do i need both gallery and google photos

I don't care about this part. Nexus 5 (AT&T). Makes everything look real nice. They are trying to drive adoption of Google+ by tying it to pretty basic functionality in other aspects of their ecosystem. Problem solved. If I use Photos then all my camera shots will get uploaded which is a real pain. I use scene. Google Photos is accessible everywhere mobile, desktop and web. It adds a social layer and allows for one click registration in many apps and services. Google Photos is a gallery app that also bundles unlimited storage and aims to let you free up some space on your phone. There's also the Backup and Sync app, which automatically backs up photos from your computer and even any camera you attach to it. Again, the simplest thing is to download the photos from Google Photos and manually upload them to Google Drive. The same happens for the folders that are not backed up on Google Photos they are stored on your phones. Google Photos offers two upload options: Original quality and High quality. If you want to upload them in original quality, then the storage space they occupy will be counted against the overall Google account storage. The latter, which enables all of these services, is Google+ Sign in. I disabled Google+ because I did not want to use it. It solves the problem of ever-growing, impossible-to-organize photo collections. I really like the highlights reel. The gallery whatever version same on your device, almost every OEM has their own may not be an app that's exactly cutting edge, but for most users, we're just looking for a simple app that shows our pictures and allows us to copy/paste/delete them without much trouble.

First and foremost, Photos is a simple and quite possibly free way to easily back up the photos on your phone at least for now.

That's not terrible quality: you won't notice the resolution change on your phone, and Google claims you can print High quality photos up to 24x16 inches. Which policies are you referring to? Now Samsung's gallery app is very simple and extremely useful. Ever since the Moto X 2014 got the material design update in their gallery I use that method for photos and videos. Is it the nudging of users to the service that bugs you? Posted via the AC App with my jacked up GT-P3113. While both programs are nice, I tend to use Gallery more than I use Google Photos. I just use the Gallery that came with my LG G3. They are far less shady about their practices than facebook who use their users photos in ads without consent. This is worth doing when considering Google Photos, because photos and videos uploaded to Google Drive count against your Google storage limits. You can also sort photos into albums, if you want, and share those albums with other Google Photos users. By There are far too many folders, considering there's one for each Hangouts conversation that includes picture and each time you uploaded multiple photos. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). The icons are identical. I have used Quickpic for 2 years and never looked back! Posted via the Android Central App. Google Photos offers free storage, as long as you're willing to compress your files. Ever since I started using Google+ Photos, its the only thing I will use. A waste of time & space. You get Cortana who might as well have the last name Bing. Posted via the Android Central App. Apple does not have any such restrictions on leaving feedback. I like to use the motorola gallery because it runs a little snappier than photos. 2. As of 2017, over 34.7 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. So far very satisfied with the experience.

Until you actually STOP using anything Google and switch to Apple so they can shove their services down your throat shut up. Hangouts and Photos are to be an independent product and Google+ Sign in is also being spun off. I want as little to do with Google+ as possible. The gallery apps, on the contrary, lack the extra features, but they offer amazing organization and user interface for device folders. Google Photos is for backing up and searching a growing photo collection, and it's probably most useful for personal use. It is actually really convenient. Wix vs. Weebly: How to choose a website OneDrive vs. Google Drive: Which cloud storage option is best for you? That's it. There's also facial recognition, for humans and dogs alike. It's drop dead simple, and that's the point. Here's what happens when I search .css-1biybau-CODE{color:#666;background-color:#f2f2f2;padding:0.3em;}stairs. Both work great, but in my opinion, they have specific uses: Google Drive is for quickly sharing a folder of photos, particularly in a work context. Sorry, bad typo - should be THEIR but my phone decided to change the spelling (really) and then when I tried to edit my comment I couldn't (AC glitch?). Again, who cares. QuickPic has really come a very long way and thoroughly recommend it. Gallery is disabled. Google Drive integrates with Zapier, which means you can do things like automatically save photo attachments you receive in Gmail to Google Drive or get new Slack notifications whenever someone adds a photo to your Google Drive. It also happens to be an image-sharing tool to easily share photos with others. I use both Photos and QuickPic but these days I spend more time in QuickPic as it has Cloud integration. Whats the fun of taking pictures when you cannot share them with others? It is more of a hybrid of Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin using circles to manage which content is seen by whom. You have every right to use Android without creating a Google account at all. It had a year's view like iOS photos! Use the automatic backup in Photos, and maybe the editing if your Gallery doesn't have any, but use Gallery for your on-device photo sorting and searching. Ok, I'll step off my soap box. Posted via the Android Central App. It appears, to me, that I am seeing different photos in the two apps, when I try to share a photo on a social media site often I find that the photo isn't in the one that talks to the social media site, and one of the two apps shows collections of photos that I took but nothing in the collection is viewable - even though just a while ago. Photos backup is nice because it ties in with my Drive storage. I don't want my friends and family to find me there. When you launch Simple Gallery, it directly shows you the albums. Step 2: Open Google Photos, and drag the folder there. Google Play Games is a social service, it makes sense that it be connected to a centralized social platform. That is really what you think? Launched in 2015 as a part of Google+, it later became a standalone cross-platform tool knocking off Googles Picasa service. Thank you for signing up to Android Central. Posted via the Android Central App. Being there, passively, serves as a bait to others. You can use this to search for holiday pictures of your favorite dog. I know I'll be flamed by the "fans" but, I don't care; this site is getting repetitive, and I unfortunately find myself coming here less and less. Google+ photos takes a bit of time to figure out. Otherwise, I just go ahead and use the Gallery app. You can also do some basic photo editing. 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And on OnePlus handsets, you get a dedicated gallery app, What's the Difference Between Offload and Delete App in iOS, Before Apple's iOS 11 was available, the only way to remove an app from your iPhone or iPad was to delete it. That just means you can install whatever gallery suits your taste, like QuickPic (opens in new tab). Google Photos has the edge over others when it comes to search. I don't think you fully understand what Google+ is.

Posted via the Android Central App, I have a nexus 5. However, I find Google's relentlessness VERY offputting, and I don't think they should get a pass just because they don't charge you to use their products. You can define the conditions as to which files you want to share. Nothing about what they did to the Play Store review process is logical. They made a fantastic social network but it's up to you to use it. I'm not a big photography person so I don't think I need to use anything more substantial than that. You can customize the interface and organize the files in many ways. You will receive a verification email shortly. Integrating Skype into all their products as well. Google Photos is all about organizing a massive photo collection. I'm rather frustrated with the photo software on my Galaxy S4 right now. I have a moto e running KitKat. Someone please correct me if this has changed. Yeah. Google has shipped Google+ Photos as the only gallery app on Nexus phones, but for the most part your phone still comes with both Photos (opens in new tab) and a gallery app from your manufacturer. And the best part, the algorithms use facial recognition and other methods for identifying the contents of a photo to add relevant metatags.

The files will be bundled in a ZIP folder, which you can open on your computer. It is used primarily for quick news to the public and a potential RSS replacement. Even though the Photos app does its overall job well, it falls short when it comes to device folders. Furthermore, you can also share your entire library with someone special. It is not enough having a spine if you don't show it." I may do this myself, but I'm not taking as many pics as I thought. But, thats not the case. But after looking into it, it turns out these services are pretty different. Posted via Android Central App, Quckpic all the way, no app can beat its lighting fast loading times and unbloated clean material interface Posted via the Android Central App on the 2nd Gen. Moto X. Looking for a cloud storage service? Is there any way to backup your gallery photos remotely if your phone is locked?! This app should be mentioned here too. Works ok for me. Plus there are a variety of organizational views and options. FAR more than the extremely limited "gallery" or "photos". Thanks for the Quickpic tip. The usual gallery apps do not provide such features. I just use it (well, am forced to use it) to put some photos for Chromecast. "F-Stop" is the best I've found and in my opinion definitely better than "QuickPic". Posted via the Android Central App. She has been writing about technology for many years and her favorite verticals include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, and web apps. If I'm in an area with a strong cell phone signal, I'll use Google Photos. I use google Photos for uploads and Sony Album for everything else. It is very fast on EVERY device I have ever used it on. While each gallery app offers unique features, the inherent function remains the same. Posted via the Android Central App on the 2nd Gen. Moto X. I generally use Sony's Album app and then QuickPic when necessary. Posted via the Android Central App. When deleting photos off your device but not deleting them everywhere, you have to remember to switch to the On device folder that is hiding at the bottom of the slide-out hamburger menu rather than trying to do it in the All photos folder you started in. Meanwhile you HAVE and USE all the Google services you love to bitch about so much. For instance, photos and videos are limited to 16MP and 1080p respectively. I don't like software thinking I can't organize my stuff I really like Samsung's gallery app and the way it let's you organize things. If that happens, its goodbye to gallery apps from my side. Photos def for backup. Step 1: Select the files you want to transfer in Google Drive, click the three dots in the top menu bar, then click Download. I wish Google would focus a little bit more on device folders in Google Photos. Microsoft peddles their services the same if not more than Google. The drive website says, "Photos bigger than 2048x2048 pixels use your storage. The gallery app is a simple tool to view, manage, and organize images and videos on your Android phone. The Camera HAS to the uploaded (why, I do not know), but you can turn on and off any other ones you want. You don't have to use any of the services that accompany the creation of your Google account. Does this violate your ethics? No other app has an integrated augmented reality view, diary, gps tracker and it supports photo captions, streams my videos from Dropbox, supports network drives etc. Some third-party gallery apps such as QuickPic also provide limited cloud storage facility. That's pretty much what Google is doing with Google+, except of course they own Google+. Gallery because its quick and easy; crop and rotate are only a few clicks away. About automatically having a Plus account. Photos and Gallery, living together in harmony. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. Without further ado, lets understand the difference between Google Photos and gallery apps on Android. Wubba lubba dub dub! Posted via the Android Central App on the 2nd Gen. Moto X, +1,000,000,000 I wish Google hadn't gotten rid of the Gallery app to try to force us to just use Photos when I used both.. This is why I don't use Photos for cloud sync. How is this any different? The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. Not only it adds a host of features on top, Google Photos vs OnePlus Gallery: What's the Difference, Google Photos is the only gallery app that comes pre-loaded on smartphones running stock Android. And they spoke about apps while discussing mobile, Huawei Gallery vs Google Photos: Which Is Better at, The gallery apps today offer features that go beyond organizing photos and videos. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 2022 Guiding Tech. It's a great way to quickly share folders full of photos with coworkers or anyone else you know who uses Google Drive. Any editing I use Pixlr A lot of my relatives rejected Twitter because they couldn't find any friend or relative there" You can search for photos by typing more natural or descriptive terms. QuickPic's awesome. Having an account without using it (passive) shows the wrong message to family and friends. I use both. OneDrive vs. Google Drive: Which cloud Shopify vs. Squarespace: Which website builder is for you? F**k Google's coercive social integration. The only thing lacking with Samsung's gallery app is a trash can.

I also had the "contacts" bug, and finally tracked it down to Google+ and Hangouts/SMS integration. As far as backup, Google+ is the way to go. Posted via the Android Central App, Haha They ram Bing down your throat at every opportunity. Of many apps, youll notice that your phone carries more than one a gallery app for photos. Future US, Inc. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, There was a problem. I hope Cyanogen will update their GalleryNext app. There's no countervailing force, so they just keep going. You can sync photos and videos from your phone and/or computer, view them in a timeline organized by date, sort them into albums, and even search the photos themselves. I'm also a fan of A+ Gallery, strange it's not in the list but it beats all the apps listed here. It's not that I don't like Photos it's just I don't like them forcing it down our throats. Looks like I'm the only one who uses only Photos. Can it get any worse? If you see her without headphones, RUN. If you make a change to a file on any device, it will be reflected across all the shared devices. Better than some of the other gallery apps that I have used, no adverts so far. The more places I can stash them the better Open any photo in Google Drive, and you'll see a few optionsbut not many. No. They provide a perfect interface for viewing and managing files. Be sure to delete the files from Google Drive when you're done or they'll be taking up space in both services. Don't write a review. Want to move some folders from Google Drive over to Google Photos? Evidently lacking ethics is a prerequisite for being a top decision-maker at these corporations. With Windows 10, Microsoft decided everything you do on you computer is THEIE business. I like it quite a bit (Material Design lingo all over). "Google is coercing people to have a Plus account so that relatives and friends can find you there. " He loves technology, people, and nature, not necessarily in that order. Step 3: Drag the photos from your computer to the Google Drive window. Perhaps you are doing something wrong then? Contacts? You can open images in third-party apps and edit them there, but there's no built-in way to edit images. They seem to be getting worse, not better, from my perspective. Those are the basics, but there's a bit more to it than that. This also applies to a variety of third party apps because it is convenient. You want them to ask why you are not there, so that you can explain why they shouldn't either. You want something to be done on your mobile, and someone has probably built an, Difference Between an App and a Program in Windows 10: GT, Back in the day, people used to talk about programs while discussing desktop operating systems like Windows. I also don't allow auto upload of photos. You also don't need to explain anything to your friends, just set the profile to private and don't add any friends. It had a useful video trimmer tool that I used often. Posted via the Android Central App using Chickens. Media uploaded using the Original quality option count against your Google storage, same as any other file. I also use the Cyanogen Gallery application which is a very nice application for photos with gif support. Twitter isn't really used to connect with family and friends, not its intended purpose. go to the on-device folder and tap the cloud icon next to each folder's name. Installed on my N7 2012 after Lollipop eliminated Gallery and left me with Photos. Are you really convinced of this? Posted via the Android Central App, ^This! Totally agree with the article. Contrary to what the "Tin foil" callers think. New York, Gallery apps are exclusive to Android devices. is there a way to download gallery to N6. That seems like one too manyat least, it did to me. They know that I stand for I believe, and boycott those services that I don't agree with. God forbid a company try to encourage their users to use a new service they provide.that never happens For managing my photos on device I use the Motorola Gallery app. "I was similarly critical of Microsoft in the past. In addition to all of that, my laptop syncs photos to picasa - and that doesn't seem to be where either of these apps are going. It depends. I wished they had an app that was like iOS's photos that sorted photos in a "year" view Come on dude. Best cheap Chromebook deals and prices: July 2022, Stray for PS5 review: The game that'll make you want a cat, Best Prime Day deals 2022: live highlights of items still enjoying the summer sale's afterparty, Beyerdynamic Free Byrd review: Ready to soar, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 announcement dates have apparently leaked. You also get additional features such as Google Lens and Assistant integration. Posted via Android Central App on 1+1, That's what I don't like about iOS. I prefer the classic Google gallery for some organization. The consistency between Photos on Android and web has also made it easy for Google+ users to find their way around no matter which platform they're on. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. It's not going to replace Photoshop, granted, but it's great for quick touches on your personal photo collection. I used to use quickpic but I didn't like the way it organized things and it wasn't quick at all. May be you can help this person, who is asking how to use Google Play Games without a Plus account: You automatically have a Google+ plus account just by having a Google account in general though. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5, Quickpic all the way (save for the Photos backup), It is the best on android but I still miss iOS gallery. However, Photos isn't exactly an app without faults. Set your Photos app to only upload when you charge your phone. It is actually quite clever. The entire process on their platform/in their app store and leaps and bounds superior to what Google has going on, and Google+ is the main reason for it. I found its easier to go on a computer and organize Google+ photos. Step 2: Head to Google Drive and create a folder for the images (assuming you want a dedicated folder). There are two very distinct services bundled under that naming convention.