metal bike pedals vs plastic

Theyll be able to handle repeated abuse without breaking or wearing out. Can you ride an electric bicycle without relying on battery-power? The grip of a pedal determines its traction.

Pedal prices vary, depending on the material used to make them, but you can usually find a solid pair of pedals for between $40 and $100 USD. Need something? Also, some of the higher-end metal pedals have stronger axles than those found on plastic pedals. As a seasoned bike rider, you will have an injury at one time or another. TAYLOR GANG OR DIE! Lets talk about the durability of both the plastic and metal pedals. For an ultimate experience, for an experienced rider, the metal pedals are the best. Although quality varies, most of these pedals are nylon, carbon-reinforced plastic, or polycarbonate. (Note: This effect is accelerated when the bike is used for grinding.). How Much Do They Cost? Refs:chadr, spikez5, umpgotti, brenden1207 Composite pedals are better than those years back. High-end pedals come with silky smooth cartridge bearings that can take a lot of abuse. The inside of the pedal is the same color as the outside. Plastic is nice for pedal bite though. Youll most likely want to buy one with smooth or curved metal spikes that provide good grip even in wet conditions if you ride in mountains or forests where the ground is often damp. Pedals with slim or smooth cages are often not preferred by riders because they dont provide sufficient grip. The metal pins are replaceable for when you bend them.

Im never going to get metal pedals again. I prefer nylon composite over aluminum. Metal pedals cost more. I have a pair of cheap nylon pedals they pre-installed on my bike I really liked them, until I fell. Getting hit in the shins hurts no matter the pedal. Hence why many riders put on shin guards when riding with metal pedals. Aluminum is a remarkably light metal which makes it suitable for pedalsthe lighter the pedal, the better a riding experience. BMX plastic pedals come in a variety of color schemes which appeal to people who want their bikes to look more artistic. The metal pedals are very light. If you want to purchase one set of pedals and use them for as long as possible, then it makes the most sense to buy full metal pedals or plastic pedals with removable metal pins. so i already knew that before pedals or scars ever crossed my mind.

I just find it hard to believe they grip very well. Mountain bike pedals need to have good traction in order to give riders grip when their feet are clipped into them.

They're super thin and fully sealed. Although a plastic pedal can still cause a shin injury, the composite used to make plastic pedals absorbs a bit of the shock, and the injury is not as severe. If youre on the fence, you could go for the cheaper plastic pedals at first and then replace them with more expensive metal ones as they wear down. Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

Thick pedals are less pleasant compared to slim pedals. You must check out our killer Joy of Bike YouTube channel. Plastic pedals are preferred for their relatively favorable prices and their aesthetics. Can You Put Lock-On Grips On Carbon Handlebars? Pedals are no exception to this rule. Pedals come in different shapes and forms. Instead, the plastic that makes the pedal is colored before manufacturing. Edited Date/Time: 9/26/2010 3:24 PM, metal because they last forevaaa and they make u a man and grip sooo good, refs: Spikez5, cokacola, dacumup213 (x2), josh estey, Blake El Gingero, naters14, Harry95, pcoco, hattrckhcky, bstick, kevinl, Sunday.bmx21, dgisback, iridebmxeveryday, I RIDE, I personally like plastic but metal has better grip and lasts forever. You can get a really cheap pedal, or you can get a pedal with great bearings at a lower price than a premium metal pedal. I stand on the pedal, which improves the riding experience. A metal pedal is a high-end pedal. This can cause injury or damage to bike components, so its important that you choose the right pedal model before hitting the trails. This winter I borrowed my wife's Deity Deftraps for my fatbike, and my mind was blown. However, it is worth noting that there are plastic pedals that are also high-end, so when upgrading, one can still go for premium plastic pedals. Many people say online not to buy "plastic" pedals due to durability issues, and I've noticed when you ask for suggestions, you'll either get stories about a "buddy" who broke a pedal or they just tell you about the only pedals they've ever bought and base their opinion on that. Nevertheless, one must wear a shin guard to prevent shin injuries as they can be devastating. The only upside to metal is usually better bearings because of the higher price point. These materials are plastic (composite or nylon) and metal, also known as an alloy. and the pins and the bodies are replaceable The more cushioning your pedal system has, the more comfortable youll be while using it.

At 230lbs, I dont even run Ti axles on my pedals.

How To Do It. Your friends may love their flashy aluminum pedals with steel cages, but if theyre twice as expensive theres no need for you to pay for that. What is the Proper Braking MTB Method? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Pennsylvania - 2022 S-Works Stumpjumper Evo. A simple strike is enough to take them out. So, I was looking for some new flats at my local bike shop when I noticed that specialized is now selling p.bikes with plastic pedals. Average Ride Distance, Can You Mountain Bike With a Torn Meniscus? Press J to jump to the feed. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hello, Im Richard. As a result, the pedal doesnt look like a consistent, colorful pedal anymore. What are some benefits and drawbacks of using plastic pedals? Won't be going back anytime Soon. I strike them constantly. In addition, the wear and tear on aluminum are also low, therefore guaranteeing you the longevity of the pedals. MTB Tech Rumors, Innovation and Prototypes, Mechanics Quick Question Thread [Ask Questions Here]. In my bmx days I wouldnt touch a plastic pedal, now on a mtb, thats all I would use. Therefore, when making a pedal, they use just enough aluminum, and it gets the job done. Metal pedals do not need any additional material to make them strong and sturdy. Kicking Pig ugliest AM/Enduro/XC/DH bikes out there if yours is a pig post it! These pedals deliver the same value as alloy pedals but cheaper. For that reason, some riders remove the pins on one side (the one in contact with the ledge) while keeping the other intact. Plastic pedals have good grip when new.

It looks battered. A well-made plastic pedal will be stronger than a cheap/fake metal pedal. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'riderbaron_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_10',169,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-riderbaron_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0')};Water cant get into your pedal because its made of plastic, which means there wont be any rust or corrosion. In general I also honestly just think alloy pedals look a bit better than composite pedals (however I don't think that alone would justify the $100 or so jump in price). And sure you may get more with plastics, but at least you won't get 5mm deep holes and mad bloods like you do from metals. There are plastic pedals with replaceable metal studs. Dope These prices depend on the technology used in the pedal. Private classes with Lee You can get some ABD plastic ones with metal pins.

I've always ridden composite pedals and see no reason to change. Easier on your shins. dmr oneup

however its spelled The. Take a look at the different types of pedal surfaces to see which one will work best for your needs. This is especially useful if youre on a budget because you can save money by choosing lighter materials for the same strength and durability as aluminum or metal. Each material used to make bike pedals has its benefits. They've seen some very solid pedal strikes on rocks, could use some new pins here and there, but are still sturdy, especially after a fresh grease job. Therefore, riders are keen on the weight of simple things as their pedals. Plastic Pedals vs. Metal Pedals (BMX, Street ridingetc. why thank you. The thickness of the pedal also affects the riding experience. Metal pins dig deeper into the sole and thus offer superior grip. That said, greasable bearings do have a major benefit theyre easily serviceable. The pins of 100% plastic pedals wear down faster than those of metal pedals. Try some race face chesters or some dietys. If theyre difficult to install itll be extremely inconvenient, but if youve got the right know-how it wont be too much of a hassle. So was wondering if I should expect this and just replace them or pony up for the T-Macs. They should be lightweight, but not too light that they break or become unreliable. There are some things that almost all riders agree on that make a good set of pedals. On the other hand, basic plastic pedals may be lighter, but they sacrifice a lot of quality, making them less ideal. They get muddy, scratched, and beaten up regardless of material. I have recently given up clipless after realizing that I can manage the same speed while having more fun on flats.

Almost every weekend, youll find me in the mountains or the forests on one of my cycles.

Significantly better grip and a wider platform for $130 less! Can You Buy Replacement Electric Bike Batteries? I want something i can grind unwaxed raw concrete, and the bigger the better, i've got 14 wide feet and most pedals are too small for me. What should I keep in mind when choosing pedals?

On average, metal pedals are a bit heavier. If So, How? Bike Check. Overall either choice seems solid these days.

Plastic pedals are the most basic pedals, though their technology has significantly improved to make them competitive. Incredibly Some take their stand influenced by price offerings of either the metal or plastic pedals. Avid bike fanatics identify their bicycles with themselves. For example, affordable metal pedals can cost about 20, whereas premium metal pedals can cost upwards of $100. Take some time to consider your options, but ultimately the decision is entirely up to you. Hey all, new here, i've searched, found all the same arguments about shins, weight, and how cool they look, but what i really care about is strength. Colorful, well-coated pedals are pricier compared to basic metal pedals. Plastic. Metal pedals are very hardwearing, meaning that theyll last a long time no matter what kind of riding you do. Did you ever get a chance to ride the s-works epic 29? Welcome to Pump Track Nation, RipRow Shorter lived. They hold their color better, they feel the same, and they're much cheaper. made it myself.. i see you have an asian fetish? They can take a pretty strong strike and still hold their own. Should You Put a Kickstand on Your Mountain Bike?

It comes down to personal preference. Can stretched-out rim strip cause tire to appear un-round? They wear down quicker but I hate getting shinner's from metal pedals. super thin and durable too. For that reason, some heavy riders prefer metal pedals. A quality metal pedal lasts longer and is less susceptible to external damage. Some are made entirely of plastic, while others have a metal body with a plastic cage. Message Me

Metal pedals are at the premium level. Plastic pedals are the most affordable pedals in the market.

On the other hand, if you dont mind having a lighter bike or want something that looks better then youll probably be more satisfied with a plastic model. However, metal pedals are the ones inflicting the most damage as the pins literally stab you in the shin and create a painful bloody situation. I fell on asphalt and on dirt (two different times) and the same thing happened. The prices of such pedals are higher in comparison to plastic pedals. They are light, less bulky, have better grip, have better traction, and are very durable. Public classes, Books Plastic pedals are usually thick.

In bicycle riding, experience matters. Metal pedals come in plain, non-artistic colors. The possibility of a metal pedal breaking is very low. In addition, it takes longer for the metal studs to wear out. Metal pedals are inherently stronger than plastic pedals. This isnt to say that you should buy the cheapest pedals that your budget allows, but you shouldnt break the bank in order to save a few bucks either. These are some good pedals also they last very long have never broken a pair. Edited Date/Time: 4/15/2016 4:25 AM, Bike Check:,27/My-Cult-OS-V3,1254752, gtfo, theres no need to make another one of these threads when there are many out there, "The more I learn, the more I realize how dumb I am." I've smacked them tons of times and never broken a pedal, definitely bent some pins but they're replaceable of course. A pedal contains two parts: the platform upon which the riders foot or shoe rests and the spindle attached to the bicycles crank. Hint: Add metal pins. The ability to remove and replace the pins increases the longevity of the pedals. Metal holds onto your feet more securely than plastic, so you wont have to worry about slipping or sliding when riding in wet conditions. In practice, however, average people are highly unlikely to break a plastic pedal, especially one designed for BMX riding as those are thicker and extra strong. I've smacked and crashed my Raceface Chesters against all kinds of things and they are fine.

This is just my experience with nylon pedals. Refs: ~Stolen Boy~, Brokenbmx(x2), Warchol2, nitrojimbo, Cjmdawg, _brendan, handlebar-to-face, 9/26/2010 12:31 PM Hence, the aesthetics of their bike is pertinent to them. Once the pins are worn, the only way to recover the grip of the pedals is to buy a new set. However, plastic pedals with metal pins cost more. You can easily catch them speaking about their bikes in a personified manner. 9/26/2010 12:40 PM

Aluminum is a convenient metal as it is light and very sturdy. New Members|Black List|Street spots|Skatepark, 9/26/2010 3:23 PM

Edited Date/Time: 9/26/2010 12:33 PM. metal pedals. pcoco ticaleb, my fly ruben pcs gave me worst pedal bite than my stock aluminium pedals. Its important to choose a model that includes all of the necessary hardware so you dont have to go out and buy any additional parts. HxcPride4 (x2), Bdk1313, Spikez5, Tyler_rides!, Prophet, Dennis916,Bmx_Is_Rad (x2), Skinnyjeanboy, DallyBiker45 (x2), Wolfen, BStick, Iridebmxeveryday, Volume011, Milou Overall I would suggest the animal Hamilton pc pedals, there the best voted pc pedals, there cheap and superb grip, people say pc slip in the rain, but who rides a bmx in the rain? Compared with metal pedals with pins, plastic pedals tend to be: Less expensive to make. plastic has some sweet color choices and are way cheaper. Some pedals are designed for specific types of shoes, so youll have to take the type of shoe that you plan on using with your mountain bike into account. Nylon pedals with metal pins. Less sticky. Metal, i like it because of the grip, and they last forever. How did it break? valves presta schrader vs tube bicycle inner difference between When I crashed, it left gashes on the side of my pedal. Ultimately, the weight depends on the model. obviously he wasnt, because if he had any experience, he would know that plastics are the way to go. Metal simply beats plastic when it comes to strength. For example, the DMR V6 pedals are a plastic version of the DMR V8 alloy pedals. Finally, aluminum makes the metal pedal outlast the composite pedals. They should be easy to clip in and out of. Well metal pedals will have pins which will scratch you, and its metal, so youll be screaming in pain. As for the metal pedals, they are anodized to give them the different colors that they come in. 5 Different Bicycle Chain Oil Options for Smooth Sailing, How to Tell When Mountain Bike Tires Should be Replaced.

hey dont think plastics dont give u shiners theyll attack as bad as metal to. if you want a super grippy pc pedal, look into the flybikes pc pedals. These are premium pedals, and they give value for money. If you dont buy the right model then your feet probably wont fit into the pedal properly, which can cause discomfort or injury.

Plastic pedals vary in durability depending on the composite material used to make them. Before graduating to the metal pedals, make sure that you are well experienced. So any plastic pedals that are considerable tend to be a little heavier due to the extra material that has to go in to improve their sturdiness. As an avid cyclist (mountain biking mostly) I love to mention and link to various products and gear I use. (Funny: Some riders say premium pedals and shoes are TOO sticky.) When new, they are very colorful, but after taking a few rough rides, they get scratched, and the added coating wears off.

Can You Put an Electric Bike on a Bike Rack? Available in more colors. Every amateur bike or kids bike comes with plastic pedals.

Search, been discussed several times before. -JustRideBMX. People who switch from metal to plastic pins often feel like the new pedals are slippery. I love my deity compounds! Therefore, if you have the budget, you can undoubtedly find a plastic pedal that works for you. Some of us are ready to dig deeper in our pockets, and some need something functional for the least amount possible. Moreover, they are not particularly fragile. When a rider pushes the pedal, the spindle rotates and translates that rotational movement to the crank, the crank transmits the same rotation through the chain to the rear wheel, and the bike gains forward traction. But I dont get it. These pedals last a lot longer than plastic pedals with plastic studs. Metal pedals are mostly made of aluminum. So which type is the best? Got a problem with that? i just switched from plastics to metals and im lovin them i was tired of having to buy new pedals every other week. I keep laughing my ass off every time I see your avatar. There are two main materials used to make pedals, though. Plastic pedals are lighter than the metal ones and dont hurt as much when you slam them into your shin! A cycling community enthusiastic about mountain biking and all things related. Pro BMX Skills

Having said that, plastic pedals can still cause a lot of pain. metal is only if you wanna spend a bunch of money or kill your shins. Screw-on pedals have a large thread size that youll have to match up with your cranks. Final words: Ultimately, both types of pedals get the job done. A bike pedal is a platform a rider pushes with their foot to make the bike move forward. Your feet wont slip out of them even if youre riding in a low gear, making them an excellent choice for climbing.

Still, there are price ranges too for metal pedals. If youre looking for something thats easy to use and can provide plenty of grips then you should definitely check out metal pedals. How much clearance do I need around my crank? Simple pedals such as those are kids bikes, and entry-level bikes do not last that long. Those who do not champion these pedals cite durability. Better for grinding. Online MTB School Additionally, composite pedals are often lighter, certainly at or around the 50 mark. These premium pedals allow you to experience quality at pocket-friendly prices. i almost never get shinners and my plastics wear out too fast.

Theres a wide variety of plastic pedal models available, including many that are quite lightweight. So much so that youll find a wide variety of colors and styles. Can You Charge an Electric Bike with a Solar Panel? Plastic cages are often rounded to increase traction as well, making them easy to use even on wet pedals. COMPTON If your metal pedal is in constant contact with water, theres a chance that itll develop rust or corrosion. Some plastic pedals are heavier than some metal models. Thanks. I've recently switched from clipless to flats and only had the pedals for about 3 months. metal is only if you wanna spend a bunch of money or kill your shins. I'm riding Raceface Atlas Aluminum pedals. However, as you can see in the table, some aluminum pedals are actually lighter than the composite ones.

We all have different budgets to commit to when getting the right components for our bikes. Therefore, most metal pedals are slimthe slimmer the pedal, the better the riding experience. So, I'm wondering, have you ever broken a pedal? How Far Can You Ride A Mountain Bike? What material, brand, and make of pedal was it? if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'riderbaron_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_11',170,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-riderbaron_com-large-mobile-banner-2-0')};Since plastic is lighter than metal, its not usually used in mountain bike pedals that much. Thanks for visiting We shall learn more about the differences between these two types of pedals. Edit: nylon pedals are typically cheaper. Prepare to Pin It plastic has some sweet color choices and are way more. In addition, they are mostly a one-time purchase, meaning that when you purchase a metal pedal, you might not have to go back to shop for a while.

Discussion is welcome! Nonetheless, they tend to wear out fast. That said, their price encloses them to the high-end market. Riders prefer metal pedals because of their durability, especially for off-road riders.

Though durable, they do not look good as they age. Mountain Bike Dual Suspension vs Hardtail. Haven't broken a pedal but run OneUp composites on my fat bike and Crankbrothers Stamp 7 alloy pedals on my trail bike. First MOTM 12/2010. The metal used to make the pedals might have a coating, but that does not take away the severity of a possible injury. Theyre likely to break if your feet come out of them under heavy impact. Conclusion: On average, the plastic pedals in the table are 29.8 grams or 8.9% lighter.