrive. I would like to test Idrive, and test their client. I will be taking this matter through the English and European courts. [ 08-18-2021 08:10:43 ] Deleted item \Work\2020\gameclub 2\sessions\01\instructional video\eula.odt Unfortunately restoring fails every time. One guy looks at services and restarts stuff, then reinstalls. It then deletes the files present in your account but not on your Asustor NAS device. To IDrives credit it didnt charge me for it. Although you can set your own security key, you have to provide it to them over the web. I havent experienced any crashes and my files are backed correctly. Select the required percentage for cleanup, and click. However, the most amazing part of iDrive is, its the best you can have for Smartphone users to backup your files. Add yet Another one star review to their Evergrowing one star review List. Well break all of this down as we move through each section of the review, so keep reading if this sounds like a service youd be interested in. The most important one is the ability to create multiple user accounts for one plan. It is very unreliable. I just cancelled my 1TB IDrive account after horror of the experience. I asked the guy if he read all the T&Cs in every online service he signed up for he said that he didnt but I had to abide by them. idrive kommandotech