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Customer service. OK, so I just printed out their email to use as a ticket. Discover events that match your passions, or create your own with online ticketing tools. Dishonest and not contactable. Keep your data safe by not buying tickets here. Eventbrite has a consumer rating of 1.23 stars from 241 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. For hosts of small-scale virtual events or webinars, Zoom Events is a good alternative to Eventbrite, as a one-stop-shop for virtual event creation. Impossible. I have attended on-line events regularly throughout lockdown but for the past several months haven't gotten any tickets to my e-mail in spite of site noting tickets have been sent as soon as booked. The platform aims to provide an end-to-end event solution so organizers create valuable and engaging event experiences, expand brands, and improve business objectives. My event took in $480 for a small dinner. A. They quickly ran out of eggs during the hunt. I NEVER write reviews. Products used:Event creation for both paid and free events. They have a strong design focus and seem to be keeping it simple. Www.brownpapertickets.com, I've hosted many events and used 4-5 different solutions .. and one of my favourites is http://guestlistapp.com/. The platform is also designed to help organizers manage events with task delegation and automated email reminders, attendee check-in, and attendee data reporting. Consider carpooling with friends as parking is limited. They have no respect for holding data, open accounts without permission or passwords. n CHECK I HAVE A CLAIM WITH PAYPAL NOW SHOWING THE TEXT WHERE i WAS TOLD THEY WERE GOING TO REFUND. Drinks were served very heavy and most people who were drinking were very over-served. We had to make two trips to ask an usher to please secure 2 chairs sorry, (dining chairs) for us. I had to ask an usher to get a chair for me to sit in, No monitoring to confirm events are legit, Nightmare if you are collecting payments for your event. Pathetic!

Zoom Events is predominantly used by smaller virtual courses and webinar series. Products used:None, it was an event I could no longer able to attend! Tried to get a refund since the event never happened and got an email stating that the event does not appear to be cancelled. Called customer service no answer. Founder of ticketing platform Ticket Tailor, SaaS Business Coach, Investor, Founder of Clarity, Global business and trade show consulting, CEO and Strategic Connector at Sociallogical. Some of Regpacks feature offerings include registration templates, embeddable registration forms, event session and attendance tracking, and flexible payment plans and options. I paid for a 5 online event and the organiser never sent the link to it. Eventbrite does not provide a two step login process which provides an inherently scammed system. A. The videos and presentations are available for viewing 24/7 anytime from June 5 through to June 19, 2022. Eventbee has a selection of price packages to cater to your events needs, all of which are relatively low compared with Eventbrite. A MONTH LATER THEY SENT ME ANOTHER BILL FOR $51 AFTER THE EVENT WAS OVER WITH. Ticketbud can be a good choice if youre in search of customizable registration. They have over 1200 of my money, not to mention the other ticket holders monies too - shame on you eventbrite!! I WAS WONDERING WHY SO MUCH. "24 supported currencies using Stripe or PayPal". If you have a question that is not noted below, please email us at cfuwstcatharines@gmail.com and we will do our best to respond. korea canada CFUW St. Catharines is committed to promoting education and the well-being of women and children. Why is eventbrite not taking any responsibility for communicating with its customers? Give Jay and the team a visit at www.picatic.com.

You will only be charged $30 for an in-person ticket and $15 for a virtual ticket. Verification can help ensure real people write reviews about real companies. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. Just canceled no notification, no one there to notify anybody of any thing. They store my tickets on the app and also email me scannable tickets. The prizes and gifts were all based on how many empty eggs you collected. It was a VERY dirty dingy boat. TicketMaster is the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. As a sporting event organizer, TicketMaster can help you sell tickets to millions of audiences.

From workshops to concerts to conferences to world-renowned film and music festivals, Eventbrite houses events of all shapes and sizes. Ontario Council is the event on the site legit or not legit? The site suggests incorrect e-mail address, a typo or checking spam folder if no ticket arrives. Tip for consumers:Do not expect to be able to contact them if there's an issue!!! The organizer is no longer available when you send it.

My family and I purchased tickets for May 28,2022. What are the processing fees for the tickets? We attempted to purchase tickets today on Eventbrite for a Funko event next month which we have been eager to attend for years. Beginning to feel like I've been scammed! I'm trying to buy a ticket for the austin mahone concert event. More than upset. The next 2 years have also been cancelled/rescheduled. Dont ever buy your tickets from Eventbrite because in times of these where you need their help they will just ignore you. Easter bunny pics. service to book events, Tip for consumers:Tell organisations not to use them, I've read the previous reviews and I truly have yet to have a bad experience. Over 16% in service fees. FIRST TIME WHEN I CHECKED IT WAS $2.47. They don't deserve even one star. The only contact support Eventbrite offers is to contact the organiser for refunds as they do not deal with it, even though I paid through their system. I bought a ticket for a concert in Las Vegas that was postponed and have had no luck so far getting a refund or being able to get in contact with anyone from Eventbrite. The company name is EPIC and their number is (980) 233-3780. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Can I buy more than one ticket? Eventbrite kept $80.00 of that. No monitoring or follow through to confirm legitimate events or products being sold. I have reason to suspect EventBrite has very poor data security as my credit card was leaked right after using their site. A. GWI (Graduate Women International), PO Box 23011 RPO Carlton Every SaaS solution has its own ups and downs. Failure to actually process order, so no credit card charge, no confirmation, no ticket. I advised them I was unable to attend an event and they informed me if they were to sell the tickets they would send me payment well they sold the tickets but somehow still didn't manage to get a refund. A Christmas costume contest were no one from the organizer shows up to the latest last Saturday, an egg hunt without eggs for the kids, in a park in coconut grove, hundreds of kids were disappointed and some of them even crying, they don't care about the legitimate of the events, so basically you don't know what you gonna find, It can be an scam or nothing, so be aware of the events that you attend while using eventbrite. The Regpack software is designed to help organizations manage registration online. The platform aims to provide an end-to-end event solution so organizers create valuable and engaging event experiences, expand brands, and improve business objectives. And once the eggs were out we were turned away to go back to the same three activities. Dry disappointed.

Security Regpacks solution also includes built-in conditional logic, making it easy for organizers to create a customized ticketing experience for their registrants. Online Registration is a full service event management platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, which you may consider as an alternative to Eventbrite. Cant find a way to complain to them, keep going round in circles. Considered by many event planners as a top alternative to Eventbrite, Whovas ticketing software provides a dynamic set of features, including customizable registration form questions and confirmation emails for different ticket types which Eventbrite does not support. This feature of Facebook allows anyone on the app to create events and invite Facebook friends, group members, or followers of a page. Why are we only selling tickets through Eventbrite? Youve come to the right place! I need a ticket sales tool. How do I buy my VIRTUAL ticket on Eventbrite? This was an extremely sad experience as my family has been wanting to attend this Funko event for years. Although $40 may not seem like much to some people, it made my day and I am so grateful to whomever put that transaction through. My sister bought tickets for travis tritt concert in cocoa beach for a christmas gift. Virtual Conference Yes it's June 30,2022 and I've been blocked personal by Facebook and gf from reaching him! And I will tell everyone I know. Refunds will not be provided. If I buy a ticket, can I transfer it to another person to use? Management Tools When you purchase a ticket, your email address will be requested as well as credit card information. Q. Organizers can create an event registration page, promote their event, and use a contactless QR scanner to check attendees in on the event day. The in-person event operates rain or shine. Aventri is a full service event management platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, which you may consider as an alternative to Eventbrite. My money was wasted and my toddlers hunting experience ruined. Some solutions, such as Whova, offer additional features to build an authentic virtual or hybrid experience and drive attendee engagement and networking. !Drag Queens are NOT for the eyes of children and this company should be boycotted for supporting this sort of event! Aventri also provides an attendee registration system, which could be used as an alternative to Eventbrites ticketing functions. I barely use the card in question so I was notified extremely fast when fraudulent purchases started being made. Images won't load. The music is great, big bands, food, drink for $5.00A great party!Go to Festaitaliapittsburgca.com for details.., WHY DO EVENTBRITE FEES GO UP. I have worked with a group in Charlotte, NC. So If youre looking for a simple and effective ticketing solution that comes at a lower cost, Eventbee may be the platform for you. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Yes. RIPP OFF! It also has exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, bands, theater tours, and broadway shows. . Or drawing. Would give no stars if I could THINKING CUSTOMERS WILL NOT NOTICE IT. It was moved to June, tried to be refunded but it never happened. Is there a currency exchange charge to do so? So it's time for us to find a more usable alternative. There is NO WAY to contact them. You may directly donate after viewing any of our videos on YouTube. The food was supposed to be chicken or fish, it was pork, oh and no salad dressing for the salad at all. Simply click on the House and Garden Tour logo on our website (cfuwstcatharines.org) and you will see a Buy Tickets button to purchase tickets. After the demo, you can test drive the platform with your colleagues! Promoting 'Drag Queen Story Hour' which is basically child grooming and child exploitation is disgusting. Privacy Policy It, like so many other events got cancelled. A. Eventbrite service fees are expensive. Consumers complaining about Eventbrite most frequently mention customer service, credit card and phone number problems.Eventbrite ranks 66th among Event Planning sites. Q. Free E-Books, Event Management Tips 100th Anniversary Scholarship Endowment Fund, 100th Anniversary Short Story Contest Submissions. Event Marketing Had to contact event staff in person to get a ticket. If you include a different name and email address on each ticket, your guest(s) will receive email notifications and the links they require directly. Additionally, the Regpack platform provides tools for payment and registration reporting and email communication to help organizers efficiently manage workflow and event data.