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My 4yo grandson may have autism, and his mom smokes pot.

Allen Jackson Ministries is the media ministry of World Outreach Church (WOC).


A daily 26-minute Christian program focused on pointing todays youth back to God.

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If my father was saved at an early age yet walked away from his church, is he still saved?

What about being blotted out of the Book of Life? .

Confused by your own lack of passion, your apathy when it comes to faith?

He has conducted leadership conferences, Bible Conferences, and emergency service support conferences with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritans Purse, Gospel for Asia in India, and Sri Lanka, the Bible League in Africa; Food For The Poor in Jamaica; Mike McIntosh Crusades in Mexico; Somebody Loves You Bible Conferences with Raul Ries in Chile, Columbia, Peru and Pastors conferences in much of the continental United States.

Peter's goal was to encourage those facing difficulty by showing them who they are in relationship to Jesus Christ. What this means practically for us as a fellowship is that we continue to steadfastly follow the example of the first group of disciples in the book of Acts by passionately pursuing Christ through discipleship. God has fitted us all together in the body of Christ . Dr. David Jeremiah considers the closing words of the Lords Prayer and four attributes of God that highlight the reality of His presence.

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One unguarded moment can completely destroy a good reputation, marriage, job, and moreand it isnt easy to repair the damage. But not only did he turn to God to save him, God also used him to be one of the first to carry the name of .

But what does that mean?

We would like to invite you to join us on The Ascent, which is Radiants mission in action, as well as a personal discipleship path for spiritual growth.

Christ loved the tweleve disciples and used them to build His kingdom . .

The radio ministry began on October 30, 2006 and has since developed a large catalog of audio programs that are continually broadcasted on radio and downloaded through the Internet. At Radiant, we are committed to our mission of Honoring God by growing a community of passionate followers of Jesus Christ who impact their world.

Dr. Todd Hudnall is the Lead Pastor at Radiant Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. .

In fact, he even had to get back to the basics of approaching God in Gods way.

Do you believe that God is truly present in the church and in your life? Do you ever think some people are too far gone to ever turn to Jesus for forgiveness of their sins?

As part of the church, our goal is to help people become more fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ through television, radio, the Internet, books, and more.

Our desire is that each person who comes to RMC would respond to the invitation of Christ and become a committed follower of Him. Dr. Todd Hudnall is the Lead Pastor at Radiant Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Could we be witnessing the signs today?

Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jacqui Mack-Harris, Milan Yerkovich Caller Questions: - Is there any medical proof that marijuana affects an unborn child?

Dr. Stanley examines Peters conviction that each Christians identity is like a stone built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.

Rocky Mountain Calvary with Pastor Eric Cartier. . At Radiant, we are committed to our mission of Honoring God by growing a community of passionate followers of Jesus Christ who impact their world. Pastor Greg Laurie explains, Friday on A NEW BEGINNING.

What can I say to a teenage girl who wants to be a boy? .

But what if you could?

Scripture . How our behavior on the job affects our Christian witness.

His story in 2 Samuel 12:1525 is a reminder that we cannot hide from God or from ourselves.

Your answer will impact how you pray, how you worship, and how you live.

Busy moms rarely have time for meaningful devotions with the Lord. Living God Ministries was established for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship in the knowledge of our Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

. Topics covered in this 1-hour broadcast: Marriage.

Day by day, situation by situation, David had to face the effects of his sin and approach them in Gods way. But Jesus predicted that there would be a drastic increase in violence and oppression before His return.

Take a closer look at wisdom and folly along with Alistair Begg on Truth For Life.

The "guests" on this program are the callers, and they're treated with careful respect, rather than being rushed, dismissed, and replaced.

So how can we make right choices consistently?

On the next Leading The Way, Dr. Michael Youssef invites his son, Jonathan, to share a message called How to Live in a World of Uncertainty. Jay and Logan discuss the news that President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid. . yet each had serious flaws.

Author Uche Anizor offers ideas to rekindle your first loves persistent flame. We would like to .

Its his final study in the book of Daniel and a message dedicated to making us ready for the next event on Gods prophetic calendar. . For over 2,000 years, Christians have faced religious persecution. .

Gino Geraci is the founding Pastor of Calvary South Denver in Littleton, Colorado.

Courtney Ellis describes how to incorporate spiritual disciplines prayer, service and celebration into routines youre already doing with your family!

Messianic Rabbi K. A. Schneider, a Jewish believer in Jesus and end-times messenger of the Lord, delivers the Word of the Lord with true passion of the Holy Spirit. Jimmy Barclays cousin Len comes for a visit, and brings along a very mysteriousand dangerousgame.


Is "once saved, always saved" actually true? Eric Cartier is the Senior Pastor at Rocky Mountain Calvary.

What about the warnings in Hebrews 6 and 10?

. - My friends husband keeps meeting women on the internet, and she is afraid to leave him. . If we lived in first century Israel, wed likely think Saul of Tarsus was too far gone. .

While we wait for the Lords return, were to be watchful and vigilant.

On this edition of Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress examines the intense .