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At 340 kills, two Arts Master Drones deploy. Be sure you put as much EXP and Skill Leveling into Ifrit as possible before using her for the 400-clear. As long as you have a strong source of arts damage covering the middle lane, you can let the top lane Defense Crushers loop around to the back to the middle lane where they will be killed by your source of arts damage. The middle drone will start moving forward at about 210 kills, and the rest of the line will follow two at a time at set intervals afterward.

Place low cost Specialist unit nearby the bomber to use as a sacrifice. Duelist-type Guards are often called "Sword Saints" because of their high damage against enemies such as Caster Leaders. Once your entire team is deployed on the map, there's an important aggro-management step you may want to take. However, while this line is moving, more laser drones will be deploying and flying straight towards you without pausing. An entire line of Hammer Bros emerges, followed by an entire line of Archmages, followed by an entire line of Arts Master Drones. If you dont have a Ranged Guard, consider a unit with self-sustain (i.e., Estelle) or innate RES (i.e., Gummy). It usually involves using Fast-Redeploy operators with on-deploy AoE bursts, such as Waai Fu and Projekt Red, those with specific skills made for such a play style (e.g. S1: 1 Sniper with 3x5 range: ShiraYuki < Platinum < Meteorite. The "Hateful Avenger" enemy type appearing in the second Annihilation stage is called "Red Katana Bro" because of his color scheme and weapon choice. However, the fandom mostly just refers to these items by their colors: In the second season of Integrated Strategies, Phantom and the Crimson Solitaire, a particular relic called Hand of Diffusion is given the name "God's Hand" or "Hand of God", due to how it drastically it bolsters Caster operator's SP regeneration; however, it's nickname is meant to be associated with. By placing Ifrit at the top of the stage and positioning her downward, she can blow fire across both the top and mid lane. It is possible to finish Lungmen Downtown with lower level Operators, but, obviously, the higher their levels and Skill development, the easier it will be to succeed. The Avengers enemy-type are mockingly called Weebs or Weeaboos by fans due their looks (a black hoodie and wielding a katana) since they look like an original character made by an anime fan trying to make a cool and edgy character. Irene the Iberian Inquisitor, thanks to her forehead-exposing hairstyle during Under Tides, got teased with the nickname "Fivehead" by her fans. Position her with her range aimed towards the center and she can help out with mid as well.

Use your Defenders and Medics fully to shut down the horde of enemies. Please note that it is not a recommended team (especially given the number of high-rarity Operators), just an example of a team comp that can work: Here are some of the problems that players often have with this map. If you don't have any of the "Secret Weapon" Operators described in Part Two of this article, prioritize bringing one of them to help you get through the 350 killzone phase of Lungmen Downtown. Jaye is also called "Sushiman" by fans due his line of work being a combination of a Fish Hawker and Sushi Chef. Play safe by placing another unit behind the Defender unit since the boss enemy sometimes stuns your unit.

You need to be able to stall the Hammer Bros after they've used their Stun ability, so Slow Supporters like Istina or decoy units like Gravel can be useful as well. It's safer to place them behind your bot-lane Medic instead. As soon as the two Defense Crushers at the bottom enters Dusk/Gitano's range with Flowing Ink/Destiny, activate it. T1, T2, and T3: There are three lanes in Lungmen Downtownthat need to be defended, so each lane needs a sturdy Operator with Block-2 or higher who can hold the line throughout the battle. "Apolocubes" for. Arknights: [Integrated Strategies 2 - Crimson Solitaire] Announced! Just keep an eye out for him the next time you run Annihilation 3. Click here to contact me with questions or other business. Face them down towards mid lane and they can even provide some cover fire when they arent under attack themselves. You can also add DPS units who have the ability to heal themselves. Several Hammer Bros will deploy one at a time and move towards the middle lane in a zig-zag pattern. Promote at least one of them to E2 if possible. In the Chinese community, Mint is often called as "Washing Machine" due to how her S2 animation is similar to the motions a washing machine in real life would make. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. At this point, youll want to retreat Gitano and redeploy S2. "D32 Steel" for Astesia, particularly due to her Elite 2 artwork evoking a similar appearance to the craftable material. The purpose is to spread damage around between your V1, S2, and T3 so your M2 has an easier time healing them all. Need help completing any Combat Operations? "Edgelord" for Flamebringer due to his dark and conventionally "edgy" motifs. Bonus points for his second skill is called "Sashimi Platter" where he guts his foes with his knife and turns it into fish balls. However, with so much space to defend, its hard to spare more than two unit slots for Medics. Placement order should be done as follows, and each Operator can be placed as soon as there is sufficient DP. I dont have enough DP to follow the deployment order.

Having 3x5 range allows this Sniper to help pick off critical enemies later in the fight. On that note, Operators who passively give free deployment costs via the Charge skill or otherwise, are known as "Cost Generators". The origin of this nickname is none other than, "Yuugi" for Hoshiguma. Otherwise, just use any cheap Operator like Yato or Fang. "Spear and Shield" for putting a melee DPS with a range of more than one tile in the front, "Ex-Wife" for Kal'tsit, which was started by the popular implication/. Do note that, however, this list only contains alternative epithets used by the playerbase to refer to certain characters. "Under Thighs" for Under Tides, due to Gladiia and Skadi's unique dress seen in the event and used in her Corrupting Heart variant form. Suzuran is often simply called "our light" due to the now-memetic proclamations found in her archive files, as well as her, "Amiyaface" for Purestream, since her artist is the same as Amiya's, who seems to have, "BP" for Blue Poison (Her other nicknames 'Beepy' and 'Bloopie" also stems from this acronym), Some fans prefer the Japanese names of operators who have. Check out Part Two of this guide for specific strategies on making it through the waves after 350. An example of the Ifrit strategy's lineup. The fourth and fifth turrets at G13 and C13 will be activated at 300 kills. A second line of Arts Masters A1 appears at 225 kills, following the same movement pattern as the first line at 235 kills.

"Leaks" refer to enemies that managed to slip past your defenses onto the blue objective. From there, well suggest several Operators who are commonly used to finish off this map. V1 -> S1 -> S2 -> S3 -> T1 -> T3 -> M1 -> M2 -> T2. Similar case goes for the Defense Crushers, or "Hammer Bros". Using Bagpipe along with Flagbearer Vanguards (ie.

Between her Talent and her S1, Meteorite can take out the entire 350 wave by herself if RNG is on her side.


"Dimas" for Elysium, due to a moment from the Indonesian fanbase when someone answered a "who's your favorite operator?" (The Tank variations shown above still apply here, as all variations listed should still be within healing range.).

What's Cooler Than Being Cool: It's the [Edelweiss' Vow] Roll Thread, Limit on Weekly Annihilation Orundum +100. Top Lane (T1): Top lane has to deal with a lot of drones, so if youre able to stick a Ranged Guard here, they can do a lot of good work. Note: Using Siege with her S2(Aerial Hammer) for this position can be more difficult than you might expect. Make sure you are following the deployment order presented in this guide very precisely! By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. "Cuora Kaslana", because just like Kiana Kaslana from, Also "Himeko" for Surtr, after Himeko Murata, due to their similar visuals and shared, "Cockroach" for W, due to her two strands of. Bottom Lane (T3): Bottom lane tends to be the easiest to defend. "Sadcat" and "Depressed Cat" for Jessica, due to her sad facial expressions, low self-esteem, and her tendency to self-deprecate. Dorothy's Vision - Event Operations and Farming Guide, Integrated Strategies 2 - Crimson Solitaire - Global Event Page. Lungmen Downtownis a big difficulty spike, and your Operators need to be up to the challenge. The first turret at E13 will also be activated at 68 kills, so the mid lane Operator must be deployed by then. Place your frontline up against her range to corral enemies in her line of fire and Ifrit will take care of most of the stage by herself.

When the Defense Crushers are about to enter Volcano's range, activate it and watch as the Defense Crushers melt under Eyjafjalla's Volcano!

There's also "Gayknights" or "Yuriknights" after a number of. Events are mostly just identified using acronyms mostly taken from their stages: "SV" for Children of Ursus, which can be also referred as, "RI" for Gavial: The Great Chief Returns, which also has the tagline of Eunectes' banner, "The. Well, we don't want to spoil the surprise. The Global community uses the term to refer to Gladiaa's S3 instead, since it sucks enemies into a rinse-and-spin cycle. Left unchecked, Hammer Bros can just walk right past your defenses without a problem. Due to her quirky trait which leaves her unable to attack or block for the entire duration of her skills, most players simply post her somewhere remote to use her as a DP battery due to her superb generation, instead of an actual Vanguard.

If S2 isn't dying, then you don't need to do this step at all. Theres still like 4 days left of the rerun event + theres the IS2 mode so I, The most hype gamemode is coming at July 14th, just like the previous Integrated, source Want to talk about Arknights? Fast-Redeploy Specialists (Gravel and Projekt-Red) are also good. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. If you can promote a few Operators to E2 especially Operators who have high-impact E2 promotion benefits then you should really be ready to go. This also applies to Yeti Icecleavers and Yeti Icecleaver Leaders, which are known as 'Ice Weebs' or 'Red Ice Weebs'. Make sure you place ranged units to beat them. "Bodybags" for the duffel bags you open during recruitment and headhunting, with many reasoning that the operators came scrunched inside those tiny packages until opened.

2017 Hypergryph Co., Ltd 2019 Yostar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.Arknights - Official Website. "Godsenger" or "PassenJesus" for Passenger, when made as a. At 350 kills, the most difficult part of Lungmen Downtown will began, indicated by the following: At 380 kills, the last waves of enemies consisting of a Defense Crusher Leader and two more Defense Crushers moving in a zig-zag pattern, as well as more Possessed Veteran Junkmen and Arts Masters A2, will mount the final assault. Set up your first formation as seen in the image below. Just keep these unit slots in mind for now and consider which Operators can fill them once we get there. At 264 kills, the Bombtails come out to play. (If you need a quick refresher on how Annihilation Mode works, or are looking for Annihilation 1 or 2 clear guides, take a look here: As always, remember that this is not the only way to clear this map! Around kill 84, two Red Jetpacks drop down on top lane, so you must have deployed T1 by then to block them. Replace the top lane Operator with Midnight before the 350 kill mark so he has enough time to charge up Enchant Weapon . If your V1 has already generated all the DP you need to deploy your full army (plus maybe 100 extra DP in case of an emergency), you can replace them with any unit in your arsenal -- preferably one of the Secret Weapons you're going to need for the end of the map.

The Arts Master Drones are slaughtering my team! Your V1 doesn't have to be the unit you deploy here. Also note that a second AOE healer can be used here if desired; however, since AOE Medics have lower burst healing than ST Medics, you may have trouble when the Arts Master Drones hit the field unless your second AOE Medic is fairly high level.

"Walmart Faust", "Walmart FrostNova" and "Walmart Skullshatterer" for the three main boss enemies in Fungimist, due to their kit resembling these bosses in a bit of a different way. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Level them, promote them, and increase their Skill Levels if possible. The most important enemy in the entire map is enemy #64. Check out this guide to complete & get 3 stars in the Lungmen Downtown Annihilation Mission in Arknights. Also keep in mind that these crossbows are the main reason thatone of your Medics MUST be an AOE Medic. Deploy the Operators in the following order. This is why Meteorite must be promoted to E2 and her S1 leveled to M3 -so that her Talent has the best possible chance of proccingand she has the highest attack multipliers possible. Its important to deploy units farther to the right BEFORE units farther to the left. Rosa's white with red and blue stripes colour scheme, which has put some of her fans in mind of Colgate toothpaste, got her called the 'Toothpaste Bear' teasingly by her fans. Blue Poison in particular is very fragile and will need to be E2 if placed here. In particular, Lungmen Downtown gets incredibly nasty after 350 kills. source

Due to the large number of operators with depressing backstories, the game is sometimes called DepressionKnights. Fortunately, the Casters are polite enough to wait, giving you some time to sweat over their appearance before they attempt to murder you. While it is recommended to eventually clear Annihilation: Lungmen Downtownwith your own units to unlock Auto-Redeploy, it is worth using a strong friend support if it will help you get more kills and more one-time rewards. Ptilopsis brings extra SP to the team, which is always a good thing. Myrtle, Elysium, Saileach, or any combination of the three) is often dubbed by many as the "Flagpipe Combo", due to the. Alternatively, "Red Vector", due to Exusiai's. Arknights, with its extremely diverse cast, is bound to have a few nicknames cooked up by fans to refer to their favorite operators and other game aspects, usually in reference to a Casting Gag or similarities to another media. See Lappland in action, courtesy of YouTuber Peacecow. One of the reserve Operators are recommended to be an Executioner Specialist in order to bait the. Even then, you may needan ally who grants SP gain (i.e., Ch'en) for this strategy to workconsistently. If youve promoted your Eyjafjalla to E2, you may be tempted to use her S3 instead. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. If you have only one Operator who can Block-3, this is probably where they should go.

Switch your Vanguards to their Skill 1s. A constant wave of Zombie Junkmen begin deploying at this time. Each lane (explained below) must be defended by an Operator who can block at least 2 enemies.

Equip Skills that maximize DP recovery. source Here is an example of a team that can work. The third of the Annihilation operations and one of the three Permanent Missions after the Annihilation Rotation System is introduced, Lungmen Downtown is known for being the most difficult Annihilation operation prior to the Rotation System's introduction, particularly due to the presence of obscenely powerful hostiles like Arts Masters and Defense Crushers, not to mention that no less than seven turrets will be periodically activated as the operation progresses to further wreak havoc on the frontline. However, its going to take a lot of careful planning to make it work. Note: Gavial and Warfarins strengths dont necessarily play to this stages needs. Lappland trivializes the Hammer Bros due to her Silence, which prevents them from Stunning your units. The Robots (Lancet-2 and Castle-3) are perfect for this, as they dont count towards your Unit Limit. Once youve made it past the Hammer Master, it should be smooth sailing to the end of the stage. Dusk/Gitano will be able to kill them and do some damage at the Arts Masters A2 behind the Defense Crushers, and retreat her once Flowing Ink/Destiny expires (and stunning Gitano in the process for the latter). The highlighted areas below show some alternate positions you might consider for these units: If you are using two AoE Medics instead of one AoE and one ST, you will want to place your Operators in the following positions: This keeps all of your Operators within range of your two AoE Medics. If you arent nabbing 400 kills even with perfect play, then it might be best to enhance your Operators! Medic with single unit healing can not keep up with the horde of enemies approaching in this wave.

These are the Operators that are going to get you through the bloody massacre that is the Lungmen Downtown350+ killzone. You can perform this step anytime between now and the 200 kill point (which is usually when your S2 might start having trouble surviving). When placed on bot lane, this gives her just enough range to attack the bottom two Hammer Bros. At max-level E1 and Skill Level 7, she has just enough damage to kill them both before they start moving. Operators who can ignore DEF completely, like Franka, are good for a similar reason. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. If you have one, use Saria or Nearl who can heal and defend at same time. We encourage you to search for other strategies if this one isnt working for you. One option is to train an Operator with global healing potential. Bring 2 or 3 AoE healers to increase the chance of surviving. The latter requires an enormous amount of investment, but make no mistake, this investment will pay you back in spades. Lets look at what each lane needs in turn. Take a look at other peoples strategies to get a feel for the stage, then put together a strategy you can be proud of! The deployment positions shown in each screenshot may not match what is best for you. You have some leeway in where to place your Tanks on this map. Arts-based Operators like Midnight, Mousse, and ShiraYuki are good choices to start building your team, since they are able to ignore the Hammer Bros' high DEF. This is a great place for a Healing Defender (RES and healing are both very important on this stage) or an E2-promoted AOE Guard. Note also that two crossbows deploy at this time rather than just one. This helps pull the Casters aggro along your ranks rather than letting them focus one unit until they die. However, they may be the most critical part of your strategy.