lua string format boolean

DirList(string:path[,string:filter(s)]): array of {name:string, size:int, time:int} GetListItemButton(light_userdata:handle,integer:index): light userdata:button or nil if not visible SetEnabledListItem(light_userdata:handle,integer:index[,bool:enable(default:true)]): nothing (right associative, math library required), (string concatenation, right associative), simple assignment; variables are not typed and can hold different types. AddFixtures({mode:handle to DMX mode, amount:integer [,undo: string][,parent: handle][,insert_index:integer][,idtype:string][,cid:string][,fid:string][,name:string][,layer:string][,class:string][,patch:{array 1..8: string address}]}): true on success or nil ErrEcho(string:format ): nothing AddListPropertyItem(light_userdata:handle,string:name,string:value,light_userdata:target handle[,{[left={}][right={}]}:appearance]): nothing GetFaderText(light_userdata:handle, {[string:token(Fader*)], [integer:index]}): string:text SelectionNotifyEnd(ligh_userdata:associated context): InputSetTitle(light_userdata:handle,string:name_value): nothing c# Getting 403 Forbidden Microsoft-Azure-Application-Gateway/v2 when trying to upload particular image to the Azure storage account, python OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (nimages > 0 && nimages == (int)imagePoints1.tot .. line3106, python Troubleshooting TypeError: ord() expected string of length 1, but int found, Custom numeric format string in Visual Basic .NET, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:$string, OS X Eclipse C++ Launch Failed Binary Not Found, .net The model backing the ApplicationDbContext context has changed since the database was created, postgresql 9.2 Porting Oracle NVL to Postgres Coalesce fails, error: incompatible types: char cannot be converted to String Java. (for the Patterns see below), returns first and last position of pattern, returns an iterator getting next occurrence of pattern, matches zero or more characters in the class, matches one or more characters in the class, matches zero or one character in the class, matches the balanced string from character, any character in any of the given classes; can also be a range, flushes any data still held in buffers to, reads from the default input file, usage as, writes to the default output file, usage as, Note: unless otherwise stated, the I/O functions return, calls a system shell to execute the string, returns a string with the value of the environment variable, returns a string usable as name for a temporary file; subject to name conflicts, use, returns a system-dependent number representing date/time described by table, returns a table or a string describing date/time, returns the difference between two values returned by. If a creature's best food source was 4,000 feet above it, and only rarely fell from that height, how would it evolve to eat that food? GetDisplayByIndex(integer:display_index): light_userdata:display_handle GetPresetData(light_userdata:handle(Preset)): array of phaser data StrToHandle(string: handle in H# format): light_userdata:handle You can redefine string.format to support an additional %t specifier that runs tostring on an argument: With this, you can use %t for any non-string type: Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Parent(light_userdata:handle): light_userdata:parent_handle GetPropertyColumnId(light_userdata:handle, string:propertyname): LuaInteger GridGetCellDimensions(light_userdata:handle to UIGrid (or derived), {r,c}:cell): {x,y,w,h} GetDisplayCollect(nothing): light_userdata:handle to DisplayCollect produces a listing of the compiled bytecode, sends output to filename [default: luac.out ], performs syntax and integrity checking only, does not output bytecode. CurrentUser(nothing): light_userdata:handle DelVar(light userdata: variables,string:varname): bool:success The grandMA3 Lua API includes a variety of Lua functions. Design patterns for asynchronous API communication.

Addr(light_userdata:handle,[light_userdata:base_handle[,bool:force parent-based address]]): text:numeric root address To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Find(light_userdata:search_start_handle,string search_name[,string search_class_name]): light_userdata:found_handle but that seems rather indirect to this lua beginner. GetUIObjectAtPosition(integer:display_index, {x,y}:position): light_userdata:handle to UI object or nil GetExecutor(integer:exec number): light_userdata:handle to executor, light_userdata: handle to page Turning a list into nested lists in python, ProgressDialog : how to prevent Leaked Window. AddListNumericItem(light_userdata:handle,string:name,number:value[,light_userdata:base handle[,{[left={}][right={}]}:appearance]]): nothing For instance, -2 of "miner" is "e", thus, -1 is #s(s is the string) . SelectListItemByIndex(light_userdata:handle,integer:index(1-based)): nothing ColMeasureDeviceDoMeasurement(): table:values CurrentExecPage(nothing): light_userdata:handle to current ExecPage Local variables are lexically scoped; their scope begins after the full declaration (so that local, defines function and assigns to global variable, Metatable operations (base By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. GetScreen(light_userdata:handle to UIObject): light_userdata:handle Generated 2022-07-22 09:36:18 | AddrNative(light_userdata:handle[,light_userdata:base_handle[,bool:escape names]]): text:numeric root address Programmer(nothing): light_userdata:handle KeyboardObj(nothing): light_userdata:keyboard object handle Thank you very very much for your explanations ! Phone +49 5251 688865-30 | | SelectListItemByValue(light_userdata:handle,string:value): nothing Imprint SetProgressRange(light_userdate:handle, integer:start, integer:end): nothing

SyncFS(nothing): nothing updated by Thomas Lauer in 2007. AddListLuaItem(light_userdata:handle,string:name,string:value/function name,lua_function:callback reference[,:argument to pass to callback[,{[left={}][right={}]}:appearance]]): nothing Patch(nothing): light_userdata:handle IsValid(light_userdata:handle): bool:result CreateUndo(string:undo text): light userdata: handle to undo GetFader(light_userdata:handle, {[string:token(Fader*)], [integer:index]}): double:value[0..100] AddListChildrenNames(light_userdata:handle, light_userdata:parent[,enum{Roles}:role]): nothing replaced by the module name, defines search path for dynamic libraries (e.g. GridsGetLevelButtonWidth(light_userdata:handle to UIGrid (or derived), {r,c}:cell): width in pixels or nil Returns a binary representation of the given function, so that a later loadstring on that string returns a copy of the function. CloseUndo(light userdata: handle to undo): boolean: true if was closed, false - if it's still in use SetBlockInput(boolean:block): nothing GridSetColumnSize(light_userdata:handle to UIGrid (or derived), integer: columnId, integer:size in pixels): nothing Index(light_userdata:handle): number:index In Lua 5.1, string.format(%s, val) requires you to manually wrap val with tostring( ) if val is anything other than a string or number. GetUIEditor(light_userdata:handle): string:ui_editor_name "{(. OverlaySetCloseCallback(light_userdata:handle to Overlay, callbackName:string[, ctx:anything]): nothing, 2022 MA Lighting Technology GmbH | Dachdeckerstr. GetUIChannels(integer: subfixture index or light userdata: reference to Subfixture object[,boolean: as handles]): {array of UI channel indices or handles} or nil Short story about the creation of a spell that creates a copy of a specific woman. GetShowFileStatus(nothing): Enums.ShowFileStatus CommandCreateDefaults(light_userdata:handle): nothing Is there an formatting option I've overlooked? If a capture is used this can be referenced in the replacement string using the notation %capture_index, e.g.. AddListLuaItems(light_userdata:handle, table{item={[1]=name,[2]=value/function name,[3]=callback reference[,[4]=argument of any lua type to pass to callback]},}): nothing MessageBox({title:string,[ backColor:string,][,timeout:number (ms)][,timeoutResultCancel:boolean][,timeoutResultID:number][ icon:string,][ titleTextColor:string,][ messageTextColor:string,] message:string[, display:(integer|lightuserdata)], commands:{array of {value:integer, name:string}}, inputs:{array of {name:string, value:string, blackFilter:string, whiteFilter:string, vkPlugin:string, maxTextLength:integer}}, states:{array of {name:string, state:boolean[,group:integer]}, selectors:{array of {name:string, selectedValue:integer, values:table[,type:integer 0-swipe, 1-radio]} }): {success:boolean, result:integer, inputs:{array of [name:string] = value:string}, states:{array of [name:string] = state:boolean}, selectors:{array of [name:string] = selected-value:integer}}, ToAddr(light_userdata:handle): string:address CmdIndirectWait(string:cmd_to_execute[,light_userdata:undo[,light_userdata:target]]): nothing CommandAt(light_userdata:handle): nothing Load(light_userdata:handle,string:file_path,string:file_name): bool:success Something else? ToAddr(light_userdata:handle): string:address FindWild(light_userdata:search_start_handle,string search_name): light_userdata:found_handle StopProgress(light_userdate:handle): nothing Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. GetSubfixtureCount(nothing): int:subfixture count Or should I use the above approach? WaitObjectDelete(light_userdata:handle to UIObject[, number:seconds to wait]): boolean:true on success, nil on timeout FindParent(light_userdata:search_start_handle,string search_class_name): light_userdata:found_handle rev2022.7.21.42639. Looking at the code of string.format, I don't see anything that supports boolean values. SetRTTimeAllowance(enum: RealtimeSection, integer: new time budget in microseconds): nothing GetTopOverlay(integer:display_index): light userdata: handle to top overlay on the display global variable whose value is the global environment (that is. Set(light_userdata:handle,string:property_name,string:property_value): nothing ShowModal(light_userdata:handle,callback:function): nothing userdata). SetFader(light_userdata:handle,{[double:value[0..100]], [bool:faderDisabled], [string:token(Fader*)]}): nothing GetFocus(nothing): light_userdata:display_handle OverallDeviceCertificate(nothing): pCertificate::OverallCertificate SerialNumber(nothing): string::SerialNumber GetListSelectedItemIndex(light_userdata:handle): integer:1-based index SaveExecConfig(light_userdata: exec handle): nothing A pair of values is returned, the modified string and the number of substitutions made. Your email address will not be published. Selection(nothing): light_userdata:handle Patterns are covered in the PatternsTutorial. TextInput([string:title[,string:value[,integer:x[,integer:y]]]]): string:value FindRecursive(light_userdata:search_start_handle,string search_name[,string search_class_name]): light_userdata:found_handle Have you a game in dev ? so here's how the evaluation goes: GetSample(string: type ('MEMORY', 'CPU', 'CPUTEMP', 'GPUTEMP', 'SYSTEMP', 'FANRPM')): number: current value in percent Append(light_userdata:handle[,string:class[,light_userdata:undo]]): light_userdata:child_handle HandleToInt(light_userdata:handle): LuaInteger I would like display in my game this message for some tests : but "test" is a boolean variable. RTSectionDeltaTime(enum: RealtimeSection): number: smoothed amount of microseconds InputSetEditTitle(light_userdata:handle,string:name_value): nothing Get(light_userdata:handle,string:property_name[,enum{Roles}:role]): string:property_value (if 'role' provided - always string) GridGetCellData(light_userdata:handle to UIGrid (or derived), {r,c}:cell): {text, color={text,back}} IsClass(light_userdata:handle): string:class_name If the pattern cannot be found nil is returned. GetListItemValueStr(light_userdata:handle,integer:index): string:value FindListItemByName(light_userdata:handle,string:value): integer:1-based index ScrollIsNeeded(light_userdata:handle,integer:scroll type (see 'ScrollType' enum)): boolean:true if scroll of the requested type is needed SelectionComponentY(nothing): int: min,int:max,int:index,int:block,int:group Why did the gate before Minas Tirith break so very easily? GetOverlay(light_userdata:handle to UIObject): light_userdata:overlay_handle FindBestDMXPatchAddr(light_userdata:patch,integer:starting address,integer:footprint): integer:absolute address Negative indices are indices that has the reverse order. Touch(integer: displayIndex, string:type('press','move','release'), integer:touchId, integer:absX, integer:absY): used, portable features): returns a table with information for function, returns name and value of local variable at index, returns name and value of upvalue at index, returns a string with traceback of call stack, prepended by, returns current hook function, mask and count set with, Options for debug.getinfo InputSetAdditionalParameter(light_userdata:handle,string:parameter name,string:parameter value): nothing Make all the lower case characters upper case. FindTexture(string:texture name): light userdata: handle to texture found CommandStore(light_userdata:handle): nothing Is a neuron's information processing more complex than a perceptron? HandleToStr(light_userdata:handle): string: handle in H# format UILGGetColumnWidth(light_userdata:handle to UILayoutGrid, idx:integer): size:integer GetProgPhaserValue(number:uichannelindex,number:step): {cfindex:,preset:lud,trans:,width:,accel:,decel:,rel:,abs:} Changed(light_userdata:handle,string:change level enum name): nothing If the replacement is a function, not a string, the arguments passed to the function are any captures that are made. GridGetBase(light_userdata:handle to UIGrid (or derived)): light_userdata:handle to GridBase That's fine, then yes you will need to use tostring. Used simply it can replace all instances of the pattern provided with the replacement. A, a, c, d, E, e, f, G, g, i, o, u, X, and x all expect a number as argument. GetListItemName(light_userdata:handle,integer:index): string:name IsObjectValid(light_userdata:handle): true or nil By clicking Post Your Answer, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Mouse(integer: displayIndex, string:type('press','move','release'), (str:button('Left', 'Middle', 'Right' for 'press', 'release') | integer:absX, integer:absY)): But I don't understand this logic, we can put a conditions in print ()? How To Install WSL without Windows Store? PopupInput({title:str,caller:handle,items:table:{{'str'|'int'|'lua'|'handle', name, type-dependent}},selectedValue:str,x:int,y:int,target:handle,render_options:{left_icon,number,right_icon},useTopLeft:bool,properties:{prop:value}}): string:value FileExists(string:path): boolean:result HostType(nothing): string::HostType GetClass(light_userdata:handle): string:class_name Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release! GetListItemAppearance(light_userdata:handle,integer:index): {left={AppearanceData}, right={AppearanceData}} Use string.format to convert a string value to a long number and meet a strange issue. terminates the program or the last protected call (e.g. Import(light_userdata:handle,string:file_path,string:file_name): bool:success MouseObj(nothing): light_userdata:mouse object handle UILGGetRowAbsYBottom(light_userdata:handle to UILayoutGrid, idx:integer): y:integer ErrPrintf(string:format ): nothing GridGetScrollOffset(light_userdata:handle to UIGrid (or derived)): {v = {index,offset}, h={index,offset}}

AddListNumericItems(light_userdata:handle, table{item={[1]=name,[2]=integer:value},}): nothing I guess tostring is the most reasonable option in that case. GetListItemsCount(light_userdata:handle): integer:amount of items in the list R luaopen_the_example undefined after compiling swig wrapper, Python String formatting: % vs. .format vs. f-string literal, Python How to print literal curly-brace characters in a string and also use .format on it, Python How to fill out a Python string with spaces. Comments, praise or blame please to the lua-l mailing list.