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They say that the public sector is enjoying the advantages but the private sectors taking the knocks; and at the same time maintaining those in the public sector on better pay and pensions than they themselves enjoy. To vote for those without integrity is to lean on a weak wall. And finally, this piece of circular reasoning: Without a healthy economy we cant have a healthy society. There is much we can learn from disassembling the defining speeches of those who we disagree with the most. The mind and motivation of an/the Iron Lady are hard to capture. And today that dream is over. I would add that those who seek to govern must in turn be willing to allow their hearts and minds to lie open to the people. We have acted where our predecessors dithered. The State drains society not only of its wealth but of initiative, of energy, the will to improve and innovate, as well as to preserve what is best. Thats very important to our people too. A nation can be free but it wont stay free for long if it has no friends and no alliances. A specialist consultancy providing bespoke advice and creative solutions for complex cultural, ethical, and religious issues in contemporary geopolitics. No policy which puts at risk the defeat of inflation, however great its short term attraction, can be right. Company Number 07300321.

They want to be allowed to bring up their children in these beliefs without the fear that their efforts will be daily frustrated in the name of "progress" or "free expression." Here is the quote with a little bit more context: To those waiting with baited breath for that favourite media catchphrase the U-turn, I have only one thing to say: You turn if you want to: The ladys not for turning. Despite this, the perceived professional (or personal) damage of being weak outweighs for many the historically stronger virtues of humility and prudence, viz. Indeed its no coincidence that those countries of which I spoke earlier, which have had lower rates of inflation, have also had lower levels of unemployment. 1945). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Leave your name and email to get your copy of the I suppose it might. The lady's not for turning!' Factoring in (inevitable) human flaws in leaders and lead is surely only fair. As Fry says of the play, the characters press on to the theme all their divisions and perplexities. Of course our vision and our aims go far beyond the complex arguments of economics, but unless we get the economy right we shall deny our people the opportunity to share that vision and to see beyond the narrow horizons of economic necessity. And the workers of Poland in their millions have signaled their determination to participate in the shaping of their destiny. Before I begin let me get one point out of the way. In fact, the guards today are better armed and the walls are no lower. Mr. Chairman, the last government was well aware that Britains budget contribution was grossly unfair. Yet it was an essential condition for the recovery of much of continental Europe. Messages that suggest otherwise are palpably crazy. There is little emotional connection attempted and even less demonstration of her own emotion. But iron can crush, decisiveness be destructive.

For whom does the bell toll? Let me make it clear beyond doubt: Im profoundly concerned about unemployment. Yes, the exercise of power is a concomitant of leadership and government, but power is always a trust not a right. But I prefer to believe that certain lessons have been learned from experience, that we are coming slowly, painfully to an autumn of understanding. This government is determined to stay with the policy and see it through to its conclusion and that -- and that is what marks this Administration as one of the truly radical ministries of post-war Britain. And you can recall that there are now nearly twenty-five million people in jobs compared with only about eighteen million in the 1930s. They have also lacked for exemplary leaders who have known and shown the difference between wise accommodation (to criticism and culture) and foolish accession (to fads, whims and the need to be popular). It is considered a defining speech in Thatcher's political development,[1] becoming something of a Thatcherite motto. With each day it becomes clearer that in the wider world we face darkening horizons, and the war between Iran and Iraq is the latest symptom of a deeper malady. But behind those walls the human spirit is unvanquished. In a world of corrupted news (see Weekly Briefing, 5 October 2020) speech writers have a vital role. 1987), and an Indian Iron Lady of Manipur, Irom Chanu Sharmila (b. Third, Ronald Millars brilliant one-liner is a reminder of the power (and importance) of effective communication. Joy returns and the foul taste of a febrile judiciary lingers. And thats why we point out that every time high-wage settlements in nationalized monopolies lead to higher charges for telephones, electricity, coal, and water. They failed to do anything about it. If there was a magic button I would push it. Mother Teresa (1910-97) can do much good. You can add that today many more married women go out to work.

Or that there is some obscure economic religion which demands this level of unemployment as part of its grizzly ritual? In the first seventeen months this government has laid the foundations for recovery. Yet it was Mr. Kosygin who said "No peace loving country, no person of integrity should remain indifferent when an aggressor holds human life and world opinion in insolent contempt." I am, however, very fortunate in having a marvelous deputy whos wonderful in all places at all times in all things: Willie Whitelaw. Her position was clear, The ladys not for turning. To some, this was the height of arrogance and cruelty, to others, the defining moment in an extraordinary leaders career. And we, for our part under Francis Pym's brilliant leadership, have chosen a defense policy which potential foes will respect. [6][7] Millar had intended the "you turn if you want to" line, which preceded it, to be the most popular, and it received an ovation itself, but it was "the lady's not for turning" that received the headlines. But, I am well aware that the mere mention Margaret Thatchers name can provoke strong reactions among many. It used to be said, When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Twenty-first century culture is raising global leaders (and followers) more ready to believe: The goings tough so get tougher. What an unpleasant, violent, competitive, fractious world it makes.

For when the State grows too powerful, people feel that they count for less and less. Modern leadership has learned much from Thatcher about messaging. To these, Millars parody of Fry also applies: These Ladys not for turning with their Thatcher-like single-mindedness and charisma. In the event, their (strikingly philosophical) conversation in Act II is anything but a confession of guilt! The purpose of this analysis is to explore Thatchers style and technique, rather than comment on her ideology per se. In this series we will examine one notable speech per week. I say that not only to you but to our friends overseas and also to those who are not our friends. Leave your name and email to get your copy of the And we shall not fail. [6] At the time, Thatcher was already being referred to as the "Iron Lady". Our great enterprises are now free to seek opportunities overseas, and this well help to secure our living standards long after North Sea oil has run out.

The Polish workers have shown that its the Communist system that is in crisis. And that in turn deprives the private sector of the orders it needs, especially some of those industries in the hard pressed regions. And we actually like one another. The Left continues to refer with relish to the death of Capitalism. She mentions her deputy Willie Whitelaw and the budget created by Geoffrey Howe. Indeed, most of the speech is about arguing for and defending the course of action she has established. Does anyone imagine that there is the smallest political gain in letting this level of unemployment continue?

Mr. Chairman, thats not the way I see it. Oxford House Research is a trading name of Oxford House Research Limited. We showed over Rhodesia that the whole marks of Tory policy are, as they always have been, realism and resolve. Jim Prior has carried all these measures through with the support of the vast majority of trade union members. If you would like to contribute to the series by suggesting a speech, please send us a message via themojologicwebsite. For all its hidden pathos, Frys play does not reflect the dark despair of Prison Wall fiction. Thatcher uses this as an opportunity to retort; Never mind its wet outside. I suppose it might. But we shall also be reminding the other participants in Madrid that the Helsinki Accord was supposed to promote the freer movement of people and ideas. Nevertheless -- Nevertheless --, [Protester interrupts Thatcher from the House floor."Power to the workersTories out."]. Ultimate Guide to Presentation Preparation. In a strange combination of rhetoric and refutation, Thatcher delivers this statement in response to her critics: If I could press a button and genuinely solve the unemployment problem do you think that I would not press that button this instant? Now I know, Mr. Chairman, that theres another real worry affecting many of our people. If it isnt we shall not be diverted from our course. The hopes of the Mayor and his amorous off-spring are dashed. There is to most of us a fine line between (acceptably) strong leadership and (unacceptably) pig-headed self-confidence. Mr. Chairman, but it isnt the State that creates a healthy society. In the last twelve months Geoffrey has abolished exchange controls over which British governments have dithered for decades. We agree. Their only question to me is this: "Has Britain the courage and resolve to sustain the discipline for long enough to break through to success?". The prospect of another winter of discontent? The irresponsibility of the Left on defense increases as the dangers which we face loom larger. And I say that not only to you but to our friends overseas as well, and also to those who are not our friends. Yes, but let us be clear what we mean by that. I believe well show the wisdom and you may be certain that well show the resolution. And by the same token an individual needs to be part of a community and to feel that he is part of it. I was accused of scare-mongering but events have more than enough justified my words. There have been other Iron Ladies over the centuries. People yearn to be able to rely on some generally accepted standards. Without them, you havent got a society at all; you have purposeless anarchy. We intend to maintain and, where possible, to improve our conventional forces so as to pull our weight in the alliance. And thats the message that we shall be delivering loud and clear at the meetings of the European Security Conference in Madrid in the weeks immediately ahead. Independence doesnt mean contracting out of all relationships with others. They wanted to buy. The restoration of Britains place in the world and of the West's confidence in its own destiny are two aspects of the same process. If we were to fail, that freedom could be imperiled. Links to external content do not constitute support for views contained therein. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). The three central characters are Mr. Tyson the inept town Mayor, who responds with depressing regularity to complaints, It will be looked into all in good time; Thomas Mendip, a world weary ex-soldier, who tries to persuade an uninterested Tyson that he has killed a wastrel ragamuffin, Skipps, so he can get himself hanged for murder; and, a beguiling beauty, Jennet Jourdemayne, who has been accused of witchcraft by nasty neighbours and looks to Tyson for protection. Rather it seems to me that throughout my life in politics our ambitions have steadily shrunk; and our response to disappointment hasnt been to lengthen our stride but to shorten the distance to be covered. Perhaps, in analysing this speech alone, you would observe a missed opportunity. Mr. Chairman, this government is pursuing the only policy which gives any hope of bringing our people back to real and lasting employment. The British government intends to stand by both these great institutions: the Community and NATO. 12). The prospect of another winter of discontent? And you -- and perhaps they -- will be looking to me this afternoon for an indication of how the government sees the task before us and why were tackling it the way we are. I dont care about that, but I do care about the future of free enterprise: the jobs and exports it provides and the independence it brings to our people. In other words, those who are not for turning hurtle over cliffs, dig deeper holes of debt, destroy love that a little flexibility might save. It existed long before Sterling M3 embellished the Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin or monetarism became a convenient term of political invective. Now weve made these points repeatedly. A play onThe Ladys Not for Burning, a 1948 play by Christopher Fry about a witchcraft trial.

Indeed, that's what family life is all about. [2], The phrase made reference to Thatcher's refusal to perform a "U-turn" in response to opposition to her liberalisation of the economy, which some commentators as well as her predecessor as Conservative leader (Ted Heath) had urged,[3] mainly because unemployment had risen to 2 million by the autumn of 1980 from 1.5 million the previous year and the economy was in recession,[4] exceeding 3 million by the time the recession ended in 1982.[5]. Unless detente is pursued by both sides, it can be pursued by neither -- and its a delusion to suppose otherwise. Many of them could afford to buy. And here may I pay tribute to Lord Carrington. Weve resolved the difficulties of New Zealands land trade with the Community in a way which protects the interests of the farmers in New Zealand while giving our own farmers and our own housewives an excellent deal -- and Peter Walker deserves to be congratulated on his success. Power is a complex compound. We will come to appreciate the craft of eloquence guarding against silver-tongued miscreants whilst gradually building our own expressive capability. But for all the time that Ive been in public affairs that has been beyond the reach of so many who were denied the right to the most basic ownership of all -- the homes in which they live. And I hope it will be followed by a winter of common sense. We're -- We are requiring, with the cooperation of the United States government, the Trident missile system. How wrong she was! As you know weve made the first crucial changes in trade union law to remove the worst abuses of the closed shop, to restrict picketing to the place of work of the parties in dispute, and to encourage secret ballots. But our aim is to let people feel that they count for more and more. Keith Joseph, David Howell, John Nott, and Norman Fowler have begun to break down the monopoly powers of nationalization. The monopoly of the Post Office and British Telecommunications is being diminished. There are many things to be done to set this nation on the road to recovery, and I dont mean economic recovery alone, but a new independence of spirit and a zest for achievement. The ladys not for turning. Sentences that were hailed at the time by supporters as classic symbols of masterful leadership are now synonymous with the essence of Thatcherite conservatism, i.e. We negotiated a satisfactory arrangement which will give us and our partners time to tackle the underlying issues. Leaders are wise to listen, most electors would say; after all, Two heads are better than one and Plans are refined by discussion and criticism. As if to underline the wisdom of circumspection, the Old Testament Book of Proverbs twice cautions against blindly bashing on: The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty (22.3, 27. Apparently, the literary allusion passed Thatcher by when first proposed by Millar: the political potential of the words did not. Which then leads to conclusions such that voiced below and its profound implications on policy. But Mr. Chairman all this will avail as little unless we achieve our prime economic objective: the defeat of inflation. They have lacked skilled scriptwriters to head off media prejudice and neutralise negative coverage. At our Party conference last year I said that the task on which the government was engaged -- to change the national attitude of mind -- was the most challenging to face any British Administration since the war. The views and opinions expressed on this site and in related material are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of Oxford House Research. In highlighting the successes of the party, Thatcher is diligent in mentioning those involved by name. Absurdly, Tyson, who has designs on Jennet for his sons, imprisons Mendip and Jennet together, hoping to overhear an incriminating confession. We cant blame them; its always better where the Tories are. These articles will consider matters of content and style to uncover the secrets of oratorical success. If you have to tell people you are, you arent(!). Weve no wish to seek a free ride at the expense of our allies; well play our full part. Then Michale Heseltine, Anthony Eden, Lord Carrington and the list goes on. The issue is: To what ends does strong leadership tend? Leadership is assayed by character, not by achievement. You can point out -- and its quite legitimate to do so -- that two million today doesnt mean what it meant in the 30s; that the percentage of unemployment is much less now that it was then. Michael Heseltine has given to millions -- yes, millions -- of council tenants a right to buy their own homes. Second, leaders may begin well but end badly, they may begin wise but end foolish. To whip up support among her own party and knock back her opponents. When Im asked for a detailed forecast of what will happen in the coming months or years, I remember Sam Goldwyns advice: "Never prophesy, especially about the future." This afternoon Ive tried to set before you some of my most deeply held convictions and beliefs. Speeches are used by leaders, revolutionaries and evangelists to persuade people to think differently, to feel something new and to behave in remarkable ways. We close our Conference in the aftermath of that sinister Utopia unveiled at Blackpool. They stand for order and the rule of law in an age when disorder and lawlessness are ever more widespread. I expect they wanted to come in. In Fry and Proust, memory is the energy of life, for good and ill. Unwittingly, Ronald Millars clever parody on Frys play is a useful litmus test for leadership. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. So, what can stop us from achieving this? We salute them.

Now hes two-thirds on his way to success in making important progress towards agreement on a common fisheries policy. It was written by the playwright Sir Ronald Millar, who had been Thatcher's speech-writer since 1973, and was a pun on the 1948 play The Lady's Not for Burning by Christopher Fry, although Thatcher missed the reference herself. Thatcher tends to err on the side of logos over pathos. The Lady of modern Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi (b. Decent people do want to do a proper job at work; not to be restrained or intimidated from giving value for money. The Soviet governments response so far has been a campaign of repression worse than any since Stalins day. And Mr. Chairman, some aspects of our present society really do offend those instincts. But I prefer to believe that certain lessons have been learned from experience, that we are coming slowly, painfully to an autumn of understanding. Most of my cabinet colleagues have started off their speeches of reply by paying very well deserved tribute to their junior ministers. Therefore government spending does not solve problems. Now we face many other problems in the Community, but Im confident that they too will yield to the firm yet fair approach which has already proved so much more effective than the previous governments five years of procrastination. Is it possible that, in the absence of pathos, we are less likely to zero in on the logical construction of an argument? And this speech is no exception. And in another clever maneuver, she turns the oppositions metaphor around and uses it in refutation: The Left continues to refer with relish to the death of Capitalism. The 2012 film The Iron Lady (starring Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent and Olivia Colman) was not to everyones taste. In addition to facing opposition from the cross-benches and the public, she was also fending off criticism from within her own party. So at international conferences to discuss economic affairs, many of my fellow heads of government find our policies not strange, unusual, or revolutionary; but normal, sound, and honest; and thats what they are. But you know some people talk as if control of the money supply was a revolutionary policy. And without a healthy society the economy wont stay healthy for long. Thats why we warned local authorities that since rates are frequently the biggest tax that industry now pays, increases in them can cripple local businesses. bicker looming budge instigate