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No outside alcohol is allowed and this event is for 21+. Chair stretching offers a practical way to staying active at your desk, at home or anywhere you have a chair. Klobe agreed with staffs idea of distributing the units to the other focus areas. Registration for all OASIS classes and programs is required.

This class should not be taken unless you have previous MELT experience. Wednesday, July 20 with a meal at 12 p.m. and the movie at 1 p.m. View The Magnificent Seven, starring Steve McQueen and Yul Brenner. Theres a high probability that they will not accept it and theyre going to come back with another round of comments, Jurjis said. [emailprotected]. In a 6-1 straw vote, council majority supported directing staff to keep Banning Ranch in the inventory, but not counting it toward the citys RHNA. Current Agenda:Harbor Commissions. Friday, July 29 at 5:30 p.m. Call Membership Chair Dorothy Ables at 949.400.6177 or email [emailprotected]for membership details. Councilmember David Happe was the only dissenting vote. Hooky Volume 2 by Miriam Bonastre Tur (H), (H-Hardcover, P-Paperback, BB-Board book, OF-Other Format), COMMUNITY EDUCATION CLASSES/SUPPORT GROUPS. Find out more : Click here. Beginning French 1 and 2 and Beginning Italian 1 and 2; and Beginning Spanish 1. Fridays | 10-10:30 a.m. | Free | Get ready for a high energy workout that will make you sweat. Join them every Friday as they share their favorite stories, picture books and poems. Call 844.373.4400 for more info. We can definitely put some triggers in there, if thats what the future committees and community would like to see, he said. Free 30-Minute Estate Planning Consultation. Class size is limited to 12 people, ages 18 and up only. Mondays/Fridays from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Group returns Monday, July 19. Takes place in OASIS Room 2A. Cost: $190/6. To register, go here. Martin Luther King Jr Day ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - Martin Luther King Jr DayEvent Location, , Banning, CA, 92220 I essentially presented facts and information, regarding other warehouses in the Inland Empire.

Register now. In conjunction with Memory Support Services. Enjoy an early morning low tide and beat the crowds at Crystal Cove State Park where a park naturalist will lead a guided tidepool walk to Rocky Bight and help identify animals and describe some awesome adaptations of the tidepool organisms on Wednesday, July 20 at 9 a.m. Meet at Los Trancos parking lot near the trailer. commissioner The primary takeaway from the letter is that HCD is not going to accept the proposed units at Banning Ranch, explained Deputy Community Development Director Jim Campbell. OASIS Sailing Club membership requires a Friends of OASIS membership which is $15/year individual or $25/couple. Group meets on Zoom.

Cost: $10. Private instruction (can be in person or online depending on preference) designed to zero in on your needs taught by a credentialed instructor with 25+ years of teaching computers to adults. Thursdays at 2 p.m. So then what I started doing in this article, is I started collecting of the different facts, different statistics, different studies of warehouses through the Inland Empire, said Santana. Do you have a half-finished novel, great family stories, or an idea for a childrens book, short story or screenplay? Being one of the most effective, widely practiced body and mind exercises in the world, the continuous circular, gentle movements of Tai Chi create a powerful flow of energy that will enhance physical health and cultivate tranquility and harmony in your mind. Bring your own low-slung beach chairs & blankets and food. Takes place at the Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club, located at 1550 Crown Drive (the corner of San Joaquin Hills Road and Crown Drive North), Corona del Mar. Registration and payment due to OASIS five (5) business days prior to lesson. Please check your spelling or try another term. $15 day-use fee. a 5 p.m. Feb. 17 hearing for an appeal lodged against a 47-acre warehouse project known as Banning Point. This is free. Cause theres no one knocking down our doors to come for business because they dont see nothing. Cost: $40. Nine days, 11 meals with two nights in Montreal, Quebec City, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Toronto. $5 sunset rate. (PCH inland at Los Trancos). He serves as a project engineer for a biomanufacturing firm.

Call 949.644.3244, or stop by the Admin. This class is intended for individuals over 50 years to learn techniques to strengthen and maintain balance. HCD is not a well-oiled machine, Jurjis added, sometimes whats said during the meeting is different than the letter officially issued to the city. Bring a mat, beach-size towel, a light and a heavy resistance band and if you want, light 1.5 lb. SHARP (Senior Home Assistance Repair Program), The Newport Beach Senior Home Assistance Repair Program (SHARP) aims to help income-qualified seniors in need of critical home repair or modifications due to accessibility needs, safety concerns, health and well-being, or a citation by Code Enforcement. Bring a sticky mat and three firm blankets. Time: 9 a.m., cost $34. The basics of storytelling will be covered, including characters, conflict, description and structure. Emphasis is given to listening and interpretation.

No RSVP is required. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin (H), 5. If you have questions, contact Dorothy Kraus at [emailprotected]. Wednesdays from 1-3 p.m. Do you like to perform? This fun camp develops skills of observation, design and scientific exploration. Tuesdays/Fridays from 9:45 a.m.-2 p.m. 2022 Stu News Newport, LLC | All Rights Reserved, Tune in here to view Wednesday dates at 9 a.m. Takes place in the OASIS Computer Lab. This Boot Camp live streaming session will include a mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements using interval training to get great results. Cost: $15 every three months. If you have questions, how it works and to see if you or a loved one qualifies, call 949.718.1811. Tuesday, July 19 from 12-1:30 p.m. Join Jim Lockhart Special Forces for Infantry Company Commander: Best Job Ever. To RSVP or find out more information about joining this group, email Dr. Friis at [emailprotected]. Join the Friends of OASIS and save. Open to all levels of experience. The council argued that because Santana wrote the article, he had made a pre-judgment on all future warehouse developments and that his opinion piece would open up the city to potential lawsuits. This informal grief group is facilitated by CareCHOICES Chaplain Chip Fisher.

Postpartum Mat Pilates for Beginners Virtual On Demand. The second listed cost is the non-member price. Enjoy year-round sailing in our beautiful Catalina 34 MKII sloops, OASIS-V and OASIS-VI. "It is always easy, cowardly, seldom successful, for an elected official to throw out willy nilly fear of a lawsuit," said Brown. Always bring identification with you. They didnt expect the state to simultaneously mandate a Housing Element with this much required housing while also helping fund the acquisition of Banning Ranch as open space. During the Feb. 8 Banning City Council meeting, council members voted 4-1 to follow a recommendation by City Manager Douglas Schulze to remove Santana from the city's Planning Commission. Both are in excellent condition and ready for all-weather operations. Mondays, Aug. 1-29 from 1-3:30 p.m. Advanced concepts of color theory to include hue, value and chroma.

Located in front of the Pacific Amphitheatre box office in Lot D. Sherman Library & Gardens presents the 26th Annual Newport Beach Virtual Garden Tour & Summer Garden Party. Drop-in, meet in Central Garden. Content may include short stories, personal essays, a magazine article or poem. There was an error with your e-mail/password combination. Park in the Los Trancos lot (PCH inland at stoplight Los Trancos then walk across the street or take the shuttle).

This will be followed with some core-focused exercises, targeting the abdominals and lower back for strengthening. BANNING, CA Banning Planning Commissioner Marco Santana has been removed from his post by City Council following an opinion piece he wrote that was critical of the Inland Empire's booming warehousing sector and what he suggested was the city's interest in jumping on the trend. Council, Boards, Commissions, Committee Meetings Etc. Fridays | 9 a.m. | Free | Presented by Rebecca Szostek, Hoag Lifestyle Program, The first 20 minutes is cardio-based, designed to get your body moving, increase your heart rate and strengthen your endurance with non-stop high energy movements. Noah Blom, Mayor Pro Tem, District 5 (2024), Duffy Duffield, Member, District 3 (2022), Charlene Metoyer, Vice President, Area 2 (2022), Cottie Petrie-Norris, State Assembly, AD-74, 1. New to creative writing? Thursdays, July 28-Sept. 1 from 7-8:30 p.m. Instructor: Dorothy Spirus.

Standing at the barre for the whole class, you will be led through easy-to-follow, head-to-toe exercises that are effective and fun. It provides, not just its battles and the combatants, but digs deeper into the secrets of guarded technologies, unsung heroes, the popular culture of the time, propaganda produced on all sides, methods of code making and breaking, some of the controversies and the intrigue never before revealed. Zoom meeting ID: 82077587838. OASIS and Shanti invite you to come explore new friendships and opportunities for connection. Newport Beach Film Festival takes place October 13-20. 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting ( Banning ) - 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission MeetingEvent Location, , Banning, CA, 92220 Marguerite Avenue at Pacific Coast Highway. Presented by CS Dance Factory. Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month in-person at 6:30 p.m. in OASIS Room 5. $15 day-use parking fee. Members are expected to read the story before class, but the story will be read in sections out loud in class to facilitate discussion. They did it on purpose, which I understand, but at the same timewe cant realistically take it out and then put ourselves in a binding position down the road.. Yoga is for everyone and every body type. Call 949.644.3244 with any questions.,,,, In conjunction with OC Health Care Agency. In the old draft the city suggests adding 10,053 total units. Its our city and its within our sphere of influence and if we want to put X number of units there or think about planning for them, we can, right? Payment: Riders purchase a Ride Card to use for payment, sold in $12, $30 and $60 denominations. RSVP is not required. For the safety of the community, HOAG is only offering live streaming and virtual classes. Wednesday, August 10 from 6-7 p.m. | Free. The class focuses on simple, entertaining representations of philosophy and then applies these lessons to your lives as seniors. Enter your email address and we'll send you an email with instructions to reset your password. Call 949.230.5902. This in person connection group is facilitated by Joyce Swaving, Shanti OC. 5:00pm - 10:00pm PDT, Regular Meetings of the Banning City Council occur on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month beginning at 5:00 p.m. Special meetings, including closed sessions and/or workshops are frequently scheduled immediately before the regular meetings., Wednesday October 19 May be held virtually. RSVP not required. Celebrate more than 100 years of plein air art at Crystal Cove State Park. Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds (H), 2. Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. Optional materials: yoga mat and blocks. According to his bio, Santana holds a master's degree in education and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Riverside. 6:30pm - 10:00pm PDT,, Tuesday August 23 It is recommended to make reservations at least three business days in advance. Beer and wine for sale. Santana's term on the Banning Planning Commission was set to expire Jan. 31, 2023. Led by Andrew Deming, this class provides seniors with fun, challenging and safe boxing workouts they can use to keep their bodies and brains healthy. This gentle class will help you to become stronger and more flexible. Cards can be purchased in the Administration Office or from the driver.

Free and no RSVP is required. Free. Age Well Senior Services has partnered with 10 local restaurants and caterers to bring OC seniors, 50+ caregivers and dependents. Takes place in the Evelyn Hart Event Center. Service is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. See our FAQ's if you need help with this. No RSVP is necessary. THE SECRETS OF WWll. Volunteers take time from their days and use their own vehicles to lovingly ensure that no senior is without a meal. Sessions are held in Cottage #13 (The Beaches Cottage) in Crystal Cove State Parks Historic District. Register here. Check out some cool shark stuff, play a game, and learn some fun facts about these amazing creatures and about the technology the lab is using to study them. 2022 Stu News Newport, LLC | All Rights Reserved. Travel to Del Mar where the surf meets the turf. Tours are back so come explore Crystal Cove like you never have before. Contact the instructor directly to set up a time prior to instruction. Contact the instructor if you have any questions regarding the version/model of your Apple iPhone for this class at 949.230.5902. Mr. He argued that warehouses cause more truck traffic and air pollution. Staff believes they have substantial evidence of the sites to accommodate the small increase for each area, Campbell noted. 5:00pm - 10:00pm PDT, Regular Meetings of the Banning City Council occur on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month beginning at 5:00 p.m. Special meetings, including closed sessions and/or workshops are frequently scheduled immediately before the regular meetings. Save the Date for the Summer Garden Party at Sherman Gardens on Saturday, Aug. 27 from 4-7 p.m. Tickets start at $125. RSVP is required. Tuesdays from 2-4 p.m. Join Doug Brown to discuss different 6-20 page short stories each week.

The Best Is Yet to Come by Debbie Macomber (H), 10. On the first Friday of the month, their friendly medical professionals will help you monitor your blood pressure for free. Signs & Symptoms to Know Life Stream. Instructor: Carolyn Matsuda. Call 949.718.1820 the prior Friday to request a meal., Shaena Stabler, President & CEO -[emailprotected], Tom Johnson, Publisher -[emailprotected].

They will then forward it to HCD hopefully for the last time, Jurjis said. Monday-Friday. No refunds one day prior to the trip date or the day of the trip. OASIS provides curb-to-curb transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping and other essential errands within city limits through its Care-A-Van and Shuttle Programs. The program provides information about our facility, available resources before and after birth, and expectations for your hospital experience. No refunds on gambling trips. Cost: $1. The proposed development includes a 619,959-square-foot industrial warehouse and six retail buildings totaling 34,000 square feet in the Sun Lakes community. Email [emailprotected] if you have any questions. Free. Including Banning Ranch isnt violating any law or sticking a finger in anybodys eye, Dixon said. You can stop following at any time by clicking the "Stop Following" button on the group page or in your account settings. Banning, CA 92220. Michael Sterling is our Webmaster & Designer. Come share support and receive valuable info and resources from people who understand. Students generally spend $45-$60 on these items., Wednesday September 7 Takes place in the OASIS Computer Lab. Other councilmembers mentioned that keeping most of Banning Ranch as open space is still possible even with some plans for housing. Escape by James Patterson and David Ellis (H), 9. Departs 8 a.m.; Return 5:30 p.m. September 21-29. Description of banning planning commission, CITY OF BANNING PLANNING COMMISSION AGENDA REGULAR MEETING: Wednesday, July 1, 2015 6:30 PM City Council Chambers, 99 E. Ramsey Street Banning, CA 92220 I.

Call Basia Mosinski at 917.703.3414 prior to the meeting date. Instructor: Robert H. Friis, Ph.D. Topics will include news, magazines and movies. For family members and caregivers. "He has a voice of hope for this community," one speaker said of Santana. Cost: $40. Santana has revealed his bias towards logistics projects with his published comments creating legal liabilities for the city, said Councilmember Mary Hamlin during the Feb. 8 hearing. This class will combine hydrating length techniques and stabilizing strength techniques to address the weak links that damage joints and inhibit your bodys ability to function optimally. The next tour date is August 10 from 2:30-4 p.m. there is a maximum of 12 guests per tour, so register now! Cost: $115/9. Green fee is $1.00 each time you bowl. Were going to do this back and forth until we can get approval from HCD.. DUI Checkpoints Planned In Beaumont Friday, Active Shooter Drills Underway At Riverside County Schools, Banning, Beaumont Residents Beat The Excessive Heat At Cooling Centers. Come spend a relaxing day capturing the beauty of Crystal Cove on canvas with the guidance of a Crystal Cove plein air artist. Thursdays from 8-11 a.m. After reading Santanas article, the city council was quick in its rebuttal. The architectural cohesiveness of this neighborhood can be attributed to locally prominent architect Sid Spearin, who called the development the Original Court of Nation and based his residential designs on Period Revival styles including Spanish, Dutch, American Colonial and Tudor Revival. Meeting Dates and Time: Takes place in the OASIS Art Center. The demonstration will be facilitated by Davis Cruz, Hoag Executive Chef and a registered dietitian from the Allen Diabetes Center. While some cities like to cite the narrative that these warehouses are 'job centers,' these warehouse jobs do little to improve the conditions of the community because these jobs historically have high turnover rates, lower wages, and limited capacity for promotions within the company. Wear comfortable clothing and no open-toed shoes. Takes place in the OASIS Art Center. Located at 104 McFadden Place, right next to Newport Pier. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin (H), 9. Organic fruit is back and favorite in-season picks: peaches, apricots, blueberries, golden berries, Shiitake mushrooms, microgreens, green beans, romaine lettuce, Haas avocados, cauliflower, parsley and peonies. Thursdays, Jan. 13-March 10 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Email [emailprotected]. Cost: $75/$80. Despite the public opposition, the commission voted 3-2 to move the project forward. No RSVP is necessary. 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month; 6pm - 7pm. You will now receive invitations and notifications from this group when events are added, updated or cancelled. Click, The Netherlands Branch, Amsterdam (Swift Code: BNPANL2A), The competition is for students in grades 9th-12th Spanish Level I-IV, Spanish deposit-taking institutions net interest, Authenticate Mark Cover Letter For Internal Position, Authenticate Mark Letter To Manager For Promotion, Authenticate Mark Sorority Recommendation Letter Template, Authenticate Mark Letter Of Recommendation For A Teacher Colleague, Authenticate Mark Community Service Letter. Information to join the Zoom meeting will be sent by the instructor once online registration is completed. Caring for your Mental Health Throughout Pregnancy and Beyond, This virtual event will feature information about the services and latest technology available to help moms manage their wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy. Sara Hall covers City Hall and is a regular contributor to Stu News Newport. No RSVP is needed. Assembly Bill 1398 that states if the city cannot get certified, HCD requires they implement their adopted Housing Element, Jurjis said, which is impossible for us because we have Greenlight, we cant do it.. Walk the 1/2 mile Environmental Studies Loop Trail to search for the natural treasures in the park. Led by Jim Ellsberry. Learn to edit your digital photos using a photo editing program. Housing is not going to completely cover the land, he added. Improving Your Strength and Stability (Virtual). 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month; 6pm - 7pm The challenge is how the city addresses that issue, he noted. Guests join Crystal Cove Conservancy staff on a walking tour of the Historic District in Crystal Cove State Park. 5 00 P M Regular City Council Meeting ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - 5 00 P M Regular City Council MeetingCouncil Chamber,99 E Ramsey Street , Banning, CA, 92220

Presented by Glen Jansma. The area comprising the HPOZ was originally part of the estate of General Phineas Banning, the father of Wilmington, an early developer of the port of San Pedro and a railroad tycoon. Led by Delane Thyen, all games take place at Costa Mesa Golf Course on both courses, and this is ongoing on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. Watch live or on demand at the Hoag Health YouTube channel at 6 00 P M Parks Recreation Commission Meeting ( Banning ) - 6 00 P M Parks Recreation Commission MeetingCity Council Chamber,99 E. Ramsey Street , Banning, CA, 92220 This Pilates beginning/intermediate class is taught with strength, alignment and flexibility in mind. Join the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center for a free cooking demonstration live stream that focuses on healthy cooking and nutrition management for those with diabetes. PublishedFebruary 17, 2022 at 2:15 PM PST. Led by Carole Kamper. Free with Garden Admission. Learn to download your pictures from your camera or smart phone to your computer. Enjoy the sounds of SUGARLIPS in the OASIS Courtyard. To access the virtual meetings, visit

Banning Park HPOZ is located near the Port of Los Angeles in the Wilmington community. Contact instructor for more information.

To register, click here. Those cities that have been through the housing process before (say) it was easier in the past to get certified, everybody is saying is that this is ridiculous.. All supplies are provided. Ukulele strumming, singing and hula dancing activities are socially oriented to have fun, learn and self improve. Call 800.400.HOAG (4624) or visit register and for a complete list of classes. There are potlucks, both day and evening bowling, along with social and competitive bowling. In a private meeting, Bill Lui, PharmD BCGP Pharmacist, County of Orange Health Care Agency, will review: The medications and supplements you are taking; assess your medication regimen for appropriateness and identify potential side effects & drug interactions. Meet at the Ranger Station. Perfect for preschool children and their caregivers., Wednesday September 21

So were dealing with an agency that is trying to understand their laws and trying to implement their laws, and theyre struggling to do that too.. For his part, former commissioner Marco Santana says he would write the article again because he wants whats best for Banning and will fight for it whether or not hes on the planning commission. Emphasis is on French conversation, composing current day topics in French and reading them to the class. CALL TO ORDER: Commissioner Shaw II. Approximately 10% of the land is all they would need to make this happen, he added. To register, call 949.644.3244. OASIS Senior Center is located at 801 Narcissus Ave., Corona del Mar. State parks, campgrounds and smores are a summertime tradition. Proceeds benefit childrens education programs. The greens are open seven days a week; weather permitting. Theres a lot of clean-up work to do, Campbell said. Online login information to view and/or participate will change from meeting to meeting. Cancellation Policy: A full refund less a $10 fee will be given on trips cancelled more than 10 days prior to the trip date. Just last week, the city council voted to remove a member of the planning commission, after he voiced broad concerns about the impacts of the logistics industry on the community. Come try it; you will like it. RSVP is required, so contact the group leader. And then I made the case to say hey, I dont believe that this is the path we should be going down," said Santana. In 1927, William Wrigley Jr., of chewing gum fame, purchased a portion of the estate, now known as Banning Park, and developed the area with residences to house employees of Wilmington businesses. After syncing, please be sure to refresh the page for your Google calendar to see your Burbio Calendar. Thursdays, July 28-Aug. 4 from 9:45-10:45 a.m. This virtual yoga class is available on-demand and features gentle flow yoga for all levels and includes gentle stretching and breathing exercises to recharge you physically and emotionally. For more information on classes and happenings, call OASIS Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or visit Summertime Small Bites on August 16. Ultimately, there are fines under state law up to $600,000, he added, but that is not likely to be the first step in the process. In a recent statewide Zoom meeting, they actually talked specifically about Orange County cities, he noted. News Flash Banning CivicEngage Banning : 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting is Adjourned to Wednesday January 12 2022 ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - News Flash Banning CivicEngage Banning : 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting is Adjourned to Wednesday January 12 2022, 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting is Adjourned to Wednesday January 12 2022 ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting is Adjourned to Wednesday January 12 2022, 5 00 P M Regular City Council Meeting ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - 5 00 P M Regular City Council Meeting, Council Chamber,99 E Ramsey Street , Banning, CA, 92220, 6 30 PM Adjourned Planning Commission Meeting ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - 6 30 PM Adjourned Planning Commission Meeting, Martin Luther King Jr Day ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - Martin Luther King Jr Day, 6 00 P M Parks Recreation Commission Meeting ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - 6 00 P M Parks Recreation Commission Meeting, City Council Chamber,99 E. Ramsey Street , Banning, CA, 92220, 5 00 P M Regular City Council Meeting ( Banning ) - 5 00 P M Regular City Council Meeting, 6 00 P M Parks Recreation Commission Meeting ( Banning ) - 6 00 P M Parks Recreation Commission Meeting, President s Day ( Banning ) - President s Day, 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting ( Banning ) - 6 30 PM Regular Planning Commission Meeting. On Dec. 1, dozens of Banning and Beaumont citizens urged the Banning Planning Commission to reject the Banning Point project. Act, sing, dance? The class is designed for new and not so new users of iPhones. The Banning Park HPOZ was adopted by City Council in 2001. No RSVP is required. This class provides step by step instruction for Tai Chi Qigong 18 movements. Topics include finding companionship, getting back out in the world and reconnecting post vaccinations. So placing those there continuing this idea, seems to me to be giving a gesture to the HCD which begs them to come back to us in a harsh way.. Email:[emailprotected]with news releases, letters, etc. Crystal Cove State Park is a great spot to identify new species as well as seeing and hearing the resident avian friends like California Gnatcatchers, Greater Roadrunners and Osprey. Time: 9 a.m., cost $29. San Pedro Regional Branch Library Contact Terry and Gene Casavant at [emailprotected] or call 949.854.8138. 6 30 PM Adjourned Planning Commission Meeting ( News Flash Banning CivicEngage ) - 6 30 PM Adjourned Planning Commission MeetingEvent Location, , Banning, CA, 92220 In his Jan. 19 Record Gazette opinion piece titled "Warehousing Mortgages Banning's Future for a Quick and Unhealthy Buck," Santana wrote, "Banning leadership is succumbing to the empty promise of job prosperity from the warehouse industry, attempting to sell precious land and resources for a dollar today and worse health, social, and economic outcomes for us all tomorrow. Do we get any bonus points for that? she asked, slightly joking. No RSVP is necessary., Regular Meetings of the Banning City Council occur on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month beginning at 5:00 p.m. Special meetings, including closed sessions and/or workshops are frequently scheduled immediately before the regular meetings. Note: This program does not include a physical tour of the hospital. Well over a dozen public speakers turned out Tuesday night in support of Santana remaining on the Planning Commission.